Falls City news. (Falls City, Or.) 190?-19??, August 07, 1915, Page 4, Image 4

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C ítY
S A T ttn ß A V ,
A t’fltTflT I IM S '
— —
Mr. H e m e S e e k e r
end l a y Or char d Lend
Notice to News Subscribers
A b lu«*p«n oM o r o ii mark on this
n o lle * m ta n i that your *ub*orlp*
tlon to Tho N o w * ha* * * 4 >ir*u and
naada fia ln g
Da It now.
For Rent — Dwelling house. Ap-
| plv nt New« o ff ic e .
I l l ry a want nd in the New«. It
will pay you ¡2 Peoplejdo without
i <>r Mini oil (or article» not 'not ad-
| verliaed At home.
Deafness Cannot Bo Cured
by local application», aa they cannot
reach the •llaaaaed portion of tilo car.
There I* only one way tu cura iKufiu-a»,
mill licit U by constitution .I r medica,
t 'catín ss la t auactl bv un Inflamed c o n d i­
tion o f the mucous limn* of the Kuala-
chlan Tube. When ihl* tube l.i Inllimed
you hava a rumhllnjt sound or Imperfect
I nearing, and when It I* entlre'y rinsed,
i Paafhaaa la tho result, and unless the In­
flammation ran be taken out and this
I tube restored to Ita normal condition,
i hearing will bo deetrnyed forever: nino
\ i asce out of ten are caused by 1‘atarrh.
which Is nothing but an Inflan" I rondi
I tlon o f tha mucous surfaces.
W e «111 e le e One Hundred C ollars fo r any esse o f
It e t fs r * * < caused hr ca 'srrh t that cannot h.. mired by
U s i l i Catarrh tu re. tonti lur circulars f e » .
T. J V U B N K Y , A OO . Toledo, Ohio,
•o ld by Ilrueetats. The.
Take Unira a attui r rills for routineUoa.
Post Office Time Card
Mighty Arches Mark Huge C o u rt o f the Universe.
Office hourk: Daily, except Sun­
day, 8 a .tu. to U.30 p.ui.
Arch of the Rising Sun. Court of the I'nlveree. Panama - Pacific International I'xpoaltlon. San Krnncl»co | liU 1« the grand central court o f the Ki|>i>H|t|»n.
000 by 500 feet, with a companion arch, the Arch of the Setting Sun, at the n est portal. Each arch, with Ita sculptured groups, symbolical of the nation» of
the east and west. Is 1S8 feet In height.
"Votes Now Forgotten,” Says
Mrs. Pankhurst.
Government to Accept All Ready For
Sarvica— National R egister W ill Be
Taken— Crime For Mon to Be Doing
W ork of Womon, Says Suffrage
London.—F ifty thousand women of
England, accompanied by seventy-five
brass bands and dressed In red, white
and blue, tbe colors o f tbe union Jack
and France, paraded from tbe Thames
to Trafalgar square to demonstrate
their desire to be enlisted In tbe serv­
ices o f their country In factories sup­
plying war material. There was a re­
markable scene when tbe minister of
munitions, accompanied by Mrs. Em­
meline Pankhurst. tbe suffragist lead­
er, appeared on a platform overlooking
tbe embankment along which tbe pro­
cession made Its way.
Mrs. Pankhurst placed before Lloyd-
George figures to sbow that 40 per
cent o f the munition workers In Ger­
to do any work tbe government may
j assign to us, day or night."
The minister of munitions told tbe
deputation of women that something
| like 50,000 women already were w ork
I Ing at various factories in the produc-
! tlon of munitions. It was not a ques-
; tlon o f competition between male and
j female labor, he said, but o f getting
; men and women to work together to
help the country.
The first thing, continued Mr 1-loyd
George, was to get an adequate supply
o f machinery and tools, and the gov­
ernment was assuming the control o f
j all machine and tool making establish
| inents In the country. Women who
came forward to serve must give their
whole time. There must be real na­
tional organization for all women who
were prepared to take up munltlou
Secondly, added tbe minister, there
! must be a sufficient number o f women
trained to direct and instruct others.
In regard to wages, women would be
paid tbe same piece rate as men. and
all establishments would be under gov­
ernment control, while the government
would see that there was no "sweated"
Du Ponts W ill Sell Explosives O n ly to
Known Persons.
Philadelphia.—As a direct result of
tbe shooting o f J. Plerpont Morgan,
tbe Du Pont Powder company of W il­
mington. Del., issued orders to all Its
employees to sell explosives only to
customers concerning whose Identity
they are certain.
The order applies to thousands o f
clerks, salesmen, managers of branch
offices and keepers of magazines
throughout the country anil marks tbe
first step taken by any o f tbe great am
monition concerns to prevent their
products falling Into the bauds of lire
sponsible persons.
No. 1 7 1-2 acres adjoining
Falls City on County road. Good
7-room house, city w ater: barn
and chicken park; young orchard
in bearing, small fruit. A ll fenced
and 31 acres in cultivation. N o
waste land. Tim e on part.
No. 2 80 acres mountain land.
I miles out on County road. 25
acres in cultivation, 20 acres big
second-growth fir. Good 5-room
house, barn, outbuildings. Fruit,
and berries; 125 prune trees. A l­
so, good team, wagon, harness
and some household goods.
W ill
g ive time on part.
Photo by Am erican Presi Association
many are women and that 75 per cent
o f all food canned for the German
army Is tinned by women.
‘‘Our fight for votes for women Is a
forgotten Issue In the national crisis,"
said Mrs. Pankhurst. ‘‘W e are willing
to ‘do our bit’ for England by taking
our place In the factories and releasing
men for the trenches. W e are willing
Simple bucthorn bark, glycerine,
etc., as mixed in Alder-i-ka, the ap­
pendicitis preventative, drains so
much foul matter from the body that
ONE SPOONFUL relieves sour stom­
ach, gas and constipation A T ONCE.
The QUICK action is astonishing.
M. L. Thompson, druggist.
Black Rock, 1:30 P. M.
Mail clone« for:
Salem. 8.60 A M., 1 P. M. and 6
Dalla», 8:50 A. M. and 5 P. M.
Eugene A Portland train 162,
1 p. m.
Black Rock, I l A. M.
No. 13. 12 acres 1J miles from
town, all under fence and in culti­
vation; 8-room house and barn.
This place can be sold one-third I a.
cash, purchaser to assume mort­
gage now on the place. Can give j
you a bargain.
S unday O nly
Office hour«: 9:30 to 10:80 a.m:
Mail arrive« from Salem, 9:00
Portland A Eugene troni 101,
11:55 a. m.
Mail clone* for Salem, 8:50 a. m.
Eugene A Portland train 102, 1
p. m.
Effective May 13, 1916.
No. 14. 33J acres o f land, 21
acres plow land, 7 acres in timber
balance pasture. 8-room house,
IRA C. M k HKLINU, Poetin Abler
woodshed, chicken house; 6 acres
young orchard in bearing. Price
Good house for «ale in Fall«
$4,300. W ill take one-half in Dal­
No. 5. 160 acres in Lincoln Co., las or Salem residence property City, part time. Enquire at New«
5 miles from railroad, on County and give time on one-fourth.
road. Small cabin and barn; 4
Correspondents wanted in every
No. 15. Six-room house, wood­
acres in cultivation and 60 more
in thi« «ectimi ol tue
shed with about one acre land.
can be cultivated. 350 3-year old
Price $900, $,‘100 cash, balance on
English walnut trees. Good spring
time. N orth Main Street. One j
J that would furnishs fine w ater
power. School 5 mile, 8 month 8-room house with 5 lots. P r ic e ,
term with contract for tw o more $1800; part time.
Woman Finally Recover«
From Nervous Breakdown
years. This will make an ideal
For fu rth er information, call on
stock and dairy ranch and can be or w rite to
bought at a bargain. Terms.*
D. L. Wood,
No. 6. 153 acres near town.
Good house and barn. W ill sell
all or divide to suit buyer.
K ills Snake and a Boy.
New York.—T w o hours after taking
a hendnebe powder Miss Rebn Reoker.
eighteen years old. o f 1727 Park plaee
| Brooklyn, dropped dead. She was tell
ing relatives at the time o f her np
proaebing wedding.
Salem 9.00 a.in., 5:15 p in.
Dali««, 9:00 A. M . 6:46 P. M.
Portland A Eugene train 101,
11:55 a . in.
tion, 5 room house, ham and
chicken house. T w o springs,
w ater piped to house, hot and cold
w ater and bath. 6 acres in young
orchard. 2 acres big second ,
grow th fir. Spring affords w ater
sufficient to irrigate onehalf o f
| the land. This land lays just out­
side o f the city limits o f Falls
City. A bargain.
No. 3. 35 acres near town. 15
in cultivation. Good 8-room house
barn and henhouse. Bearing or­
chard. Some good second-growth
fir. Tim e on part.
Yreka, Cal.— A half dead rattlesnake
No. 8. T w o good 8-room houses
made a spasmodic attempt to coll when
and lots, some fruit trees with
Mrs. Johnson Ahlgren. who had shot
It. drew near with a party o f children, one. These are among the most
at Somesbar, Siskiyou county, and ev desirable residences in the city.
erybody ran. In the flight Mrs. Ahl j
They are of modern construction
gren's revolver was discharged aeol ■
desirably located. Reason­
dentally and Roy Donahue, eight, was
shot through the back and killed.
able terms on part i f desired. Will
Discusses W edding; Dies.
Mail Arrive», (rum
sell one or both.
No. 9. 20 acres j miles from
town. Good 6-room house and
outbuildings. 15 acres in cultiva­
tion; l j acres in apples, 2J acres
in peaches, cherries, iiears and
strawberries. Plenty o f wood for
No. 10- Six lots 50x150, three
room house, hen house, some fruit
and straw berries.*! 'ash and terms.
No. 11. 130 acre ranch, 60
acres in cultivation, 25 in timber
balance slashed. 12 acres in hops.
Good house and hop house, barn
Get your butter wrappers ;.«rint- and other outbuildings.
ed at the News office.
No. 12. 17 acres, 10 in cultiva­
Impoverished nerves destroy many
people before their time. Often be­
fore a sufferer realizes what the
trouble is, he is on the verge of a
complete nervous breakdown. It
is of the utmost importance to keep
your nervous system in good con
dition, as the nerves are the source
of all bodily power.
Mrs Rosa
Bonner, 825 N. 18th St., Birming
ham, Ala., says:
"I have been suffering with nerv­
ous prostration for nine or ten
years. Have tried many of the best
doctors in Birmingham, but they all
failed to reach my case. I wouU
feel as if I was smothering; finally
I went into convulsions. My little
girl saw
Falls City, Oreg.
Kxtra copie« of The News are
printed each week, and will be «ent
to any addre«« desired, postpaid,
for 5 cent« per copy.
Pain leaves almost
as if by magic when
you begin using "5-
Drops,” the famousold
remedy for Rheuma­
tism, Lumbago, Gout,
Sciatica, N eu ra lgia
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It goes right to the
spot, stops the aches
and pains and makes
life worth living. Get
a bottle of "5-Drops"
today A booklet with
each bottle gives full
d irectio n s for use.
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"8 I trope ” Don't ac­
cept anything else in
place of it Anydrug-
(U t can supply you. If you live too far
from a drug store send One Dollar to
S ' inson Rheumatic Cure Co., Newark,
Ohio, and a bottle of "6-Drops" will be
sent prepaid.
Dr. Mile«’ Nervine
advertised in the papers and f at
once began to take It. I continued
to take it for some time and now I
am well.”
If you are troubled with loss of
appetite, poor digestion, weakness,
inability to sleep; if you are in a
general run down condition and
unable to bear your part of the
daily grind of life, you need some­
thing to strengthen your nerves.
You may not realize what it the mat­
ter with you, but that is no reason
why you should delay treatment.
Dr. Miles’ Nervine
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orders for thirty years, and merits
a trial, no matter how many other
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Sold by all druggist». If first bottla
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M ED ICAL CO., Elkhart, Ind.