Falls City news. (Falls City, Or.) 190?-19??, August 21, 1915, Page 4, Image 4

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    C O N SC IEN C E FU N D G R O W S .*
!+ + + + + + + + +
Macon. Ga.—Several month« ago City
Treasurer Johnson received a dollar
from some conscience stricken taxpay­
er Inclosed In a letter which explained
that away back yonder he failed to re­
turn all his taxes, and. since the time
was drawing near when he would bo
confronted with the record o f hU life's
doings, he wanted to square accounts
with the city.
The treasurer credited "Honest.”
that being the signature, with $1 on
the tax digest and let It go at that.
Ilecently City Clerk Davy Jones re­
ceived a letter postmarked Fostorla,
• -
O., saying:
"Inclosed find 10 cents. At the time
of the Spanish-Amertcan war I took a
toothpick holder belonging to a hotel
that was underground It was angling
across from the Union depot. I do not
know who it belonged to.
" I f you find the owner give It to him.
I f not. give it to the poor."
This was signed "One Who Wants
to Be Right W ith God."
I f there is any one in the city who
kept a hotel under ground and "angling
across from the Union depot" during
the Spanlsh-American war, who miss­
ed a toothpick bolder about that time,
he or she can call on the city clerk
and receive 10 cents In stamps.
Otherwise the amount will be distrib­
uted among the poor o f the city.
K —H-dS-d-b+-l-l-!-H-l-H-Hh-H-l-M-l-:-l~M"H-
10 Days Stopover
T r M lu r t r Workod to Doath by Afftictad
Soula Naar End.
Saturday, Alignât. !ìl, 1915
No. 1 7 I-li acres adjoining
Falla City on County road. Good
7-room house, city w ater; barn
and chicken park; young orchard
in bearing, small fruit. A ll fenced |
and 34 acres in cultivation. • No
waste land. Tim e on part.
• •
10 Days at L o t Angola*
art allowed on all tickets to the East.
This will enable you to see the two wonderful
world Expositions without loss o f time or extra
• ■
■ •
• ■
• ■
• •
Scenery enroute is unsurpassed. Every mile
protected by Block Signals. Four tine trains
each way daily Portland to San F rancisco mak­
ing connections for the South and Flast.
Let us send you our illustrated folders "W a y -
side N o tes," and “ California and Its Tw o Fix-
Our local agent will be glad to give you full Information
and an ittneraty of your trip or you may addret*
John M. Scott, General Passenger Agent.
Portland. Oregon.
Glendale, Cal.—In honor o f her birth­
day anniversary and because she had
succeeded tn losing forty pounds as
the result o f a strict dieting system a microscopic eland ?
Mrs. Mattie Wood o f 212 North Isabel
Science ts groping for the answer.
street served a dinner to seventy-five The little girl, playing with her doll*,
o f her friends recently, the dinner be­ refuses to worry about It.
ing arranged on the scale o f calories.
Each guest drew a number corre­
Old Coins In Fisld.
sponding to a certain dish on the table.
Monroe. Mich.—Fred Baumann of
Each dish measured exactly 100 calo­ Frenchtown unearthed a uumber of
ries. Consequently some o f the guests old coins in a field upon hi* farm.
drew half a dozen beans, some a di­ They were very old. bearing a date
minutive piece o f pie. others a huge early In the last century, and may
tray o f lettuce.
have lieen hidden by some early settler
The meal was a replica o f those who was either driven out of the coun­
which Mrs. Wood was allowed when try by the Indians or perished In the
on her diet and is absolutely guaran­ battle o f the River Ralstn In 1M3
teed to take off superfluous avoirdu­
Some o f the guests were seen hurry­
ing around to the restaurants and Ice
cream parlors when the party broke
up. and all admit that they lost w eigh t
be ulod soon by the department o f Jus
"M any reimbursements have been
made.” says a statement Issued by Sec­
retary McAdoo. "but there have been
a number o f refusals to pay on the
part o f persons who appear to be able
to pay. In such cases it is the Inten
tlon o f the secretary to request the de­
partment of Justice to Institute suits
for the recovery o f the money. Suits
In such instances will be Instituted In
the districts In which tbe delinquent«
(Serial oaww)
Portland, Oregon, Aug. 9th, 1915.
To Steven FI. F’rench, o f Salem, Ore­
gon and Nortons, Oregon, Contes-
One of War's Mysteries Scien­
tifically Explained.
Science 6ropes For Answer, Paris.—It has often been told how
! soldiers have been found dead, struck
Child Plays With Dolls. I down apparently In an Instantaneous
! death, without any outward sign or
wound. It is now explained that the
Berkeley, Cal.— Is the case o f Bea­ sudden variation o f atmospheric pres­
trice Willard, seven-year-old girl who sure caused by the bursting of French
rivals adults in mentality, another high explosive shells is sufficient to
phenomenon o f the ductless glands, cause Instantaneous passing from life
which it has been proved may make to death.
This was discovered by an officer
giants or dwarfs out of men?
Is there a mysterious ductless gland who observed the peculiar behavior of
that controls the brain, making a giant ! an aneroid barometer In a room near
It was
in mentality o f one iierson and a men­ i where a big shell had burst
seen that the barometer was thrown
tal dw arf o f another?
These are the questions scientists at out of gear, and the only conclusion
the University o f California may be that could be arrived at was that a
able to answer through the queer case sudden depression had caused an ab­
o f the little San Francisco girl now normal swelling of tbe metallic case
and displaced the levers Reproducing
under the eyes o f the college savants.
The San Francisco girl, the daughter In a laboratory the conditions necessa­
of Mr. and Mrs. I.eon Willard. 2224 ry to have the same effect. It was
Baker street, spoke In sentences when found that reduction o f pressure o f
ten months old. read and wrote at three 13.8 Inches Jn mercury was required
years, at five years was reading Kip­ for the purpose, corresponding to an
ling and Stevenson and passed the Bi- air Telocity o f 905 feet a second.
The sudden depressions caused by
net mental test for a normal adult with
remarkable ease. Dr. Henry Goddard, bursting shells may lie compared with
psychologist at the university, pro­ what Is observed in the case of a man
nounces her case the most wonderful who, after being subjected to a pres­
sure o f many atmospheres In a diving
in his entire experience.
The girl is normal In every respect bell, is too rapidly brought back to a
except as to her mentality. A t a glance normal pressure. A sudden depression
sbe learns entire pages o f print or man­ brings about an esoai>e o f the gases
contained In the human blood In the
uscript. and. when not delving Into the
small arteries. The scries of little bub­
deepest subjects, plays "mother" to her
bles thus formed produces a capillary
dolls, romps with her playmates and
pressure antagonistic to that o f the
ts to all outward appearance a normal
i heart, and death ensues by stoppage
child o f her age.
1 of the circulation o f the blood and as­
“ The child is a genius." says Dr.
phyxiation. for the return fo primitive
Frederic Burk o f the San Jose Nor­
\ pressure Is powerless to dissolve the
mal school. “ She seems to learn with
1 generated gases quickly enough.
the greatest ease and has a photo­
One o f the deductions drawn from
graphic memory."
this discovery Is that In future wars
Dr. Biddle's researches come under tt might he interesting to see how far
the scientific term “ hemodcnology.” death might be Inflicted painlessly and
He has explained by experiments on Instantaneously through asphyxiation
the ductless glands how the thyroid by artillery fire rather than by man­
gland Influences physical growth or gling wounds.
retrogression, how nervous force is af­
fected by the glands and how by reg-
nlatlrei o f these glands It may be pos­ R E F U G E E S MUST R EP A Y U. S.
sible for science some day to make
giants or dwarfs at will and perhaps Many Assisted From W a r Zono, Abla
Financially, Refuted.
solve the secret o f everlasting life.
Washington.—Suits to recover from
Will the little girl the scientists are
now experimenting with give the same American citizens who received gov­
clew to the Inner workings of the ernment aid In returning to this coun­
mind? Will the brain o f a Caesar or a try after the war In Europe broke out
Homer, a I.oeb or a Metcbnikoff be and who, being able to repay the sums
foupd to be.due entirely to the work o f advanced, haye refused to do go. will
No. 2
HO acres mountain land,
• • imiljto.it on County road. 2f>
You are hereby notified that Thus.
T. Miller who gives Nortons, Oregon,
as his post-oiTicc address, did on July
12th, 1915, file in this office his duly
corroborated application to contest
and secure the cancellation o f your
Homestead Entry, Serial No. 03663
made October 15th, 1912, for SFI 1-4.
Section 6. Township 10 South, Range
8 West, Willamette, Meridian, and as
grounds for this contest he alleges
that said Steven K.'F'rench has whol­
ly abandoned said land from the date
o f said entry to the present time; that
said entryman never erected a house
on said land and never at any time
cultivated any portion thereof nor
improved the same.
You are, therefore, further notified
that the said allegations will !«• taken
as confessed, and your said entry will
be canceled without further right to
be heard, either before this office or
on appeal, if you fail to file in this
office within twenty days after the
fourth publication o f this notice, as
shown below, your answer, under
oath, specifically responding to these
allegations o f contest, together with
due proof that you have served a
copy o f your answer on the said con­
testant either in person or by regis­
tered mail.
You should state in your answer
the name o f the post office to which
you desire future notices to be sent
to you.
M r. H o rn * S o a k e r
and Buy O ro h a r d Land
Notice to News Subscribers
A blua-eanoll orass mark on Ihls
n o lle* moans that your eubaorlp-
tlon to Tho N ow s ha* saplrod ana
nosd* lisin a Oo It new.
acres in cultivation, 20 acres big
second-growth fir. Good 6-room
Try a want a«l in the News. It
house, barn, outbuildings. F'ruit.
will pay you. People il<> without
and berries; 126 prune trees. Al-
or «etui off (or article* not not aii-
so, good team, wagon, harness
veitiseil at home.
and some household goods.
W ill
give time on part.
List of Letters
No. 3. 35 acres near town. 16
in cultivation. Good H-roum house
Remaining uncalled for in this
barn and henhouse. Rearing or­ office for the week ending Aug.
chard. Some good second-growth 14. 1915.
fir. Tim e on part.
L a h in .
No. 6. 160 acres in Lincoln Co.,
5 miles from railroad, on County
road. Small cabin and barn; 4
acres in cultivation and 60 more
can be cultivated. 350 3-year old
English walnut trees. Good spring
that would furnishs fine water
power. School , mile, 8 month
term with contract for tw o more
years. This will make an ideal
stock and dairy ranch and can be
bought at a bargain. Terms.
Holm e*, Mr*. Archie
G entlem en .
^Cockrell, Jessie
Nicol, Morrison Louis
These letters will he sent to the
dead letter office August 28, 1915
if not delivered before. In calling
for the above, please say "A d v e r­
tised,” giving date of list.
I ra C. M e h r l in q , P. M.
house for rale in
Enquire at News
No. 6. 153 acres near town. C ity, purt time.
Gtxxl house and barn. W ill sell office.
all or divide to suit buyer.
No. 8. T w o good 8-room houses
Post orrice Time Card
and lots, some fru it trees with
one. 'These are among the most
Office hour*: Daily, except Sun­
desirable residences in the city. day, 8 a.tn. to 6.30 p.m.
They are o f modern construction
Mail arrives, from
and desirably located. Reason­
Salem 9.00 a.tn., 5:45 p.m.
able terms on part i f desired. Will
Dallas, 9:00 A. .\L, 6:46 P. M.
sell one or both.
Portland & Eugene train 101,
No. 9. 20 acres ij miles from
11:55 a. m.
town. Good 6-room house and
Black Rock, 1:30 P. M
outbuildings. 15 acres in cultiva­
Mail closes for:
tion; 11 acres in apples, 2 } acres
Salem. 8.50 A.M., 1 P. M. and 6
in peaches, cherries, pears and
P. M.
strawberries. Plenty o f wood for
Dallas, 8:50 A. M. and 5 P. M.
Flugone A Portland train 162,
No. 10- Six lot3 50x150, three
I p. m .
room house, hen house, some fruit
Black Rock, 11 A. M
and strawberries. Cash and terms
S unday O nly
No. 11. 130 acre ranch, 60
Office hours: 9:30 to ItLiM) a.m:
acres in cultivation, 25 in timber
Mail arrives from Salem, 9:00
balance slashed. 12 acres in hops. a. m.
Good house and hop house, barn
Portland \ Fingerne tram 101,
and other outbuildings.
11:55 a. m.
Mail closes for Salem, 8:50 a in.
No. 12. 17 acres, 10 in cultiva­
Flugene Jr Portland train 102, 1
tion, 5 room house, barn and
p. m .
chicken house. T w 0 springs,
Effective May 13, 1915.
w ater piped to house, hot and cold
I r a C. M k h k l i n o , Postmaster
w ater and bath. 6 acres in young
orchard. 2 acres big second
grow th fir. Spring affords w ater
sufficient to irrigate onehalf o f Constipation, if Neglected,
the land. This land lays just out­
Cauaes Serious Illness
side o f the city limits o f Falls
Constipation, if neglected, lead*
City. A bargain.
to almost innumerable complica­
tions affecting the general health
Many cases of
No. 13. 12 acres 11 miles from 1
typ h o id
town, all under fence and in culti-j
appendicitis a n d
other severe dis­
vation; 8-rootn house and barn.
eases are trace­
This place can be sold one-third
able to prolonged
clogging of the
cash, purchaser to assume mort­
bowels. Regard-
gage now on the place. Can give
t h e effects o f
constipation, C .
you a bargain.
. E. Ayers, 0 Sabin
S t . , Montpelier,
No. 14. 33} acres o f land, 21
Vt., says:
"t was afflicted
acres plow land, 7 acres in timber
with constipation
balance pasture. 8-room house,
and biliousness for
year*, and at tlmea became ao bad I
woodshed, chicken house; 6 acres would
become unconscious. I have been
In that condition many tlmea.
young orchard in bearing. Price
Physicians did not seem to be able to
$4,300. W ill take one-half in Dal­ do ma any good. I would bc-om*
weak and for daya at a time could do
N. C am pb e ll , Register.
las or Salem residence property no worn. Not long ago I got a box
Date o f first publication August
of Dr. Miles' !«x a tlv e Tablets, and
and give time on one-fourth.
after using them found I had nevar
21, 1915.
Date o f second publication August
28, 1915.
Date o f third publication Septem­
ber 4, 19)5.
Date o f fourth publication Septem­
ber 11, 1915.
No. 15. Six-room house, wood­
shed with about one acre land.
Price $900, $300 cash, balance on
time. North Main Street. • One
tried anything that acted In auch a
mild and effective manner. I believe
I have at last found the remedy that
suits my case."
Thousands of people are sufferers
from habitual constipation and
while possibly realizing .something
8-room house with 5 lots. Price ,of the danger of this condition, yet
neglect too long to employ proper
$1800; part time.
curative measures until serious ill­
ness often results. The advice of
For further information, call on all physicians is, "keep your bowels
We are highly pleased with the
clean, and it’s good advice.
or w rite to
Q U ICK action o f buckthorn hark,
Dr. Miles' Laxative Tablets are
D. L Wood.
glycerine, etc., as mixed in Adler-i-
sold by all druggists, at 25 cents a
Falla City, Oreg. box containing 25 doses. If not
ka, the appendicitis preventative.
found satisfactory, your money i t
O N E SPOONFTJL relieves sour stom­
ach, gas, and constipation A T ONCE. | Get your butter wrappers print­ MILES M E D IC A L CO., Elkhart, Ind.
M. L. Thompson, druggist.
ed at tho News office.