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T his N ew 4 Htandu for
a greater and better
Falla City all the time
Catholics Make
United States
Huy all goods of home
merchants and help to
make Falla City greater
considers to he insuperable ob­
Appeal [ it stacles
to its purposes—the regular
Asked to
Clergy In Mexico.
M a n y O u tr a g o s A g a in a t Re ligion E n u ­
m e ra te d and A m o rio a n a U rg e d to
D o m an d S a tis fa c tio n .
Washington, Ort. 21 — An ap­
peal to the American Government
and people to protect the Catholic
clergy and church in Mexico and
demamj reparation for outragen al­
ready committed wan tiled with
the State Department today by a
committee of the American Federa­
tion of Catholic Societies.
Describing the political condi­
tions which aro declared to he re­
sponsible (or the present stutu of
unrest in Mexico, the committee
asserted the attitude of the Roman
Catholic clergy has been one of
absolute neutrality, striving only
to teach the uneducated clostln
oliedience and respect for constitu
ted nutlurity.
“The revolution which will short­
ly be in control of the government
in Mexico,” says the statement,
“has proclaimed, us n necessary
means for the establishment and
working out of it« programme, the
suppression of three classes which
army, the Roman Catholic party
und the large land holders.
“The recent revolution differs
from those that preceded it only in
being more radical. The present
generation of revolutionists are
thor» uglily imbued with anti-Chris­
tian and anti-spiritull principles.
They are, therefore, enemies of all
religion and e speci all y the Catholic
religion They propose at any
cost to uproot the Catholic religion
from the hearts of tile people.
“The priests of u 11 the places
which have I teen occupied by the
revolutionists have beeu expelled
i it a body ami without trial. They
h a v e been robbed of everything
they possessed. Many of them
have been lliiowu into prison.
Others have been tortured. Borne
have been killed. Churches have
been turned into batracks and
stables. In Behuayo, Michocati,
eleven priests were threatened with
death if they would not pay a ran­
som. The bishop of Zacatecus was
also subjected to ransom but had
nothing to give. The Catholics
freed them from captivity with the
money they had gathered in order
t» placate the revolutionists.”
In conclusion tho appeal said:
Wo trust that the American peo­
ple will realise that they are in
hont r bound to defend us, to de­
mand aatisfactiou for the flagrant
violation of the recommendations
which were made by them to Car­
ranza and his followers.”
The Dental Trust, with all its powerful pol­
itical organization, is moving heaven and earth
to defeat the dental reform bill.
In every town and city members off the
Trust are out working against the bill.
The Medicai Trust is helping the Dental
Trust by forcing nurses and druggists, under
threat off boycott, to work against dental re­
All kinds off campaign lies are being cir­
culated to deceive the voters. Don’t let the
Trust scare you.
The Trust made the present dental law.
Under this law it controls the State Board of
Dental Examiners, every member of that board
is a member of the Trust.
In this way competent dentists are kept
out of Oregon, and the Trust prevents com-
petion and keeps up prices.
6th and Washington Sts.,
Portland, Orogon.
(Paid Advertisement.)
p r o h ib it io n
It is difficult to understand ju tt
why the hop growers of this state Germans Endeaver to Break
Through to Paris By Way
are making so much of a fight
against the prohibition amend­
of Seacoast.
ment which is to be voted upon
l ari».— A gigan tic b a ttle o f s ta r tl­
this fall. Statistics compiled by
ing m agnitude and g re at im portance
the Portland Reference Library I . being waged wrlth d esperate energy
show that only two per cent of In a field of vast p ro p o rtio n , along Ir­
the hops raised in Oregon are reg u lar lin e* ju s t acro ss tho border
In Belgium . T h e O erm ana have hurled
manufactured in this state and an enorm ous force again st the a llie s —
66 per cent goes outside of the F ren ch , B ritish and B elgian troops
who aro massed ou a fro n t from Ar-
United States. If Oregon then m en tlers past L ille, to Ypres and then
should go dry and cut off the to tb e sea.
local market it would mean that
London.— T h e c ris is in the Germ an
only two bales out of every one attem p t to seize the Fren ch channel
hundred would fail to find a ports, scarce ly 20 m iles from the coast
ot England, cam e with the Fren ch o f­
ficial announcem ent th a t both the
A great deal is made of the heavy Germ an guns th at destroyed the
labor problem and the great Antwerp to rts and the B ritish flee t
has taken part In a battle, the front
amount of money to be made by of which extended from N ieuport to
picking hops. The hop picking Yladslo.
H eavy fighting n ear Dunkirk Is a n ­
season only lasts two or three nounced in state m e n ts from both P aris
weeks, and, if the Oregon market and B erlin T h e G erm an w ar o ffice
was closed, only two per cent of claim s th at the K a ise r’s troops have
this would be deducted, which at reached tbe neighborhood of that port
and th at the Inhabitants a re fleeing
the most would only amount to from both Dunkirk and Boulogne.
about three hours lost time dur­
T h e P aris statem en t d eclares that
ing the season for each picker. the B elgian arm y has repulsed th e
At the recent hop growers’ con­ G erm ans near N ieuport, which is half
vention at Aurora it was admitt­ way between O stend and Dunkirk. It
is also stated th at th e B ritish fleet
ed that from that great hop sec­ p articipated In the b attle, th e heavy
tion all the hops shipped to Ore­ guns of the battlesh ip s helping to hurl
gon points jast year was one-half tbe G erm ans back.
bale to Baker City and one-half
B ritish Sink Four Germ an D estroyers.
bale to The Dalles.
London.— Fou r Germ an d estroyers,
One of the greatest growers of w ere engaged and sunk o ff the
hops in the state says that where­ D utch coast by a B ritish c ru iser and
in at one time he had 2000 acres four torpedo-boat d estroyers.
in hops, he has reduced his yards
to 160 acres. This man says that
at the best hop growing is a
B ritish F leet F ire s on G erm ans and
gamble and that it robs the soil
B ayonet Duels Common.
and is not a money-making in­
P aris.— K ing A lb ert’s B elgian arm y,
vestm ent That it is impossible whose stam ina feels u n affected by tbe
to raise hops continuously for any privations it has undergone, fought
length of time, with success, on with the g re ate st gallantry alongside
any but river bottom land, which the B ritish and Fren ch allies n ear the
B elgian coast.
¡Overflows each year, is an estab­
A new elem ent w as Introduced in
lished fact. The constant rob­ the co n flict when th e B ritish flee t
bing of the soil re-acts on the made its p resence known by a brisk
crop which soon begins to de­ cannonade of m assed G erm an colum ns
crease. The state of Washing­ which are try in g to break down the
a llie s' resistan ce.
ton, which at one time held first
T h e figh tin g w as sev ere along the
place in the production of hops, R iv er Y ser, w here the G erm ans sought
now stands sixth, due to exhaus­ to gain con trol of the fo rts. F u rth e r
tion. One man who raised hops south, a t L a B a sse e, the struggle,
on a large scale for several years which has been in progress sev eral
days, developed into a house-to-house
said that one year he made four com bat. B oth sid es displayed the
thousand dollars, but added that g re a te st d eterm ination and in many
during the next three years he c a se s bayonet duels progressed from
one floor to an o th er until th e G erm ans
lost it all and more too.
w ere even tually overcom e.
r Wherein is prohibition going to
hurt the country? Ask the busi­ Huge Num bers of P riso n e rs T aken .
ness men. One was overheard
B erlin .— T h e w ar o ffice gave out the
to say recently that his company follow ing recen tly com piled list of
could afford from a business prisoners now in G erm an c o n ce n tra ­
standpoint to give a hundred tion cam ps, as revised up until O cto­
b er 1.
dollars a year to keep Harrisburg
B ritish , 180 o ffice rs, 8,600 men.
dry and would then be money
F ren ch , 2,050 o ffice rs. 123,000 men.
R u ssian s, 2,150 o fficers, 92,000 men.
ahead. Whv? More business.
Less money for the saloon means
more money for the business
men. In conversation with a
traveling salesman, who is a per­
sonal acquaintance of the editor,
he said that nine out of every ten
B erlin , via T h e H ague and London.
business men whom he interro­
— P rep aratio n s a re under way fo r a
gated on the subject said that
d ecisive b attle in the eastern aren a of
they expected to see Oregon go the war, w here A ustrian and Germ an
dry this fall.
arm ies have taken position along the
The brewers and distillers real­ R iv er V istu la and the R iv er S an and
are ready for ev en tu alities.
ize that they are fighting in their
T h e r e ta k in g of Przem ysl, ns an­
last trench in Oregon and they nounced from A ustrian sou rces, has
are trying to enlist every person perm itted the unfolding of the power
possible in their campaign. They of the A ustrians in the d irection ot
are trying to draw in the hop L entberg and th eir ad vance^ in the
southern C arpathian m ountains is
growers and pickers, the hotel
m enacing the extrem e le ft wing ot the
men, the commercial clubs—in R u ssian s.
fact anyone and everyone possi­
D esperate fighting is already going
ble. Whether or not they suc­ on along the cen te r of the two arm ies
ceed in defeating the prohibition on the bank s of the V istu la. T h is
action has been In a m easure delayed
amendment depends on
owing to the bad condition of the
voters of course and the Com­ roads in southern Poland and the
monwealth believes that the presence of section s of swampy land
voters will stand up for the right. T h is condition has m ade necessary
detours on the part of th e A ustrian
- -From the Commonwealth, Har­
Ind Germ an forces.
risburg, Oregon.
(Fd. Adv.)
T h e R u ssian array is e ast of the
Anti-Saloon League.
Vistula. T h is fact Is regarded in B e r­
lin a . m aking its advance and the
general m anagem ent of the cam paign
a d ifficu lt m atter, and at the sam e
time unfavorable.
B a ttle on at B elfort.
B erlin .— According to a telegram
from Zurich received by the serai-of
ficiai Cologne G azette, heavy Germ an
m o rta r, have been placed east of tbe
fo*1ress of B elfo rt, w here the fighting
already has begun. T h e G erm ans so
fs r a re gaining ground. though slowly.
No. 8
governm ent has acted with g reat
prom ptness in insuring the assistan ce
of P ortugese troops If tbe mutiny
should develop serious proportions.
T h at it will do so In the face of the
pro B ritish sym pathies of most of the
B oer governm ent leaders Is improb­
T h e value of th e naval encounters
of the week is about equally divided.
Germ an subm arines have sunk a B rit­
ish and a Russian light cru iser, and
B ritish w arships have destroyed four
Germ an torpedo boat destroyers.
Anti-Germ an R iots Started in London.
London.— Anti-Germ an rioting
London caused the d estruction o f a
score of shops. Damage was done in
the Deptford borough and in Old K e n t
road. In the form er d istrict sev eral
sto res w ere attack ed and set afire.
B ritish L osses A re 13,500.
London.— An official report by Gen­
eral F ren ch , com m anding the B ritish
expeditionary force, gives the to tal of
B ritish killed, wounded and m issing
from S ep tem ber 12 to O ctober 8 as
581 o ffic e rs and 12.980 men.
I s
r t io to b
A m erican P re ss A ssociation .
G eneral Von Kluek, com m ander of
the right wing of the Germ an arm y
which invaded F ran ce through B el­
Co-operation of Church, School and
P re ss E ssen tial to Community
By P ete r Radford.
Lecturer National F a r m e rs ' Union.
T h e chu rch, the press and the school
form a trip le allian ce of progress th at
guides the d estiny of every com mun­
During the past week the G erm ans ity. s ta te and nation. W ithout them
followed up th e ir cap tu re o f Antwerp civ ilization would w ither and die and
through them life may attain its g re a t­
by occupying unopposed O stend, a
e st blessing, power and knowledge.
B elgian port cn tb e N orth Sea, near
T h e farm ers of th is nation ore greatly
w here the G erm an right wing and the Indebted to this social trium virate fo r
a llie s' le ft engaged in a stru ggle to th e ir uplifting influence, and on behalf
prevent Germ an occupation of Fren ch of th e A m erican plowman I w ant to
ports, which would bring them n earer than k th o se engaged in th ese high
to th e English coast.
callin g s for th e ir able and efficient
T h e allied line in th is region runs serv ice, and I shall offer to th e press
from a point on the coast which has a series of a rticle s on co-operation
not been disclosed.
A rras is the ! betw een th ese im portant Influences
scen e of the most p ersisten t fighting. and the farm ers in the hope o f In­
creasin g the efficiency o f all by mu­
T h e G erm ans a re try in g to break :
tual understanding and organized ef
through to the C alais railw ay while ] fort. W e will tak e up first th e ru ral
the Fren ch a re attem p tin g to push the church.
G erm an front to the north east.
The F arm ers Are G reat Church Build­
T h e fighting has only begun in this
d istrict, however, fo r the Germ ans,
T h e A m erican farm er is the g re a te st
who would con sid er It a great su c ce ss church builder th e world has ev er
to reach the co ast of F ran ce, have known. He is the custodian o f the
brought up stro n g rein fo rcem en ts and j n ation's m o rality ; upon his shoulders
w ill striv e w ith all th e ir m ight to j re s ts the "a rk of the co v en an t" and
he is more responsive to religious in­
ach iev e th is o b je ct.
T h e allies also can bring up rein- ) fluences than any oth er claua o f c it­
fo rcem en ts both by sea and land and
T h e farm ers of th is nation have
hav e been doing so. which m akes it
built 120,000 ch u rch es a t a co st of
c erta in th at a g reat b attle must be ^ 3750,000,000, and the annual contribu­
fought before e ith e r side gives ground, i tion of the nation toward all church
T h e allies will be assisted by the in stitu tio n s approxim ates $200,000,808
B ritish ships when
th e
fighting per annum . T h e farm ers of th e U n it­
ed S ta te s build 22 ch u rch es per day.
reach es a point n ear the coast.
L ittle d efinite news cam e during the T h e re a re 20.000,000 ru ral church com ­
week from the V istu la R iv er, w here m u nicants on the farm , and 54 per
the R u ssian s claim to have repulsed cen t of th e total m em bership o f all
chu rches reside in the country.
a G erm an attack . W h eth er o r not th e
T h e farm <s the power-house of all
G erm an advance on W arsaw has been
progress and the birth p lace of a ll th at
perm anently checked only the future Is noble. T h e Garden of Eden waa
can Bhow. O ne version has it th at In the country and the man who would
the G erm ans a re preparing to w inter get clo se to God m ust first g et clo se
In Poland.
to natu re.
T h e R u ssian fo rces in G alicia and
The Fu nction s of a Rural Church.
along the E a s t P ru ssian bo n ier are
If the rural chu rches today a re go­
reported to have been driven back ing to render a serv ice which th is age
and placed on the d efensive. They demands, th ere m ust he co-operation
have had to adopt w aiting ta ctics, betw een the religious, social and e co ­
w hile the m ain S la v arm ies co n test nomic life of the com m unity.
T h e church to attain its fu lle st m ea­
th e threatened cap tu re of W arsaw and
sure o f su ccess m ust enrich the lives
the occupation of th e V istu la basin.
of the people in the com m unity it
G eneral von H indenberg’s su cce ss in
serv e s; it m ust build c h a ra c te r ; devel­
entren ch in g h is arm y on R u ssian te r­ op thought and In crease the efficiency
rito ry 150 m iles from the G erm an of human life. It must serve the so­
fro n tie r has elim inated during the cial, business and in tellectu al, aa well
w eek the possibility th at a R u ssian as the sp iritu al and m oral side o f life.
offensiv e m ovem ent can be relied up­ If religion does not m ake a man m ore
on to a s sist the im m ediate develop­ capable, m ore useful and m ore Just,
m ent of the cam paign in F ra n ce and what good is It? W e want a p ractical
religion, one we can live by and farm
Belgium .
by, a s well as die by.
T h e re have been guarded refe re n ce s
Few er and B e tte r Churches.
in the P a ris o fficia l announcem ents
B lessed Is th at rural com munity
during the w eek to an ad vance on
M et* w hich is the m ain d efensive po­ which hae but one place of worship.
sitio n o f the G erm an left c en te r. Metx W hile com petition is the life of trad e,
it is death to the rural church and
seem s to have becom e an o b je ctiv e
moral starv atio n to the com m unity.
for the F re n ch gen eral s ta ff. A sud­
P etty sectarian ism Is a scourge th at
den chang e in the d irection of the a l­ blights th e life, and church p reju ­
lie s ' m ain fo rce s and an invasion in dice saps the v itality of many com ­
fo rce of north ern L o rrain e are possi­ m unities. An over-churched com m un­
ble developm ents o f th is w eek's rec- ity is a crim e ag ain st religion, a seri­
ous handicap to society and a u seless
o n n aisan ces along the Metz roads.
T h e South A frican rebellion, which tax upon agriculture.
W hile denom inations are essen tial
occurred early in th e w eek, is of
questionable im portance.
Tlyg B ritish