Falls City news. (Falls City, Or.) 190?-19??, April 24, 1915, Page 2, Image 2

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THE FALLS C.^Y NEWS. April. 21 . 1915
p ro fe s io n a l ila rto
iTljr Jíalla (£iti| Neuis
I'll YMt-'l AN
Trleph**« Newt OfTkt. S3.
Begir ining Apr il 1 s t
Subscription Ratos Ouo jrour. »1 00: sis mont ha
50 conta, thrw months. 25 conta, alna I# copy. 5 eta.
We Will Sell
R n te m l •• •»«»m l -c- t a « mall at tb# peatofflcv
• t Ralla P ity. Polk C o u n lj. O r#§on. lindar tb#
A it o f CV t k g f m o f M arth S. IN T9
AdvartUiug Ratta Display. 15 canta an Inch
Rutlntaa Notleaa. 5 canta a lina : Por Sala. Rant.
Bxchangt. Want and Par Entertainment No­
tices, S eta. a Una Card of Thanks SO eta lega
S’ otlcea. legal rata*
Onion one door «tini ol I’, O.
Office aik I tj>
« ahi
H n liten n » WOllO o O o
Pall# Lily.
S w i n e * * H a rto
Club Coffee
S em el* Roam s
for 35c, or
Copy for newada. and change* ahould ba aani
to The Newt not later than Wedueaday.
Boot A c c o m m o d a t i o n ,
D r o i.*
P ro p rie to r
P K Hubbard Mayor.
T D Hollowell. Councilman at Large
Phillip Gottfraid
H C Brown.
Albert Teal.
Coum ilmen
3-Pour id Can Fo r : $1.00
Bohle’s Barber Shops
Falls City , O r e g o n
A. Sam pson.
C. L. Hopkint.
R. A. Tttua.
<1. O. Clement. Auditor and Police Judge
Walter L. Toose J r . City Attorney.
W. P. Lawit. Marshal and Water 8upt.
M. L. Thompaon. Treaaurer
J. J Aammona. Engineer
Dr P. M Hellwarth. Health Officer
1 ha Council meats in regular aeaaion on the Aral
and third Tueaday nighta of each m onth, at 7 SO
o ’clock. In the office of the Falla City New».
S a t u r d a y . A p r i l
24. 1915
The allies are laboring under
difficulties that the Germans do
not have. The allies are a divid­
ed people and each nation will
easily believe that the other fel­
low is not doing his part. The
Germans are as one man and like
the “ bundle of sticks" will be dif­
ficult to break.
........ -
Hurry up and try it as this offer lasts but
Hhm yoe ca* |«i * Jkovt, hur Cst. Baik
or ‘Shla«'
A|r*l (or •alle* Sltom Laundry
llundlea furw arded lueaday evenl
Falls City Lur nber
Cornpany Stoire
............... .... .....
Japan's conduct with regard to
the stranded cruiser in Turtle
Bay. Lower California is repre­
hensible to say the least. It has
been stuck in a mud bank ever
since December, and it is said that
they refused help to pull her out.
The crew seem to be very com­
fortably and permanently quar­
tered on land and no indication of
moving soon. Japan is a treach­
erous nation and seems to be try­
ing to get into trouble. She has
made demands of China that have
been refused and the indications
are that she will try to force the
issue. Not only does she look
toward China with covetuous eyes,
but California and Mexico look
good to her and it would be noth­
ing strange if the cruiser sticking
in the mud banks of lower Califor­
nia would result in something
more than the United States has
reckoned on.
Monday, 19.-B a ttle of Lexington,
Tuesday, 20.—Siege of Boston be­
gun, 1775.
Wednesday, 21.—War declared
against Spain. 1898. R o m e
founded, 753 B. C.
Thursday, 22.—James Buchanan
born, 1791. Oklahoma opened
to settlers, 1889.
Friday, 23.—Shakespere born, 1564
Saturday, 24. —Boston News letter
1st newspaper in America, 1704.
Rnsso-Turkish war began, 1877.
Sunday, 25.—Work begun on Suez
canal, 1859.
The city council met in regular
session Tuesday night with Mayor
Hubbard, Auditor Clement, Coun-
cilmen Hollowell, Brown, Titus
and Gottfreid present. There
was no business o f special impor­
tance transacted. The committee
selected to examine the electric
light franchise and ordinances
failed to report and as this is a
matter o f great importance and
vital interest to the future of
Falls City it was deferred for
further consideration.
A report was had from the
street committee in regard to the
repairs begun on Dayton street
bridge. After several days work
some o f the beams gave way and
it was found that the bridge was
in such a condition that it would
not be profitable to repair it. A
motion prevailed to close the
bridge indefinitely and board it
up so that teams could not cross
and put up lights and notices to
pedestrians that if they crossed
they did so at their own peril.
The status o f the Mathews con­
demnation proceedings was dis­
cussed. Attorney Tooze stated
that owing to an error of the city
engineer in the description of the
property that they lacked a few
feet o f getting to the river. They
secured the right of way from
South Main street 200 feet to­
ward Third street and that he
had made overtures to Mathews
through his attorney with a view
o f settling the difference o f the
few feet to the river.
SIBLEY & EAKIN, Abstractors,
You May Stop
615 Court St. Dalla*, Or.
San Francisco
A completo «et o! A bititi U of I'olk Co.
Ketabllahed In la«*. Prompt service.
Hot*oit*tile Kate*.
O re g o n
10 Days
C. W. M a tt h e w s , P r o p rie to r
Patotas 1U7
En route to the East. Why not see
California and its Two World Expo­
sitions on your way East?
C a ll
A g e n t fo r fu ll in fo r m a t io n , lite ra tu re ,
tic k e ts
re serva tio n , train sche d u le s , e tc .
C H A * . A l i x . 1‘ aora itT o
John M. Scott, General Passenger Agent, Portland, Oregon.
After Judge Teal’ s Scalp
Wrought up over what he charg­
ed was a deliberate policy of dis­
crimination on the part of the
county court against the city of
Dallas, Councilman Cha3. West
over, at the meeting of the city
council Monday evening, stated
that, in his opinion, the time was
ripe for a recall to be invoked on
County Judge John B. Teal. He
further intimated that he would
be one of a number to circulate
such a petition.-Dallas Itemizer.
IN P O L K C O U N T Y .
The following is a complete list
of realty transfers recorded dur­
ing the week ending April 22d,
1915, and reported to the News by
Sibley & Eakin, Abstracters, 515
Court Street, Dallas, Oregon:
T. M. Word and wife to J. C.
Ainsworth, Trustee, Trust Deed, J
interest in 480 acres in Sections 3
and 4 in T. 9 S. R. 6 West.
Violet A. Kersey and husband
and Maude Butler and husband to
R. L. Turrell, W. D. 62 acres in
Sec. 12, T 7 S R 6 W. $825.
A. A. Wade and wife to Isaac
and Mary C. Bumgardner, W. D.
20 acres in Sec. 20, T. 8 S. R. 6 W.
It might not be premature at this
time to discus* the advisability ol
celebrating the Fourth of July.
The celebration laat year was a
very credible affair drawing large
crowds from the country and near
by towns. It was late before it
was finally decided to celebrato
and if we begin early the crowds $ 10 .
Croisan and Albert to Loraine
will be greater. Falls City is the
ideal spot to hold a picnic and but and Dora Pugh, W. D. 48.94 acres
let the word go out that there will in T 7 S R 4 West. $6306.
be a celebration arid any nearby
L. B. Frey and wife to J. H.
towns with incipient notions in that i and Blanche S. Eaton, W. D. 18
direction will will gladly give way I acres in Sec. 33 T. 6 S. R. 4 West.
to Falls City.
$ 100 .
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
Hartung’s Voting Contest
For a Free Trip to the
Candidate Leads by 10,000
Result of 3d count April 17
Hattie Tice
Grace Hansen
I. V. DeWitt
Edith Johnson
Edith Ellis
Bertha Frink
Bessie Cleveland
Lelia Frink
Mae Nichols
Maggie Talbott
Blanch March
Nora Burbank
Nettie Hunter
Millie Chapin
Sylvia Phillips
Lucile Tichenor
Jessie Thompson
by local application*, aa they can n ot
reach the diseased portion o f the ear.
There la only one w ay to cure dcafnea*,
and that Is by constitu tion al remedies.
D eafness Is caused by an Inflamed con d i­
tion o f the m ucous lining o f the Kuata-
i chlan Tube. W hen this tube la Inflamed
you h ave a rum bling sound o r Im perfect
hearing, and when It I n entirely closed.
Deafness Is the result, and unless the In­
flam m ation can be taken out and this
tube restored to Its norm al condition,
hearing will be destroyed forev er nine
CMRS out o f ten are caused by C atarrh,
which Is nothin g but an Inflamed con d i­
tion o f the m ucous surfaces.
We will five f)ne nnndrwd Dollar* for any ea*e of
V e*
bj cV mrIh'*bat
b* cored by
Uall • Catarrh Core. Send for circular* free.
P J Cfl BN IT. A OO. Toledo. Ohio,
•old by Druggists, ?5e.
• B a ll’* k 5 a
ami ly Fill* for coo«Up*Uon.
Notice is hereby given that on
or about the 1st day of July, 1914,
there came to my place the follow­
ing described animal:
One grav Jersey heifer about 16
months old; no earmarks or brands
discernible. Said estray will be
sold at public auction for cash in
hand at the farm of W. F. Gilliam
in PeDee Precinct, Polk County,
Oregon on the 30th day of April,
1915, 2:30 P. M.
W. F. Gilliam.