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30 . 1916
— — ■
So Says Letter on Painter Cass to
Chief of Chicago Police.
Chicago.—'That an innocent man wse
— te
executed here In 18W. when George
If. I‘a liner was hanged for (he murder
By Peter Radford
of Alice Martlu. is the statement made
lecturer National Parm«ra‘ Union
In « letter received by Chief o f Police
The farmer gate moro out of the Gleason from a person signing himself
fair than anyone else. The fair to a "It W. H atter" o f Buffalo. Snuguiuon
city man la an entertainment; to a county, ill
The writer asked that Paluter's rets
farmer It la education. L et ua take a
«troll through the fair ground« and lives lv foilud and promised lo remove
the stigma from the faintly.
linger a moment at a few of the point«
Painter's last word« on the scaffold
o f great eat Interest. W e will first
visit the mechanical department and were a declaiatlou that he wse nut
hold communion with the world's
Alice Martin. Paluter's sweetheart,
greatest thinkers.
was beaten to death In 1801, and Paint
You are now attending a congress of
er was arrested nine mouths Inter
the mental giants In mechanical eel
After two years o f fighting the prison
ence of all ages. They are addressing
you In tongues o f Iron and steel and er was convicted and executed. On
the acaffold be said:
in language mute and powerful tell an
" I f I killed Alice Martin, the girl I
eloquent story o f the world's progress.
dearly loved, the womsu I loved so
The Inventive geniuses are the most
much that I would almost commit auj
valuable farm hands we have and
they perform an enduring service to crime for her. I pray thla minute, my
last minute on earth, that the eternal
mankind. W e can all help others for
a brief period while we live, but It God will put me Into eternal hell.”
The condetuued man raised his voice
takes a master mind to tower Into the
realm of science and light a torch of and continued:
"Look here, gentlemen. If there. Is
progress that will Illuminate the path
way of civilisation for future genera­ •>ue uun among you who Is an Amcrl
The men who gave us the can I say to him on his soul—on his
sickle, the binder, the cotton gin and soul. I say—see that the murderer of
Alice Martin Is found.”
hundreds o f other valuable Inventions
The scaffold prayer was delivered bj
work In every held on earth and will
the Rev A P. Moerdyke. who said;
continue their labors as long as time
"May he whom so many believe In­
Their bright Intellects have conquered
nocent of this crime Join thee In ever­
death and they will live and serve
lasting life for the sake. O IzJrd. of
mankind on and on forever, without
money and without price. They have thy son Jesus Christ, our Lord.”
Gleason said he would take no steps
shown us how grand and noble It is
to work for others; they have also in the matter except to look for Paint
taught us lessons In economy and effi­ er's relatives to make known to them
ciency, how to make one hour do tbe- Baxter's request.
work of two or more; have length­
opportunities and taken toil off the
back o f humanity.
Th e) are the most practical men
the world ever produced. Their In­
ventions have stood the acid test of
utility and efficiency. Like all useful
men, they do not seek publicity, yet
millions o f machines sing their praises
from every harvest field on earth and
as many plows turn the soil In mute
applause of their marvelous achieve­
congregallons: the entire Wtjr m be
members of the i-linreb which would
tie maintained by muni I pul luxation J
“ Let us have only one good routs to
heaven and a inuulclixtl minister to
point the way." concluded the mayor
The home Is the greatest contribu­
tion of women to the world, ard the
hearthstone Is her throne. Our so­
cial structure Is built around her, and
eoclal righteousness Is In her charge.
Her beautiful life lights the skies of
hope and her refinement is the charm
of twentieth century civilization. Her
graces and her power are the cumu­
lative products
of generations of
queenly conquest, and her crown of
exalted womanhood Is jeweled with
the wisdom of saintly mothers. She
has been a great factor in the glory
o f our country, and her noble achieve­
ments should not be marred or her
hallowed influence blighted by the
coarser duties of citizenship. Am eri­
can chivalry should never permit her
to bear the burdens of defending and
maintaining government, but should
preserve her unsullied from the allied
Influences o f politics, and protect her
from the weighty responsibilities of
the sordid affairs of life that will
crush her Ideals and lower her stand­
ards. The motherhood o f the farm
Is our inspiration, she Is the guardian
of our domestic welfare and a guide
to a higher life, but directing the af­
fairs of government Is not within wo­
man's sphere, and political gossip
would cause her to neglect the home,
forget to mend our clothes and burn
the biscuits.
W e need social centers where our
young people can be entertatwd,
amused and Instructed under t h ^ li-
rectlon of cultured, clean and com­
petent leadership, where
surroundings stir the love for the
beautiful, where art charges the at­
mosphere with inspiration and power,
and innocent amusements Instruct
and brighten their lives.
T o hold our young people on the
farm we must make farm life more
attractive as well as the business of
farming more remunerative.
school house should be the social unit,
properly equipped for nourishing and
building character, so that the lives of
our people can properly function
around It and become supplied with
the necessar) elements of human
thought and activity.
Education is a developing of the
mind, not a stuffing of the memdry.
Digest what you read.
Old men have visions, young men
have dreams.
Successful farmers
plow deep while sluggards sleep.
The growing r i egumes will retard
coll depletlr.n „
greatly add to its
power to picdur ..
Mayer Wants Municipal Church.
San Bernardino. Cal —Mayor J. W.
Catick Issued a statement advocating
the abollahment of all churches In the
city and tbe building In their stead, by
a bond issue, of a tabernacle seating
more than 2.500 and the appointment
of a municipal minister, who would
administer the spiritual needs o f San
Bernardino He siso proposed tbe ap­
pointment of a municipal minister, who
must perform all marriages and offlcl-
ate a t all funerals free; tbe prohibition
o r law of tbe soliciting o f funda from
' ..........................
■ ■
■ m
We call your attention to the following an-
iMHinmnentM and auk that you accept this as an
invitation to pe present as often as possible at ‘ ‘The
Church with the Methodist Handshake."
Milton A. Marcy, Pastor,
Mrs. E. Butler, Sec. of Official Board,
Joffrs Doesn't Read Papers.
Paris -General Joffre. the French
commander, has uot read a newspaper
since the war began. It Is said, and tbs
only thing In the wny o f letters he baa
written were brief notea to his wlfs
and sister.
Sunday School each Sunday morning at 10 o'clock
with classes for all ages.
Kpworth league each Sunday evening at 6:30.
Kpworth Praises is the official song book. Ralph
Harrington Choirister.
Theme Announcements for the morning worship at
o'olooh anti evening worship at 7:10 o'elesk.
Jan. 31. Morning: Sunday School program un­
der the direction o f Miss Mary Hammond aa chair­
man o f the Committee on Sunday Schools.
An urgent invitation is extended to all to attend
this evening service.
Evening: Choir special.
Business Integrity,
N. Selig
Sin and Disease
Dr. Heliwarth
Male Quartette
Sin and Education
Prof. Haley
Should l * w be Obeyed
H. G. Strayhr
These are vital themes discussed by men who
k io v from experience.
His Assumed New Importance
In the Present War.
Both Sides Face Difficult Problems In
Getting Water Out of tbs Trenches.
Germane Collecting All the Brass
They Can Find to Got the Copper Out
of It For Fuoeo.
London —An account by the "eye- i
witness" o f the British headquarters
staff at the front mentions the coo
tlnued and exceptionally heavy rain
fall In the fighting zone. Aviators, the
account says, report that the Scheldt
as well as the Lys has overflowed and
la flooding large dUtrk tn The rondl
G od o f the trenches Is shown In the
follow ing extract from the ,statement:
“ The Germans In some places have
attempted to pump the water from .
their trenches Into ours, but owing to :
February 7. Morning: Beginning a aeries o f
constructive, honest talks on ‘ ‘The Choice o f a
Church.” ( I ) The Roman Catholic Church, (Inclu­
ding a brief survey o f its magnificent history.)
Evening: Does Evolution undermine the Truths
o f the Bible?
February 14. Morning: ( I I ) Christian Science
Evening: Address by Dr. James Moore, Super­
intendent o f Salem District
February 21. Morning: ( I I I ) The 7th Day Ad­
ventist Church.
Evening: Smith, Jones and others put some
hard questions. They want to know: ( I ) Whether
the present day ‘ ‘ Woman Movement” is to help or
to hinder the cause of morals and religion.
February 28. Morning: ( I V ) The Methodist
Evening: ( I I ) Whether the Bible has greeter
moral and spiritual authority than other greet booka
and whether it makes any difference what a man
believes just so he lives nght?
Great Excitement Until Metal
Proves to Be Iron Pyrites.
Simmer. Waeh.—Excitement prevail­
ed In Sumner following the news of a
"gold" atrlke made on Main street by
Trank Kelly, an ex-Alaskan miner of
nine years' experience.
For several
hours forty men and boys panned the
mud In the gutter and proudly exblb-
Iter the "dust.”
Kelly staked out a
twenty acre mining elalm, including
the heart o f the city, and two hour«
later the claim was jumped by Jesse
Tbe local druggist. Bill Nay
smith, who made a hasty ultrlc acid
teat of tbe glittering metal, pronounced
it pure gold
Kelly was sweeping tbe sidewalk tn
front of the Kelly & Darr grocery on
Main street when be saw bright «pecks
the size o f pin beads In the mud in the
He hastily got a pie tin and
punned some of the mud containing
half n spoonful o f the dust Taking It
to Naysmlth. he was assured after gn
acid examination It was real gold.
Kelly then obtained a government
mining claim blank and filled It ont.
The claim was named the D. A K.
claim. The location was the regular
twenty acre« allowed by the govern­
ment. Tbe filed claim sheet was nail­
ed to a two foot board that was placed
upright between two bricks at tbe
edge o f the street.
By this time, however, the report of
the atrlke had gone out. and fls Kelly
went to mark the four corners of his
claim others began to appear with
pans of all descriptions
Brooms, shovels and all kinds of Im­
plements for collecting a pile o f the
valuable dirt were pressed Into serv
Ice. Tom Frye and several others ran
to the fire bouse and brought out the
fire hose. When this was turned on to
sluice the street a number o f the slow­
er miners got a bath. Frye obtained «
hottleful o f tbe “ gold'' mixed with the
black sand and boasted that it con­
tained at least $500 worth
By 2 o'clock the street had been
swept as clean an a billiard table, the
first time It has been washed clean
since It was laid. It was said
The metal was pronounced to he
pyrites of Iron, or “ fool's gold.” by
Streeter Beall o f Puyallup after micro
scopie and heated nitric acid tests
was admitted by all. however, that It
looked to be real gold, and being found
In black sand was an added Indication
In Its favor. The sand that fell on the
streets was from gravel and sand wag
ons hauling It from a gravel bank near
the Stuck river.
March 7. Morning: Historic Israel (Illustrated)
Evening: ( I I I ) Whether e men who really
thinks today can be religious?
March 14. Morning: Historic Israel ( cont )
Evening: The Benefits and Evils o f the Cigar­
Reading: Miss Ella Mehrling.
Male Quartette. Selected.
Special music at both morning and evening ser­
vices under the direction o f Mrs. Chas. Moyer and
the choir.
Services similar to those herein announced oc­
cur each Sunday at the M. E. church and you are
cordially invited to attend.
Signed: Milton A. Marcy, Pastor,
Mrs. E. Butler, Sec. o f Official Board.
Photo by American Press Association.
the flat ground they have been slngu
Isrly unsuccessful.
The problem of
how to get rid of the water is engag
tug both sides. Tbe muddy water 1«
difficult to pump out but this dlffi
cnlty Is being overcome, although con
tlnual bailing and pumping are re
The account relates some minor
fights and then makes the following
references to the situation o f the
“ The Germans are reported to be col­
lecting all the brass they can find, no
doubt for the purpose o f extracting the
copper for fuses The towns and vtl
lagea behind tbe front are system« tl
cally ransacked and everything that
contains copper, from church belle to
household utensils o f all kinds, baa
been seized.”
The following reference ie made to
“ The experiences o f this war have
caused many profound modifications of
theories previously held, but no factor,
perhaps, waa so underestimated as tbe
effect of high explosive projectiles fired
from guns add howitzers. At tbs open
Ing o f the war tbe alllee were Inferior
to the enemy In this respect This In
ferlorlty has «bice been made good,
and tbe Germans are now experiencing
to a far greater extent than before tbe
devaatatlng effect o f theae missiles
“The successes o f the Japanese at
Port Arthur gave an Inkling o f the po­
tentialities of the , heavy howitzer
against permanent fortifications, bat
the decisive effect o f high explosives
against troops In the field ns welt as
against field Intreocbments has com*
aa a complete surprise.
“ Artillery has assumed an Importance
greater probably than It ever before
possessed and certainly greater than It
baa known since the time o f Napoleon.
For the lasf hundred years, as used
against troopa. field nrtlllery generally
has boon depended ti|»>n to create a
; moral affect rather than grpat material
result. It has bean reserved for this
war to prove It to be the chief agent In
destroying the anemy’a power of re­
“It Is extremely hard to conceal the
position of trendies from an aerial ob
server, and once their position ta noti­
fied to the guns and tbe range Is ob-
1 tslned It Is not long before tbe whole
¡ length o f trenebea will ha blown tn
Entanglements. trout de loup and ev­
ery form o f obstacle, however Ingen
tons, are «wept a wny.
‘T h a t the moral effect Is very great
Is shown by tbe written and verbal evt
Í dance o f prisoners.
"The allies' artillery la gradually as­
suming superiority over the German, a
factor of great Importance In the prose­
cution o f our general offensive.”
Extra coplea of The New* are
printed eaoh week, and will be aeot
to any addreaa deaired, postpaid,
for 6 cents per oopy.
H a a rt
D U ««* «
A b u t
Fatal U Yawaf GM
"Ur «eughtar. whs* t e d ia ratee
eld. was stricken ate beate ta subis,
aa« wss ce bed we bea te gteee ber
Bean Famlns In Beaten.
Boston.- Because many bean crops
have been «old to the nations at war.
Boston Is facing a beuti famine Tbe
price It now 12 cents a pound Instead
of a
Notice to Eletrlc Light Users
All perenna owing the Falla City
Electric Light Co. for service prior
to April 1, 1914, will please pay
the amount to D. L. Wood at The
News office.
Good farm for sale, enquire at
thia office.
Walter L. Tooie, Jr., Lawyer,
Dallaa, Oregon.
Correspondents wanted in every
neighborhood in this section of the
cheeked giri. Ne ese ase i «asertes the
confidence t have le Or I BI««* Weste
Remedy.” A. R. CAJraw. Wetefc. Me.
The unbounded eoaftdsaee Mr.
Canon he« in Dr. Miles* Heart Rem­
edy ie shared by thousands of
other* who know He Tain« frees
experience. Many heart disorder«
yield to treatment, if the treatment
is r ig h t If you are bothered with
short breath, fainting «pell», swell­
ing of feet or sable», pern* shout
the heart and shoulder blade», pal-!
pitstion, weak and hungry «pells,
you should begin a sing Dr Miles'
Heart Remedy at one«. Predt by
the exVerienee of others while you
De. Mil««’ Heard Remedy I* sold end
g u a r a n te e d by alt druggMs.