Falls City news. (Falls City, Or.) 190?-19??, September 18, 1915, Page 2, Image 2

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    Saturday, September 18, 19lf>
metos and bounds are prescribed
(She y a lla (Titii N r in » and
beyond them we cannot fo­
Kntcrrd a * «t-wwl v u » mail at III«»
at Falla Cltj. Folk i\»antj Orwgoo. uutlrr ihf
Act of cVugraaa of March S. 1ST».
llow ever it might lie of some con­
solation to know if the official who
volunteered the information was
the porter or a “brakie."
Telephone Mews Office. S3.
Subscription Kates. One year. SI.00; six months,
M> cents; three months. 26cants; single copy. & ct*.
The constant increase of court
expenditures is inexplicable to the
burdened tax-payers who have
not gene to the trauble of seeking
a solution based upon investiga­
tion. The trouble primarily is
traceable to the legislative mill
which grinds out an endless quan­
tity of ufeless and often harmful
laws. Such hodge-podge products
of the legislative machinery leads
directly to increased court busi­
ness. Another bad practice of
legislative bodies is that of paying
more attention to party politics
and the spoils incident thereto
than to the real business that
should have consideration. There
certainly should lie some plan
adopted whereby legislatures will
attend to making laws and not to
seeking s|ioils.
Advertising Rates Display. 15 -v nt*an Inch
Business Notice*. % cent* a line . For Sale. Kent.
Exchange. W ant ami Fay Entertainm ent No
tic«*. 5 ct*. a line. Card of Thanks SOcU.Lega
Notices. U fal rates.
Copy for new ads. and changes should be sent
to The News not later than Wednesday.
H J. Griffin Mayor.
R M. Wonderly. Councilman at Large
Fhilltp Gottfreid
H 0 Brown.
C i. Bradley.
I. G. Singleton.
C. L. Hopkin*.
R. A. Titus.
C E. McPherren. Auditor and P olice Judge
Walter L. Tooie Jr.. City Attorney
Pat Murphy. Marshal and Water Supt.
M. L Thompson. Treasurer
Dr. F. M. Hellwarth. Health Officer.
The Council meets in regular session on the fir>*
and third Tuesday nights of each m onth, at 7
o’clock, in the office of the Falls City News.
S a tu r d a y . S e p t e m b e r 18. 1915
H > ro fc o o lcn n l tln r t*o ‘ 1
S A LEM , O R E., Sept., 2 7 , to Oct. 2d inclusive.
J. H. Booth. Rosebcrg, Pro*.
W Al Jonos. Salem. See
$20,000 in Cash Premiums
Office one door east of P, t).
ami ,,,
Ketldvm’« * IIOIlH «JtiH
I’ll YHiri AN
o r n i K h o i ks ta a . m i n i e m
Ollier Hours by App»»inUueiit
Office flr*t house wr»t of lloeplU l
Rhone 441
Suoincoo Harto
Send for premium lists and secure part of the $20.(KI0.
Exhibit your products, make your expenses and return to
your homes with good money. Free transportation for ex­
hibits. ll you have something good in the line of livestock
bring it to this great market where buyers from several
states will be with the cash.
Come early and see the close. Free Camp Grounds.
A shady oak park. Free shed room for autos and teams.
Something doing every minute.
Munter, the Aviator, will make two flights daily.
Come and ride with him. Oregon flies with her own wings,
and so docs Munter.
FEATURES:—Speed events. Shooting Tournament,
Band Concerts. Boys’ Camp, Moving Pictures, Girls’ Camp.
Animal Circus. Everybody’s Camp. Childrens’ Playground,
Paved Walks. Good Water, Pure Air. Numerous Sports.
Jfa llô C ity O b o td
S a m p le R o o m s
B o a t A c c o m m o d a t io n *
D roogo, P r o p r ie to r
Bohle’s Barber Shops
F a l l s C it y , O r e g o n )
Where yog css gel i D i m . Hair Cat. tall)
or ‘Shine'
Agent lor Dallas M u m l aundry
Hunuloa loitvai-li-l luvw lay availing
Several newspapers speak of
the raising of the F-l as a remark­
able achievement in naval engi-
According to a count made in nesring. Jesso! Hut the South
the library of congress recently Bend Tribune thinks a more re­
our federal and state legislatures markable achievement wolud have
Reduced Rates On All Railroads.
passed 62,014 statutes during the been the taking ot steps to pre-
five years from 1905 to 1913 incln- venting its sinking. Says the Tri-
sive. Evan greater than this bune; “The announcement that
multiplicity of laws was the vast the ill-fated crew of the F-4 came White was exceeding the speed FLO G G ED BY HIS PEER .
mass of decisions of court of last to their deaths through chlorine limit, was running without lights) Peter the Great Didn’t Hesitat« In
Making Conditions Equal.
resort, federal and state, which gas generated from sea water or license tag. Anyone but an
during the same five years reach- seeping into storage batteries of officer would have-been held for One day u young recruit wa»
.landing guard before the door of
ed the enormous total of 65.379 the submarine is confirmation that manslaughter.
the entrance to Peter the Great’*
and now fill 630 volumes.
at the time the inefficiency charge
chambers in the pulace of
And yet ignorance of the law — was made conditions in regard to Mrs. A M. V ars ill of Dallas ^t. Petersburg,
lie bad received or-
does not excuse. In our days of the American undersea boats and Mrs. El--.iiior Butler ^ | dors to adnut no one.
As he was passing slowly up und
statute making by rapid-fire pro- wese not what Secretary Daniels g u e - ts ot Mrs. C.
I" H°pkm» j own before the door Prince Men-
cess. Thomas Jefferson would claimed them to be. Judging from Wed In .--I IV
, si hikotf, the favorite minister of the
have found greater reasons than his more recenh activities, the
czar, approached and attempted to
ever for declaring that the country secretary himself has come to a
He was stopped by the re­
is governed best that is governed realization of the fact.” Too late, Friil Bi'Wdior of I’ irtland was in cruit.
governed least, and for opposing however, so far as the victims are Kails Citv Tm-sday
The prince, who had the fullest
liberty of calling upon his master
a multiplicity of laws. Not the I concerned, to do more than give
any time, sought to push the
least discouraging feature of it all burial with full honors,
W. T (iiiiran d family motored at guard
aside and pass him. Yet the
is that our states men of the“ultra-
over fiotti Salem Tuesday night. man would
not move, but ordered
progressive’variety have countless Dean Collins and Rex Lampman
his highness to stand back.
new laws still uptheir sleeves, not of Portland wandered in:o the ’ l.H-t Monday morning G. I). “ You idiot!” shoutted the prince.
a few of themrevolntionary invas­ News office Monday, extended to Treat, I.. I.. Brooks, I.. Robert- “Don’t you know me? You’ll be
punished for this!"
ions of the citizens’ rights.
us the right hand of fellowship son ami Pat Murphy left the hab- The recruit smiled and said:
and discoursed freely upon the itatiun of man and took to the tall “Very well, your highness, but
. .
joys and sorrows of the newspaper timber in arch of game. Nothing ray orders are peremptory to let no­
Toast 10
Laughter fraternity. Dean Collins is editor has la i n heard from them since body pass.”
The prince, exasperated at the
Here’Sto laughter, the sunshine of the Monday Morning Crawfish they left, hut it is predicts I that fellow’s
impudence, struck him a
of the soul, the happiness of the that graces the Oregonian, and they will make a killing,
blow in the face with his riding
heart, the leaven of youth, the Rex Lampman is editor of the
privilege of purity, the echo of in- Saturday Evening Alibi in the Miss Helen 'lreat lias secured a “Strike away, your highness,”
said the soldier, “but I cannot let
nocence, the treasure of the hum-’Journal. Ostensibly they are via­ school at Kir Grove and will begin you
go in.”
ble, the wealth of the poor, the iting relatives near Dallas, hut teaching October I. Miss Helen is Peter,
in the room, hearing the
bead of the cup of pleasure; it dis- Dallas being dry and dusty, they an estimable little lady and her noise outside,
opened the door and
pels dejection, banishes blues and very naturally turn their way, on friends wish lier success.
inquired what it meant, and the
prince told him.
mangles melancholy; for it’s the pleasure bent, to Falls City where
The czar appeared amused, but
foe of woe, the destroyer of de- vine-clad hills and sylvan groves,
said nothing at the time.
pression, the enemy of grief; it is rippling rills, and, other accessor-
In the evening, however, lie sent
what king 3 envy peasants, pluto- ¡os that drive away dull care and
for the prince and the Boldior. A-«
crats envy the poor, the guilty make life worth living, can be
they both appeared Peter gave his
own cane to the soldier, saying:
envy the innocent; it’s the sheen found.
“That man struck you in the
on the silver of smiles, the ripple
Now you must return the
on the water s delight; the glint Centralization in government,
fellow with my stick.’’
of the gold of gladness; without it population, business and wealth,
The prince was amazed. “Your
humor would be dumb, wit would are the inevitable tendencies of
majesty,” he said, “this common
soldier is to strike me ?*’
wither, dimples would disappear today. The greatest menace is
“I make him a captain,” said Pe
and smiles would shrivel, for it s centralization of wealth, for all
a glow of a clean conscience, the other evils follow. It controls
“But I’m an officer of your ma
voice of a pure soul, the birth cry government, whether National,
jesty’s household,” objected the
of mirth, the swan-song of sad- state or Municipal, whether ex­
“I make him a colonel of my life
ecutive, or bureaucratic dictator­
and an officer of the house­
ship. I Ait the people of this coun­
Peter again,
try insist on a government of law
“ Nothin’ Stirrin’”
your majesty knows,
rather than of men. Otherwise
is that of general,” again protested
The Polk County Observer ruth- popular
representative gov­
Try Our Bonbons
iessly dashed the hopes of Falls ernment and
“Then I make him a general, so
Cityans of getting an electric line, stroyed.
that the beating you get may come
in the sometime dim future. The
from a man of your rank.”
The prince got a sound thrash Bxtra copies of Tin. New* are
sage of the Observer sternly tells
ing in the presence of the czar, and printed each week, and will bn sent
them that these hopes are basely Can an officer v iolate the law, is
the recruit, who was next day com­ to any address desired, postpaid,
false, that at no time has the S. P. a question that naturally arises
missioned a general with a title, for 6 cents per copy.
Co., had any idea of electrifying after the verdict of the coroner's
was the founder of a powerful fami­
the road. That in solemn con- jury that investigated the death
ly, whose descendants are still high
\\ alter L. Too 2 e, Jr., Lawyer,
clave with an official of the road of Hollaender brothers who were
in the imperial service of Ifussia.
Dallas, Oregon.
it was said that such a thing had killed in a collision of their motor
Good house for sale in Kails Get your butter wrappers print­
never been dreamed of.
cycle with that of Officer White’s. ^
City, part time. Enquire at News
ed at the News office,
The oracle has spoken. Our It was shown at the inquest that
Job Work.
our prices
with others
see samples.