Falls City news. (Falls City, Or.) 190?-19??, February 13, 1915, Page 2, Image 2

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ü h f JFalhi (£iti| N n ub
tn ln n l »
-visas mall at tto poataffl»
at Kalla City. N t County. tu r a la , * » U w !»•
Act at C. uyrcaa o f March 3, IS ta.
Ntwt Office. S 3 .
Subscription Kataa Ona roar. *1.00; ala aioutha.
M can ta. thrna mont ha. Ithcanbi. «In * I* copy. S eta
A d vertisin g Kataa Utaplay. IS c a u l ia u lucb
Baal neat Noticaa. V canta a lln a . For Sala. Rant,
e x c h a n g e . W a u l a u .I la y lu t a r t a i u u a n t N »
tiers. 3 eta. a line. C a rd o f T h auk a 3 0 c t t .L v * *
Mottoes. le g a l rataa
Monday. 8. — General Sherman
born. 183), Mary, Queen of
Scots, executed. 1587.
Tuesday. 9s— Harrison born. 1778.
Wednesday, 10. Bread riot in
New York, 1887.
Thursday, 11.- Mesmer announ­
ces Mesmerism, 1778.
Friday, 12. — Lincoln born 1809.
Saturday, 13.--China becomes a
Republic, 1912.
Sunday, 14.—Oregon admitted to
union, 1859.
Copy tor n ew ads. s n d ch an ges should b a a a n i
to The Near* not later than W ed nesd ay.
F K Hubbard. Mayor.
T D. Holloarall. Councilman at Large
1’ htlltp Uottlrerd
H. C. Brown.
Albert Teal.
A. campion,
C. L Hopkins.
R. A Tltua.
G. O. Clement. Auditor and Police Judge
Walter L. Toore Jr.. City Attorney.
W. P. Lewis. Marshal and Water Supt.
M. L. Thompson. Treasurer
J. J. Hammons. Engineer
Dr. F. M. Hellwarth. Health OIBiPr.
1 ht^Councll meets In regular session on the Brat
Monday evening ot each month, at 7 OB o'clock
I n the often ot the Falls City Sews.
S a t u r d a y . F e b r u a r y
13 . 1915
Sunday, the 14th. is St. Valen­
tine’s Day. Beware o f opening
mail in public.
Opening your eyes to the good
in others is like raising the blinds
to the sunlight.
A good name rather is to be
chosen than great riches—but
there is no law against acquiring
Scientists try to tell us that the
coldest inhabited spot on the globe
is Werchojensk, Siberia, but they
never were at a white house re­
Bills have been introduced in
Some weddings are a miracle,
the legislature in several states
some are calamities, and some are
requiring that all convents, clois­
merely a habit people acquire. A
ters and other places where girls
marriage license can teach a man
and women are kept shall be open i
more biology in six months than
for investigation and inspection.
could learn in college in six
Most people marry for
The Oregon Messenger came ou t; money; some marry to gain social
last week in new form and under prominence, and once in a while
the management o f C. D. Bab- > we hear of an oldfashioned couple
cock. The paper is enlarged and ! marrying simply because they
much improved in appearance. love each other.
Bro. Babcock says that the paper
will be Republican, but that h e , T H E W AY THEY DO IN OLD M I H U
will not swallow just any kind of
In Missouri, where they raise
a dose simply because it is tabled
more mdles and children than in
Republican? In that he is emin­
any other place in the world, a
ently correct and we believe that
certain resident died possessed of
the Messenger will succeed under
seventeen mules and three sons.
his management.
In his will he disposed o f the
Grier is an Exception
Representative W. T. Grier, of
Polk county, is establishing a rep­
utation at the state house as “ the
silent one." Up to the present he
has introduced no bills and has
made no speeches. He is usually
present at every session and ans­
wers to every roll call. — Itemizer.
Represents vies have, in days
gone by, acquired worse habits
than that o f holding their tongues.
I f former representatives had, to a
great degree, emulated Mr. Gries
in the matter of introducing bills,
the state o f Oregon would be in a
far more prosperous condition.
How War Tax Work«.
I f you run a circus or theatre or
a concert hall you have to come
across very handsomely under the
new war tax—from $25 to $100,
according to the scale of your busi­
ness. But if you are fortunate
enough to operate a Chautauqua
circuit you are exempt from anv
You can have the Secretary of
State on Prohibition” or the
speaker o f the House on any sub­
ject within his repertory without
handing over a cent t ) the inter­
nal revenue tax collector. You
fall under one of those benign
“ Provided further” classes with
which good-natured legislators so
often do a good tnrn to a deserv­
ing brother.
Probably Mr. Bryan’s friends
in Congress were right in doing
as they did. Rut the taxpayer,
as he forks out the coin for tele­
phones and telegrams, and good­
ness knows what else, may be
pardoned a miserly leer of disaq-
probation. Just think ho w much
a small tax on Mr. Bryan’s words
applied at the source in accord­
ance with true democratic doc­
trine, would uet the treasury.—
Palmyra [N .Y .] Journal.
i T •
mules as follows: One-half to the
eldest son, one-third to the next
and one-ninth to the youngest.
The administrator who went to
divide the property drove a span
of mules out to the farm, hut
when he went to divide the seven­
teen into Halves, thirds and ninths
he found it was impossible with
live mules. Mules not being very
valuable he unhitched*one o f his
own, putting it with the other
seventeen, making eighteen, and
he proceeded to divide as follows:
One-half, or nine to the eldest;
one-third, or six to the next son,
one-ninth, or two, to the youngest.
Adding up nine, six and two, he
found that it made seventeen, so
he hitched up his mule and went
home rejoicing. I Ladies Home Jr.
By Our Man About Town
Being an Eloquent Oration by Our
It always look funny to see u
feHow buy fifty cents worth of
tobacco when he needs a hair-cut
much worse.
Young man: Take that hat off
of your l ight ear and balance it
squarely on vour head.
acquaintances will like it better
— as you will, yourself, after you
get used to it.
A local 8portinan tells us he
went hunting last fall hired a
livery rig. shot away two dollar's
worth o f «munition, -wasted a
day’s time, and all he got wus
Then his w ife took twenty-five
cents and ten minutes time and
bought a couple of rabbits for'
It is rumored that the council
will be asked to pass an ordinance
prohibiting the use o f Hash-lights
at dances.
It is reported that several aspi­
rants for the mayor's office will
be in the field.
A clean-up day would be in
order to get rid of an acumlation
of tin-cans and other bric-a-brac
that has taken refuge in back
yards and allies. It would lie a
good time to dedicate the new
dumping-grounds the council pur­
chased last fall.
Railway companies are making
a great wail because locomotive
engineers on many roads are re­
ceiving larger salaries than the
governors o f many states receive.
Well, why shouldn’t they? To be
governor requires no special train­
ing and only a very moderate sup­
ply of brains. The main thing is
to be able to control a larger fol­
lowing than the other fellow. To
be an engineer and command the
wage that is causing this turmoil,
a man must have a natural ability
backed up by hard work from the
roundhouse up. When an engi­
neer starts on his run he takes his
life in his hands whereas the gov­
ernor takes his goldheaded cane,
hail3 a jitney and is whisked away
to the state house where menials
do all his work for which there is
an extra allowance.
It is just
possible that engineers are receiv­
ing too much pay and by the same
token it is highly probable that
governors receive more than their
services are worth.
Some newspaper men are terri­
ble prevaricators. In writing ol
a cyclone in Kansas one of them
said it turned a well inside out, a
cellar upside down, moved a town­
ship line, blew all the staves out
o f a whiskey barrel ( dry territory
o f course) and left nothing but
the bung hole, changed the day of
the week, blew a mortgage off a
farm, blew all the cracks out of a
fence, knocked the wind out o f a
politician. It was further stated
that the cyclone not being satisfied
with all this damage blew the
feathers out o f a chicken and
hurried them in a grindstone.;
Some mighty oueer things happen
in Kansas.—Ex.
$100 R e w a rd , $100
Office Devil
Tha reader* o f thl* paper will ba
leased to learn that there I* at leaat ona
readed disease that science has been
able to cur* In all It* stages, and that I*
Catarrh. Hall s Catarrh Cure la the only
positive cure now known to the medical
fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional
disease, requires a constitutional treat­
ment. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken In­
ternally, acting directly upon the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system, there­
by destroying the foundation of the dis­
ease, and giving the patient strength by
building up the constitution snd assisting
nature In doing its work. The proprietor*
have so much faith In its curative pow­
ers that they offer One Hundred Dollars
for any case that It falls to cure. Send
for list of testimonials.
Address T. J. CHENEY A CO., Toledo, Ohio.
Bold by all Druggists, 7!5c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
FEB.,' HVflOlS
P h y s ic ia n i n * S u rg e o n
Oft vs over Thom peon'e drug (turc. Mu
lusl phi'iir JVI Phone Night Csll Ml
Ullica one door east ol 1', O.
O ft«« end . » è ____Pall* t-lljr,
Heildtnco » nOB© o o o
1 n r , fur a a I iui t time effi r B*m;e
one »¡lit a little cadi, a genuine
bargain. Trie property consist* of
eight tinea, three beating prunes,’
house three rictus do» n daira. up- :
stairs not (iiihdied; barn, wood shed |
amt henhouse, l itis is an excel­
lent opportunity for «ooicoi.c with
a little money to in vest in a ¡.ay-
ii.g prune orchard. It will be on
the maiket only h slimt time and
if-you gfct ¡1 run will Jiuve to hur­
ry. For further particular* call on
oi write to I). L. Wood, ut News
office, Fall* City, Ore.
J fa ll8 t lit ? 1>0tc l
Sam ple R oom s
Boat A ccom m odations
T. O ro e ge, P ro p rie to r
HA 111. kit H H O I’H
Bohle’s Barber Shops
Palla C i t y , O r t g o n
Tht* reatills of tin* ciglilli grail«*,
examination in hygiene Inn* juvI,
heel* received mid the fallowing |
ftlndenlK pat.**«.): Mabel Sheppard.
Geneva Trent, Chiral Unwell, Ruby
Johntton, l.nleta i)«*nni*, Meroie ■
Sheppard, Ofive Stain, M b ' el Otle, j
1 >r 11 a Reece, Clv*le Bancroft, An­
dre» Hunter, Ysttsel Bush, llmuld
Wagner, Hud Ferguson, ai d U.il
lett McMurpliv
Bargain in Real Estate
»uetneee ilnrtoj
Sixth Grade Examination
W. B. Officer, M . D.
Abraham Uncoin was a man
and split logs, lit* also split up
what states there was when he
was and tied them together again
tighter thrin ever.
Abraham Lincoln wrote the
Explanation Procrastination. He
wrote lots more, too, hut what I
just said was the greatest he ever
wrote. It meant that the negro
slaves didn’t have to he slaves no
more, and they aint.
every negro man und boy has
been named Lincoln since he done
what I said.
Abraham Lincoln wasn’t a
pretty man. I don't think any
Only »Abraham Uncoin
was more so.
He wus u good
man, though, and got to he elect
ed president. All good men don’t
get to be president, and all presi- j
dents don't seem to have to be
good men.
1 don't want to be president of
America, but 1 wish I could la*
president o f u big base hall team, j
That's all I know ataiut Abra­
ham Lincoln.
♦ ♦ • ♦
prcfceotoiuil tlnrt'o
Wkrr« you css |tl * S lim . Hair Cal. Bat*
or •JM»«*
A lta i lor la lls i Sit*« U a U r y
Blindi** lurwordsd lueedsy ««vitti,*
G . L. H A W K I N S
D allas, O rtg o n
R. L C H A P M A N
Funeral Dlrectot
Wo attend to all work promptly.
Dolina nod Poll. City. Or
Rev B I. Hicks, Pastor of tht
Clnistiui church rod Park Calkins
have been calling upon the sick
this week.
Mrs C. L. HopVto* received
wortl from Mrs M Howard Fagan
of Fug lie telling of tlie arrival ol
a r.ino pound lmGy girl Feb 5.
For P. it 0. plows for stubble
amd soil, call at X. A. Lu tie's
hi jekstni' It sit p
Excursion Fares
California Expositions
Round trip tickets, permitting stop overs at all
points in either direction, to the Panama Pacific
International Exposition, San Francisco, Feb. 3 )
to Dec. 4th and to the Pangma California Ex­
position, San Diego, open all year will be placed
on sale
February 15 to N ovem ber 3 0
Via the
Soenic Shasta Route
Thrae Fin« Trains Dally
Shasta Limited: Extra Fare, First Class equipment only.
Leaves Portland 3:50 p. m. A High Class Train.
San Francisco Exptess: Observation Car, Standard and
Tourist Sleeping Cars, Chair Cars and Diner.
California Express: Standard and Tourist Sleeping
Chair Cars and Diner
Full particulars, fares, literature on the Exposition, train sche­
dules, etc. from nearest Agent of the
John M. Scott, General Passenger Agent, Portland, Oregon.
Mrs. A. H. Dodd is on the sick
The child of Mr. and Mrs. R.
Paul is very sick.
Mrs. C.^L Starr of Portland is
visiting friends and relatives here.
N. A. Burnett ol Balt Creek w hs
hi Falls City ou business Thurs­
Kmerson YVonderly and Reta
Bowman have been sick with tlie
mumps this week.
Mrs. Matilda Travis was taken
with a paralyitic stroke Monday
and is in a serious condition.
Mrs. C. I,. Hopkins has a beau­
tiful foot rest mad** by one of the
boys of the Manual Training class.
Mrs. N. Chapin and Mrs. Kva
Baines went to McMinnville Sat­
urday to visit friends, returning
The Ladies Aid of the Chaisiian
church are doing excellent work
under the supervision of their
President Mrs, Conrad Elle.