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shows with horrible clearness to
what jeopardizing of human lives
the manner of conducting war
employed by our adversaries leads.
In the most direct contradiction
of all International law, all distinc­
tion between merchantmen and
war vessels have been obliterated
by the order to British merchant­
men to arm themselves and to
ram submarines and the promise
of rewards therefor, and neutrals,
who use merchantmen as travel­
ers, thereby, have been exposed
by an increasing degree to all ihe
dangers o f war.
“ I f the commander of the Ger­
man submarine which destroyed
the Lusitania had caused the crew
and passengers to take to the
boats before firing a torpedo this
would have meant the sure de­
struction of his own vessel. A fter
the experiences in sinking much
smaller and less sea-worthy ves­
sels, it was to be expected that a
mighty ship like the Lusitania
would remain above water long
enough after torpedoing to permit
passengers to enter the ships
boats. Circumstances o f a very
peculiar kind, especially the pres­
ence on board o f large quantities
o f explosive materials ( words
Possibly “ dissipated” )
this expectation.
In addition it may be pointed
out that if the Lusitania had been
spared thousands o f cases of
munitions would have been sent
to German’s enemies and there­
by thousands o f German mothers
and children robbed o f bread­
Friendship Affirmed.
travel across the Atlantic ocean
can be afforded American citi­
zens, there would, therefore, ap­
pear to be no compelling necess­
ity for American citizens to
travel to Europe in time o f war
on ships carrying an enemy Hag.
In particular the imperial govern­
ment is unable to admit that
American citizens can protect an
enemy ship through the mere
fact o f tlieir presence on board.
Gertuaus entered l.lcgo as the French
Invaded southern Alsace.
These event« were quickly followed
by an affirmation on the part o f Italy
of her neutrality, by an Austrlun In­
vasion of Hcrvtn and by the sending
by Japan of au ultimatum to Germany.
This had to do with the German poa-
sesalon o f Kluochow’ , o f which Tatug-
tatl was the port.
By Aug 17 the flrst British expedl-
tlonnry force Imd completed Its land-
lug In France, ami on that day there
began also a tierce battis on the Jailar
between the Austrlau ami Servian
Expiration ot Twelve Months
Finds Germans Still
Holding Belgium.
England'« Example Followed.
“ Germany merely
England’s example when she de­
clared part o f the high sea an
area o f war. Consequently, ac­
cidents suffered by neutrals on
enemy ships in this area of war
cannot well be judged differently
from accidents to which neutrals
are at all times exposed at the
seat o f war on land when the}
betake themselves into danger­
ous localities in spite o f previous
warnings. If. however, it should
not be possible for the American
government to require an ade­
quate number of neutral passen­
ger ships, the imperial govern­
ment is prepared to interpose r.o
objections to the placing under
the American flag by the Am er­
ican government o f four enemy
passenger steamers for passenger
traffic between North America
a n d England. Assurances o f
‘free and safe’ passage for Am er­
ican passenger steamers would
extend to apply under the identi-
fical pro-conditions to these for­
merly hostile passenger ships.
ON DON. The first year o f I be war
In Europe Is closing. A review
o f the results thut stand out
prominently l< In ltU 'llu g at
this time. One o f the most Important
la the uitinuer In which General JolTre,
the French commander, slopped the
German drive toward Paris #1 the out­
set. The success of General Muckcu-
seu'a army lu retaking Przomysl and
l,omberg, lu Galicia, and forcing the
steady retreat of the czar s army back
to the border Is also notable. Both are
heroes lu their respective countries
The war to date, ns shown by con­
servative estimates compiled from the
best available reports, baa caused u
loss to the various belligerents of more
SOCIETY, 17 Hicks St., Brooklyn. N. Y.
“ In order to furnish adequate
facilities for travel across the A t­
lantic for American citizens, the COFFIN FOUND BY WORKMEN.
German government submits for
Mystery of Fifty Years Ago Revived
consideration a proposal to in­
by Discovery.
crease the number o f neutral
Ladoga, Ind.—The remains of a cof­
steamers by installing in passen­ fin containing some fragments of hu­
man bones was unearthed here by
ger service a reasonable number workmen excavating for a cellar In
o f neutral steamers under the New Ross. The grave was not near a
American flag, the exact number cemetery.
About fifty years ago a man named
to be agreed upon under the same NofTslnger disappeared mysteriously
condition a3 the above mentioned from New Roes and was not seen or
heard from afterward. Residents of
American steamers.
New Ross believe he met with foul
“ The imperial government be­ play and was burled In the big woods
lieves it can assume that in this I which then covered the land where the
manner adequate facilities for grave was found.
Notice to News Subscribers
Espected to Bk
Ilolslngton. Kan —There Is n case In
the hospital tu this city that Is a t-
trading the attention of physicians
throughout western Kumum.
Brewster, fourteen years old. the sou
of a McCracken man, was the victim
of an accidental shot from a gun three
weeks ago, a small bullet striking him
tu the left eye und passing through
Ihe cerebrum of the brain, coming out
through the top o f tile brain.
In passing through the hrnlti the hul
'et did not actually destroy nny of the
brnlu cells, but severed the nervous
The bullet was removed
Young Brewster was unconscious for
several days mid no hopes wen* en
tertalnod for his recovery.
lie has regained consciousness and
recognizes friends and makes his
wants known by slgiis.
He cannot
tnlk. and tils right side Is paralysed.
The attending physicians say that he
will recover, and there will probably
b>- no bad effects from the Injury.
Kalla City people have diacovered
thut ONE SPOONFUL of simple
buckthorn bark, glycerine, etc., h *
mixed in Adler-i-ka, relieves sour
stomach, gas and constipation AT
ONCE. Thia remedy ia well known
as the appcndicitia preventative,
M. L. Thompson, druggist.
Photo by American Presa Association.
aasciiAL jornut,
i r k fbknch
(hnn 0,000,000 men. dead, wounded und
prisoners, and more than 500 ships.
O f these about 120 were war vessels.
The outstanding results ou laud are
The greater part of Belgium Is under
the control o f Germauy.
Germany has been driven from the
far cast.
A part of the Dardanelles is lu the
possession of the allied troops.
Parts o f France and Russia are In
the possession of German troops.
A strip of Alsace has been taken
from Germany.
On the continent o f Africa parts of
territorial possessions have been lost
by both sides.
Various island possessions of Germa­
ny hnve been taken by the forces of
the allies.
Italian troops are In possession of
! a strip o f Austrian territory.
The outstanding results at sen are:
German and Austrian mercantile
shipping has been driven from all the
open seas.
German and Austrian war vessels
having a total displacement of approx­
imately 257,000 tons have been de­
W ar vessels o f Ihe allied nations
having a Total displacement of approx­
imately 102.000 tons have been sent to
the bottom.
The greater part o f the German and
ullled fleets in the North sea remain
Except for communication through
Holland and the Bcandlnuvlnn nations,
Germany is cut off from the rest of
the world.
Efforts on the part of the Germans
to place the British Isles In a similar
predicament bus resulted In the sink­
ing by submarines o f hundreds o f ves­
sels flying the flags of the allied and
neutral nations.
The sinking In this manner o f the
Canard liner Lusitania with Ihe loss of
more than a hundred American lives
precipitated a request upon the part
of the United States thut such prac­
tices. lu so far as they might menace
Americans, be stopped.
On Aug. 2 German troops entered
Luxemburg, and Germany demanded
free passage through Belgium to the
French frontier. This was refused,
and two days later Great Britain dis­
patched to Germany an ultimatum de­
manding that the neutrality of Bel­
gium be maintained. The ultimatum
wns rejected, and German forces at­
tacked Liege. On the same day Fresl-
dent Wilson Issued a neutrality proc­
| The following day aaw the declara­
| tion by Great Britain o f a state o f war
with Gtrmuny. anil two days laier the
Postoffice Workers Got In­
crease In Salary This Year.
Washington. - Tw elve thousand clerks
and city carriers lu postofflccs through­
out the country got their automatic
promotions this year regardless of the
fact that congress fulled to pass the
postal appropriation bill for the enau
lng year, according to a statement Is­
sued by the postofliec department.
About 1,000 clerks und city curriers
In New York were affected by the an­
nouncement o f the postoHice depart­
ment that Daniel C. Itoper, first as­
sistant postmaster general, provided
for the regular automatic promotion«.
" I t so happened," says the depart­
ment. “ thut Mr. Roller's bureau during
the past year succeeded in conserving
our $130,000,000 appropriations bo that
a considerable sum remained unexpend­
ed nt the end o f the fiscal year. This
saving represents in part clerical and
carrier positions upproprluted for, but
not filled, and In addition 582 positions
of clerical and 234 positions o f city
carriers, vacancies In which have oc­
curred by death, resignation and re­
movals for cause, which have been al­
lowed to lapse.”
"Th e actual expansion o f the post-
office service,” says Mr. Roper, "has
been fully cared for, and more patrons
are receiving city delivery service and
the benefit o f other special facilities
than ever before. Tito extension and
Improvement o f the service nt a leaecoet
than wns anticipated 1« lu no small
measure due to the enllgbtptied co-
operation o f the public, as evidenced
by the more careful preparation of par-
cel post matter prior to mailing and
by the Increasing practice o f large
firms to 'face' mall and to deposit It
at other than the rush hours so far as
- *
Gooff house for sale it) Kalis
City, part time. Enquire at News
Extra copies of The News are
printed each week, and will lie sent
to any address desired, postpaid,
for 5 cents per copy.
• O ♦
Post Office Time Card
Ottico hours: Daily, except Hun-
8 a.m. to B.30 p.m.
| day,
Mail arrives, from
Salem 9.00 a. id ., 5:46 p.m.
Dallas, 0.00 A. M., 6:46 P. M
Portland A Eugene train 101,
11:55 a. m.
I He Also Claims to Havo Forty-four
Rome, tia.—Jerry Neul, colored, of
Cave Spring, celebrated Ills one htiu-
| died and twenty fourth birthday anal
veraary a few days ago. He is. so far
ns Is kuowu, the oldest person lu Geor
gin If not lu the United States
has papers which establish his age be
youd question, and the oldest Inbiib-
Hunts of Floyd county remember tlint
Jerry wns u grownup muu when they
were In their kilties.
Jerry, the father of forty-four chil­
dren. distinctly remembers the war o f
1812 and many o f the Indian wars.
He la now a widower, but has been
man led three limes. He is well and
hearty, but uses a cane when walking.
A hluw pwncll cross msrli on this
notloo m u m thot your subsorip*
tlon to Tho Nsws has oaplrod and
nosds flalnu Do It now
Correspondents wanted in every
neighborhood in thia section »1 the
Präsident'« Offer Appreciated.
“ The president o f the United
States has declared his readiness,
in a way deserving o f thanks, to
communicate and suggest pro­
posals to the government of Great
Britain with particular reference
to the alteration o f marine war.
The imperial government will al­
ways be glad to make use o f the
good offices o f the president and
hopes that his efforts in the pre­
sent case, as well as in the direc­
tion o f the lofty ideal o f the free­
dom o f the seas will lead to an
“ The undersigned requests the
ambassador to bring the above
to the knowledge o f American
government and avails himself
o f the opportunity to renew to
his excellency the assurances of
his most distinguished considera­
(Signed) “ Von Jagow.”
“ In the spirit o f friendship
wherewith the German nation
has been imbued towards the
Union and its inhabitants since
the earliest davs o f its existence,
the imperial government will al­
ways be ready to do all it can
during the present war also to
prevent the jeopardizing o f lives
o f American citizens. The im­
perial government, therefore, re­
peats the assurances that Am er­
ican ships will not be hindered
in the prosecution o f legitimate
shipping and the lives o f Am er­
ican citizens in neutral vessels
shall not be placed in jeopardy.
“ In order to exclude any un-
forseen dangers to American
passenger steamers, made poss­ You would like to understand your Bible
If you only knew how to go about It
ible in view o f the conduct of Make a start now by choosing from the
maritime war by Germany’ s ad­
“ What Is the Soul?”
"Creed Smashlngs For Federation."
versaries, German submarines
"Jeeus No Longer a Man."
will be instructed to permit the | "Fear, the Bane of Humanity “
"Mountains Swept Into the Sea."
free and safe passage o f such
"The Existence of a Supreme Intelli­
passenger steamers when made | gent Creator Established."
"Bible, as a Divine Revelation."
recognizable by special markings j "Epochs and Dispensations."
"Purgatory Fire—Not Now, but Soon."
and notified a reasonable time in
"Apostles and Pseudo Apostles."
advance. The imperial govern -; "Where Are the Dead?"
"Ancient Garden of Eden."
ment, however, confidently hopes j "Great Parable of Sheep and Qoats.”
"Christ Crucified and Dying Thief.”
that the American government
"What Is Baptism?"
Pyramid a Divine Oracle."
will assume to guarantee that j
"Emperor Constantine. Trinity Maker."
these vessels have no contraband
"Distress of Nations."
on board, details o f arrangements Name ......................................................
Street .....................................................
for the unhampered passage o f City
and State.........................................
these vessels to be agreed upon
Upon receipt of tke above coupon we
will send any one of these Bible Studies
by the naval authorities o f both FREE,
any three of them for 5 cents
'stamps) or the entire 18 for 10 cents
Proposal Submitted.
17, It t i fi
Illack Rock, 1:30 P. M.
Mail closes for:
Salem, 8.60 A.M., 1 P. M. and 6
IV If.
Dallas, 8:50 A. M. and 5 P. M.
Eugene A Portland train 1C>2,
) p. m.
iiiack Rock, 11 A. M.
S unday O nly
Office hours: 0:30 to 10:110 a.in:
Mail arrives from Salem, 0:00
a. in.
Portland & Eugene tram 101,
*11:55 a. in.
Mail closes foi Salem, 8:50 a. ni.
Eugene A Portland train 10-, 1
' p. ni.
Effective May 13, 1915.
I ra C. M kiihlinu , Postmaster
State of Dhlo, city of Toledo. I -
Lucas County,
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that ho 1«
senior partner of the firm of F J Cheney
A Co., doing business In the City of To­
ledo. County and State aforesaid, and
that said arm will pay the sum of ONE
HUNDRED DOLLARS for each and ev­
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A. d . im
Notary Public.
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blood and mu­
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