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    g|S>iurd>y, 8>pUmbw 11, 1916
|{ |] \ | t |.)ST \ r|' K KOI{ S .\ 111
A n Episode of
P a n a m a -P a c ific Exposition
theCrescent C ity
h the Most Wondarful
The Most Beautiful
It was about IfCiO tbat Arnold Dal-
uialtrw. a «-ottou factor o f Now Or
leans, went to New York on business.
In the office of n cotton broker In
New York was a boy uitmel Aha- Tra
oy. whose health was very delicate
Indeed, the doctors bud given liiai but
a short time to live. Tracy, who was
but fifteen years old. w h s nsslgued to
lOtlmaltre to perform ceitaln clerical
duties and carry messages during the
litter's stay In New York
was one o f those men geuerous. sensl
tivs to their houor. that were typical
o f the south at that time. He took
pity on the boy and. suggesting that a
southern climate and a change o f scene
might restore him to health, offered to
take him to New Orleans and give him
n position In his office there
Da I ms it re was it bachelor about forty
years old and soon after bia return
from New York married a woman half
his age. celebrated for her beauty.
Gay aodaty Is usually encumbered
with men who consider women a legit
Imatt prey, though the standard of
honor In this respect Is doubtless high
er than It was. A scion o f a noble
French boose. Albert Durler. whose
father had left France during the rero-
lution to escape the guillotine, was at
that time prominent socially In New
Orleans and became devoted to Mme
Dalmaltre. It waa not long before DIs
attentions were the subject o f remnrk
Dalmaltre was not himself socially
Inclined, and his w ife went nlamt a
good deal without him
For this rea­
son he did not observe Durier being so
much with Ilia wife. :md there was m>
one to cnwtlon him except Tracy. The
young northerner was conscious o f the
fact that he owed bis life to Ills liepe
factor mid idolized him. When. then*,
fore, he noticed that Dalmaltre needed
a friend to warn biiu o f the danger In
which Ills w ife was lielng placed he
considered how he run Id do so with Un­
icast damage to all concerned.
But the tnore lie thought nlmiit It
the more clearly lie saw the difficulties
In the way. Not a word could lie spo
ken without bringing on a rupture In
Dalmaltre'» domestic relations. Tracy
believed that the w ife was innocent,
but Imprudent: that she needed to he
cautioned, possibly to la* withdrawn
from the Influence of her admirer
This plan. too. he <nst aside
lie determined to settle the matter with
Durler. hut In such a way tbat It would
not appear to (»ertaln In any way to the
Meeting Durler at a ball. Tracy,
while Isitli were dancing. Durler with
Mme. Dalmaltre. purposely shoved him.
Durler cast an Irritated glance at him
hut |olid no further attention to jb e
Tracy guided his partner
again near Durier and linmglit about
another collision This time he scowl,
ed at Durler. as if to accuse him of
being at fanlt In the matter
A * soon as the music stopped '.lie
tw o men went to another room, where
each accused the other o f puriwsely
running against him In the dance. T ra ­
cy was coolly abusive, tantalizing Ills
enemy Into a passion Finally the 1st
ter at a contemptuous remark o f T ra­
cy's turned on his heels with the
words "You shall hear from me" and.
seeking a friend, sent a challenge hy
him. The episode was witnessed by
several persons, who gave the cause
as It appeared on the surface.
Dueling at tbat time was the ac­
knowledged method among gentlemen,
especially In the south, o f settling dis­
putes, and there was u grove not far
from the Crescent City where the duels
took place. It was arranged that at
sunrise the next morning the parties
should meet at this grove and settle at
the pistol's mouth which o f the two
men bad Joggled the other In the dance.
Whether Durler ( suspected the real
cause did not nppear.
But there was one person who saw
through Tracy's act and bad learned
the consequences shortly after the
words tbat passed between the two
men. Tracy was living In bachelor
rooms at the time, and he had scarcely
got horn* from the ball when who
should appear but Mme. Dalmaltre.
"This affair between you and Mr
Durler must not take place. Why did
you not make your demands on me In
stead o f picking this quarrel with
" I do not understand you, madame."
She looked at him keenly for a time,
then said. "W hat do you wish me to
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R o u n d T r i p F a r e s to
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■ .l„|.,H ..|..l-H -.|»l» l-l-I-!-H - I"M "I- l- H - H -
•‘ Very well. I will send an apology
to Durler ar once."
She seized his hand and kissed It.
then, turning, left him
The next day Tracy tnld Ills liene-
(Serial OHMS)
factor Hint he luid determined to r e ­
turn to New Y'nrk. Dnlmnltre endeav­
Portland, Oregon, A ug. 9th, 1915.
ored to dissuade hint, but without ef
To Steven E. French, o f Salem, O re­
feet, lie departed soon after the epi­
gon and Nortons, Oregon. Contes-
sode to escape the eonteinpt o f the
entire social set o f New Orleans. Mme
Yon are hereby notified that Thos.
Dalmaltre gave up many o f her social
tie* and devoted herself to her hus- T. Miller who gives Nortons, Oregon,
as his post-office address, did on July
12th, 1915, file in this office his duly
corroborated application to contest
and secure the cancellation o f your
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Homestead Entry, Serial No. 03663
October 15th, 1912, for SE 1-4,
o f his State, and a Georgia minis­
Section 6. Township 10 South, Range
ter o f the gospel o f Jesus Christ,
8 West, Willamette, Meridian, and as
renegade to the teachings of Him grounds for this contest he alleges
who forgave the thief on the cross, that said Steven E. French has whol­
cursed the perpetrators o f that ly abandoned said land from the date
o f said entry to the present time; that
outrage with his blessing. And
said entryman never erected a house
such is the Georgia Democracy and on said land and never at any time
its notions of orderly government. cultivated any portion thereof nor
No. 1 7 1-2 ncreH adjoining
Falls City on County road. Good
7-room house, city water; barn
and chicken park; young orchard
in hearing, small fruit. All fenced j
and 3f acres in cultivation. No
waste land. Time on part.
much foul matter from the body that
O N E S P O O N F U L relieves sour stom­
Toledo, O. ach, gas and constipation A T O N C E .
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d or
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Take Ball's Family Pills for constipation.
Correspondents wanted in every
"M y eyes hare been opened I assure
you I am perfectly Inqpcenf. I will
neighborhood in this section of tne
agree nerer to receive your enemy
Extra copies of The News are country.
again. Apologize to him and end the
printed each week, and will be sent
matter between you nnd him."
The United States is practical­
"A re you aware that such a course to any address desired, postpaid,
ly at war with Mexico,
would cause me to be cut by every
for 5 cents per copy.
friend I bare?"
The sinking o f British boats
“ Ob. heavens;"
Good house for sale in Falls
“ You fear that the real cause o f the City, part time. Enquire at News still goes on nothwithstanding
quarrel will be learned by the world.”
President Wilson’s protest.
i t
Post Office Time Card
No. 3. 35 acres near town. 15
in cultivation. Good 8-room house
Office Imura: D a ily , except Sun-
barn and henhouse. Bearing or­
-l*y . 8 a.in. to 6.30 p.m.
chard. Some good second-growth
M ail arrives, from
fir. Time on part.
Salem 9.00 a.in., 5 :t5 p in.
No. 6. 150 acres in Lincoln Co.,
5 miles from railroad, on County
road. Small cabin and barn; 4
acres in cultivation and 00 more
can be cultivated. 350 3-year old
English walnut trees. Good spring
that would furnishs tine water
power. School j) mile, 8 month
term with contract for two more
years. This will make an ideal
stock and dairy ranch and can lx*
bought at a bargain. Terms.
DallaH, 9:00 A. M ., 5:45 1*. M.
E n gin e
11:55 a. m.
Black Rock, 1:30 P. M.
M ail close* for:
Salem , 8.50 A .M .. 1 P. M . and 5
D allas, 8:50 A. M. and 6 P. M.
Eugene Ar
1 p. m.
Black Rock, I l A. M
S unday O nly
No. 5. 153 acres near town.
Good house and barn. W ill sell
all or divide to suit buyer.
Office hour*:
9:30 to 10:80 a.m :
M ail arrives
Salem ,
n. m .
No. 8. Two good 8-rooni houses
and lots, some fruit trees with \
one. These are among the most i
desirable residences in the city.
They are o f modern construction |
and desirably located. Reason-1
able terms on part if desired. Will
sell one or both.
Purl lumi A'
11:55 a. m.
M ail clone* for S A lem , 8:50 a. m.
Eugene Ar Portland train
102, 1
p. in.
Effective M ay 13, 1915.
1 it a C. M kiihmnu , Postmaster
No. 9. 21) acres j miles from
town. Good 6-room house and
outbuildings. 15 acres in cultiva- \ Business Man Praises
tion; 11 acres in apples, 21 acres Dr. Miles' Heart Remedy
in peaches, cherries, pears and Successful Merchant After Investigation
strawberries. Plenty o f wood fori
Found a Remedy That Re­
stored Hie Health.
No. 10- Six lots 50x150, three
room house, hen house, some fruit
and strawberries. Cash and terms
"This la Thankaglvlng day In the
state of Pennsylvania, end I mint tn
devote a part of
s .
It In writing a
to .you.
On the 2«th day
of November,'ID.
I waa at r liken
family physician
called It Angina
Peetorla. I had
from one to fiva
In 24
hours. In t h e
No. 12. 17 acres, 10 in cultiva­
latter p a r t o f
tXa-embnr, 1*10
wrote to the
tion, 5 room house, barn and
Mile* Medical Oa., for Information eon
chicken house. T w o springs, coming my case, end In reply I received
a very kind end Instructive letter,
water piped to house, hot and cold which I handed to my family doctor,
he tnld me to use your Remedies
water and hath. 6 acres in young and
In eonnectlon with the medicine he
me, ao I did I uaed five bottlea
orchard. 2 acres big second
of Dr. Mllea' Heart Remedy end seven
growth fir. Spring affords water bottles of Dr. Milas' Nervine I waa
to the house for about four
sufficient to irrigate onohalf of confined
months. The action of my heart la
haa been normal for the last
the land. This land lays just out­
•lx month»
I can truly recommend
side o f the city limits o f P'alls | Dr Mllea' Nervine and Heart Remadv
to do what they are Intended for. If
City. A bargain.
uaed aecording to dtrectlona. I thank
you kindly for your advice In anewer to
No. 13. 12 acres 11 miles from my monthly reports I am now sixty
seven years of age, have been In the
town, all under fence and in culti­ mercantile hualneaa for thirty-five years
and lived retired for the last thirteen
vation; 8-room house and barn. years.”
Lincoln, Penns.
This place can fie sold one-third
more applicapable is that to a be heard, either before this office or
State, and those whom it would on appeal, if you fail to file in this
send to the National Legislature office within twenty days after the
to govern affairs o f our beloved FOURTH publication of this notice, as
dountry. These three States send shown below, your answer, under
27 Democratic Representatives to] oath, specifically responding to these
Congress, and six United States allegations of contest, together with
due proof that you have st*ved a
Senators. Thirty-one men hold­
copy o f your answer on the said con­
ing important committee assign­
testant either in person or hy regis­
ments, from States which, so far tered mail.
ss orderly government is concern­
You should state in your answer
ed, still wallow in tho Dark Ages. the name o f the post office to which
The Democratic majority in the you desire future notices to be sent
next House will be about 30., to you.
N . C a m p b e l l , Register.
nearly the whole number account­
Date of first publication August
ed for by Representatives from
these three States.
How can a 21, 1915.
cash, purchaser to assume mort­
Date of second publication August
government long endure whose
gage now on the place. Can give
affairs are governed by Represent­ 28, 1915.
Date of third publication Septem­ you a bargain.
atives o f such popular choice?
ber 4, 19)5.
No. 14. 331 acres o f land, 21
Date of fourth publication Septem­
acres plow land, 7 acres in timber
ber 11, 1915.-
balance pasture. 8-room house,
How’» This?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Re­
woodshed, chicken house; 6 acres
ward for any case of Catarrh that
orchard in bearing. Price
cannot be cured by H all’s Catarrh
Simple bucthorn bark, glycerine, $4,300. Will take one-half in Dal­
F. J. CHENEY & CO.. Toledo, O.
etc., as mixed in Alder-i-ka, the ap­ las or Salem residence property
We. the undersigned, have known F. J
Cheney for the last 15 years, and believe pendicitis preventative, drains so and give time on one-fourth.
him perfectly honorable In all business
•ransactlons and financially able to carry
out any obligations made by his firm.
Nolice to News Subscribers
A blu«*ponoll oroai mark on thli
notio» moon« that your aubaorlp*
lion to Tho Nawa haa • *plr«d and
naada timing Do It now.
No. 2 Nil acres mountain land,
i mile* out on County road. 25
acres in cultivation, 20 acres big
aecond-growth fir. Good 5-room
T ry a want ad in the News.
house. Warn, outbuildings. Fruit, will pay you. People do without
and berries; 125 prune trees. A l­ or »end off for articles not not a d ­
so, good team, wagon, harness vertised at home.
and some household goods.
give time on part.
N q . 11. 130 acre ranch, 60
acres in cultivation, 25 in timber
There is an old saying to the i improved the same.
You are, therefore, further notified
balance slashed. 12 acres in hops.
effect that that man can best gov­
that the said allegations will be taken
Good house and hop house, barn
ern others who has learned to
as confessed, and your said entry will
and other outbuildings.
govern himself.
How infinitely
be canceled without further right to
Mr. Hama Saakae-
a n d Buy O r o h a r d L a n d
No. 15. Six-room house, wood­
shed with about one acre land.
Price $1)00, $,‘100 cash, balance on
time. North Main Street. One
8-room house with 5 lots.
$1800; part time.
For further information, call on
or write to
D. L. Wood,
Falls City, Oreg.
Get your butter wrappers print­
ed at the News office.
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guaranteed by ell druggists.
MILES MEDICAL CO., Elkhart, Ind.
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