Falls City news. (Falls City, Or.) 190?-19??, September 26, 1914, Page 3, Image 3

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north 70 degrees west 182 feet from
the «outlim it corner o f the Theodore
C. Thorp D. L C.f T. 8 H. H. 11 W.
o f Willamette Meridian, Folk County,
Oregon ; thence south ;JJ7 fr e t ; thence
west 151) feet; thence iiortli 275 feet;
thence anutli 70 degree* e*»t 50 feet;
theuee north KM) feet; thence aouth
7tl degree« emit 107 feet to piece o f
LAginning....................................... $42906
Bert D e n n is I te g in n in g el e point
which re nouth 158 feet ernl north
76 degree! weit 280 feet from the
eoutheaet corner o f the Theodore C
Thorp 1). L. C., T. 8 K H. 0 W., Wil
lemette Merrdien, Folk County, Ore
gun; thence aouth KM) feet; thenci
north 70 degree« weal 50 fe e t; thenci
north 100 feet; thence aouth 70 de
gree* eaat 50 feet to place o f begin
p lu g .......... ......................................$10.05
> O. II. H u d s o n :- Beginning at
point which hi aouth 158 feet and
uurtli 70 degraea weat 240 feet from
the eoutheaet corner o f the Theodore
C. Thorp D. L. C., T. 8 8. R. 6 W.,
Willamette Meridian, Folk County,
Oregon; theuee aouth 425 fe e t; thenci
weat 110 feet; thence north 452 feet;
thence couth 70 degree« eaat 122 feet
to place o f beginning................... $47.05
C. J B r a d le y B e g in n in g
at a
point which ia aouth 158 feet and
uurtli 70 degree« weat 402 feet from
the eoutheaet corner o f Theodore C.
Thorp D. L. C., T. 8 8. K 0 W ., W il­
lamette Meridian, Folk County, Ore­
gon ; thence aouth 452 feet; thence
wcatwardly along north aide o f rail­
road right o f way to Lombard'a line;
thence north about 470 fe e t; thence
aouth 70 degree* eaat 220 feet to place
o f beginning..................................$80.40
W. H. Matthews:— Beginning at a
point which ia north 40.00 chain«
from the eoutbwcet corner o f Samuel
G othard’s D. L. C., T. 8 8. It 0 W ,
Willamette Meridian, in Folk County,
Oregon; thence north 70 degree* west
170 feet; thence north 280 feet; thence
aouth 70 degree« 20 miuute* weat 74
feet; thence north 01 degree* weat 90
feet to north wing o f the Kramer
Mill Dam, thence easterly 244 feet
to a poiut 48.10 chain* north o f the
aouthweat corner o f »aid (lothard D.
L. L\; thence east 75 feet; thence
aouth 49» feet; thence we»t 75 feet
to place o f beginning................... $90.39
U. L. McMurpby (Sold to Joseph
Aufderiuauerl— Beginning at a |wint
north 40.00 chains and north 78 de­
grees west 176 feet from the aouth­
weat corner o f the Sumuel tlothard
D. L- t\, T. 8 8. R. 0 W „ Willamette
County, Oregon;
tbence north 190 fe e t; thence west 63
fe e t ; thence aouth 13 degree* we»t 107
fe e t ; tbence south 76 degrees east 103
feet to place o f beginning........ $37.72
C. J. Richey ¡— Beginning at a
point north 40.80 chain* and north 76
degree» weat 279 feet from the south
we»t corner o f the Samuel (lothard
D. L. C , T. 8 8 H. 6 W „ Willamette
thence north 13 degree* eaat 167 feet;
thence east 63 fe e t; thence north 190
fe e t ; thence south 70 degrees 30 min­
utes weet 74 feet; theuee south 33
fe e t ; thence south 76 degrees east 50
feet to place o f beginning.......... $19.65
Jennie M. Cobb ¡— Beginning ut a
point north 40.60 chain* and mirth 76
degree* west 329 feet from the »outb
west corner o f the Samuel _ Oothard
I). L. ('., T. 8 8. H 6 W „ Willamette
County, Oregon;
thence northerly 180 feet; thence
westerly 57 feet; thence aoutherly 180
fe e t; thence south 76 degree* east 57
feet to place o f beginning.......... $22.40
Joseph Hudson ¡—Beginning ut a
poiut north 40. 60 chains and north
76 degree* west 386 feet from the
southwest corner of the Samuel (loth
aid D. L. C., T. 8 S. H. 6 W. Will.
Mer., Polk Co., O re.; thence north
13 degree» east 280 feet to south
bank o f Luckiamute river; thence
along »aid aouth hank to a point di-
rcetly north 13 degrees east o f the
center o f south Main 8 t.; in halls
City, Oregon, 129 fe e t; thence south
13 degrees west 129 fe e t; thence
aouth 76 degree» east 118 feet to p.
o. b.
W . B. McKown ¡— Beginning at »
point which ia 40.60 chains north and
north 76 degrees west 504 feet from
the aouthwaat corner o f the Samuel
Oothard D.L.C., Not. No. 5280, claim
No. 48, T. 8 S. R. 6 W . o f the Will.
Mer., Polk Co., Ore.; thence north
13 degree* eaat 129 feet to south
bank o f Luckiamute river; thence
along said bank westerly to a point
north 129 feet from center o f south
Main St., in Falls City, Ore.; thence
aouth 129 fe e t; thence south 76 de­
gree* eaat 80 feet to place o f begin­
ning ............................................. $23.58
Edward Graham White and Lula
May W hite:— That tract or par­
cel o f land being a part o f the D. L.
C. o f Samuel Oothard, Not. No. 5280,
claim No. 48, in T. 8 S. R. 6 W. of
W ill. Mer., Polk Co., Ore., and de-
acribed as beginning at a point on
the west boundary o f said claim
which ia 2.49 chains south from the
northeast corner o f the John Shel­
don D. L. C .; thence south 2.35
chains; thence east 2.45 chains;
thence north 1.08 chains; thence
north 62 degrees .15 minutes west
2.77 chains to placu o f beginning
.................................................... $00.95
Alex Coulter: Beginning at u
point which i* aouth 150 feet uud
weal 30 fi-cl from the soullieii*l cor
tier o f Theodore C. Thorp I). L. C.,
T. 8 H. It. 0 W. of the Will. Mer.,
Folk Co., Ore.; tbence north 70 d<
giecs west 152 feet; thence »otilli 87
feel; theuee ea»t 150 feet; I hence
north 50 feet to plucc of beginning.
(.'Ml feet front age on Sheldon Ave.)
................................................... $19.05
T. H. Hooker:- Iteginning at a
point which ia *outh 200 feet and 30
feet weat of the Koutheaat corner of
the Theodoie ( ’ Thorp II I, I , T
h s. It. t; w , Will M. i . Folk i o
Ore.; thence west 150 feet; theuee
-outli 50 feet; theuee ea»t 1.50 feel;
theuee north 50 feet to place of he
ginning ................................... $19.05
J. M. Drum* Eat.:- Iteginning ut
a point which is 250 feet south and
30 feet weat of the southeast corner
of the Theodore C. Thorp D. L. C.,
T. 8 8 . R. 0 W., Will. Mer., Folk
Co., Ore.; theuee went 150 feet;
thence south 50 feet; thence east 150
feet; thence north 50 feet to place
of beginning ........................... $19.0.«
Jno. R. Walker:— Beginning at a
(Niint which ia aouth 300 feet and
west 30 feet from the Noutheust cor­
ner o f the Theodore C. Thorp D. L.
C., T. 8 8. H. 0 W., Will. Mer., Folk
Co., Ore.; theflee weat 150 feet;
theuee south 75 feet; thence eu»t 150
to nace
feet; theuee north 150 feet to place
.4*9 48
i r ocginm.ig
C. H. Conklin : Beginning at a
.....i l.
l i » Irin
which ...
ia . aouth
feet and
west 30 feet from the southeast cor­
ner o f the Theodore C. Thorp D. L.
to 1 all* • 'it V, Oregon. . .
, $48.70
C. M. T iavii und Matilda Travi*
-Southerly me half o f Lola 1 uud
2. Block * * ('" , Montgomery'* Addi­
tion to Full* City, Oregon .. $-18.70
Eleanor I . Kntb-r: Fart o f l o t
3, Block K, Original Town o f Falla
City, Oregon ......................
(I. M. T ice;- Fart o f Lot 3, Block
I'.; and ull o f lad I, Block K. Orig­
inal Town o f la ll* City, Oregon
.......... ‘................................. $32.80
A. I and Jeldenu Courier:
I, Block 1', Original Town o f Fall*
City, Oregon
A. N. Robinson -lari
31, Block
K, Original Town o f lu lls City, Ore­
gon ............................................. $36.08
Jonah L ow e:—lari 32, Block K,
Original Town o f Falla City’, Ore-
fon ............
M r « . Abigail S cott Dunlway has the respect of e v «ry man
and wom an In the State of Oregon w ho thinks out his o r her
ow n opinions. 6hc Is assailed only by a m in o rity of those
w ho allow other people to think out th e ir opinions fo r them .
Jeldenu ami A. 1'. Courier:— Lot
1, Block L, Oiiginal Town o f Falls
City, Oregon .....................
Julia I Courier: Lot 16, Block
L, Original Town o f Falla City, Or­
egon ........................................... $49.20
Kurbel Mr Row h Hiid W. B. Mc-
K ow u:— Lot 9, Block C, Origiual
Town o f Full» City, Oregon .. $26.80
(lu ía Emmett:— Lot 8, Block C,
Original Town o f Fulls City, Ore­
gon ............................................. $20.80
Amelia Wagner and Jack W ag­
ner ami N. A. Lumie: Loi 7, Block
< Original Tow n o f Falls City, Ore­
gon .................................................... $28.80
T. I*. Hollowed: Lots l<l, 11 and
!-• Block I), Original Town o f Fall*
citv> Oregon .......................... $80
William*: Lot 6. Block C,
Original Town o f Fall* City, Oregon.
1'or macadam ................ $125.00
l o r cement curb .......... $ 01.00
< T 8 8. R. • W . M ill Mai . Polk
D. Tollar: Lot 1. Block 1). Orig­
Co., Ore.; Ihenro west 150 feet; inal Town o f Fall* City, Oregon.
thence south 75 feet; thence east 150
For macudam..........................$125.00
feet; theuee not(h 75 feet to place of
l o r cement curb . .. $ 01.00
beginning..................................... $29.48
M. ('. lluhhard:— A part of the
ginning ..................................... $29.48 Theodore C. Thorp D. L. C. Nut. No.
J. M. Drums Eel.:— Beginning ut
0743, claim 55. T. 8 S. R. 0 W., of
a point which ia 4.50 feet south and
Will. Mer., Folk C o. Ore., uud de­
30 feet west from the southeast cor­ scribed : Beginning one and one-half
ner o f the Theodore C. Thorp D. L rod* west o f the northwest corner of
C.. T. 8 8 . R. 6 W.( Will. Mer., Folk the John Sheldon D. L. ('.; thence
Co., Ore.; thence west 300 feet;
eawt 22.49 cliuins; theuee north 22
tlirnre south 88 degrees 50 minute* degrees west 0.40 chain* to south side
ea*t 300 feet; thence north 6 feet to o f Montgomery St.; thence south 69
plure of beginning
degrees 20 minutes west 2.80 chain»;
E. O. Strum:— Beginning at a
point which i* south 450 feet and •heme west 15.96 chain»;
minutes west
weal 30 feet from the southeast eor- j s" B|h 21 degrees 30 niinu
' .44
1 *
I l.ilu
11 111',.
to 1 place
o j f f I) be-ginning,
tier o f the Theodore C. Thorp D. I ................................................... $53.57
C „ T. 8 8 . H. 6 W., of Will. Mer.,
Falls City Lumber Company:- Be­
Folk Co., Ore.; Iheiiee north 88 de­ ginning at a point which is 30.00
gree* 50 minutes we*t 300 feet ; chains west o f the northeast eorner
thence south 50 feet to right of way o f the Jno. Sheldon D. L. C., Not.
o f 8. F. C. & W. R.R.; thence with
0832. claim No. 41, T. 8 N. It. 6 W
north side of said right of way south i
88 degree* 50 minutes eaat 300 feet,
"8 1 . Mer., Folk Co., Ore.; thence
thence north 50 feet to place o f be-I "cat 70 leet to cast side o f Budge
St : thence
theuee south
wc.*terly with sai
ginning ............................. ..
street 200 feet; thence east 108 feet
S. F. C. & W. R. R. Co. ¡—Right
thence north 132 feet to place of he
of way o of f said Railroad
Uailroail Company,
company, i --
a» the same crosses Sheldon Avenue | finning ................................. $122.7
in Falls City, Folk County, Oregon, i W. 1'. Nichols: -Beginning at the
............................................... $19.05 southwest corner o f Lot No. 0, in
Alia Chapin:—A pari of the D. L. Block M. Montgomery's Addition to
C. o f Samuel Oothard. Not. No. Falls City, Folk County, Oregon;
5280, claim No. 48, T. 8 S. R. 0 W. theuee north 21 degrees; west 284
o f the Will. Mer.. Polk Co,. Oregon, j links; thence south 00 degrees 20
.nil described: Beginning at a point minutes west 155 links; thence south
which is 19.00 chains north from the j 21 degrees cast 190 links; thence
southwest corner o f Wm. Ellis laud, j east 107 links to the place of begiu-
which said southwest corner is 21.00 ning ............................... .. ...........$49.82
chains north from the southwest eor-
Edward Graham White and I.ula
tier o f said Oothard D. L. C .; thence White: A part o f the I). L. C. of
south 5.90 chains; thence east 5.50 Theodore C. Thorp, T. 8-S. R. 0 \V
*- »1.-1 - ..
,*,„ n
diaina; thence 2.50 chains to the f the Will. Mer., Folk Co.. Ore.;
at a point
light hank of the Luckiamute creek;
thence in a straight line and north­ which is south 2 chains and north
westerly course to the place o f be­ 70 degrees west 560 feet from the
ginning, containing 2.17 acres, more southeast corner o f the Theodore C.
or less ...................................... $81.30 Thorp D. L. C .; thence north 129
nr on i go me» , t und
..... 11.
Esther Montgomery
S. , feet; thence up the Luckiamute riv-
* * « 9 and
----a 10.
m er 0’„ ,jie aouth bank thereof west
Montgomery Estate:—tota
Block B. Montgomery’s Addition to w.rdl.v lo a point which ¡8 north 4
Falls City. Oregon ...............
degrees cast 129 feet; thence south
Also: Block “ F ” , Montgomery's I 4 degrees west 129 feet to center of
Add. to Fall* City, Oregou; except south Main St,, in Falls City, Ore­
a atrip o f land 21 feet wide olT o f
the south side o f said Block “ F ” 123 feet to place of beginning. .$48.34
.................................... $129.06 Matilda and C. M. Travis Est.
H. C. Brown :— Lot 11, Block " B " . (Sold to C. T. and Caroline Weat):
Montgomery’s Addition
Falls — A part o f the D. L. C. of Theodore
City, Ore..................................... $24.35 C. Thorp, Not. No. 6743, claim No.
J. C. Courier and Alice C ourier:— 55, T. 8 S. R. 6 W. of the Will.
Iaits 12, 13 and 14, Block “ B ” , Mer., in Polk Co., Ore., and as: Be­
Falls ginning at the northwest corner of
'ity, Oregon ........................... $77.92 the laud now owned by W. F. Nich­
Salem, Falls City & Western R. ols. (This property owned by W. F.
R. Com pany:—A strip o f land, 21 Nichols on Sept. 15, 1914), which is
feet wide off o f the aouth side of on the south side of Montgomery
Block “ F ” , Montgomery’s Addition St.; thence south 22 degrees east
to Falla City, Oregon ........... $10.23 178l _> feet; thenes south 09 degrees
Jennie May Elkins (Snodgrass):— 20 minutes west 81 feet; thence north
.'art o f Lot 1, Block “ N ” , Mont­ 22 degrees west 178' > feet; theuee
gom ery's Addition to Fall* City, Ore- north 0!) degrees 20 minutes east 81
- O. l , feet to place of beginning .. $39.45
Fred C'bapin:— Part o f Lot 1,
Block “ N ” , M ontgomery's Addition
to Falls City, Oregon .......... $53.57
Edith L. Kramer
Easterly one-half o f Lot 1, Block
‘ M ” , Montgomery's Addition to
Fall* City, Oregon ................. $37.99
W. F. and Mae Nichols:— W est­
erly one-half o f Lot 1, Block “ M " ,
and Lots 4, 5 and 6, Block ' ‘ M " ,
City, Oregon ........................... $116.04
Holla W aterhouse:— Southerly one-
half o f Lots 5 and 6, Block " C " ,
Montgomery'a Addition to Falla City,
Oregon ....................................... $48.70
Caleb Forshey:— Lots 3 and 4,
Block " C , ” Montgomery’s addition
8KPT. 26, 1914
All of said street improvement
for which said assessments were
made was ordered by Ordinance’s
No. 116 and No. 119 of Falls City,
Oregon and the hereinabove men­
tioned assessments were entered
in the Docket of City Liens of said
City of Falls City, Oregon, on the
23rd day of September 1914.
Done by order of the city* coun­
cil made on the 15th dav of Sept.
Witness my hand and seal of
the city of Falls City. Oregon this
26th day o f Sept. 1914.
Auditor and Police Judge.
It b«a been brought to my attention that the Anti-Saloon League, following the same tactic« It ha«
followed In every campaign heretofore, la trying to b> smirch thia organization and to carry on a rio­
tous campaign of untruths. No name seem* to be too good to be dragged Into the mud by them. I
have reliable Information that a statement ha* been made to the Anti-Saloon League and to the Com­
mittee of One Hundred by Mr*. Cora C. Talbott, former secretary of the Taxpayers’ and Wage-Earners'
League, that she was brought Into this work by me under the Impression that it waa a Women's Suf­
frage movement and her duties would be- tho*e of a pbjsleiau while I made speeches throughout the
state. I also understand that Mrs. Talbott makes the statement that funds have been collected with­
out authority, and In some way the Brewers' Association has been collecting these funds. These two
statements are absolutely untrue. The collection of funds was authorized by me as president, and the
secretary was ordered to have a letter cent out tu connection with this work. I understand that
lira. Talbott, In this purported letter. In the hand* of the Anti-Saloon League and. the Commfttae of*
One Hundred, states that she objected to the raising of funds under her signature as secretary. How
did the good lady think the work of this league was to be carried on? Why did she think Mr. Bortx-
meyer, cashier of the Scandinavian-American B ,nk, was appointed treasurer of this league? Did she
think we would ask the brewers to put up the momy surreptitiously? If so, she reckoned wlthout9ier
host. I have always fought in the open, and now, in my SOth year, and probably ic my last campaign,
I do not Intend to change the principles 1 have always fought for, nor depart from my honesty of pur-
poee In advocacy of equal rights for all the people —by no means e lu d in g women for whose Inter­
ests I have spent my life to obtain the ballot. My chief concern In their behalf has always been to
secure lor them their economic independence, as married mothers within the home, whlclaalone will
enable any woman to quit the business of marrying inebriates or raising drunkards.
The moneys collected are In the hand* of Treasurer Bortzmeyer. and all those-who have (konstsd
have received a letter acknowledging receipt thereof. Any one so desiring may inquire lcom>onritreas
nrer as to whether the money ha* been put in his hands, and I am quite sure he will advtaewibea of
receipt of their donation. If there Is any one who has paid their "taoney into this organizwflentaiider*
misapprehension a* donation for carrying on this work this league will be only too glad t o - r t t e d H.
It is Indeed atrabge that Mrs. Talbott thought this was a Suffrage movement when Bhe-wenkto
the Portland Hotel, engaged the dining-room for our first luncheon for organisation mnl m isiijm I fur
the payment of this luncheon, and went so far as to get speakers to express their view»«against^Pro­
Tha real break between Mrs. Talbott and myBelf was caused when I found oat thatsshaghaA g a s»
to the Brewers' Association and told them she could be of good service to them I d conneetioweslth this
league and asked and received a salary from the Brewers 'Association on the ground that she* wan put-*
ting In her time and needed the money. On the 26th of August a meeting was heid. between
Talbott and myself for the purpose of getting matters straightened out before startftig the gsneah^
organisation. At this meeting a statemeht was signed by myself as president and Mrs. Talbotfcaa aeo>
retary that the two letters sent out by myself, as well as the letter sent out by the publicity depart*-
ment, were approved. This statement ended with the sentence: “ After discussing generally
o f the league, the officers ratified all work that had been done up to date by the psblicityfboreaa
officers of the association."
I have lived In this state for 60 years, during all of which time I have tolled and worked for t h a "
people of my state, and I am willing to leave it to the public to decide as to whether I would bend my-'
self in any way to any organization or any act that could be construed as anything but honorable.
Kvery one in this state knows Mis. Duniway and her family. I wish further to say that, -If the occa­
sion arises and I deem It necessary to go further into this matter, I will be glad to publish some
additional facts in these same papers not necessary to publish now, and will meet the conditions as
they arise. If the Anti-Saloon League, by Its paid foreign agitators or Committee of One Hundred,
think they can becloud this Issue by trying to drag Into the mud my name or others, they are very
much mistaken. I expect to carry this work on to the conclusion of this campaign and then allow
the people to judge as to whether we will control our own affairs in the State of Oregon orrallow the
paid agitators of the East to show us what to do.
( S ig n e d )
Abigail Scott Duniway
Inasm uch as the officers and m em bers of the Hop G ro w ­
ers* and Dealers* Association of Oregon have Ind ivid ua lly
and collectively been assailed by the same designingpoHtlcal
‘reformers*, quite as viciously and equally as u n ju stly as th is
attack on “ Oregon’s Grand Old L a d y ,” w e h e rsb y gfvc pub­
licity to M rs . D u n iw a y '« open letter, us an offering of trib u te .
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Mr*. N. A. Tetherow went to
Milk and Cream, delivered morn-
Dallas Monday to take in the Fair. ingoievening. Cull phone Blue 35
Mr. Mason who has been living
George Ford who ha* been con­
fined to his bed for 9ome tune was in the Charley Frink residence on
Lombard street has moved to
able to be out again Monday.
Mrs. John Sumpter visited her
Mr9. M. A. Gill returned to her
mother in Dallas Monday.
home in Salem Saturday after a
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friend, Mrs. E. A. LaDow.
ed at the News office,