Falls City news. (Falls City, Or.) 190?-19??, September 05, 1914, Page 4, Image 4

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IIPT. I, 1014
TIACY 1111 T
lo.-mor Par4N• 1 .. n
Fer Life Term.
ug. 31. -
1ua I, t~S'l 1 \ , , 1-J •·o R H LE
I,~, 'I, I, l :i, J I, blo •k
' T11 t111111 1 h11iltl i11 lot In bl
I l.111
Ev nt Occurring Throughout
the State During the Pait
We k.
... ,_
P nl Ull
................ .
w. •.
Oflleer, M. D.
••••na ... rt , II
HHTN• . .
, . . 1 fMM 1t1 heN .,,._
ont ,
nt n
ron i i n of h in furni h
Har r y Tr c
nd David M rrill,
, w.ms a n d ammunition
to slay guard and
pe from
th penitentiary. A
r it t n
stat ment by the Governor fol•
low :
" I have given
ont hi
lease becau e, after a car ful in-
ve tigation, I am firmly com•inc•
ed that he was never guilty of
the crime for which he was con-
victed. Tho e in trumental in
·orda to tb city truu r, noll ub
h is prosecutton were hone t m
u n tly Mr. Tully round blm If
their belief that he ·a guilty, I upon th bl h t
nt of
nrrr• 11,
b ut he never would have been which J.s a Muln wo on d~ l •neu t
ellmloa to t he rou b pot from a cltl•
convicted h a :l 1t not been that he zen's O t my by tho hupl p
was an ex-convict a nd t hat a n 1rnocll:lng rbem otr.
o utraged public dem a nded a vie-
Lea In Mr.
uuy n th
and In a
ut ot
tony b1ll
Jong a nd el ht mile b~b. e ,m
The Governor furthe r said that turn a t on
to · w Yo~k nod
victims of the ontlaws were Into this tran " lfnlr. "by wn
h h d T ully In Maln at all?
friends of h1 , a nd that e
," Mr. Tully b d
td to bl
every reason to see that the men oldest friend, " I want to kn w wb t's
who furnished them with gun
wron "'Ith we. I'm run down, nnd
my nerv e hurt. I
tr n
should be punished.
e dee ar- creeping nton th wall nt nl bt."
ed that the evidence upon which " Da \"ld," the doc nnsw red, "you
M onte was convicted was cir- need P
t and quiet of t he
qulete t ort, And I know ju t wber
cumstantlal and fhmsy and that you ought t o
. l'\"e
t an nunt In
his h a ving served a term in Eut Waldoboro. Go up there nod et
prison was largely responsible back your n rr
u you don't
. t·
I you'll dle."
f or h IS conv1c 10n.
He dis mbarked from th tatlon ve-
Tracy and Merrill escaped June blcle at the risk ot lit nod limb, touna
9, 1902. after sla ying Guards Fer- Dr. Ore ory's aunt a fin , pl n nt,
r dl, Jones a nd Tiffa ny. They !:~~~~!:e::d 1 ~ut~:~:{g h~ :: ;
t e r rorized residents of Oregon be had e""er een, in the middle of
a n d Washington, killing severa l which w as a bed, which wa twice a
as regular bed.
pe rsons . until they themselves large
' Tm going to Uk this place," b
were slam.
exclaimed enthu la UcaUy. "When a
man needs quiet b wants to come to
just such a place n tWs. I'll b t I'll
be perfectly well In no time."
Be Id
D r. Gregory' aunt ther
hery Man who had a Part in it were others in the house, and at first
Should be Hounded to Jail .
Tully concluded that omebody wa IIJ
In an upper room because of the con
The e xposures of the worst tlnued quiet about the place and the
f orm of graft by John Lovelace noisele mo¥ement of Its Inmate .
of E stacada. should put the
looters o f charity in jail for long
Mr. Lov elac e shipped a con -
s1gnm en t of flour to the Day ton ,
O hio, flood sufferers and in the
sacks p u t notes asking the con-
sumer to write him under what
circumstances the flour was re-
ceived .
\"I~:: !1'~~~ !:t
!!7d ~: Tu~~ t:n
the fl ~t e¥ening, "and we are o tar
from the main roa d that you wUI not
be disturbed by pa sing motorcars.
There ar e only three ot u now-IV'•
sel f, my nlece and the man who look.ii
after thlngs for u . I nm sure you will
find nothing to disturb you."
"Thank yon," Tully said. " I am
positive I shall improve very qulcltly
In these peaceful surroundings." H e
waa beginning to r el mbarrassed by
the a ttentions shown him.
A nswers to the notes s ow that
That night as he lay between the
the users of the flou r bought it, sweet smel ling beets Ws ears fairly
p aid the market price, a nd that tingled. He endeavored to corral some
bo h h d d f
•1 I s tray. fa int sound. but there wa noth-
it was ug t un re s O mi e s Ing except the soft rusue or the leave
from Dayton .
outside his window.
F. E. Thomas, of S a ndy, wa. In the morning he a wakened, fresh
a •nr,tributor of pota o es and he and vigorous, a!ter a sleep n dead man
I migh t have envied. During break.fast
(A ,,ik
Lh e s am e preca u tion, a n d I M rs. Knight ent the hired man Into
letter::; h e received from the con- the yard to shoo away a b vy or rob-
sumers state they p a id 60 cen ts Ins w hich had met In convention a .
sembled under a lawn eprlnkJer a nd
were chattertn over the minutes or
p e r sack for the potatoes.
This county a nd city sent bun - the last meeting. Tully watched t he
dred s of bushels of potatoes to hired man In a tonlshment.
"T he robi ns are so noisy," Mrs.
h elp the hungry of Dayton, b e- Knight said to him. "We must try to
s id e s fl our and other commodi- ke p the place qulet for you, Mr. Tul-
ties. The railroads deli vered t he Jy." Tully began to wonder enictly
what Doc Gregory had written hla
food free of c harge.
aun t abou t him. He b gan to wonder
A nd now whe n it is found out wbether he bad not better bury bis
t ha t this tu ff w as simply s t oh~n watch under a rosebu b on account of
a nd :sold thro u gh the dealers a t
t he m arket pri ce, i t makes one
wonde r if the re is any si tuation
th e gra fters will re pect
The sta te of Ohio s hould tak e
h old of this mat t er and stay with
it until every m an who had a
hand m stea h ng thes e contnbu-
tions to t h e flood sufferers are in
jail. - t 'ouri er Ore City.
Notice to Electric Ught Users
A ll p e rsons o wing t he Fall City
E lect r ic Li ghl Co. for ervice pr ior
t o Apri l 1, 1014, wi ll plea e pay
b e moun t to D. L . W ood at T he
News o ffh.e,
11.,r ,•,tft .. r watPr r Pn t be o m "
de hn qu o t aft. r the 17th o f 'a Ii
p id by that dat('
you r w,t r ffill be turntrl off by
t llf' 1·11 \ m ar h l\l wi t hout n ottc .
-,.i., ..
ll G, ' Lra
r , ~ud ito r.
t your butter rapper priut•
ed at the ewe office,
lt.sa!e~~~: ~ :
that Mrs.
Kn ight and her niece moved about
without producing the lightest nolfle
a nd that the hired man evidently ran
The hug
u pon pneumatic tire .
grandfather' clock in the dining room
ticktocked In a low, almost lnaudlble,
tone. The scr n door
ung noise-
I 17 against rubber renders.
T he ffoor were some h re und r-
n th the thick rug or arpel:8. The
entire hou e repr sented the word
"quiet'' worked up lo the nth pow r.
T be la t pocket in an nbn oaon d coal
mine wa a uol. y r ck t compared
with It.
fflo one d r ea • t of P.
JAa. 41. HILTl&L,
et Law
Praelltt I• all ,~, llatt
11111• 11
P rdon ed ,
dll\ lillll' hl' \I 1lb.1'tl (ar
tcnh; • "Ith ,, tt•nll,•tl ,,,,r-.
nu s llllll. 'l'h,• •• f'rd~'
ut. but . t, .. ,p rd ISl•tl ltl
t>;-.. 1111 It> p.111 ,,1,•r tiJ,•
po I; 1,11r1•
700 l'II h , 11 rm
Ul ~ tl l
'It.\ ti t;,
i th I II t Ii
l>rl 't
if boUK ht
!\ ti .
tl1•,fi111• l111n , n itv ,
rt• , I l u I l iv u t rl.
JJ I,'11r
....... o .....
fCllllAL DJ&IC'roa
in ~l un t •n111, n' 111lditi 11 t F
l '1 t1 ; •oml It ir,l, 1 11 11ro111HI, fenr tl;
Ilda .. ph n, •
lm lanrt .
j I
1 11 • 11.are,_n
.............. ,. .......
. . . . . . . . . . . Qei,.Or
~or 1tl1• 1 lul i, , 11 , 8 hi k K,
11d lut 11 111d l:.! hlu I.: Ji: . Will
trndt• fill l'ortl 11d pro p rt •,
d!IITy,'' hi' mn,1,• J111l1: ,
nt wht'0 b fu11111I him,.,, If kh b.lm:
n n rnpty • n I IJJl)ll (':I II u llllli-:
11,•,t•rt\ I
Inn and lontloi; orer the ,,111111 It
u I,·, Int :! l>i1>t' k ~I , 1 ad.
I mi. ,, rlli 1) ! it
:! 1\ , 1111pr,H1·1l ; 2ft
lo( 1 I timh r ;
pl,•11 IJ or pn,tllrt 1111d \\u l• r .
11 F1•1
, ....... ......
.f alle (tft! botel
Fnr nwn.
ncb ul'(ht- 111llllous of
rnlk ID tll <II tnncl'-lll' ('t11ll1l hl"lr
• eetA-e111111et1etleM
th rnlnt wlJl,-tJ vr th,• 11l:::ht rn•i •ht
H To r ,•ri t, I:. r h1111 1,
train. It p
d throu •b l':1-<t W111tfo.
16 Twu 11•r;• , 11lt1,·,i d, fr uit, b r-
IJuro nt
In th• lllOl'llilli':, h llllli 1'11r 1111rk,
Roth, Dr11n wick, Portl :rnd, ll o tun
111· ; U-r . hou t•,
h,•d ; w r, I
end :-;ew York.
1,ln •.
I fl(' I i It I ; I I ii l ti I \' 111 l.
n sl eple nl hts hi •rt',llt• I ... u. "hit
pr Ill t Joy w I to ll•IIII t>\ll or thl• t rm
17 Thr,-,. :11·r1• , tlj,1111i111r •ity.
IJrond window uudt•r th 011k tr • .
I ~'in tll'rt · 'in Cit •
waltin tor tbe tar rr toot. It wn" nt
,e1le Cit,,
'.? o' . k Thur duy llllll'llill1' I hnt he
19:li. lot 1 1101mproHm ' nl jl'h a p
at motlonle nud <'Oil ltlt•r('II n 11 :l I)'
11m. Ill, C • t, 111• (
20 Lot ii llld 20 ft. ur I t
h l k D, 70
thought. For fiv ml1111t1• till' ch,!nlh
of the thou bt ru,-h '
1huut In his
SET VOTE CANVASS DATE l1·ct 110111, on No ri.Ii l,ii n tr t, i"
Aee11tfWD•IIH . . . . 111 La1111lll,i,
lha nfll • lo•••Ned 10"4•7 n•nlr, •
b Tl(llin; I t L buildiug
Tbeu b began 10 remon• 11~ p:,j,1 r,1c ry-Ben10n T ie W Iii Be Settl ed
lot in t«rn n . .'
F . 1'. JJ..a bbard.
ma with rent ·p ti , tllHI, ell r ganl
Septe mbe r 5.
Ing nil co n Qlll'Dl'' · h' It l'IH•I ll(l l h <•
::hl••m, 1-:nrly
tll m •nt or lb on•
f. K. Hubbard Rtalty Company
oil lamp and ha tlly pack1•1I hi drt ·, · 1 t• I ror the r public n o min 1tlou ror
In The N e w • office ,
L ng ca~:-. J \ n w II ni It II lltll I r l II
y , nnd b wa •mllln c: ~lorlou ty. ; JII tic of th ·upr m court bet\\ I' n
Hl llend felt II bt, :J 0111•', l11•1111 li•1 • , .,u I 1, ' lcN r)· ,\lid Jud
U II 011 II
Al , t rn l'l 11f litl1• p ·orn pt.ly fur •
after three gin·
11t <:hJ111p11i;uc on m.ul ccrtalu 1, h •n
e r •tury or St t
ll rown &
au ewpty Interior. IJtJ t •It llt1I'.
I lltolt announ<·ed that th <: urn e of 1.i lll'd lt1tt, rea, 011 1,(
Dallu, 0 ... ••
I h1• vot • woul<I b
mall Saturduy, .'il•lf'r, 10 ~[ ill .'l., Dall , r.
" Dear . Ir . l{ ul llt." • "rul · un lb
b t or pn p r, \\ llleh ht! pillllt'il on lll
•, hl• ·h II ill gll tb BU C )j Cul
pillow, "my tny with )Oll :111d your «t 1tf' until Tu day to m hi a ·c 1>t·
niece be done rue n uuh· •i-,t• 11 r i:ood . , nee. Th
, rd ta om
Li ht &
The 1<'1111
I nm th healthlc.t m·tn Ju th' world. , po r,I or Uov rnor \\' •st, S r tary or
But 1 aw guin" U\\tty fro111 ~·v,i, th tnk• ,. a , OI ll
d 'l II t T
Ing you 01· r unrt on•r rnr your t,J11d •• 1 t~
co an
r aur r ay.
ne· and your tlrnu •htful ad . l nm
Judgt• 13 •n on I d11 In lb r c IJy
'I' 11 l •,
goln awny b nu e It I u 11ulet lier one 101 , but
sll pul lion pro1ld ••
that 1r J .. tay two t11on• hu11r, I will that e1r ral pr cl nct In Multnomah ,
rowrult ,,owe de p.-rntP d ·1•11. I ha11:c.'t \\',, hlni:;ton, Till mook and llood
the coura c to fill .1·011 11t11l t1•ll .vou 1t11 r ·t(all b r cunrnss d nntl thtr•• 1
tbl , end, b Id "'• till' 1, :.:ht rn•I •ht i, a po. llilllty thot tb rc1wl l wlll be
train Is coming. ant! I \I Ill lo,•,!'' tbo < h rng d Thur al~o 1 8
proba bility
caboo e r dmtb 11111 " 1111 It 1111
that 16 ballot In Six a 1r In ·t, ·ur-
Mr. Tully let him l'lr Olll 11f ti.le
Knight borne 011 fl'H of 11 , 11 ,.t IIJ<I ry count)·,.wbl h w r thrown out h
C. W. Mettllewe, .. 11rl••••
alrned at tbe tatlou. The t1lgh1 frl'l •bt c ,us tb' l'I ctora voted ror too muny
t11ppcd tbere to turn u wlt,'h, and tJ.ndllintes for gov rnor, \\ Ill b count
wbeu tile ahuo. e sluwptf tlowu II c In th su preme court rac .
stmn ,e you11g mun, ,u11ylll'~ u ult
All persona bn1log nomln tloue
·ase, cllmiJcd tht! 11•11~ n111I hook rnust fl! ac cpt nce11 by that tlm or
band wltb th• hll' 'Ill l ou1l11 ·tor
their nam!ll! will not b certlfl li to
Tully sat up the P11lill' trip to l'urt• th
ounty cl rk t1 to be print don th
lund und nJoJt-<I hlm • ,.Jf I P)11111l hu- li.illola. There 18
rurtb r r qul r
...... aa-r
man uud rstnndln:.;. 'l'hc daltt•r ut tile
wit el ui· r rail Joint, 1 h • <·rcab.lng. rncnt that any p rson nominal •d who
groaoln or the uruk beam uud lb has rail d to fll a v rlfl d stat m •at
cratcbl_ug of tlw wetal i,IJV4· w re or xp ndltur s cannot b c rttrl d to
i•'or t he h t fc ,r am
sweet sounds In hi loug r,w1lshe,1 cur . for th omclal ballots. Stat menta
Corvallis and Mt. Hood.
Tile y lls out of tbe night frolll )'nrd- mub t b tll d even though no money
men and ta tlon ng 11ui it it llt•d !JI m v as expend d.
like a pleasant 01,lutv The roar ur
pa Ing train threw him Iulo no C·
stasy of delight. ne d1'1·ld1•<l thut he Three Block• In T he Da lles Burned.
The Dall 1.-Thr
n Ire blocka or
would p nd tile r •mnl11clet· ut llfc r!ll-
Ing In a Cr lgltt cniJoo. c "ltb II i;re,usy thl city w re s wept away by fir • tb
rrsult of thr e blaze11 started within
When be struck Hroud 11 ny 11111I T\1 en- a tcw minutes of en.ch other and • up.
ty-thlrd tr t Tull y w a~ 11 nHt-:i of pos dly from the torch of an Inc n•
goose flesh, und ncb nlf'1,1l,1•r of tho diary. The total lose Is stlmated at
'laid goo e tie b wn~ 11 unit or joy. Uc
f ound bis a1,artmeut 1111(1 cut •n·li It e- $ 110,000.
Cro p Peat War la On.
Jie drank a !urge l{i'l or watl'r, un •
dress d In three 11il11ut1•,<, ur;.,•tl luto
P ndl Lon.-Tbe farmer11 ot Uma•
u d nn!l tor the flr t 11111 l11 l\ ·o w1·1•k~ tllla cou nty hav d tared war u on
Ntllce It
be w nt to slccp-aurh rt le •p ns !lylug magpies, 1qulrreh1 and jackraublta an d
victims of lnsuwula 11I -tur • la their fe.
. . . . . . . . . . . . _111•P11•11tlll•
Stal Oam WarJlrn Evans bas dlr ct•
ver h r vin •s.
Ue was awokcucd by u lnri; •, greas y. r.,1 District Oamc Ward n Edgar Aver•
tte11 le
:U uncll , en t T u t eda y even in11,
blu overall d figure lttlng un th• •nd Ill to assist the fa rm ra In e:xt rmlna .
te I gird r out l1I • hi 11 ludo,·.
Tl! man was stnrl11 cl<l\lu nt him, b
th s nnlm Is bas be n • rloua
amnz m ot ancl 11\'Y wrlll1•u u\ er his thlfl S OD.
grimy ount nnnre.
Jn Ills band he h •It! 11 111nd1l11e KUil
Train Robber • Sentenced.
attached to a po uurntl · bo , .. , hi •ll
b waved at th urprl •11 TullJ tu •m•
pha lze hi, r rnurk l!.
..., -• 1alt 11o111ai1, • old , and 11ollan1td.
Colltetlon •• Ja111ra11 .&bttrae11.
"You ' re some lePp1•r, ) ou11g follcr,''
"otarlal - • i Lltal Docu • eau Prtper
the rh·etln m n 1<11 lrl nrnlubly.
"Wbnt' the mnlt(•J' II Ith you'/" Tully
01lot, 111 lilt Falb CIIJ 1'_aw1 o• ,
Inquired, wood rlug al t!Jl>i ate •I •11•
tb roued one' pro ltnl t,1·.
"I've L en rlveUu' Loll Iulo this l(lr-
d r for llt 111st hour and wut, hln' )·nu
Bs.tn coplN of The New, are
lumb r. I w b l wnld 110 th11t, m!H-
printed each 1Hek, and will be 1en,
ter. l nvy y u."
" b, shut up uud let me ulou !"
o any addnN d11lred, poetpald,
Tully gro led.
for 2 centl per oop7.
H turu d \er, JIUII • h1•rl th (Jlll o
nod r tur n d to <l t'(l le •p n u11cr.
Walter I,. Tt'Oie, Jr., Lawyer,
Th ma n on th l ( I h u ru rpu \ ti
Bank 8 1 ld'1., Dalla,, Ph ·re :
bls lam r u nttuck upon th m I
pport ltb fr b CUN ' j . hnklu hl
Maio 1821.
• .
head and ·onderlnJ.
Shops l
o..... /\
....... ,
Salem Laundry
lews Suscrlllen
""'""' TIie
.. •••••••••••Ne•ltt•
Newe II•• ••ttlf'N •••