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KEPT. ». 1914.
Œhr Jails CEitii Nruts
Offers exceptionally fine opportunities for the establishment
Eu to rvd • • p «* im ih 1 - c l i H M i l a t tho pootofftcv
a t F a lla C it y . F o lk C o M t j. O ra fo a . a n d a r tbv
A r t o f iV a g ro o p o f M a rch S. I NT»
News Office. 83.
Snbacefption K tU t: O m yaw . II .00; six months.
60 e w U : threw m onth». 2» canta; a ln «h copy, »eta.
AdreeUsing Rates Display. 10 « n u n inch
Business Notices. 6 cent* a line; For Sole, Kent.
■ «change. W ant and Pay Entertainment No
ttraa.&ct». alin e . Card ol Thank, M eta: Legal
Notice«, legal rate«.
Copy (or new ada. and change« ahouM be aent
to The Newa not later than Wedneeday.
o r r ic iA L d i r e c t o r y or rtLLi c m
F. K. Hubbard. Mayor.
T. D. Hollowell. Councilman at Large
W. T. Grier,
H. C. Brown,
Albert Teal.
A. Sampaon,
C. L. Hopktna,
R. A. Tltua.
H. G. Strayer, Auditor and Police Judge
Walter L. Tooae Jr., City Attorney.
W. P. Lewia. Marahal and Water 8up«.
M. L. Thompson. Treaaurer
J. J. Sammons, Engineer
Dr. F. M. Hellwarth. Health OIBcer.
The Council meetain regular aeealonon the flrat
Monday eeening ol each month, at ' 03 o'clock
I n the office ol the Falla City Newa.
S a t u r d a y , S e p t e m b e r 5. 1914
Gov—James Withycombe
U. S. Senator—R. A. Booth
State Senator—C. L. Hawley
Representative in Cong.—W
C. Hawley
Joint Representative—S .G.
Representative—W. T. Grier
Circuit Judge—H. H. Belt
Sheriff—John W. Orr
Clerk—Ed. M. Smith
Treasurer—Fred J. Holman
Commissioner—C. W. Beckett
Surveyor—C. R. Canfield
Coroner— R, L. Chapman
We are not able to see where
in it is any worse to exempt the
poor man $1,500 than to exempt
the rich man $15,000.
A little ruction between Japan
and the ¿United States would af­
ford Colifornians an excellent op­
portunity of getting rid of their
nut-headed population.
“ Who will pay the taxes if the
$1500 exemption proposition be­
comes a law?” shrieks the sub­
sidized press.
The fellow who
has $1500 and six-bits, certainly.
Ask something hard.
We would say that the world
was growing better could we be­
lieve that the great interest taken
by the rich in the defeat of the
$1500 exemption was, as they de­
clare, for the benefit of the poor.
Now that it has been shown
that the advance in the price of
sugar was purely speculative it
will be in order for the adminis­
tration to select a committee to
frame up an excuse for the poor
sugar barons.
During the civil war of 1861-5
in the United States, there were,
aproximately 656,000 lives lost,
an average o f 450 per day. Each
life cost the government $5,500,
besides the suffering and anguish
and destruction of private prop­
The German army, like the
avenging hand of fate, is moving
slowly but surely toward Paris
Obstacles that were deemed un-
surmountable have been swept
away leaving a trail of death and
desolation behind. Although war
is horrible beyond description,
one can not help admiring the
wonderful generalship displayed
in handling so great an army.
A Democratic administration is
a delicacy that comes pretty high.
Before the election we were told
that a Democratic administration
would solve the question of high
cost of living and prices on the
necessaries of life would take a
tumble. Today prices are higher
than ever before and we are con­
fronted with an annual war tax
of an $1000,000,000 and we are
the most un-warlike nation on
—----------------------- —
o r ----- ------------------- -
Co-Operative Cannery
Co-Operative Creamery
Wood-working Factories
Fruit and Berry Orchards
Salem, Sept. 28, Oct. 3, 1914.— 120,000.00
offered in Premiums for Agricultural, Livestock,
Poultry Textile and other exhibits. Horse
races, Shooting Tournament, Hand Concerts,
Boys’ Camd, Moving Pictures, Children’s Play­
ground, Bee Demonstrations, Animal Circus
and other free attractions.
Manufacturers and Hotneseekers who want to know the facts con­
cerning Falls City and its possibilites for future development are
requested to read the information given in these two columns. For
further and more particular information, address The News.
Nam e
The city derives its name from the falls of the Little Luckia-
niute River, which flows through the city from the West.
You are invited. Free Camp Grounds
Send for Premium List and Entry Blanks.
Reduced rates on all Railroads.
For particulars address
The first sale of town lots occurred in 1889, though donation
land-claim settlers came here many years before that date. In
1900 the population >vas 269; in 1910, 969; 1914, about 1,250.
T h e L o c a t io n
Falls City is situated in the south central part of Polk County
Oregon, in section 21, township 8, S., range 6,W.. Willamette mer­
idian, 27 rail miles southwest of Salem, ami 73 rail miles south­
west of Portland, in the narrow western end of the Little I.ucki-
amute River valley, surrounded on the north, south, and west bv
the foothills of the Coast Range mountains. Elevation, 886.38 ft
above sea level. Transportation— Salem, Falls City &• Western
Railroad, which extends from Salem to Black Rock, a rail
distance of 30 miles, with S. P. main line connections at Pallas,
Gerlinger, and Salem, and with the Oreuon Electric at Salem
A nti-P ain Pills
w i l l h o l p y o u , mm t h o y
h o v e h o lp o d o th e r » .
Good for all kind» of pain
Used lo relieve Neuralgia, Head
ache, Nervousness, Rheumatism,
Sciatica, Kidney Pam», Lumbago,
Locomotor Alaaia,
Stomachache, Csriiebnra», Ir r i­
tability and for pain in any part
of the body.
" I have used De Mtlaa' A nti Pain
Pilla when troubla« with haadarhe.
And that on« pill Infallibly
•ffert« relief In a very abort tin»«
I am ronaldarably a l a r l a t with n eu­
ralgia la tha hand at tlmaa. and
Hnd tha AM I Pain PIII» of m uch
T b « Dr. Mllaa
Hamad Isa
are beyond i-ompartaon and I r e am -
m«n<] tham lo all m y frland a."
S a l e m , O re g o n .
Oakland St , t a n
A t all druoslata.
Antonio. Tea
I t dotas 2So-
MI L B S M B O IC A L C O ., g lk h a rt. Ind.
A. J.V ick .
R. E.W iluam s . M. L . T h o m p s o n . W. F. N ichols ,
Falls City is incorporated as a city, and contains 7-‘>3 33 acres,
valuation for taxation #268,887. The city administration is com­
posed of mayor, seven counci.men, auditor and police judge, mar­
shal, treasurer, engineer, health officer.
Salaries: Marshal and
water superintendent, #60; auditor, #25; attorney, #25.
Bank of Falls City
it y
, P o i . k C
o u n ty
. O
Does a General Banking Business. Interest Paid on Time
Deposits. Exchange sold on all points in the United States.
Notary Public officially connected with the Bank.
W a t e r and W ood
The city of Falls City owns the gravity water system. IP first
cost was $30,000. Pure mountain water is piped from springs on
Judge le a l ’s ranch, 3 miles away, at an elevation o', about 300
feet above city level.
Oak and fir fire wood is plentiful and cheap.
Memoirs of
L u m b e r , F ru it, V e g e t a b le s and B e r r i e s
In Three Volumes
Electric-power planing and saw mill, log pond, dry kiln and
lumber yard in the city, lumber flume, logging roads and logging
outfits, all owned and operated by the Falls City Lumber Co.
The surrounding bencli and bill lands are as well adapted to
the production of fruits and berries as any other section of the
Pacific Northwest, and development on these lines is going on.
Dr. M>1 «
This man caused tlie last
general European war.
You Do Not Need to Send Away
H is person*! memoirs, written
by hi» s e c re ta ry . Baron |) e
M eneval, are full of the most
absorbing incident!, exptKiall* in
view of the present great Euro ­
pean struggle.
Vegetables and berries of many kinds grow to perfection in
and adjoining Falls City, and many acres are planted to straw­
berries and loganberries. Market conditions are improving stead­
ily, as production is increased.
We Are Prepared To Do It
And Know How
Just a hundred rears ago, his am bi­
tions bathed the Continent in a .eg of
blood. France alone, under his leader­
ship, fought Germany, Russia, Austria,
Italy, and Graal Britain—« * /
S c h o o l s , C h u r c h e s , S o c i e t ie s , C l u b s
Our Efforts Will be to Please
In Quality and Price. : : :
Get these Memoirs
By special arrangement with the pub­
lishers of COLLIER'S, The National
Weekly, we are enabled to offer a lim­
ited number of these three-volume sets
of the Memoir» of Napoleon free with
a year's subscription lo Collier'! and
this paper. Theoffer infricfly limited
—to get advantage of it you mu»t act
Falls City has a 12-grade school with a four-year high school
course, with principal, assistant, and eight grade teachers. Its
diplomas are accepted by the higher schools in lieu of examina-
ations. The entire community is justly proud of the school.
The Religious organizations are: Adventist, Catholic, Christian,
Free Methodist, Methodist Episcopal, Geinmn Lutheran.
The Fraternal societies: Ind. Order of Oddfellows, Kebekaha,
Masons, Knights of Pythias, Pythian Sisters, Modern Woodmen of
America, Royal Neighbors of America, Woodmen of the World,
Women of Woodcraft.
Free reading room. Gem theatre, photoplay.
Hydro-electric light generated by the power of the rails; ow ned
by the Falls City Electric Co., W. B. Stevens president, If. C.
Brown vice-president and manager, A. W . Stevens secretary and
Telephone system, with long-distance connections. C. J. Pugh
local manager.
B u s in e s s E n te rp rise s
Falls C'ty in ’well provided with the usual business enterprises.
The News contains the announcements of the following business
and professional men of the city:
Bakery, D. Toller,
Bank of Falls City, W. F. Nichols cashier.
Barber shops, Wm. Bohle.
Carpenters and Builders, Elle & Elle, S. Ouderiiirk.
Clothier, Tailor and gents’ furnisher, Chas. Harlung.
Confectionery stores: B. L. Ellis, R. B. Harrington.
Drug store, M. L. Thompson.
Dentist, Dr. A. G. Atwood.
Department store, N. Selig,
Funeral director, R. L. Chapman.
Furniture, J. C. Talbott & Co.
General stores. N. »Selig, F. C. Lumber Co., F. C. Merc. Co.
Hardware store, J. C. Talbott & Co,
Hotels: Falls City Hotel, Fritz Droege, owner and manager;
The Madena, Mrs. Mae Nichols, Mrs. Dennis, managers
Jewelry store. W. A. Persef.
Newspaper, the Falls City News, D. L. Wood & Son.
Photoplay lueatr», the Gem, C. J. Pugh.
Physicians, Dr. W. B. Officer; Dr F. M. Hellwaitn.
Pressing amt cleaning parlor, I, A. Johnston.
Railroads, h&lem. B alls City & Western, Southern Pacific.
Real estate agent, F. K. Hubbard Realty Co,
Restaurant. The Maolena; Wm. Finley, owner.
Saloons: Tne Oregon, C. W. Matthews; The Idaho, Chas. Mix.
■ ........................
.. .................—
............ ■ ■ —..... ■ - ■
Bring Your Job Printing to this Office
F ite
Notice for Publication
A Grave
Do those who advocate the
absolute prohibition of the
manufacture and sale of all
alcoholic liquors realize the
seriousness of the Bocial and
e c o n o m ic crisis that would
be precipitated by such legis­
lation? Are they aware of the
fact that the heads of families
aggregating probably not less
than th ree m illio n people
would suddenly he deprived of
their sole means of livelihood,
and that properties valued in
the aggregate at perhaps two
billion dollars would ns sud­
denly become worthless?
It is doubtful if they do fully
realize this,yet these are figures
given by no less a writer than
Dr. Henry Smith Williams in
an article in the "Ladies Home
Journal,” reviewing the pro­
hibition movement. And he
adds: “ Personally I am at a
loss to understand how anyone
who has the slightest grasp of
econom ic questions can contem ­
plate with equanimity the anarch­
istic possibilities— nay, certainties
—which reveal themselves through
the slightest ose o l the imagina­
tion in connection with these fig­
ures. T o m e. at least, it seems
obvious that the only thing which
has kept the prohibition m ove­
ment before the people o f the
United States is the simple fart
that prohibition does not prohibit. ’ ’
Thinking men and women who
seek the truth and are unswayed
by prejudice, and who give the
foregoing facts the consideration
they deserve cannot escape a like
conclusion. — Paid Advartiaaoacat.
E. D, Ulrich, Chamber of Com-
mersc, Portland, Oregon.
of the Interior
(NerUI mm3)
r . 8. Land Olllce at Portland, Oregon
July 30. m e .
NOTICE la hereby given that Mlchaol L.
Roberta whose jkj .I office addreaa la 210 Alder
¡Hi. Portland. Oregon, did on the 13th day ol
Augu-d, 1013. file In this olllce Sworn Statement
anil Application, No. 03333. to purchase the SW
I I ol HW l i, Section 4. Townahlp 8 South,
llange 7 West. Wllllsuiette Meridian, and the
i timber thereon, under the provisions ol the
| act ol June 3. 1H7H, and acta amendatory,
j known an the "Tim ber and Stone la w ," at such
i valuo aa might he fixed by appraisement, and
i i hat, pursuant to such application, the land
! and timber thareoa have been appialsed, the
i limber estimated 260.000 board feet at 40 cents
l-er M, and the land »20: that said applicant
.»111 oiler dual proof In support of hla applies-
j lion and sworn statement on the 16th day of
October, 1914, before the Register and Receiver.
If. S. lan d Office, at Portland? Oregon
A n y person is at liberty to protest this pur­
chase before entry, or Initiate a contest at any
time before patent issues, by filing a corrobor­
ated affidavit In this office, alleging facta which
would defeat the entry.
H. P. HIGBY, Register.
Sherlock Holmes Stories
Exclusively in Collier’s
All the Sherlock Holme« «tone« published \m
191» will be printed exclusively In Collier's.
T he "Lilt minute” picture« of the Furopem
War will appear every week in the photographic
tection of Collier’«.
The Sne«t Action written will appeal each week
m »hoti «tory and aerial form.
Mark Solllvan’a timely Editorial« and widely
quoted Comment« on Conire«« will continue to be
an extlusivg feature.
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C O L L I E R ’ S f J . S S r Special
The News II.O
O ” tM ^ .m - o l , ^ , - . O * ^
"OehoaUag la youth should la.arlabty be
directed to prepare e person la the best way
Or the beef permanent occupation for which
M la capable.’ ' —President C W RUot
Thlt It tha Mission of tho
Forty-sixth School Veor Opeos
Post Office Time Card
S E P T E flB E R
18 th,
Writo for Illustrated too pa go Book-
lot, " T hb L if e C a r e e r ,” and for Cata­
Office hours: Daily, except Hun- log containing full Information.
D egree C o u n t s - AGRICULTURE t
day, 8 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.
Agronomy, Animal Husbandry, Dairy Hus­
bandry, Poultry Husbandry, Horticulture.
Mail arrives, from
Agrkulturo for Teachers F O R E S T R Y ,
Salem-Dal las, 8.50 a.m., 3:35 p.m. L ooo ing E n g in e e r in g . H o m e e c o ­
n o m ic s : DomestkScience, Domestic Art,
Black Rock, 2.00 p.m.
Etectrkil, Irrigation,
Mail closes, for
Salem, 9.00 a.m. and 1.00 p.m.
Dallas, 9.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m.
Blbck Rock, 11.00 a.m.
Highway, Mechankal, Chemical, Mining.
Ceramics. C O M M E R C E . PH A R M A C Y.
Vocntienul Ourjgj-Agrlculture, Dairy­
ing, Home Makers’ Course, Industrial
Arta, Forestry, Business Short Course.
School of Music —Plano, String, Rand,
Office houm: Sunday only, 9:30
Voice Culture.
to 10:30 a.m:
Farmers Busin«, Course by Mail Fren
Mail arrives from Salem 8,50a.m
Address THK R RG ISTgA R ,
(tw-T-15 to t-*)
C orvallis, Oregon
Mail closes lor Salem 9:00 a.m.
Effective May 20, 1914.
I r a C. M e h r l i n g , Postmaster.
Ore. Fire Relief Asaoci’n,McMinn­
Falls City, Polk Co., Ore.
ville. F. K. Hubbard, local agent,