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charge inaccuracies or misrepresentu
tious in The Observer's statements
with regard to the manner in which the
clerk's office has been conducted un­
der its present official, it has secured
lucontrovertable evidence to prove it»
Gross Negliganca or Incompetency allegations o f neglect, iuoompetency
or to whatever cause the dilialorinesa
Charged. Says Evidence is Not
may be attributed. Under the new
Lacking to Prove.Charge
uniform system o f bookkeeping by all
counties of the state, eouuty clerks
From Folk County Observer. Oot. 13 are required to render to the insur­
Some people are wanting to put Ed ance commissioner's office at the close
Smith baek into the office because ' ‘ h< of each month a statement o f financial
made a mighty good county clerk.“' conditions. Following the close of
This is admitted even by the demo­ ousincss for last December, Folk
crats. But has any one noticed that county’s report should have been filed
the public's interests have suffers l ,n the office of Commissioner 1 ergu
since Asa Kobinson has been county »on within a few days, yet the detailed
clerk f Mr. Smith held the office fo.‘ report did not reach that office until
four terms and is now asking the vot­ -ometiuie in May. and then it was pre­
ers to return him there just becaust pared by Crandall and Roberts, ex
he was a “ good clerk.” Mr. Robin­ pert accountants in the employ o f the
oirnty, which paid for the service.
son’s claim for re-election are base«
on the same argument.— Folk County Aud this condition prevailed uotwitb-
.landing the fact that the insurance
ommissioucr made repeated requests
The Observer, while cognizant o! or the reports that he might audit and
obtaining conditions, had not intende 1 omplete his compilation o i figures.
giving publicity to what may properl
>tiU, again, we ask, does this cousii-
be termed either ineompetenev or wil -ute a “ good clerk?”
full neglect in the conduct o f the coui:
Fails to Make Reports.
ty clerk’s office under the administer
On February 28, 1914, the eomiuis-
tion o f Mr. Robinson, but since ou
uoner addressed “ Mr. Asa B. Robin
esteemed democratic contemporary i
ou, Jr., County Clerk, Folk County
bold enough to make the above inquir
Julias, Oregou,” as follows: “ Deal
it reluctantly gives one o f several it:
xtr: It is now practically the fit si
stances wherein the “ public’s inter
■i March and we have not roieiveo
ests have suffered,’ ’ and also to sho
rom you the outstanding warrants
that the present encumbent’s claim fo
.a your county as o f De-embei 31,
re-election cannot be based on th
.913. Nor have we received reports
same argument advanced by Mi
.«os. 2 aud 3 as o f date January 31,
Smith’s friends for their candidate.
.914. May we inquire just when we
Supjxrsing, Mr. Voter, you were i
.iay expect same? It is very e-ssen
business, handling, practically speal
ial that we receive these reports
ing. about $100,000 annually. Suppc
rotnptly aud we urge upon you the
ing. again, that you employed a boo
coessny o f having same uiadj ».p
keeper and gave over to him the i
.ud mailed to us immediately.”
sponsibilil\ o f keeping youi accoui
in reply to the above, on March 4,
and you remunerated that employe f< i 914, Mr. Robinson wrote the following
such service for ten months, durii
etter to Mr. Ferguson: “ In r<qdy to
which period he did not even put 1
ours oi February 28 will say that
scratch o f a pen on your journal an
• e have had three weeks circuit cm it
ledger. Would you consider that ei - u the mouth o f February an 1 ih 'ie
plbye a “ good clerk?” And, thei
.as been too much extra work without
after the expiration of ten month
.uy extra help, and we expect to get
supposing this bookkeeper engage
ue books caught up by next week, and
another to write up your financis
end you in all the reports up to
books, and besides your paying tb
man whom you hired to perform th
Commissioner Is Insistent.
service you were called upou to pa
The expectations of the over-woiked
an additional fee to others for doir
ouuty eierk, however, were not ical-
the work. Would you still call hi
.«d, and the reports were not forth-
a “ good clerk?”
-•ming, so twenty-one days after Mr.
Supposing, too, that yoqr regularl
.obinson had written the coiuunssion-
employed bookkeeper during the?
or on March 25, 1914, Insurance
months had simply kept all the finau
omuiissioner Ferguson again address-
ial accounts o f your $100,000 busine
i the Folk county clerk as follows,
on file, subject to possible lass or di
e omitting the address:
placement, and not a matter o f actu
" I have written you several times
record, would you still persist in cal
garding the amount o f your out-
ing your employe a “ good clerk?”
auding warrants as o f December 31,
Becks Not Written Up.
j 13, and January 31, 1914, but so far,
These are conditions which actnal
ave failed to receive the courtesy of
exist under Mr. Asa Robinson, Jnii
reply. Your reports on forms Nos.
io r’s administration o f the elerkshi
and 3 for the month of February are
o f Folk county, and are suseeptibi
Iso very much past due. I have been
to full and complete verification. M
ery patient with you in this matter,
Robinson entered upon his duties a
ut I mupt now innist that this sub-
county clerk on the first Monday o
ect be given your immediate attention
January, 1913, and although there w
nd the information we have asked
a great volume o f financial busines
or together with your February re-
transacted not a single entry w a. orts be mailed to this office without
made in the journal or ledger in tli
trther delay.
clerk’s office until in the month oi X<
I f you need assistance in the way
vena her in that year, when Trac
f completing these reports, if you will
Staats. county treasurer, was engage
Jvise us, 'we will be very glad to send
to “ write up” these books, for whic • «m e one to aid you. ’ ’
service the county cour allowed hi
Tlie m atter was getting serious for
*50 at its December term, held on tl
tv clerk, and although his books were
first Wednesday o f that month. Woul
ot in shape to compile the reports, he
this indicate that Mr. Robinson is
,.ide a stab at the figures wanted in
“ good el elk ?”
ae follow in g letter, under date of
Following Mr. Staats’ work on tb
larch 25, 1914: “ The amount o f out-
clerk's books, practically the sani
tandjng warrants in general fund as
policy was pursued, the financial r»
I FDecember 31, 1913, is as follow s:
cords simply being filed, but noj ■r.ieral fund, $2(194.79 and general
made o f actual record by entry on th i ( ,ad fund, *234.58. Total, $2929.37.
proper boobs. Then, when Insuranc '
,re will have other reports ready to
Commissioner Ferguson requested al
•I in to you in a few days.”
Monties within the state to exper
Reports Made by Experts.
their hooks prior to their coming un«'
The reports were finally made out,
der his jurisdiction by reason o f th«' is previously stated, by Crandall and
adoption o f a uniform system through,
fofcerts, and did not get into the of-
out Oregon, and Messrs. Crandall anr ice o f the commissioner until May,
Roberts, expert accountants, were em­ nor# than four months late. And this
ployed by the county court to perforn in thr Item izer’s estimate o f a “ good
the necessary work, what conditio« •lerk. ”
obtained? These experts, much to
During the months that the tax
their »wrprise, found that rfie books ro
lajaers’ bookkeeping was being grosz­
ferred to were not “ written up,” an»!
y' neglected, Mr. Robinson bad two
that entries for rmfliU« past were
ep uty clerks in his office, or one more
lacking, this making v) necessary for * ha n Ed. M. Smith ever had during
them to perform the-clerk’s work be­ iis encumbency. And there were no
fore they couldv commence exporting m portant matters, to say nothing of
his a cco trr^ Then these expert* >c ok-keeping, pigeon-holed by Mr.
practic ^ p took up the work o f book- St nith, either. I f our esteemed dem-
ke»^jj»g where,« Mr. Staats had left off. * ratic contemporary believes such
trh*.‘ c o u n tc o u r t paid Messrs. Cran­ i
record makes Mr. Robinson a
dall an'i Roberts something like $27¿' * good clerk,” or the equal o f his re-
’ ’neir services, a portion o f w'jjch j ublican opponent in the approaching
"ftis for bookkeeping that should have ul ection, its estimate o f efficiency and
been done in the clerk’s office. Again, economy in public service is certainly
would this indicate that Mr. Rrffiinson considerably wanting. What the ex­
is a “ good clerk?” Is be entitled to parts found by their investigations is
base his claims for re-elwtir.n on this material for another story. It is not,
argument ?
how»ever, intended to here intimate that
in the elect,!»» o f public servants gross irregularities existed, because
ipialifie^ioA i» th« paramount issue, while there were irregularities they
fo * coupled with qualification is econ­ were the result of negligence rather
omy, and the people’s finances shonld than from any other cause. And the
be safeguarded as carefully and with same i* found to be true in the investi­
the same esactnei.s as one’s private gation by Insurance Commissioner
F e rg u s «»'« agents, now under way.
I f we may be permitted to reiterate
Statements Are Substantiated.
Fearing that our esteemed contem­ previous staten.'ents, Ed. M. Smith is
porary, or its constituency, mijjht given credit fo r being the best county
County Clerk Arraigned
By Dallas Observer
OCT.,r 17,»11114
Tin« European war situation, in
Catarrh Cannot Uo Cured
clerk Folk ever hud. No man ever
With I.O r'Al, A P P L IC A T I » » » « . ■ * th *»
had reason to charge him with neglect
cuimol reach tin' scat o f Ilio disosso, t’a*
of duty or inconqw'tcncy in office. in this couutrv unti in sin li of tiiiTti ts n blood or constitutional illso«si\
nml In ont> r te euro It you must ts * " In­
There are hundreds o f
tornili rem» -II' «
Halt’s Catarri» Curo Is
Europe whose
tuken Internally, and »»■ ts directly upon
throughout Folk county today, some
Ihs liloml and mucous surfaces. Hall's
escaped the severe
o f whom are his political opponents,
Cntsrrh Curs 1« not a quack medicina. If
was pri-scrllii'il by imo of llie host phy­
who stand ready to testify to this in­
sicians In this country for years and is
likely to he
disputable fact through their personal
a regular proscription. II Is cninposod of
bo«l tonics known, cambinoli wltb Ino
business contact with him. aud many
o f a tbs
best blood partners, noti nit directly on Ilia
more who must acknowledge that for
1 mucous surfaces T h » prrfoot combina»
i lion of I bo two Inaredlcnls Is what pro-
promptness, accuracy and accommoda
1 ducos such wonderful results In citrini
catarrh. Hond for testimonials, froo.
tien lie was ever there with the goods.
V . J CHUNKY & CO. Props.. Toledo. O.
tlm opinion of military experts both
Post Office Time Card
those of
indicate that
involved powers |
in prolonged
The theory
short and decisive war sc'iue now
to he
ditions m aterially change the ex­
perts say the contests will he pro­
longed, but none hazards a guess
as to how l> ug.
profCMtonal dart>0
W. B. Officer, M. D.
PHyiloltn «nd Surg#on
Olile*# '»vi’ f Thompnou'a drug «tor#. Mu­
tti» I phon# ¿vi Phon# Night fu ll 44|
Bold by Hruiralsts. price "Be.
Take U all's fa m ily PUls fur constlpallou.
Notice to UectricLi^htllsers
Office hours: Daily, except Sun­
|u>r«ons owing tlu< Falls City
day, 8 a.m. to 6.30 p.tu.
After City Marshal
; Electric Eight Co. f«r Herviee prior
Mail arrives, from
A petition containing between to Api it 1, 1914, w ill please pay
Salem 8.60 a.m., 5:H5 p.m.
and forty names asking I the a mori ut lo |). E. Wood at The
M ail.arrives from Dallas, 8:50
removal o f Marshal Tup.- j News uflit e.
a. m.. and 3:35 p. m.
Mail closes lor Salem, 9.00 a.m., i per was presented to the city
council Thursday evening and re­
1 p. m. and 5:00 p. m.
Mail closes for Dallas 9:00 a. m. ferred to the police committee. !
It is generally thought that the
and 5:00 p. in.
will not grant the wish of
Mail closes for Black Rock 11:00
a. m.
Mail arrives from Black Rock 2
p. m.
Abstracts of title promptly fur­
S u nday O nly
Mail arrives from baleni, 8:50 nished. Rates reasonable. Brow n A ]
Sibley, 610 Mill St., Dallas, Or.
a. in.
Mail closes for Salem, 9:00 a. m.
Office hours: Sunday only, 9:30 Money to loan on approved real
estât«' security. I f you have money
to 10:80 a.ui:
to loan, let me timi a borrower for
Effective September 4, 1914.
I ka 0. M k h k l in o , Fost master I you. Fhone 1021. Dallas, Oregon
W alter L. T o o z f, Jr.
Fails City, Folk Co., Ore. ¡if.
F. M. H E L L W A R T H
Office one tfoor east of P. O.
om. * anil
tii .iitumu i none 868
rail, oit»
A ltern e» at Law
l'rarttr» In a ll th» s ia l» couru.
Sulle 11 llu -ti Hreyinaii H id , phone lu»
Salam, Oregon
£u0lnc00 tlarto
_______________ HOTEL
Read through this LETTER and
see if it is not fair then TH INK
By JO H N I . TURN ER, Attorney and Ex-Councilman, Salem, O re ., Sepf. 2 1
OR a statement concerning the effect of the dry business In real estate, and 1 asked him If ho had
policy on Salem, and In answer to the article deliberately lied about tho building permits, uud ho
by E. B. Lockhart, published in the Salem said (he boy who had given hltu the figures bad uindo
Statesman August 23, 1914, and In tho New a mistake, and In his Btateman Sunday morning be
makes n statement that tho figures of $4lu,OS6 in
Republic under date of September 11, 1914, 1 sum­
his article published In the Statesman August 23
mit the following:
December 1. 1913, Salem closed her fifteen sa­ should have been $219.100. lie found Ills mistake
loons, three restaurants, two wholesale houses and mighty quirk after he knew I hud a check on the
withdrew liquor permits from eight drug stores, thus building permits.
denying herself the annual revenue of $15,400. The
C I T Y IM P R O V E M E N T S S T O P P E D .
saloons employed sixty-five men, the restaurants
Tho $9,000 tiro engine was purchased early In
twenty-five. Together they had a payroll of $5,700 1911, after tho money had been appropriated by tho
per month. Practically all those who conduct» l
City Council tn 1912. 'I he Cupitul Journal, the even­
saloons and those employed by the saloons and res­
ing paper, changed its location uud Installed u new
taurants have left town. A ll the buildings occupied
press, the Statesman is in the same old quartors,
a year ago by saloons are vacant, except idx that and the only now thiugs it has are a telegraph oper­
have been occupied by tenants who left another ator and some type metal. One n»'W church, costing
building vacant, moving only to better their location. $500, has been built since tho town went dry. T b «
Several of the best buildings in town have their Capital Business College is at the old stand, while
windows boarded up to serve as billboards. There
Willamette University is still looking forward to
are now more than five hundred modern dwellings "the greatest year in her history." Let it be noted
for rent In Salem.
that the enrollment at the grammar schools opening
Rental returns have greatly depreciated. Store day 1913 was 1510, and for the same day this year
property on State Street, which for five years had 1469. It would seem that closing tho door of the
rented for $185 per month, was re-leaBed within four saloons meant closing the door ot the schools.
months after the city went "d ry " for two years at
the rate of $110 per month. This is but a fair sample
of the reduction all through the business section on
During the campaign of 1913 a statement was
property that was up for re-leasing or renting since published, purporting to come from the Ministerial
the city went "dry.”
Association, to the effect that If the people would
vote dry they would establish u coffee club for those
Every merchant In town, except one— a radical who could not aUord to belong to the illihee, Elks
Prohl., has complained of the poor business done or Moose, and that the churches would finance tho
this year, and in order to keep going have dispensed Cherry Fair to the extent of the usual support from
with all their surplus help, thus throwing a good tho saloons. Tho Board of Trade, which had al­
many clerks out of their regular monthly stipend. ways conducted the (.'berry Fair, being unable to ob­
Many of these have now left Salem, seeking work tain any nld from the Ministerial Association, re­
tome place el:-;e. Three shoe 6tores have been closed, fused to go ou with the Fair. The Cherrians, an organ­
two by the sheriff aud one voluntarily. One of the ization of 100 (no prohibitionists), rather than see
-largest dry goods stores has been sued for the first a year pass without a Cherry Fair, became the spon­
time in its twenty years’ existence. Salem has been sors. Each member gave a week of I i I h tlnio and
the closing of fourteen places of business, other than $5 In money tu order to have a Fair. The attend­
saloons, since the first of January, 1914. Does this ance was about one-hulf what It was In 1913. Not
a concession took in enough to pay expenses. You
look like big improvement?
cun take It from one who knows, tho Cherrians will
Now I will s’xow you how Mr. Lockhart fixed up never again finance a Cherry Fair.
his prohibition article. The $20,000 public market
building had the roof on before the town went dry.
The only work that has been done on the building
The amount of di posits in Salem banks shows a
this year was the lathing of the first story and the decrease of $309,942.69 since the town went dry.
plastering of one room, which Is now occupied by and this In spite of the fact that $ 185,000 received
four stalls, constituting the public market. The for bonds sold In Boston was on deposit In tho
$40,000 insurance block Is being built by Geo. F. banks In January, 1914, statement. This money
Rodgers under a permit which gives the estimated was distributed to Salem people and left here. It
valuation at $30.000. and for which the contract was was used to pay a refund on sewer assessments aud
less for less than $13,000.
to cover warrants outstanding.
Compare these facts with Mr. Lockhart’s state­
For the last wet year tho building permits from
January to August, Inclusive, totaled $3x8,925, and
from the first of November, 1913, to the twentieth
day of September, 1914, $268.160. I start with
November first In order to show some real prohibi­
tion facts. During the campaign of 1913 J. G. Vo-
get, a howling prohibitionist, published a statement
that If the town went dry ho would build sixteen
new houses. So-lmmedlately after the election In
November, 1913, he procured from the City Recorder
sixteen permits, and under those sixteen permits he
began the construction of nine houses of three and
four rooms each. Only two wero completed far
enough to receive the windows amt doors, and they
have never been finished. No work of any kind has
been done on these frames since last December.
1 met Mr. Lockhart last Saturday night In Mr.
Bechtel’s real estate office, whom be was trying to
Induce to give him an exaggerated statement aa to
A leading schoolman told rue that ho did not know
how tho children would bo equipped this year, but
that he expected many of them would have to be
aided with books, owing to the fact that, so many
parents have been unable to secure work this sum­
mer. The contractor mentioned by Mrs Lockhart I
havo been unable to find. A prominent— but why
continue? The list could bo extended Indefinitely.
I have shown enough to those who will see. Clar­
ence True Wilson Is reported to have said in a pro­
hibition speech that Salem last year had sixteen po­
licemen and this year has only one. Common sense
would tell anyone tills statement was false. Just
remember that It Is th»« hypocrite, “ the wolf In
sheep’s clothing," that always gets your goat.
I regret very much the necessity of making public
to the world the business condition ot Salem, be­
cause I expert to live hero for several years to com«,
hut with the hope that others may he saved I cast
the city’s future a sacrifice upon tho altar of the
State of Oregon.
jfalls Gitçlbotel
Sample Room s
Boat A c c o m m o d a t i o n »
f . Droogo, Pr opri e t or
Bohle’s Barber Shops
Full« C ity, O f# |# n
Where you can get a Shive. Nalr Cat. Bath
or ‘Shint’
A(j #nt f or Dallo# S t e a m Laundry
Hun*llva iorw«rtlo*l
ui-»>loy •V' trtii-
» Vi
G . L. H A W K I N
AN I» GR " Nl
D a l l a « , ( rag« ’
© re g o n
C W . Matthews. P roo f et« r
F. K. Hubbard Realty Company
Ke«l Entatc bought, •old. and exchanged.
Collection«. Inaurance, Abatracta.
Notarial work; Legal Document« Prepared.
Office, in the Falla City News office.
Are you going to vote to kill the Hop Industry, to
bring about theso conditions?
Don’ t you feel that times are hard enough now?
of The News are
week, and will be aent
any address desired, postpaid,
cents per copy.
Walter 1». Tnc7e, Jr., Lawyer,
Nat’l Bank B’ld’g., Dallas, Ph . e :
¡Man 1621.
printed en<;h
for 2