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ÌT < ?H E N
ißU P B O A R D
Rural Church the Guiding
Star of Progress.
By Petar Radford.
Lecturer National Farmer»' Union.
We are confronting a new rural
ctvtiiiaUon It la to radically differ
•nt from the life of the peat that It
may well be called new, not merely
because of Ite characteristics, but be­
cause of its triumph in rural co-opera-
tton and leadership. The utilisation
of modern agencies, and the use of
farm machinery have greatly increas­
ed the efficiency of the farmers,
broadened their vision and made life ^
more satisfying
The most serious enemies to coun
try life are Isolation and drudgery, and
perhaps the worse of the two is Iso­
lation. It is the curse of the coun­
try. The hunger of young people for
companionship has been disregarded
and in various ways the social in­
stincts have had their revenge. The
fruits of modern tnvenUve skill and
enterprise have enriched country' life
and afforded the facilities of banish
ing forever the extreme ieolaUon
which used to vex the farm house
hold of the past. The telephone Is a
great' social asset In the rural home;
the rural free delivery brings the
world's dally message to the door; the
parcel post delivers ten million pack­
ages per annum at a halt million
homes, and the automobile annihilates
distance, making Isolation a myth.
The building of public highways has
brought communities and farm homes
closer together.
T h e S lav e of D rudgery.
It is a dramatic moment on the
farm when machinery emancipates
the slave of drudgery. The evolution
of farm machinery is a continued
atory of human ingenuity. One man
now, by the aid of modern mechanical
devices, can do as much as five or
ten men used to perform and the
work is less burdensome and more
fascinating. The miracle of conquest
will lift the curse of drudgery that
has crushed the courage out of farm
boys and caused them to retreat to the
There are many labor-saving
devices for the homes that ean relieve
the wife of back-breaking tasks La­
bor-saving machinery has wrought
educational problems that have en­
gaged the attention of the boys, re­
lieved the housewife and added new
economies and values to farming and
has taken away self pity and given
them a genuine pride In their calling
We need to take full advantage of
these facilities.
Co-operation the K ey-N ote.
One test of modern civilization is
the capacity for co-operation
selfish days of the independent farm­
er are rapidly passing and we are be­
ginning to catch the vision and share
the profits of organized efforts. There
are many farm machines adapted to
serving a community, but organiza
tlon of farmers is required to pur­
chase and operate them on a co-oper­
ative basis, and new laws are needed
to permit these transactions.
New Tasks for the Rural Church.
The rural church has been slow to
adjust itself to the new order of
things. The churches are discover­
ing new opportunities for service,
broader community usefulness and a
greater social mission. The church
must gird itself for new tasks and
under a new virile type of leadership
undertake real community building
with the modern church as the center
of activity and source of Inspiration
and guidance. The triumph over lso-
latlon and the gradual emancipation
from drudgery, the development of
good roads, telephones, rural mall ser­
vice and the wonderful evolution of
farm machinery make for religious
advancement. The increase In Intel
llgence, new social consciousness,
growing spirit of cooperation, added
efficiency of rural institutions, char-
acter, home building and better rural
morals afford opportunities for a com­
munity-serving church to demonstrate
Its power. The rural church to ful­
fill Its mission must swing around It
the Influences for progress.
Take good roads for your text and
go everywhere preaching the gospel
of better farm conditions.
The average bird Is the farmer's
best and truest friend—stand by your
friends—the feathered songsters.
Peace on earth!
To Europe: Peace and good will
to all men!
Don’t worry today. Put it off
until tomorrow, which never gets
It is quite some war when both
sides win great victories in the
same battle.
18 P L E N T IF U L .
HAD U one of our most popular
food flshea. and now that It la In
••aeon those who art' fond of It
are enjoying It In every style
hhad Timbales Free the fish from
the skin and bones, chop as tine as
possible ami pound to a pulp 1‘ress
this pulp through a line sieve T > each
eupful add half a teaspoonful of salt, a
little cayenne, the raw white of one
egg and a little thick cream. Beat un
til blended and smooth, putting lu the
cream at the last. Have ready tim
bale molds, well buttered, fill even full
with the mixture, place In a deep pau
pour around the molds some boiling
water, cover molds with buttered pa
per ami bake in a moderate oven.
Cooked In B aited W ater.
plows, but Is patience a bar from Jus­
tice? The labor problem of Virginia
today la on (he farm, and the first
attention should he given those who
labor In the field
The Need of Cheap Money,
has never beeu proper­
ly financed. The farmer pays a much
higher rate of Interest as a rule thau
any other class oi borrower and hls
property, especially that of farm prod
ucta, is not so readily accepted as a
j busts of credit as the property of
other lines of Industry of equal mar­
ket value.
A rural or land credit system Is
needed that will enable a farmer to
buy a home on loug time at a cheap
rate of interest.
j A statute based on sound business
principles that will enable the land­
less to buy aud encourage the large
laud owner to sell, is much needed,
and one that merits the most serious
consideration of our law makers.
The financial problem of the state
and nation is on the farm, and first
attention should be given those who
create the nation's wealth.
Boiled Shad.—For this purpose tne
fish need not be sealed, but simply
cleaned and washed Put into boiling
salted water and boll slowly for three'
quarters of an hour. Drain and -on e
It Is an admitted economic fact that
on a napkin garnished with sliced there can be no permanent prosperity
lemon and parsley
without a permanent agriculture.
Spiced Shad. — When the shad ha*
been washed and dried place it iu a
An up-to-date farmer must have an
large baking pan with pepper, salt and accurate knowledge of today and a
hntter and bake slowly for twenty clear vision of tomorrow
minutes. Then sprtukle with one tea
spoonful of cloves, ciuuamon and all
In this age of advancement In agri­
splee and a dash of cayenne aud pout cultural science there Is no excuse for
over this one cupful of vinegar and soil depletion to further menace the
bake half an hour more.
nation's prosperity.
W ith a Ham D ressin g.
Baked Shad -K eep on the head aud
fins. Make a dressing of grated bread
crumbs, cold boiled ham or bacon
minced fine, sweet marjoram, red pep
tier and a little powdered mace or
clove. Moisten it with beaten yolks of
eggs. Stuff the inside of the fish witli
it. reserving a little to rub over the
outside, having first rubbed the fish all
over with yolk of egg.
Planked Shad -Select a firm, good
sized fish aud cut off the head and tall
and detach the spinal boue. Season
inside and out with salt aud pepper
and roll in flour. Now fry iu butter or
olive oil for five minutes. The plank,
which Is preferable when made of oak.
should be well oiled with olive oil
Place the fish on the plank skin side
down and bake in an oven for twenty
minutes- Garnish the fish with lemon
and parsley and serve o% the plunk.
Soil Is not a .lead. Inert substance,
as many suppose It Is au active, virile
force, full of energy and power and
the farmer should know his Soli It he
would maintain Its productiveness.
Agriculture la recognized as the
greatest of all industries and a pros­
perous’ progressive and enlightened
agricultural population is the surest
safeguard of civilization.
WOMAN who hough» a
dross which she found
was not Just what she waut-
ed went with I» to one of the
biggest »toree In the world
and »aid It did not suit tier
She wanted her mouey back,
but explained that »he hud
lout the sales slip The turn
she claimed was given to her
Two days later slut A>uud
the sales slip and discovered
that she had uot bought the
dress at the store to which
she had taken It, but bad
bought tt at a rival establish
meat She weut to the store
and explained.
“We kuew you had not
bought the dress here," ex­
plained the mauager, “but
you were palpably dlssatia
fled with It, aud our alui la to
satisfy all our customers If
we have Impressed on your
rnlud the Tact that we are
more thau fair we are satis­
fied We covet nothing more
than such a reputation us we
are sure you will give us."
Many will tbtuk that this
was carrying fairness too far,
Perhaps It was, but It was
done by the greatest retail
merchant of this nge. one
who»e imuie Is known wher­
ever the Kugllsh language Is
*|token and whoae expendi­
ture* for advertising ran up
to a inlllluu doliurs a year
Successful advertisers know
that satt*fled customers are
an Invaluable asset.
have an advantage In dealing
with the lltienil advertiser*
The wise man puts his best foot
forward. The fool stands still on
o n
m m
Agriculture, including Agronomy,
Animal Husbandry, Dairying, Horti­
The hand of success is extended
culture, Poultry Husbandry. Insects,
to everyone. But only a few
Plant and Animal Diseases, Cream-
erv Management, Marketing, etc.
grasp it.
home Economics. Including Cook­
ing, Home Nursing, Sanitation, Sew­
ing. Dressmaking and Millinery.
In Siam there are no old maids.
Commerce, Including Business Man­
Rural Economics, Business
But Siam is a long ways from
Law, Office Training. Farm Account­
hjre. girls.
ing, etc.
Engineering, Including
Shopwoik and Roadbuilding.
There is yet a week in which to
A general clearing house session of ■
six days for the exchange of dynamic
compile that set of New Year’s
Ideas on the most pressing problems
resolutions you have no intention
of the times.
Lectures By leading
State conferences.
of keeping.
Offers lectures, movable schools, In­
This pastime of making national | stitutes and numerousconespondencs
courses on request.
grimaces across the border has1 MUSIC;
Piano. String, Band, Voice
The Farm the Place to Study
All Legislative Problems.
served at least one good purpose.
No tuition. Reduced ri'es on all rail
We are occasionally reminded that roads. For further inf urn i-m address,
The Oregon Agriculiura- College,
there is a Mexico.
itw ia-i to-i n
coirv t tv. i i » b < iu >
By Peter Radford.
The principal function performed by
government today is to collect taxes,
keep records and prevent and punish
crime; but that is not sufficient. Gov­
ernment should tip its hat to the God­
dess of Opportunity as courageously '
as It draw-s a six-shooter on a train
robber. We ought to encourage thrift i
as well as restrain greed. We have
been basing legislation upon the ex |
tremes of human life—the classes |
high and low, the depraved and the |
talented—let us now reach the masses (
and the extremes will more nearly |
disappear Our statutes are filled to j
overflowing with pity and revenge;
let us add opportunity.
The slogan of the Farmers’ Union
is co-operation. Not only among in '
dividual farmers, but between all legi !
timate and useful occupations. We |
want to sit around the hearthstone !
of Industry and talk over problems of j
mutual Interest with our neighbors.
We want to invite those who are
earnestly searching for Information
on public questions to get back to
the soil with their Investigations
where, in the stillness of nature, they
can climb the mountain-top of wis­
dom, explore the deep canyons of
knowledge and stroll through the
quiet valleys of understanding.
There Is no problem in civilization
that cannot be found In Its native
state on the farm The labor, edu-
home-building and all other problems j
are there. We will discuss a few of J
The Labor Problem.
We bow to the dignity of labor j
No one would be willing to do more
to lighten the burdens. Increase the
safety, comforts and profits of those j
who labor In commerce and Industry i
than their fellow tollers In agricul j
ture. But how about the farmer who j
bows his back to feed and clothe the
world, and who works from sun until
sun? Is he not also entitled to an
Increase in pay and a shortening of j
hours? Much haa been said about j
the women in the factory and behind
the counter, but how about the woman
In the field, drpnehed In perspiration,
gathering the harvest, the little chil­
dren, their lips wet with mother’s
milk, toiling by her side? Are they
not also entitled to consideration? Is
not the man who digs In the ground
entitled to the same consideration as
he who tolls at the forge, weaves at
the loom and works behind the count­
The farmer has been bearing bis
burdens as patiently as the beast he
Not ca ia liBroUy given tliut (lie
regnUr Annual Bl'K'kholderVnr'St-
ing of the Hitik nt Kalla Dili,
Incntril at Kalla City, Orfgiii,, will
be I. rl'l ill the Itankli g m un» ol
aunt bank on I'litnilnv, lb« I'Jtb
day of January, 1915, fur lb« pur
poso nf electing eight directors (nr
llie ei suing year amt »m b other
httaiuea« a* may regularly couie
befnre the meeting
W I" N ichols , Car liter.
Data of (list publication Decem­
ber 12th, 1014
.... , ■ ^
» W
D eafness Cdiiuot Be Cured
bp lov: l applications, no they cannot
reach the diseased portion of th e ear.
There Is only uno way to euro Uodfut-ss,
and th at Is by constitution J r tm-dlrs.
D eafness Is caooed t<>- an Intl-uned condi­
tion o f the mucous lining o f the F u sts-
ch lsn Tubs. W hen tills tube U lull imed
you lisv s • rumbling sound or Imperfect
hearing, and when It Is entirety dosed.
Dearness Is tb s result, amt unless the In­
flammation run be taken out and this
tubs restored to Its norm al condition,
hearing wilt be destroyed forever, nine
vase« cu t o f ten a re m used by t 'lia r r h ,
which It nothing but an Inflamed condi­
tion i f the mucous su rfaces.
W ee'll sir* tine llueitred I ollur* for any esse of
IV . f , i i-anu-t by catsrrb* tbmtesnn.,1 h-rured bf
Ball's Catarrh fare, »end for elrcslsn fro«.
P k y i i s l s a SR* S u r g e s «
Office o»er Thom pson'« drug alors. Mu-
lu al filo s a NI P k o ss Night C elt 4SI
1’ IIY S K 'IA N
Ottica one door east of P, O.
Iw .’w 'à Phono 3»I8
Attorney a t Law
Crucili « lu s ii the l i t i * courts.
Multe II ■ u ab -B n yu rsn HMg., plume 106
S a la n t. O ra g a n
B u ô in e o ô (T a rte
jfa lls d lty 'fro te l
S a m g la R i a m i
S a a t A o osm m iëatlo n a
Tala Halt's Vauuir PiU* fur .ouuipatlue.
O V E R SO V E A R S '
Palis Clip,
. F. Drosgo, Prtsrltlor
Commercisi Tr»*1s
• Npsslslly
Hanipl* Houuia
Mutiler Building
Zbc flDafcena
T rade M arks
Desto ms
A h » o n a ii* it «11 t>ti u B t e t '- h « n tl d M e r ip ik m ««▼
oklv «j»'#rt«u»
ruttori in h our O
o ulti
ion into wheth«r «o
p«tu |PJftlhHLs.J vtnnjoni™.
Invention i*
is prot^ablf
probeblf Pal<
tlons RirlctlT‘ otunitnni.il. HANDBOOK on Detents
■ent free. Ottieni uuoucy for eet-urui* »aleuta.
ratnut4 taken UUoUifb Munti A Co. receive
•pe lai notice Wit bout char««, lu Lbs
hantlnotni'fr lllustrsisd weekly. I r treat em­
ulation of «nf Bi'iMiitlfle It>uriial. Tarma, 91 «
i lour month*. 91. Bold by all new»«]eat*ra.
0t3 e K tB
HI _ r
W --,
s s h i n New
o t i i n I York
PalIsCHy'i Beat Hotel
i . . . . . . . . Mrf
Mrs. Mas N Idiota
Bohle’s Barber Shops
F a l l a C it y , O r e g o n
khrrt y sii css |ct a Must. Reír Cat. Balk
tr 'Shi»«'
Attui for BtlUi Slrtm Lsasdry
Hu ndlsa forwarded Tuesday a rs n ln .
H a r r i n g t o n ’s
G . L. H A W K I N S
H o m e M a d e C a n d ie s
01 tlm Beat Brand
K IN D S .
P e a n u t and Popcorn
S t a n d in C o n n e c tio n .
Europe *1 War is so much better than anything else offered that there is simply no
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D a lla a , Oregon
Funeral Director
Wo at toa J to all work promptly.
Dalla* sad Folla City, Or
/ -
— N
© re g o n
C. W . M a t t h o w s , P r a p r l a t a r
I___________________ J
Zh c
fb a b o
< H A « . M IX *
1’ r o p r i s i o r
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W . B . O ffic e r, M . D .
Soi l hr I'ru««»,,,. TV
There has never been a war of such tremendous importance and magnitude as the pres-
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together it is the handsomest and'most attractive volume of this kind ever offered.
See' our window display, Kill«
Kor (lent Dwelling house. Ap­
ply at New» i Ittce.
p c c 00 to n a l d a r t *
Nolice of Stockholders Meeting of
Bank of Tails City.
Satisfying a Customer
Carried to an Extreme
Id i 4-1 a
L ectu rer National F arm ers'
l)KC., M, H»14
THE FALLS CITY NEWS, Falls City, Oregon:
Dear Sirs:
A b lu o-p onoll o re e s m ark on «Rio
n o tice m o o n s t h a t y o u r s u b s c r ip ­
tion to T he N e w s Rao oxalraM and
noods rix ln g Do I« n ow .
Enclosed find $................ for which
send me offer No...............................................................
F. K. Hubbard Realty Company
Yours truly,
Rool Estate bought, sold, end exchanged.
Collections. Ineuzance. Abstracts.
Notarial work ; Logs! Documents Prepared.
Address.......... ...............
Office, In the Felle City New« office.