Falls City news. (Falls City, Or.) 190?-19??, December 11, 1915, Page 4, Image 4

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    Haturriay, December 11, 101ß
Beginning at a |>oint which is
13. 1913. at the rate o f 6* ih t
North 40.60chains from the South­
Notice is hereby (riven, That
Lots 7 and 8, Block “ R” , First west corner of Samuel Oothard’B
under and by \ irtue o f a warrant
Addition to Falls City, Ore. Own­ D. lx ( ’., Tp. 8. S. R. 6. W. o f the
for the collection o f the sums of
ed hy Anna G. I.ee. Assessment; Will. Mer., in Polk county. Oregon;
money assessed u(»on and expend­
Principal, $15.W>. Interest on the t)M IK6 North IB O \\ fst 1... (V, t
ed for the construction o f certain
sum of $40.00 from April 13, 1912, thence North ¡180 feet; thence
street improvements, issued by
th 70® lO’ W w tT I t o t ; t o m •
at the rate o f 6‘ . per annum.
the Auditor and Police Judge of
Lot 9, Block “ L ". Original Town North 61° West 96 feet to the
the City of Falls City, in Polk
if Falls City, Oregon. Owned by sorth wing o f the Kramer Mill
county, Oregon, on the 8th day of
I. H. Wiles. Assessment: Prin­ Dam: thence Easterly 344 feet to
November, 1815, under his hand
cipal. $5.72. Interest on the sum a point 48.16 chains North o f th«
and name of office, with the seal
of $20.07 from April 13, 1913. at Southwest corner of said Gothard
of the aid city affixed thereto,
i). 1* C.; thence East 75 feet;
and to me, as City Marshal of the rate of 6*. per annum.
Lot 2, Block “ B” , M>. ntgumery’s banes South MB t o t ; to n e s W a it
said City of Falls City, directed,
75 feet to the place o f beginning.
which warrant was and is issued Addition to Falls City, Oregon.
Owned by W. B. McKown. As­ Owned by W.«H. Matthews. As­
in pursuance of the provisions of
sessment: $90.39 with interest at
Resolutions Nos. 106. 107, and 108 sessment: Principal, $0.83 with in­
terest at rate of 6 '. i>er annum the rate o f 6 per annum from
o f said City of Falls City, which
September 22, 1914.
from March 2, 1914.
resolutions were duly adopted by
Lots 3 and 4. Block ‘ ‘ B’ ’, Mont­
Beginning at a point which is
the City Council of said city of
chains North and North 76«
Falls City on the 1st day of Nov­
504 feet from the Southwest
ember. 1915, and which resolutions
Assessment: $1.66 with interest at corner o f the Samuel Gothard I).
are duly recorded at length in the
the rate of tV, per annum from L. C.. Not. No. 5280, Claim No. 48,
Records of Resolutions of said City
Tp. 8 S. R. 6 W. of the Will. Mer..
in the office of the Auditor and March 2, 1914.
East one-half lE P o f lxit 6, ii Polk county, Oregon: thence
Police Judge of said city in said
Block "1 ” , Montgomery’s Addition North 130 Fast 129 feet to the
city of Falls City, and requiring
and directing me, as such City to Falls City, Oregon. Owned by South hank o f the Luckiamute
Irving Matthews and John Begg. River; thence along said bank
Marshal, to forthwith levy upon
the lots or parts thereof, or par­ Assessment: $8.75 with interest at Westerly to a jioint Nojth 129 feet
cels o f land upon which the above the rate of 6' < per annum from from the center of South Main
Street in Falls City, Oregon; thence
mentioned assessments are unpaid, March 2, 1914.
Lot 1, Block “ P” . Montgomery’s South 129 feet; thence South 760
hereinafter particularly described,
and sril the same in the manner Addition to Falls City, Oregon. East 60 feet to the place of login­
provided for and required by law. Assessment: $13.65 with interest ning. Owned by W. B. McKown.
I did, upon the 8th day of Novem­ at the rate o f 6‘ , per annum from Assessment: $23.58 with interest
ber. 1915, at the hour of 10:00 March 2, 1914. Owned by Irving at the rate of 6 per annum from
September 22, 1914.
o’clock A. M.f *f said day, duly Matthews.
Lot 11, Block “ B” , Montgomery's
levy upon said lots and parts of
Lots 3, 4. 5. and 6, Block “ P” ,
to Falls City, Oregon.
lots, and parcels of land herein­ Montgomery’s Addition to Falls
H. C. Brown. Assess­
after described, and did duly file City, Oregon. Owned by Irving
with interest at the
a certificate of such levy in the M a 11 h e ws. Assessment: $61.25
annum from Sep­
office of the Auditor and Police with interest at the rate of 6r. per
Judge of said city and also in the annum from March 2. 1914.
Lots 12, 13, and 14, in Block
office of the County Clerk for Polk
An acreage tract in Falls City.
, Montgomery’s Addition to
county, Oregon, and I will, on
Oregon, abutting on Bridge Street,
City, Oregon. Owned by J.
Tuesday, the 14th Day of December. being a part of the D. L. C. of
Alice Courier. Assess­
Theodore C. Thorp, Not. No. 6742,
with interest at the
Claim No. 55. in Tp. 8 S. R. 6 W.
At the hour of 10:00 o’clock in
annum from Sep­
of the Will. Mer.. in Polk county,
the forenoon of said day, at the
Oregon, and described: Beginning
front door of the County Court
Lot 9. Block “ C” , Original Town
at a point which is 32 chains West
House in the City of Dallas, in
Falls Citv, Oregon. Owned by
of the Southeast corner o f said
Polk county, Oregon, sell at publk
B. and Rachel McKown. As
D. L. C.: thence West with old D.
auction to the highest bidder for
$26.80 with interest at
L C. line 450 feet to Dale Bell’s
cash in hand on day of sale, sub­
6 f»er annum from
land: thence with the boundary
ject to redemption in the manner
line of Bell s land South 22 degrees
provided by law and as particular­
be made to satisfy
West about 375 feet to Mont­
ly provided by Section 66 of the
gomery’s line; thence witji the
Charter of said City of Falls City,
Montgomery line East about 475
the said lots or parts of lots or
feet to the Southwest side o f Ter­ and now remaining unpaid as
t racts of lands against which the
race Street; thence with the line above indicated and set forth,
aforesaid assessments are now
of Terrace Street South 19 o 40 ’ with interest thereon as above
unpaid, the description of which
East about 325 feet to Bridge mentioned and described from the
in particular, the name of the
Street; thence with the line of date of such assessment, and costs
owner thereof, and the amount of
Bridge Street 40 feet to the place and accruing costs o f and upon
such assessment remaining un­
of beginning. Owned by Alex the said warrant and the sale
paid, being particularly as follows,
Courier. Assessment: $23. 84, with above mentioned.
to wit:
Dated this 8th day of Novem­
interest at the rate o f 6 per an­
Lots 4, 5, 6, and 7, Block “ M” , num from September 22, 1914.
ber, 1915.
Original Town of Falls City, Ore
That tj-act oi parcel of land be-
gon. Owned by G. L. McMurphy.
City Marshal of the City o f Falls
ng a part o f the D. L. C. o f John
Assessment: Principal, $57.30. In­
City, in Polk County, State of
Sheldon and wife, Not. No. 6832,
terest on the sum of $114.60 from
Claim No. 41, in Tp. 8 S. R. 6 W.
April 13, 1010, at the rate of 6G j
First Publication, November 13,
if the Will. Mer., in Polk county,
per annum.
Oregon, and described: Beginning
Lot 5, Block “ S” , First Addition at a txiint which is 35 chains West Last Publication, December 11,
to Falls City, Oregon. Owned by 1 and 8.12; chains South of the
Thoi. E. D .vier.
Assessment:! Northeast corner of said D. L.‘ ~.;
Principal, $22.50. Interest on the | thence South 40 feet; thence East
sum*of $78.75 from April 13, 1913, 102 feet to the West, line of Bridge The Rov. Irl R. Hicks 1916 Almanao.
at the rate of 6 't per annum.
•dreri; thence North 40 feet; thence
The Rev. Irl R. Hicks 1916 Al-
I/its 1 and 2, Block “ G” , Orig­ ■Vest 102 feet to the place of be- manac is by far the finest, largest
inal Town of Falls City, Oregon. ginning. Own 1 by ( . L. Hop- and best ever before printed. The
Owned by Sadie F. Dwier. As­ kins. Assessment: >23.84, with Hicks storm and weather fore-
sessment; Principal, $45.00. In­ interest at the i al> of 6 f>er an- casts for 1915 again have proven
terest on the sum o f $157.50 from num from September 22, 1914.
their truth and value, and this
April 13, 1913, at the rate of 6G
Beginning at a point which is splendid Almanac for 1916 should
per annum.
West 10.00 chains and South 24 fin(* its way straight into every
Lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, Block chains from da Northeast corner home and office in America. The
“ R” , First Addition to Falls City, r the John She'don D. L. C., No. Iiev- Irl K- Hicks Magazine, Word
Oregon. Owned by N. Selig. As­ >832, Claim No. 11, Tp. 8 S. R. 6 ant* Works, and his unique Al-
sessment; Principal, $45.00. In­ W. o f the Will. Mer., in Polk manac should always go together,
terest on the sum of $120.00 from county. Oregon: thence East 5 both for only one dollar a year,
April 13, 1912, at the rate of 6' chains; thence S ith 2 chair s; The Almanac alone is 35c, prepaid,
per annum.
thence West 5 chains; thence Send U ) Word and Works Publish-
Beginning 58.71 chains North North 2 chains to the place of be­ ing Company, 3401 Franklin Ave.,
and 2.50 chains East o f the South- ginning. .Owned by Sarah Line- St. Louis, Mo.
. west corner of the Samuel Gdthard back. Assessment: $70.10, with
D. L C., in Falls City, Polk county, interest at the rate of 6 per an­
Oregon; thence East 100 feet; num from September 22, 1914.
Dec. 6.—S a n
thence North 435.6 feet; thence
Beginning at a point which is
Francisco will give a certified
West 100 feet; thence South 435.6 West 10.00 chains and South 26
check of $100,0(10 and the use of
fe«t to the place of beginning. chains from the Northeast corner
three auditoriums, each with a
Owned by N. Selig. Assessment: o f the John Sheldon I). L C., No.
capacity o f 20,000 people and
Principal, $15.00. Interest on the* 68.32, Claim No. 11, Tp. 8 S. R. 6
supplied with adequate commit­
sum o f $40.00 from April 13, 1912, W o f the Will. Mer., in Polk coun­
tee rooms, if the Republican na­
at the rate o f 6 % per annum.
ty, Oregon: thence East 5 chains;
tional committee will give it the
West one-half (W J) o f Lot No. thence South 2 chains; thence
convention next year, Represen­
2, and the Ea«t one hnlf (EJ) of West 5 chains; thence North 2
tative Kahn o f California an­
Lot No. 3, in Block “ D ” , Original chains to the place of beginning. nounced today.
Town ot Falls City, Oregon. Own­ Owned by Alva and Rida Line-
ed by W. J. Southwell. Assess­ back. Assessment: $70.10, with
Geod house for ►ale in Falls1
ment: Principal, $23.86. Interest interest at the rate of 6 . per an­ City, part time. Enquire at News i
on the sum o f $83.46 from April num from September 22, 1914.
City Marshal’ s Sale
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