Falls City news. (Falls City, Or.) 190?-19??, August 14, 1915, Page 4, Image 4

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Captain of Eastland Interview- ::
ad Right After Horror.
O rd «r
to MLot
Scared Thom— Adm its Steam er
Sunday August 15th
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■ •
' i
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" •
No. 2 HO acres mountain land,
1 m ilei out on County road. 2T>
acres in cultivation. 20 acres big
second-growth fir. Good 5-room
Try e went ad in the Now*, it
house, barn, outbuildings. Fruit,
will pay you. People do without
and berries; 125 prune trees. Al-
i or tend off for.articles not not ad-
so, good team, wagon, harness
j vertised at home.
and some household gusls.
g ive time on part.
“ Listed Pretty Bad Before”— “ H ard
to Judge W h en a Boat Is Going to
C a p . in .”
No. 3. 35 acres near town. 15
in cultivation. Good 8-room house
barn and henhouse. Hearing or­
chard. Some good second-growth
fir. Tim e on part.
This is the annual excursion from
Willamina, Sheridan, Dallas, Monmouth
Independence and intermediate points
to Newport and return.
Chicago.—Aa the different investiga­
tions Into the Eastland disaster were
continued In Chicago the story o f Cap­
tain Henry Pederson stood out. Im­
mediately following the disaster Cap­
tain Pederson agreed to be Interview­
ed. He was quoted verbatim as fol­
"H ow much did you list before you
gaTe the order to ‘stand by?” ' w as!
“ Not much. First she listed to star­
board, and sbe came back, and then '
she didn't list so very much; then she ,
straightened up all right, and I was
, otng to seud out the word to let go
the line. She listed over, and I best
tated. I had already given the second
mate orders to stand by and let go the
stern lines.
“ X gave the warning to stand by be- j
cause she was listing, and she kept on
listing. The harbor master was on the
deck. He shouted. ‘Are you ready, cap­
tain T He wanted to throw the lines
out. I didn't start. I thought she was
going to straighten up. but she shifted,
and I shouted. ‘Open the inside doors j
and let the people off.’ This was to
the crew.
“The passengers were panic stricken
when I uttered those words, and it was
Special Train Schedule
Leave \v i lie ml ua
• Sheri «Un
*• Rroadmeatl
• Perry da le
• Dallas
l «‘ a v e M on m o u t h
5 uo A
5:10 "
* 4*
6 15 *
Leave Corvallis 8:05
Su ver
? 05
W e 'U ta le
7 22
Arrive Newport 12:15 P M.
Leave Newport 6:00 P. M.
Corvallis 10:25 A. M.
Arrive Willamina 1:10 A M
Train will stop both going and
returning at all intermediate points.
No. 6. 153 acres near town.
Good house and barn. W ill sell
all or divide to suit buyer.
Six H o u r s F u n at th e B e a c h
Music, boating, deep-sea fishing,
surf bathing, roller skating. Etc.
No. 8. T w o good 8-room houses
and lots, some fru it trees with
one. These are among the most
desirable residences in the city.
They are o f modern construction
and desirably located. Reason­
able terms on part i f desired. W ill
sell one or both.
Ask nearest Agent for full particulars,
John M. Scott, General Passenger Agent. Portland, Oregon.
more dangerous nt that time than at
any other time? A. Well. It la hard to
judge as to when n boat Is going to
Q. Had she ever listed before? A
Yea, pretty bad before
Q. But you were not afraid o f herl
A. No, sir.
Q. W ere you surprised at her listing?
A. Yes and no.
Q. What caused her to keep on Ilw.
!ng? A. I don’t know
Q. Have you any theory a« to win
she kept on listing? A. Probably tol
heavy n. weight “ listing s id e "
Shanghai. China —A gymnastic exhi­
bition given the other afternoon was
an eye opener regarding what is being
done for tbe development o f China
through the younger generation.
Only a very few privileged males
were allowed in the grounds, but there
were perhaps a hundred or so foreign
Photo by American Press Association.
ladles and a matter o f 400 or 500 Chi­
nese mothers o f families, and the lat­
all off. Before that time I didn't think ter certainly were a study.
there was any danger at all.”
Pupils from the Shanghai Girls'
Q. Were the tow lines on the tug at
school, tlie Chi Sue, Sung Char. Eliza
the time? A. Yes.
Q. The tow lines were on the tug at Yates, South Gtate Presbyterian and
the time she listed? A. Yes, sir. she Bridgman Memorial schools and the
had lines on both ends— two lines for­ Y. W. C. A. went through the regular
ward and two lines aft.
western gymnasium drills, exercises,
Q. Were the lines taut? A. No.
games and a variety o f dances, such
Q. You had given the signal to go? as certainly no Chinese woman would
A. No, sir.
have dreamed o f a few years ago. All
Q. Was the tug bolding the lines taut
the while Misa Chun, a bundle o f con­
after the Eastland listed? A. No.
Q. it was then that you said, ‘‘Open centrated energy, was skipping about
the doors and let the people out!” Is tbe lawn, rapping out commands like
a drill sergeant
that right? A. Yes.
Why, sbe just stepped back, took a
‘‘About 7:25 o'clock in the morning,”
the captain continued, " I went down preliminary bop and landed on the
from the bridge and rang up the tna top o f a table as easily as you like.
rlne telephone. The Eastland Is a twin Tbe old fashioned mothers, just as the
screw and double engine. I ordered fathers at tbe Olympic games, at first
the crew to stand by because we were gazed expressionless, then smiled cyn­
loaded and ready to go and the crew ically, next very nearly approvingly,
answered back promptly, ‘Stand by.' I and It was not very long before they
gave the order to stand by and to be were applauding vociferously and evi­
dently quite converted.
ready with the engines.”
Tbe dancing was a treat. Evidently
Q. Why did you give that order to be
ready at the engines? A. T o leave the it appeals to the Chinese. The girls
dock. It was pretty near time to go. went at It as though they thoroughly
We had a tug from down here to tow enjoyed It. and, though most o f the
us out. The harbor master was on tho movements were quite simple, yet the
dock aDd asked me If I was ready. few that were Intricate were very well
She listed more than I wanted her to— done.
As Dr. Wn Ting Fang said: “ This Is
more than I liked— and I hated to shout
those words which I did because f the real young China W e have shown
knew ! would create a panic even If I what our boys can do. Now we have
was wrong.
tbe glrla In band, and this is a good
Q. What was the situation at the beginning.”
time, captain? A. What do you mean!
Q. What I mean is. was the situation
dangerous? A. W ell. sir. there was n<
panic o f any kind.
Q. A t that time tt • ship listed more? Spend Vacation Hunting on Lako Che-
Ian and Fishing Aiks Mon.
A. Well, she kept listing then.
Wenatchee. Wash.— Ij’onr girls who
Q. Why did j'ou think the.situation
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No. 5. 160 acres in Lincoln Co.,
5 miles from railroad, on County
r >nd. Small cabin und barn; 4
acres in cultivation and 60 more
XV • a tll alva O a a I l i a * red H ollar« lo r any ra«a
. . icauacd br . « u r r h ih a l.s n n .il I— -«red hr
can In* cultivated. .‘150 3-year old U I - a .rn.
l l « catarrh Cur- Sand fur rlrculara frua.
M C1IBMEY. A CO. Toledo. Ohio,
English walnut trees. Good spring gold by t*ru*ataU.TV
l a « » 1 1 ».I a family ITlla fur coeauaauoe.
that would furnishs fine w ater
power. School j mile, 8 month
term with contract for tw o more
Post Office Time Card
years. This will make an ideal
Office heure : Deily, except Sun­
stock and dairy ranch and can l»e
day, 8 a.m. lo 6.30 p.m.
bought at a bargain. Terms.
ft-tt A, M.
G irls
M r. H * m * S eek er
en d Buy O ro h e rd Lend
No. I 7 1-2 acres adjoining
Kails City on County road. Com!
7-room house, city w ater; harn
and chicken park; younR orchard
in lou ring, small fruit. A ll fenced
and 2$ acres in cultivation. No
w asteland. Tim e on part.
Katurday, Auguat 14, 11)15
No. 10- Six lots 50x150, three
room house, hen house, some fruit
and strawberries. Cash and terms
No. 11. 130 acre ranch, 60
acres in cultivation, 25 in timber
balance slashed. 12 acres in hops.
G ooi house and hop house, barn
and other outbuildings.
Albany, N. Y. There are 600 fewer
Indians on the reservations of New York
state than ten years ago. But three
tribes, the Onondagas, Tonawuudus
and Tuscaroras. show any gain In
numbers, according to the otllclal cen­
sus figures made public by Secretary
of State Francis M. Hugo. The total
number o f Indluus now living on the
eight reservations Is 4,451 us compart'd
with 5.000 In 1905. According to the
federal enumeration o f 1910, the popu-
latlon o f the Indian reservations was
5.720, but the figures Included whites
and other persons as well as the red­
Out o f the 4,451 now on the reserve
lions 762 confess to being pagans, and
748 speak little or no English.
in the eight reservations there are
87.67«! acres, of which the Indians are
this summer cultivating 30,506, or an
averaga o f 0.08 acres for each man.
woman and child. The census figures
reveal that tbe St. Regis. Onondagas
and thp Tuscaroras are *he largest
tillers o f the soil; the Allegany and
the Cattaraugus Indians the least.
At tbe Onondaga reservation 4,266
acres out of 7.300 are under cultivation:
St. Regis: 10.638 out o f 14.030; Cat­
taraugus. 4,447 out o f 21,080; Allega­
ny, 3,858 out o f 30,469; Hhlnnecock, 71
out o f 400 acres; Tonawandas, 2,527
out o f 7,548; Tuscaroras, 4,749 out of
I’agnns are shown as follows: Onon­
daga. 113; Cattaraugus, 300; Allegany,
287; Shlnnecock. 5; 8t. Regis, 0; Tona-
wanda, 57; Tuscarora, 0.
The 748 found speaking little or no
English are divided In the following
manner: Onondagas, 34: 8 t Regis, 232:
Cattaraugus. 86; Allegany, 101; 8hln
necock, 0; Tonawandas, 239; Tusca­
roras, 56.
1 lallte, 9:00 A M , 5.45 P. M.
Portland dr Eugene trajn 101,
11:56 a. in.
Black Bock, 1:80 P. M.
Mail close* for:
Seleni, 8.50 A.M., 1 P. M. and 5
P. M
Italie*, 8:50 A. M. and 5 P. M.
Eugene dr Portland train 162,
I p. m.
No. 9. 20 acres j miles from
Black Bock, 11 A. M.
town. Good 6-room house and
S unday O nly
outbuildings. 15 acres in cultiva­
Office houre: 9:30 to 10:80a.ui:
tion; 1J acres in apples, 2J acres
Mail arrives from Salem, 9:00
in peaches, cherries, pears and
a. in.
strawberries. Plenty o f wood for
Portland dr Eugene train 101,
left Wenatchee for a hunting and
camping trip on Lake Chelan huve re
turned, in the party were Miss Louise
Wedcll and Miss Clare Turner o f W e­
natchee and Miss Luclle iteluns uud
Miss Edna Leon of Spokane. They
slept outdoors one night In a pine
bough house they made themselves.
While on the trip they caught sev­
eral big trout, kill»-* several rattle­
snakes and also shot a lynx.
Miss Wedell und Miss Turner are
both good marksmen and have hud
similar experience In the Michigan
north woods and In the Maine wood*.
More Than 609 Fewer Than
Ten Years Ago.
Mail arrived, from
Sith'in 9.00 a.tn., 5:15 p.m,
No. 12.
I I r>r) a. in.
Mail elude* for Salem, 8:50 a. m.
Eugene dc Portland train 102, I
p. in.
Effective May 13, 1945.
I ua C. M k u r l i n o , Podtmabter
Good houdo for i-ale in Kalla
City, part time. Enquire at Nexve
17 acres, 10 in cuPiva- office.
tion, 5 room house, barn and
Correspondent* tv an ted in every
chicken house. • T w o springs, neighborhood in this auction ot tlie
w ater piped to house, hot and cold country.
w ater and bath. 6 acres in young
orchard. 2 acres
big second
grow th fir. Spring affords w ater
sufficient to irrigate onehalf o f
the land. This land lays just out­
side o f the city limits o f Falls
• City. A bargain.
No. 13. 12 acres 11 miles Irom
town, all under fence and in culti­
vation; 8-room house and barn.
This place can be sold one-third
cash, purchaser to assume mort­
gage now on the place. Can give
you a bargain.
No. 14. 33J acres o f land, 21
acres plow land, 7 acres in timber
balance pasture. 8-room house,
woodshed, chicken house; 6 acres
orchard in bearing. Price
$4,300. W ill take one-half in Dal­
las or Salem residence property
j and give time on one-fourth.
No. 15. Six-room house, wood­
j shed with about one acre land.
Price $900, $!T00 cash, balance on
time. North Main Street. One
8-room house with 5 lots.
$1800; part time.
For further information, call on
or w rite to
D. L. Wood,
Falls City, Oreg.
Get your butter wrappers print­
ed at the New* office.
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