Falls City news. (Falls City, Or.) 190?-19??, February 13, 1915, Page 4, Image 4

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F KB.,"13, 1916
Word Conlest
K K A h K S T A T E F O Il S A L K
Tit" sixth gratle niiiler tl>e guid­
ance vl Mi-a K<nnard ia having a
acoliti *t
Hiiiii pupil ia trying
t i 0 ltd out all tin* word* tliut tun
lie tiiit• l«i out of tlio Iw*i stirili
W E A R E L O N Q ON P R O D U C T I O N ,
Wot Id's F air.’' Hvery w n r •!
fumili must emit.u n only tinse leu
l i t o t i ami Hr” muv In* tiseil twice.
By P e te r Radford
Over e l e v e n huiuliuil word» have
leclunr National Parmera' Union
t>een known tu I k * ma<le. iitoae
T h e economic distribution of fartn who aie in tin- I ad a n : liuti Fer­
products Is today the world's greatest
problem and th e war, while It has guson 18J words; D-lla Uccce 170
brought Its hardships, has clearly e m ­ words; ami Lota
Bradley 100
phasised th e Im portance of d is trib u ­ words.
tion as a factor In American agricul­
tu re and prom ises to give the farm ­
ers th e co-operation of the govern­
Fur Bent Dwelling house. Ap­
m ent and th e b u slu ets men the
al News ellice.
solution of th e ir m a rk e tin g problem.
T his resu lt will, In a measure, com
Ut I j o u r butter w tappers p rin t­
pen sate us for o ,r w ar losses, tor tbe
ed at the Now a office.
bu sin ess In terests and government
have been In th e main assisting a!
List yi-ur faun lamf with I). 1.
most exclusively on th e production
si the News office.
side of a g ric u ltu re W hile the dep art
mcut of a g ric u ltu re has been dumping
Ciucci bouse for rale in 1 alls
tons of li te r a tu re on th e farm er telling
| art time. Enquire at News
him how to produce, the farm er has
been dum ping tons of products In tbe office.
n rtlo n 's g a rb s g e can for w ant of a
T h e World Will Never Starve.
You Do Not Need to Send Away
We Are Prepared To Do It
And Know How
Our Efforts Will be to Please
In Quality and Price. : : :
T H E F A L L S C I T Y N EW S .
At no tim e since Adam and Eva
were driven from t h s Clardan of Eden
have th e Inh ab itan ts of thta world
suffered from lack of production, but
som e people have gone h u n -r y from
the day of creatio n to th is good hour
for th e leek of proper distribution
Slight v ariations In production have
forced a ch ange In diet and one local
tty has felt th e pinch of want, while
a n o th e r surfeited, but th e world as a
whole h a s ever been a land of plenty
We now have less th a n o n o te n t h of
th e tillable laud of the e a rth 's su rfa c e
u n d e r cultivation, and we uot only
have this su rplu s a r e a to draw ou but
It Is safe to e stim a te th a t In caso of
dire necessity one-half the earth »
population could at the present time
knock th e i r living out of the tree»
of th e forest, g a th e r It from wild
vines an d draw It from stre a m s
on e should become alarm ed ; tbe
world will never starve.
The consumer has always feared
that the producer would not supply
him and his fright has found expres
slon on the statute books of our state,
and nations and the farmer has been
urged to produce recklessly nnd with
out reference to a market, and regard
less of the demands of the consumer
Back to the Soil.
T h e city people hav e been urging
each o th e r to move back to the farm,
run a paper to please everyone, but very few of th e m have moved
Who Runs The Paper?
In a neighboring county a be that paper big or little. It is We welcome our city cousins back to
clergyman took the editor of the the editor’s paper and it is his the soil and this e a rth 's surface con
tains 16.092.160.u00 Idle acres of till
local paper to task because the living. He is the one who should able land w here they can make a
editor accepted a certain adver­ judge what should and what living by tickling th e earth with a
tising contract. The good man should not be published in its forked stick, but we do not need them
so far as Increasing production Is con
forgot that for years the editor columns.
cern ed ; we now have all the producers
had given freely of his space to
we can use. T he city man has very
erro neous Ideas of agricultural condl
help the church; had printed
tions. T h e commonly accepted theory
columns of notices of services,
All users of city w ater are noti­ th a t we a r e sh ort on production Is all
meetings, suppers, entertain­ fied th at water rent will lie collect­ wrong. O ur an nu al Increase In pro­
ments and lectures, all free. In ed at the Falls City Lumber Co’s duction far exceeds th a t of our In
crease in population.
donating this space the editor Store.
The World a t a Farm.
had given more than the equival­
G. O. Clement,
T ak in g th e world as one big farm,
ent of cash. He had given pub­
Auditor and Police Jud"e. we find two billion a c re s of land In
cultivation. Of this a m o u n t th e r e Is
licity, and thus had done more to
app roxim ately 760,000,000 acres on the
support the church and pay the
w estern and 1,260,000.000 acres on the
minister’s salary than any three j
«astern hem isphere. In cultivation.
This estim ate, of course, does not In
members of the church had done.
Don’t contradict people, even d u d e grazing lands, forests, etc.,
An editor has but two sources of if you’re sure you are right.
where large quantities of m eat a re
income,—-his subscription list and
Don’t be inquisitive about the produced.
his space. Yet, in this space,
The world'» annual crop approx!
when he sold his space he lost a
subscriber. Of course, no one
need subscribe to a paper unless
he wishes to do so, but no sub­
scriber should want to dictate to
the editor as to what he should
publish. Many editors will not
accept certain Iine3 of advertis-
tising. Other editors cannof af­
ford, perhaps, to be so independ­
ent. Business conditions often
govern these matters. A rich
and p r o s p e r o u s Philadilphia
weekly o f national circulation for
years declined the advertise­
ments of cigarette manufactur­
ers. Business has fallen off late­
ly for many of the big magazines.
Now that paper is accepting ci­
garette advertising. Perhaps the
editor needs the money, and who
shall blame him if he sells his
space to the American Tobacco
Company? Collier’s too we hear,
is letting down the bars, just a
little. That’s all right. Let them
«town a little further, as long as
fakers, and grafters and swin­
dlers are kept out. No one can
affairs of even your most inti­ mate» fifteen billion bushels of ce
mate friend.
reals, thirteen billion pounds of fibre
five mlllloD tons of meat.
Don’t underrate anything be­ and T h sixty
e av erag e annual world crop for
cause you don’t possess it.
the past five years, com pared with the
Don’t believe that everybody previous five years, Is as follows;
P a st H alf
Previous Half
else is happier than you.
Don’t conclude that you never Corn <Bu.) 3,934,174,000 3,403,655.000
W heat!B u .) 3,522,769.000 3,257,526,000
had any opportunities in life.
Oats (Bu.) 4.120.017,000 3,608,315,000
Don't believe all the evils you C otton (B ales) 19,863,800
T h e world »hows an av erage In
Don’t repeat gossip, even if it c re a s e In c ereal production of 13 per
c e n t du rin g the past decade, compared
does interest a crowd.
with th e previous five years, w h lle ^ h e
Don’t jeer at anybody’s relig­ w orld’s population show s an Increase
of only th r e e per cent.
ious belief.
T h e gain In production far exceeds
Learn to hide your aches and th a t of ou r Increase in population, and
pains under a pleasant smile. It Is safe to e stim a te th a t the farm er
Increase production 25 per
Few care whether you have an t c a e n n t easily
If a re m u n e ra tiv e m a rk e t can be
earache, headache or rheumatism. found for th e products. In textile
Learn to attend to your own fibres th e world show s an Increase
during th e past half decade In produe
business—a very important point. tlon of lS P«r c e n t a g a in s t a popula­
Do not try to be a n y t h i n g else tion In crease of th r e e p e r cent.
h e people of th is nation should
but a gentlaman or a gentle ad T d re
s s th em selves to th e subject of
woman; and that means one who Improved facilities for distribution.
has consideration for the whole
O ver production and crop mortgage
world, and whose life is governed force
th e farm ers Into ruinous com ­
bv the Golden Rule; “ Do unto petition with each o ther. T b e rem edy
others as you would be done by.” lies In organization an d In c o o p e r a
tlon In marketing.
—Christian World.
Post Office Time Card
Office hours: Daily, «-xo'pl Sun­
d ay , 8 h in. ti< 8.30 |> m.
Muil arrives, from
S h L mii 8.60 a.in ,
Mail ariiveu iToui Dalli», 8:50
Ma I c B’ vhs lur Salem, 9:00 a in,,
1 |>. tu. and 5:00 |>. in,
Ma l c'oee-i fui Dalla» 9:'K> n in.
an I f> ( 0 |> in
Mail close« lor Black H in k 11 :IX)
a. in.
Mail ariive» Loin Black Um k 2
p. in.
Mail arrive» from ba"e n , 8:50
a. in.
Mail closes fm SaU in. 9:011 s. til.
Office Lours: Sunday o n ly, 9:30
to 10:110 a.in :
Effective Crpteiiibvr 4, 1914.
1 it A C. M r him in «;. Postm aster
Fails City, I’olk On., Oie.
O VE R 00
P atents
h a d e iv iA n e a
D is io n s
CoevnioHTS Ac.
A nron« ••ruling n »k#trh au<1 r1eerr1plU»n h im
-----wh«ili#r an
i l o n * * t r t d ^ c o n f l ü ö i i t îa I.HANOBOO* OU PntiM itft
'Idoat Btfoncf fo r ••c u rin ng
g parent«.
P u t «n t« ta k e n th ro u g h M umi A Co.
tpecial notice, w ith o u t ch a r t «, l a thw
Scientific American.
A hanrlanmelr lilaatrated waaktr.
c u la tio n o f n n f ••‘leiD lflo J o u rn a l.
T u rin « . fA A
f a a r : fo u r m o u th s, | L
Bold Ljrall[fw*w«fL*ali»r«.
| 361Broadwat
auch öfBc«, t*26 F Bt* Washington, D.
No. 1. 7 17 acre« adjoining
Falls City on County road. Good
7-ruim house, city water; barn
and chicken park; young orchard
in (tearing, small fru it All fenced
und 3} acres in cultivation. No
waste land. Time on |« rt.
No. 2. HO acres mountain land,
If miles out on County road. 25
acres in cultivation, 20 acres big
second-growth fir. Good 5-room
house, barn, outbuildings. Fruit,
and berries; 125 prune trees. Al­
so, good team, wagon, harneas
and some household goods. Will
give time on part.
No. 3. 35 acres near town. 15
in cultivation. Good 8-room house
barn and henhouse1. Rearing or­
chard. Some good second-growth
fir. Time on part.
No. 4. 10 acres i mile from
town; all fenced, 8f in cultivation,
6-room house partly finished, good
barn. Can be bought at a bar­
No. 5. 160 acre« in Lincoln Co.,
5 miles from railroad, on County
road. Small cabin and barn; 4
acres in cultivation and 60 more
can be cultivated. 350 3-year old
English walnut trees. Good spring
that would furnishs fine water
power. School I mile. 8 month
term with contract for two more
years. 'This will make an ideal
stock and dairy ranch and can be
bought at a bargain. Terms.
No. 6. 153 acres near town.
Good house and barn. Will sell
all or divide to suit buyer.
No. 7. Good 7-room house and
8 lots in city. Strawberries, lo­
ganberries, gooseberries, apples
and pears. A bargain.
No. 8. Two good 8-room houses
and lots, some fruit trees with
one. These are among the most
desirable residences in the city.
They are of modern construction
and desirably located. Reasona­
ble terms on part if desired. Will
sell one or both.
No. 9. 20 acres } miles from
town. Good 6-room house and
outbuildings. 15 acres in cultiva­
tion; 1J acres in apples, 2} acres
in (teaches, cherries, (tears and
strawberries. Plenty of wood for
No. 10- Six lots 50x150, three
room house, hen house, some fruit
and strawberries. Cash and terms.
No. 11. 130 acre ranch, 60
acres in cultivation, 25 in timber
balance slashed. 12 acres in hops.
Good house and hop house, barn
and other outbuildings.
No. 12. 17 acres, 10 in cultiva­
tion, 5 room house, barn and
chicken house. T w o springs,
water piped to house, hot and cold
water and bath. 6 acres in young
orchard. 2 acres big second
growth fir. Spring affords water
sufficient to irrigate onehalf of
the land. This land lays just out­
side of the city limits of Falls
City. A bargain.
For further information, call on
or write to
D. L. Wood,
Falls City, Oreg.
You never know when you will
fsce an emergency, caused either by
sickness or accident, when there will
be no doctor within call and when
it will be compulsory for you to
render what aid you can.
You can never tell at what time
you may suddenly be taken sick or
may be called to take charge of a
sick or injured person when you
wilt need some practical knowledge
of medical matters.
Dr. Miles’ Family Medical Guide
contains advice and knowledge that
will enable you to be of the greatest
assistance to your doctor both be­
fore and after he is called in.
Notice to Eletric Light Users
This book is divided into three
parts. Part i, Simple Treatment for
All persons owing the Falls City
Common Ailments. Part t, What
to Do in Case of Accidents. Part 3, Electric Light Co. (or service prior
to Apiil 1, 1914, will please pay
Practical Laws of Health.
Special arrangements have been the amount to Ü. L. Wood at The
made whereby the readers of this News office.
paper c%n obtain this book free of
charge for a limited time only.
Walter L. Tooie, Jr., Lawyer,
It is a book that should be in
every household in America.
Dallas, Oregon.
Just write your name and address
Correspondents wanted in every
clearly, on a post card if you like,
neighborhood in this suction ol the
and send it to
Family Medical Guide,
Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, In d ,
Extra copies ol Tho News are
mentioning the name of this paper
each woek, and will be Bent
ami you will receive one of these
valuable books alt charges prepaid. to any address desired, postpaid,
for 5 cents per copy.