Falls City news. (Falls City, Or.) 190?-19??, August 28, 1915, Page 4, Image 4

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M o r m o n
cf ^ e f .
The Worlds Crostosi Exposition
Bandits Threaten to Hold Smith For
$100,000 Ransom.
Denver. — The threatened abductlou
r>f Joseph F Smith, head o f the Mor­
mon church. In Salt Lake City, to the
Jackson Hole country. In Wyoming,
o here a ransom o f $100,000 « as to ho
demanded for his release by the three
daylight robbers who held up 123 tour­
ists In Yellowstone park on July 0. has
caused the federal authorities here to
adopt extraordinary measures for his
News o f the contemplated abductlou
first reached Roy O Sampson o f the
department o f Justice and his assist­
ant. J. W Melrose, two mouths ago.
but the matter later was dropped by
the federal authorities.
The abduction, however, o f E. A.
rmpey, a wealthy cattleman, from his
ranch at Idaho Falls. Ida . presumably
by the three Yellowstone park bandits,
and his release upon the payment o f a
$<1,000 ransom caused the authorities
to renew their Interest tn the matter.
According to reports received by the
federal authorities, the abduction o f
Smith was to follow closely after the
abduction o f Empey.
U now at its Height in
Low Round Trip Tickets are on sale daily to San
Four commodious trains leave every day for San
Electric automatic Block Signals guard the Way.
O ur folders "W ay sid e Notes Shasta R oute" and
"C aliforn ia and Its Tw o Expositions” will interest
John M. Scott, General Passenger Agent.
Portland. Oregon.
Tarry town. N'. Y —John D. Rockefel­
ler'* rainbow pool was i;se«l by the
Rev. J. Homer Nelson to christen
Sarah. Frances and Edward Tarnell.
Florence Cecelia and Katherine Ellxa
beth Rowe. Luuncelot B iston Clear
and Artbur Eugene Wolngurt. all chll
dren o f employees on the Rockefeller
estate The grounds were thrown open
to the parents and friends, and nearly
100 persons witnessed the ceremony.
Sir. Rockefeller In giving Mr Nelson
permission to use the rainbow pool ex­
pressed regret that he could not be
present to witness the christening.
Applies, Order Reeds, to "In­
trenched Gamp of Peris.”
Kansan Proved Honesty
Stranded Harvesters.
Hutchinson. Kuu.—"Bread scattered
on the w aters" Is beginning to return to
a Hutchinson man who lent a helping
bad to harvesters stranded in Hutchin­
Each day for nearly a week W alter
Faria.—For many months the role has
obtained that no drink could be served Jordan, a wealthy Hutchinson man,
in cafes or bars in Paris to soldiers In distributed ten cent pieces anioug the
uniform, whatever their rank. before large number o f harvest hands gather­
the hour o f 5. In the early days It was ed here awaiting work. He asked no
uot unusual to see colonels, and gener­ questions, but gave each man a dime.
Jordan repeated it daily during the
als even, who forgetfully had seated
themselves on the terrassa o f a cafe rush the follow ing week. The harvest
before the fateful hour gently moved now has started, and most of these
men are working In the wheat fields.
on as undesirable customers.
General Gallienl has issned. It ap­ The mall Is beginning to bring Jor­
pears, a much more sweeping and strin­ dan's dimes back to him Quite a num­
gent decree forbidding the sale o f alco­ ber have been sent back to him by tbe
hol to any soldier at any hour o f the harvesters, who are now repaying him
In some
day throughout the whole o f the In­ from their first earnings.
trenched camp o f Paris. The decree | cases tbe men Inclosed extra sums for
“ interest."
runs tbns:
Nicholas Bird, commissioner o f the
"General Gallienl feels that at an
hour when the physical and moral en­ board o f charities, had a similar expe­
ergy o f all soldiers should be at the rience Several o f the men whom he
highest Intensity the struggle against had assisted are now sending In remit­
alcoholism, which destroys both, must tances making repayment. One man
be carried out relentlessly.
Whom he had helped leave town, buy­
“ He therefore thinks It right to for- | ing a railway ticket, remitted the full
bid in the Intrenched camp o f Paris the amount with interest.
sale to soldiers and the purchase by
them in cafes, bars, shops or houses of
alcohol and alcoholic drtnks— absinth,
bitters, aperitifs, vermuths, liqueurs
and all other alcoholic drinks not spe­ r ear N o w Hunters Hav e Exterminated
cifically named."
Sacramento, Cal. — Reports to the
It is not quite clear whether wine
and beer are to be Included In the ban, state comptroller indicate that the
but It Is probable that th e 7 are not. huntsmen o f the northern counties o f
The soldiers at the froMt, o f course, the state have practically exterminated
have their wine ration, 'which was In­ the mountain lions. Last month only
four mountain lions were killed In Cal­
creased quite lately.
ifornia as against close upon 200 for
the same period a decade ago.
Three o f the four were killed In the
southern counties—one each In Loa An­
Compasses Affsetsd by Lying For a
geles. Tulare and Kern, tbe fourth one
Y ea r Alongside train Pier.
being killed in Humboldt county. The
New York —8tx Hnm turg American bounty paid for the* pelts by the stale
line steamers tied up * t Thirty-third was $80 for June.
street. South Brooklyn, have been
Indications are that efforts o f stock
turned around by -order o f the marine raisers during the past* quarter o f a
superintendent to regulate their com­ century have resulted in the practical
passes, which had been affected by extinction o f the animal
lying fo r a year-alongside an Iron pier. have been paid upon 22.000 mountain
The hauling o f 'the ships into the har­ lions tn the past twenty-five years.
bor and warping them back Into their
berths stern first created continent
along the w ater front In Soutji Brook­
Saved by Dog's Bark.
lyn. with the visual dash to sea rumor.
Superior. W ls .-A fte r lying prisoners
Captain Jnearar. who has chnrge of
under their overturned auto nearly two
the ships, said the magnetism from hours Scott Thornton, chauffeur, and
the Iron pier had affected the com­ Margaret McCarthy were freed, practl
passes and caused the needles to devi­ eally nnhurt, by the crew o f a street
ate from tho north.
car on the suburban line which had
H e said the Vaterland, tied np In once before passed the scene without
Hoboken, was equipped with gyro­ stopping. It appearing to have been an
scopic compasses, which srere not sub- accident from which the occupants had
lect to magnetic Influences.
Other l>een removed. A dog. also Imprisoned
steamers are made fasL to wooden tn tbe car, barked and attracted atten
piers, wbtcb do not affect the (Com­ tlon
C O M I TO f A L L * CITY. OR E G O N 1
a n d Buy O r o h a r d L a n d
Notice to News Subscribers
A biue-psnoll crown marls on «Hla
notice m ccnc that your aubaorlp*
lion to The N e w » haa aspired and
naede fiiin u
Do It now.
Cost Office Time Card
Dalla*., ;i m
M ,
|§ p \|
t r jin
11 :&5 a. in.
Black Rock, 1:30 P. M.
M ail clones for:
Salem . 8.50 A M.. 1 I*. M . and 5
D allas, 8:50 A. M. and 5 P. M.
Eugene A
) p. m.
Black Rock, 1! A. M.
S unday O nly
Baptised at Rockefeller’s.
Mr. Horn* S e e k e r
Sull'io 9.00 a.tu , 5<t5 p.iu.
A Justice who drew np a w ill and
the men who signed as witnesses tes
titled to the existence o f such a docu­
ment. but a search failed to reveal the
missing testament.
The estate was taken Into probate
court to be divided among the heirs
according to their rights by birth.
As a probate Judge was about to
take this step one o f the dead man's
great granddaughters was busy aiding
In giving the home o f Mr. Sestel a
thorough cleaning.
She found an old
pair o f carpet slippers, frayed and
tors. As she threw the slippers away
a piece of paper fell out. It proved to
be the missing will.
'JH, 1915
No. 8. 35 acres near town. 15
in cultivation. Good 8-room house
Uflico hour*: D aily, except Hun-
barn and henhouse. Hearing or­ ■lay, 8 a.tu. to 0.30 p.m.
chard. Some good second-growth
M ail a rriv e «, (rom
fir. Tim e on part.
No. 5. 160 acres in Lincoln Co,,
5 miles from railroad, on County
road. Small cabin and barn; 4
acres in cultivation and 60 more
can be cultivated. 850 3-year old
English walnut trees. Good spring
that would furnishs fine w ater
power. School : mile, 8 month
term with contract for tw o more
years. This will make an id e a l;
stock and dairy ranch and can be
bought at a bargain. Terms.
Our nearest agent will fiv e your inquiries courteous
Scenery enroute is fascinating, varied and unsur­
Hudtonvllle, M ich —When Thomas
H. Sestel. pioneer resident of Fllmore
township, died on May 30. there began
a search for a w ill disposing o f his es
fate, which la valued at upward of
No. 2 so acres mountain land,
i miles out on County road. 25
acres in cultivation. 20 acres big
second growth fir. Good 5-room
T ry n want ml III (lie Neff*.
house, barn, outbuildings. F r u it ,, will pay you. People do without
and berries; 125 prune trees. Al-1 or send off (or artielea nut not ad-
so. gtxid team, wagon, harness vertiard at home.
and some household goods.
W ill
g ive time on part.
Never before in the history of the world has there
been conducted such a magnificent and wonderful
Exposition. Here is artiscally presented the pro­
ductions of the mind and laborsof mankind through­
out the ages.
Grandchild Cleaning House Found
Quite by Accidsnt.
No. 1 7 1-2 a cre« a d jo in in g '
Falls City on County roud. Good *
7-room house, city w ater; barn j
and chicken park; young orchard
in bearing, smull fruit. A ll fenced
and 8J acres in cultivation. No
waste land. Tim e on part.
Sut tit tiny,
No. 6. 158 acres near town.
Office hours: 9:30 to 10:80 a.m :
Liood house and barn. W ill sell
Mull arrives (rum Salem , 9:00
all or divide to suit buyer.
a, tn.
No. 8.
T w o good 8-room bouses
Portland. Oregon, Aug. 9th, 1915.
and lots, some fru it trees with
To Steven E. French, o f Salem. O re­
one. These arO among the most
gon and Nortons, Oregon, t'ontes-
You are hereby notified that Thus.
T. Miller whogives"Nortons, Oregon,
as his post-office address, did on July
12th, 1915, file in this office his duly
corroborated application to contest
and secure the cancellation o f your
Homestead Entry, Serial No. 0366:1
made October 15th, 1912, for S F 1-4,
Section 6, Township 10 South, Range
8 West. Willamette. Meridian, and as
grounds for this contest he alleges
that said Steven E. French has whol­
ly abandoned said land from the date
of said entry to the present time; that
said entryman never erected a house
on said land and never at any time
cultivated any portion thereof nor
desirable residences in the city.
They are o f modern construction
and desirably located. Reason­
able terms on part i f desired. W ill
sell one or both.
11:55 a. in.
M ail cloue« for Salem , 8:50 a. m.
Eugene A Portland train
p. tn.
Effective M ay 13, 1915.
I ra
U. M e h r u n u , l’outmaeter
No. 9. 20 acres J miles from
town. Good 6-room house and
outbuildings. 15 acres in cu ltiva­
tion; 1? acres in apples,
) a cres,
in peaches, cherries, ¡tears and
strawberries. Plenty o f wood for
No. 10- Six lots 50x150, three
room house, hen house, some fruit
and strawberries. Cash and terms
No. 11. 130 acre ranch, 60
acres in cultivation, 25 in timber
improved the same.
You are. therefore, further notified balance slashed.
12 acres in hops.
that the said allegations will he taken Good house and hop house, barn
as confessed, and your said entry will and other outbuildings.
be canceled without further right to
be heard, either before this office or
on appeal, if you fail to file in this
office within twenty days after the
FOURTH publication o f this notice, as
shown below, your answer, under
oath, specifically responding to these
allegations of contest, together with
due proof that you have served a
copy o f your answer on the said con­
testant either in person or by regis­
Portland «Sc Eugene
No. 12.
17 acres, 10 in cultiva­
tion, 5 room house, barn and
chicken house. T w o
sp rin gs.,
w ater pi|*ed to house, hot and cold
w ater and bath. 6 acres in young
orchard. 2 acres big second
grow th fir. Spring affords w ater
sufficient to irrigate onehalf o f
the land. This land lays just out­
tered mail.
side o f the city limits o f Falls
You should state in your answer City.
A bargain.
the name o f the post office to which
No. 13. 12 acres 1J miles trom
town, all under fence and in culti­
N . C a m p b e l l , Register.
vation; 8-room house and barn.
Date of first publication August This place can be sold one-third
21. 1915.
i cash, purchaser to assume mort­
Date of second publication August gage now on the place. Can give
28. 1915.
you a bargain.
you desire future notices to be sent
to you.
F a in
T tht
t ^ m a y .
Dr. Miles’
Anti-Pain Pills
w ill h e lp yo u , as they
h a r e h e lp e d o th ers.
Good for all kinds of piin.
Used to relieve Neuralgia, Head
ache, Nervousness, Rheumatism,
Sciatica, Kidney Pains, Lumbago,
Stomachache, Carsickness, I rri
lability and for pain in any part
of the body.
" I have used Dr. Miles' Anti Pain
Pills when troubled with headache,
and find that one pill Infallibly
effects relief In a v ery ehort lim e
I nm considerably affected with nmi
ra l*la In the head at times, and
And tho A n ti-P a in n ils o f much
T h e Dr. Miles' Itf-medhis
are beyond comparison and I recom ­
mend them to all m v frien ds,"
O E O R O B C O r/ JA TE ,
219 O aklan d Ht., San Antonio, T e s
A t all drugglata.
29 dotes 25c. ,
M I L E S M E D I C A L C O ., E lk h a rt, Ind.
Date of third publication Septem­
ber 4, 19)5.
No. 14. 33} acres o f land. 21
, Date of fourth publication Septem­ acres plow land, 7 acres in timber
ber 11, 1915._________________
balance pasture. 8-room house,
W e are highly pleased with the
Q U IC K action o f buckthorn hark,
glycerine, etc., as mixed in Adler-i-
ka, the appendicitis preventative.
O N E S P O O N F U L relieves sour stom­
woodshed, chicken house; 6 acres
young orchard in bearing. Price
$4,800. W ill take one-half in Dal­
las or Salem residence property
and g ive time on one-fourth.
No. 15. Six-room house, wood­
shed with about one acre land.
M. L. Thompson, druggist.
Price $900, $¡100 cash, balance on
North Main Street. One
Correspondents wanted in every
neighborhood in this section ol the 8-room house with 5 lots. Price
$1800; part time.
ach. gas, and constipation A T O N C E .
E xtra
copies ol The
New s
For further information, call on
printed each week, and w ill be sent or w rite to
to any address desired,
for 5 cents per copy.
City, part time.
D. L. Wood,
Falls City, Oreg.
►ale iu
V a ils
Enquire at News
Get your butter wrappers print*
i ed at the News office.
Pain leaves almost
as If by magic when
you begin using "5-
Drcps." the famousold
remedy tor Rheuma­
tism, Lumbago, Gout,
Sciatica, N eu ra lgia
and kindred troubles.
It goes right to tho
spot, stops tha aches
and pains and makes
111 « worth lit
W M C f ■
a bottle of "5-Drops’’
k M today. A booklet with
f m
h bottle give* full
d irectio n s for use.
Don't delay. Demand
, “6-Drop* " Don't ac-
| cept anything else hi
place of it. Any drug­
gist can supply you. If you live too far
trom a drug store send One Dollar to
Swanson Rhoumatic Cure C o , Newark,
Ohio, and a bottle cf “ 6-Drops" will be
-eat prepaid.