Falls City news. (Falls City, Or.) 190?-19??, October 16, 1915, Page 2, Image 2

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Su* urti «y, October
1(1, llMfi
p ro fc o o to n a l C a r t e
jia lla C ity SfemH
Rt>t«*rv»l » • b %** v ih I oibbb Btall i t tb# ptw tofflcv
• t F ill# C ity. P M I
Oregon, uo.Wr tb#
A it o f (.V n jitM cvf M ir rb 9. 1179
Ä 7 4 2 i*hoD# s m
orrtc iA L nim rcTOiT o r r e u s
c it y
I)R. W. L. Holloway
Wi ll b e a t f a l l * c i t y H o t .l
Kerb W**k.
One Year Only $I. 1 H
110(11000 C a r t I?
H. J. Origin, Mayor
R M. Wouderly. Councilman at Larg*
Phillip Gottfreid
H. C. Brown.
C. J. Bradley.
I. O. Singleton.
C. L. Hopkins.
R. A. Titus.
C. B. MePberren. Auditor and Pollc* Judg
Walter L. Too*e Jr.. City Attorney.
Pat Murphy. Marshal and Water Supt.
M. L. Thompson. Treasurer
Dr. K. M Hrllwartb. Health Oilerr.
TheCouncll meet* In regular eesslon on the flrst
aud third Tuesday nights ol each month, at 7 *
o'clock. In the oIBce ol th* Palls City News
S a t u r d a y . O c t o r w
1C, 191S
j f allô C it y Ib o tc l
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Blindi** Inrwarded Itiewlar evenws
Htavy Sacrifices Art Without Re­
sults. Russia on Toboggin
Falls City, Oregon.
versions in regard to Russia mean
anything they mean that Russia
is badly beaten—for the present
at least—and that her power to
be o f slightest assistance to the
allies is lamed for many months
to come.
With the Minister of W ar and
the Minister of Munitions so wide­
ly at odds as to whether Russia
has “ shot her bolt” or not. it is
not surprising that distracted Bri­
tain. collectively known as “ the
man in the street.” does.not know
what to think. Meantime the
arithmetical evidence o f his own
eyes is not conductive to good
Within the same week in which
the two Cabinet Ministers chiefly
responsible for the war on land
were contradicting themselves as
to Russia, the government submit­
ted two memoranda showing what
the struggle has cost in lives and
(Russia's Situation Discouraging treasure to date and what the pay
o f the piper in the immediate
O f Russia one speaks only in
future is likely to amount to.
accents o f u t t e r despondency,
which is little alleviated by Kitch-
ner’s amazing declaration that the
No town will become a good
Germans in the eastern theater business center so long as its
“ have nearly shot their bolt.” business men rely on a few mer
The imminency o f Vilna’s fall, the chants to make the effort to bring
continued menancing of the Petro- trade to town. Too often the
grad railroad line, and the serious men in a few lines o f trade are
suggestion that Hindenburg and the only ones who reach out for
McKensen’s limitless sweep may custom. Our merchants wait
even have Odessa as its objective, until these men induce the people
with a pounce on Constantinople to come to town and content
and cooperation with the Turks, themselves with trade that na­
with the Dardanelles as its pur­ turally drifts to their place. A
pose, are not evidences to the public spirited man should ask
British public mind that the Kais­ himself if he is doing his best to
er has nerely “ shot his bolt.” in attract people to come to town to
trade, in helping the entire busi­
A few days before Kitchner’s ness community, and no town is
flatfooted optimism in the House a success unless all lines are
o f Lords, Mr. Lloyd George wrote working to extend the trade as
a preface for a compiled edition far as possible and trying to
o f his “ Wake Up England,” war bring a larger territory in the
speeches. In it he plainly sugges­ circle ir. which the town is the
ted that Russia, not Germany had business center.— Itemizer.
"shot her bolt.”
He declared;
“ Poland is entirely German; L ith ­
Give Us Something Hard
uania is rapidly following; Russian
The Civil war ended in 1865.
fortresses deemed impregnable,
Y6t in an address delivered at
are falling like sand castles before
Spokane the other day, Governor
the resistless tide o f Teutonic in­
Willis, o f Ohio, made the unsup­
vasion, When will the tide recede?
ported assertion that national
When will it be stemmed?”
was in the hands o f
C ur Regarded as Badly Beaten legislation
members elected from the south­
I f Mr. Lloyd George’s animad- ern states, who had no sympathy
A t no period o f the war, says a
London dispatch, have doubts and
misgivings prevailed in England
to such a lugubrious extent as at
the present moment. Not even
the most steadfast British opti­
mist or pro-British sympathizer
could by any stretch of imagina­
tion pretend that the situation in
England or for England is either
cheerful or encouraging.
# Disgust, rather than downheart­
edness. is the d o m i n a n t note.
Four full months o f ideal fighting
season — May to September - have
gone by and Germany is as firmly
intrenched in France and Belgium
as ever. In the Dardanellese 12
miles of front at a cost of 87,000
casualties ( including 41,000 men
lo6t in the last 34 days ) are all
that Lord Kitchener was able to
mention to Parliment as the result
o f the terrific Gallipoli campaign
against the German-led Turks.
ralla i'ltr.
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Notice*, legal rat**.
i i i s i i i m
with the people o f the northwest.
I f this is not demagogy, please
give it a name. Dallas Itemizer.
Its Democracy. Any school
boy could toll you that.
IS O L D E S T M E S S E N G E R " B O Y ’
Snowy Haired Unci* John Speed* W ith
Telegram * at Eighty-four.
I.ullng. T e x .—J E I’ nlm er o f this
city probably en jo y* the <ll*llnetlon o f
being tbe oldest luesnouaer "b o y " In
the world. A t the uge o f eigh ty-four
ho works for the W estern Union from
8 a m. until ft p n>. d eliverin g me*
safes from one end nf tbe cltv to the
Palm er wns born In Klemingaburg.
K> . Jan 80, tOSS, ami fought all
through the H r 11 n .ir I'n cle John, aa
he 1» better known, m ine to C aldw ell
county l»i 1R.SH
H e Is snowy halted
and »lig h tly heut.
stood at nli times that l i t • * -els
I eon Id hot l>e completed and dt '.'tried
In that time, and the rensou g lve e nl-
I w ays hit* been the engine*
It Is ie-
I lleved. however, that the snlunarlee
engine* have lieen *o fa r perfeeted
! that from now on d elivery o f the boats
j may he eonfldently expected within
• the contract period
Naval experta
I concede that G erm any may have a «11
! perlor submarine engine
W h ile deeply regretting the lo»a o f
the F-4. w ith Its crew o f tw en ty tw o
, men. naval officer» take pride In the
fact that that wua the only fatal accl
■lent to nn Am erican submarine, while
sim ilar accident* have happened to
1 the submarine* o f the big European
nation» on more than one occasion
But submarine cruising 1* hazardous
at best
T h e »tructure o f a suhma
rtne 1» necessarily delicate
Any one
o f m any th in g » m ight he responsible
fo r w reck in g an underwater boat.
Cow P refers P *a r Dist.
Hood R iver, Ore. —E R eeve Claxton,
an orchardlst on the west side has a
i cow that ha* been expensive to keep
rhl* summer
Mr. Clnxton figure* that
! the cost o f the cow * feed. Including
1 fifty boxes o f d'AnJou pear*, has been
| «bout $112.50
OurUndersaa Craft Beat Those
of Other Nations.
W ashington.— W h a tever else m ay he
aaid or the aubmarlne lori*»do boats o f
the United Stnte*. naval experts f a ­
m iliar with this type o f cra ft are con
fldent that the underw ater boats o f 110
other naUon are built on stronger lines.
In fact, naval officers say that none o f
tiie great w orld powers requires the
construction o f submarines to resist
anything like the great w ater pressure
that la required o f Am erican suhma
Submarines built fo r the Am erican
navy must have hull strength aufflclent
to resist the pressure o f the ocean at
a depth o f 300 feet. B efore these dell
cate c ra ft are accepted they m ust have
withstood pressure at a depth around
210 feet, which Is deemed sufficient,
hut must be strong enough to go much
British and Germ an suhma
rlnes are not required to stand pressure
at 300 feet, the requirem ent usually
running around 200 feet. German sub­
marines, ns a rule, are tested at a depth
around 150 fe et and those o f the B rit­
ish navy sometimes at. a greater depth.
O f all submarine defects those a f ­
fectin g the propelling engines have
been most numerous and bothersome.
T h e developm ent o f this t r y * o f en ­
gine has been v e ry gradual.
very recently, however, engine trouble
has been o f common occurrence in sub­
marines. and the w ork o f construction
has been delayed m ore by engine tie
fects probably than from all other de
fecta combined.
For exam ple, w h ile the contracts for
submarines usually call fo r d elivery
within tw o veers, it has liee*. umler-
Funeral Directot
W o attood to all work promptly.
Delta* sod Fall* City. Or
O r e g o n
C . W . M a t t h e w s , P r o p r ie t o r
P b o b R 127
P r*a c h *r, Ones Fiddler, Mads and L e tt
Seven Fortune*.
Shasta. C al.— S D. N ew blll, evangel-
j 1 st. has Just been on a vlalt here to
recall tbe scene* o f 1861. when he was
j a gold miner
" I mined some, but I fiddled more,”
( explained the preacher, " f o r tbe mtnera
j liked my fiddling and paid w ell fo r It
1 at the dnneea.
“ I came acroaa the plains with ox
teams and made $1.200 on tbe w ay
selling whisky. I wua in this old town
fo r over a year, but I d on 't find any o f
the old faces or buildings.
“ I rem ember paying $1 fo r a mince
pie, but I can't find even the she o f
the bakery.”
N ew b lll explained that he follow ed
all the gold rushes, made seven fo r­
tunes anil lost them all
tw e lv e years ago. when broke, he took
to preaching.
IT b a b e
C H A 0 . M I X , 8»n.>r*tiB!Toi
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Catarrh That Contain Mercury
as mercury will surely destroy the sense
o f Hindi and completely derange the
whole system when entering It through
lh* mucous surface* Such article* should
never be used except on prescriptions
from reputable physician*, s i the damage
they will do la ten fold to the good you
can poaalbly derive from them
H aifa
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Cheney A Co , Toledo. O., contain# no
mercury, and Is taken Internally, acting
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