Falls City news. (Falls City, Or.) 190?-19??, May 08, 1915, Page 2, Image 2

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professional darte
$hrJFallß (£iti| Nrim*
I’ll Y fllt'l AN
................... “
«««totH) uia«s tuall at th* poaloffior
at rail« City. Polk Counts. Oregon, aud*r Xbr
A t* of CV'OgroM of Marvb 3. 1ST»
Telcphste Ntws Office. S3.
— -
--------------------------------------- ............................... ■■
1-Pound Royal Club Coffee
Olfiett mitt door east of I*. O.
T he C ouncil m eets in reg u lar session on th e first
an d th ird Tueaday n ig h ts of each m o n th , a t 7 80
o'clock, in the office of th e F alls City News
S a tu r d a y . M ay 8. 1915
W. P. Lewis, ex-City Marshal
retires with a record of having
been the best officer the city ever
If it is consistent for individuals
and corporations to furnish food
and munitions of war to the allies,
by the same token it is consistent
for the Germans to destroy it be­
fore it reaches its destination.
Fall« i'lty ,
O r t ig o ti
»110111000 Carte
3*Pound Can For $1.00
jfa llô C itç lb o t c l
Sample Roams
Bast A c c o m m o d a t i o n s
Copy for new ads. a n d changes should be sent
to The News not later th a n W ednesday.
H. J. Griffin. Mayor.
R. M. W ouderly. C ouncilm an a t Large
P h illip G ottfreid
H. C. Brown.
C. J. Bradley.
C ouucilm eu
I. G. Singleton.
C. L. H opkins,
R. A. Titua.
C. E. M cPberren. A uditor an d Police Judge
W alter L. Toose Jr.. City A ttorney.
Pat M urphy. M arshal an d W ater Supt
St. L. T hom pson. T reasurer
Dr. F. M. H ellw arth. H ealth Officer.
aii «|
Kuttiiivucr Phone3GH
for 35c, or
S u b s c rip tio n R a ta s : O n e ro a r . 11.00; s ix m o n th s.
60 c a n ta ; th r e e m o n th « . 26 c a n ts ; s in e la c o p y . 6 eta.
A d ra rtia in f Rates D isplay, 16 cauls a n inch .
B usiness Notices. 6 can ts a l i n e . For Sale, Rent.
E xchange. W ant an d Pay E n te rta in m e n t No
ttcea. 5 eta. a lin e. C ard of T h an k s SOcts Lega
Notice«, legal rates.
f . O r a s s e . P r o p r ie to r
Through the pleading of the merchants
the roasters have allowed one more
month in which to sell Royal Club Coffee
at the above reduced prices
Bohle’s Barber Shops
Folio C ity, Oregon
Shtrt you css f«t a i h m . Heir Cut. Beth
er ‘Shlst’
Itesi 1er Pelles ilteis Leusdry
Hu nt il «* L u Vhu n t o t i 1 ti f i t i « ) « v e i l i n g
Falls City Lui nber
Cor npany Sto re
.V i
- H - H -H - H -H -
Washington, May 5.—The Na­
tional campaign of 1916 has al­
ready begun. Democrats—both
deserving and desiring—have re­
Popular voting contests are always the source
nominated and reelected the Pres­
of much dissatisfaction. A big prize is offer­
ident; and half a score of Republi­
ed and of course only ONE can win and the
can “ favorite sons” are emerging
others naturally feel sore that all their time,
into the presidental arena.
energy and money goes for naught so far as
The personal phase of the can­
they are concerned. Then the newspaper
vass, however, is not yet acute—
putting on the contest is the loser. They
nor will it become so for many
have to give the bulk of the amount collect­
ed to some company promoting contests and
receive a renomination is certain.
The new members of the coun­ He wants it, and his power of pa­
have to send the paper to the subscribers at
cil have entered in upon their tronage will give it to him. There­
a loss.
duties with m u c h enthusiasm. fore, whoever may be the Repub-
C. W . M a t t h e w s , Pr o p r i e t o r
For the next sixty days we propose to give
The policy as outlined by the May­ | lican nominee, the opposition lead-
every one the opportunity to get$l in adver­
or is to render a fair and impar­ I ership is settled; and the issues of
tising absolutely free. The proposition is
tial and economic administration. I the canvass of next year are de­
Quit commendable, and it is hoped termined. They are, broadly
To N ew S ubscribers : Send $1 to this office
that success may crown their speaking, Republicanism against
and receive T he F alls C ity N e w s one year
Democracy, Wilson against some
and receive credit for $1 in advertising to be
In the management of the af­ Republican who is thoroughly rep­
used anytime during the year.
fairs of a progressive city like resentative of the party as it is
To O ld S ubscribers : Pay up all arrerages
this, there is more expense than and has been and will be, the pol­
if there be any. and one year in advance and
the average person would imag­ icies and practices of Democratic
you will be entitled to an amount in adver­
ine, and if per chance the treas­ administration and legis 1 a t i o n
tising equal to the money paid.
ury be depleted, some will exclaim: against those of the Republicans.
“What in Thunder have they
You will want to advertise something during
This phase of the next Nations'
done with all the money.”
year and in this manner you will get
contest is already under discussion.
advertising free.
It sometimes happens that peo­ The Republican Publicity Associa­
ple mistake parsimony for econ­ tion is now gathering and distri­
omy. Nothing stands still; you buting information regarding Re­
are either better or worse; you are publican principles. Republican
going forward or backward. In policies, and Republican achieve­
the past year much street improv- ments, with incidental reference,
ment has been done, and notwith­ it may be remarked, to the com­
standing the dissatisfaction with parison which may readily be in­ ment. This is an age of inquiry. the carrying on of both public and
the quality of the work, we doubt stituted between the Republican The man who wants to know is private business.
These are only a few of the
if any of the property owners and the Democratic record.
more numerous now than ever be­ questions
which will be presented
affected would accept a release
Such an exposition begun now fore. and he wants to knov, why to the people
before thev register
and have the streets placed in the and continued until election day, so m/any of the Democratic cam­ their judgment on the Democratic (
Pain leaves almost
condition the were a year ago. will result in a more intelligent paign pledges have been violated; administration of public affairs.
as if by magic when
you begin using “5-
There is much more work needed. verdict at the polls in 1916 than why the present administration That judgment is probably already
Drops,” the famousn!r|
We can not afford to go backward has ever been taken from the not only abandoned its declared
remedy for Rheuma­
these and kindred subjects will
tism, Lumbago, Gout,
but should do some work each American electorate. There are policy of economy but why it fails render the decision a seasoned one
Sciatica, N e u ra lg ia
no personal elements in the equa­ now to make an excuse for so do­ — which makes all the more likely
and kindred troubles.
It goes right to thn
Street improvement does not tion which must be eliminated. ing; why the diplomatic service that it will be unfavorable to the
spot, stop* the aches
add to the general taxes. The The President, of course, and Mr. has bi Jen revised to make places
and pains and makes
D l i f e
worth living. Get
cost is paid by the property abbt- Bryan, and McAdoo and Daniels for lib eral contributors to Demo­
i IQ)W JM H a t»ilile of "5-Drops"
How's T h i s ?
t ^ / i H today A booklet wilh
ting and if advantage is taken of and Burleson and the rest remain cratic campaign funds and for We offer One Hundred Dollar* Re­
S ich bottle gives full
the bonding act the yearly cost is as constant factors in the problem, “original Bryan men” who have ward for any case of C atarrh th a t
d ire c tio n s for use.
j Don't delay. Demand
so small that the benefits derived which is, in its main lines, the de­ no oUher claim upon a Democratic Cure.
"5-Drops " Don’t nc-
overbalance all costs.
termination of how they have administration; why a helpful and
F . J . C H E N E Y U CO.. T oledo. O.
I cept anything else in
e u n d e rsig n e d , h a v e k n o w n F . J
place of it Any drug­
However, there are some dan­ dealt with the trust which they productive tariff was destroyed, C h W e e. n ey th fo
r th e la e t 15 y eara, an d believe
gist can supply you. If you live too far
p e rfe c tly h o n o ra b le In a ll buelneee
gerous leaks of which the council have administered.
ent riling to American industry a him
from a drug store seod One Dollar to
tr a n s ii- tlo n s a n d fin a n c ia lly ab le to c a r r y
y o b lig a tio n s m a d e by h it firm.
Swanson Rheumatic Cure Co, Newark,
has no say. Perhaps, sometime,
The answer to this question havx« which even a European o u N t A a T n IO
Ohio, and a boltle of "5-Drops" will he
the scales will fall from the peo­ should turn, in the last analysis,
sent prepaid.
Toledo. O.
the postal and other services H a ll’s C i t a r r h C u re Is ta k e n In te rn a lly ,
ples eyes and they will arise in upon the candor and accuracy and wny
w'hicli touch the people in their a c tin g d ire c tly u p o n th e blood an d m u ­
u s s u r f a c e s o f th e sy s te m T estim o n ial*
their might and smite the “ blood­ good temper with which the facts diaily dives have been permitted to co
s e n t free. P ric e 75 c e n ts p e r b o ttle. Sold
Gel your butter wrappers print
ell D ru g g ists.
sucking” vampire.
are submitted for popular judg- deteric >rate and thus to hamper by T ake
ed at the News office.
H all s F am ily P ills fo r coosU patioa.
F. K. Hubbard surrenders the
office of mayor to his successor
feeling that he has served the city
long and faithfully. Progressive
and aggressive, he has always
stood for that which he believed
to be for the best interests of Falls
City. During his regime much
good has been accomplished.
! Our Big Contest Now On!
© regen
T H E F A L L S C IT Y N E W S ,