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    AUGUST 18. 1914.
In days gone by, and not very City A Western Railroad:
All the above described streets
k<ng either, it was customary on
any indication of dissatisfaction and parts of streets being located
of the laborers, to call out troops land situate in city of Falls city,
August is essentially a l»«<uch month utul
and terrify dissatisfied workers Folk County, Oregon;
thr most delightful time in which to spend
That said improvement will
into subjection. As a result tkere
h vacation ut Newport, to get a way from
E n l r n d as aecont) uia«« m a ll a t th * ptMtlofftcr
consist in general in the building
the heat and dust of the Valley.
a t Kalla l'* t;■. P o U C ountjr. 'J r r f o n . uml«-r «be has been much bk>odshed and kvss
sidewalks along the property
A ct ot
t»*ie*« of M an 'b 3, is«*9
of property and the adjustment
Telephone News Office. S3.
of the difficulties as far from set­ abutting on said streets and parts
Im p r o v e d T r a in S o r v lc e
of streets in said city; such im­
S u b scrip tio n R ates: O ne year. $1.00; six month», tlement as ever.
provement to be made at the time
$o c e n t« ; th r e e m o n th « . 25 c e n t« : sin g t« c o p y . 5 e ta .
Connection made at Albany and Corval­
If the starspangled banner con­
and in the manner to be here­
A 'lY eriisius R ates: Display, 10 cents a n inch :
lis with C. & K. trains, which leave Al­
R usm ess Notices. S cen ts a l i n e . For ta le . Rent.
after prescribed bv ordinance:
bany at 7.:t0 n. m. daily and 1:00 p.m .
Kxchangv. W ant an-t Pay (E ntertainm ent No­ land, the cry of distress or op­
The cost of such improvement
daily except Sunday.
tices. S e ts a lin e , C ant of T h an k s SOcts; le g a l
pression from her most humble will be assessed to the real pro­
Notices, legal rates.
eitized must, and will lie heard. perty. providing and abutting on
S p o o i a l L i m i t e d S u n d a y E x c u r s i o n T r a in
Copy for new a>ls. an d ch ange*should be sent
the horse or other domes­ said streets or parts of streets;
to The News n o t later th a n W ednesday.
ticated animals become conscious
to Newport, leaves Albany every Sunday
That the City Council of said
of their power they would not city will set in the Council Cham­
F K. H ubbard. Mayor.
at 0:45 a. m., Cor’ dJui 7.15 a. in. Arrives
T. D Hollow ell. C ouncilm an a t Large
long remain passive and obedient ber of said city on the 18th day
Newport 1 1:10 a. in.
W. T Ur er.
to the will of man. The laboring of Aug. 11)14 at the hour of 7:30
II. C. Brown,
Albert Teal
man has long responded to the in the evening of said day and
Cou noi linen
Special Round Trip Season Tares and Week
A Ratnpaon,
beck and call of his master, and at the said time and place to hear
C. L. Hopkins.
End fares from all S. P. points and Sunday
R. A. Titua.
should he become obstreperous, and determine objections and re­
II. 1». Strayer, A uditor an d Police Judge
Excursion Pares from Albany and Corvallis.
the strong arm of the law was monstrances thereto; if any there
W alter L. T o o k J r . City A ttorney.
>V. p. lew is, M arshal an d W ater Supt.
invoked and he was quickly, sub­ be, and,
M. L. T hom pson. T reasurer
dued. Many of the laboring class
J. J. Sam m ons, E ngineer
That all ow ners and other per­
For Folders describing Newport,
Dr. Y M .H ellw arth. H ealth Officer.
look upon the laws as being en­ sons in interest may attend at
tickets and full information, call
The C ouncil meet* in reg u lar session on th e first acted for the employer only and
on nearest S. P. Agent,
said time and show causes if any
M outlay ev en in g of each m onth, at 7 03 o’clock.
in times of trouble appear to think they have, why such improve­
In *,he office of the F alls City News.
that “every man’s hand is against ment should not be made.
S aturday , A ugust 15. 1914
them," and seeking some means
Done by order of the City
John M. Scott, Gen. Pass’er A g en t,
whereby they may get even. The Council of Falls City, Folk Coun­
Portland, Oregon
sending of troops to convince him ty, Oregon made on the 21st day
of the “error of his way” is not of July, 1914.
Gov—James Withyeombe
calculated to inspire him with pa­ Witness my hand and official
U. S. Senator—K. A. Booth
State Senator—C. L. Hawley triotism, that the United States seal of the said city of Falls City
may soon be in sore need of. He
Representative in Cong.—W. should be made to feel that the this 6th day of Aug. 1914.
R. E. W illiams , M. L. T hompson . W. F. N ichols ,
A.J.V ick ,
[L. S.1
H. G. S traykr .
C. Hawley
government is his friend, ever
Cashier Assistant Cashier
Joint Representative—S .G. ready to champion the cause of
of Falls City, Oregon.
right and succor her most humble
Representative—W. T. Grier
citizens in their rights and pos­
Street Grade Notice
Circuit Judge—H. H. Belt
F all » C it y , P olk C ooi.fT. O regon
To D. D. Bell, C. F. Vick,
Sheriff—John W. Orr
The California hopgrowers are
Does a General Banking Business. Interest Paid on Time
Frank Hayden. Chas. Young, J.
Clerk—Ed. M. Smith
bidding for trouble by sending
Deposits. Exchange soid on ¡ill points in the United States.
A. Young, W. L. Young, Wm.
out press dispatches of the war­ Ellis, S. F. C. & W. Ry. Co., and
Treasurer—Fred J. Holman
Notary Public officially connected w ith the Bank.
Commissioner—C. W. Beckett like preparations they are making all other persons in interest, pro­
Last year trouble arose over the perty holders and owners in
Surveyor — ( ' . R. Canfield
sanatary condition of some of the Falls City, Polk Co., Ore., whose
Coroner—R, L. Chapman
yards. There was a disturbance froperty is fronting or abutting
and some acted rashly and all
Poor old Huerta, Carranza were brought under ban. Civil upon the street hereafter de­
Enrique Rivero, Joaquin Jiminez authorities took a hand and seri­ scribed.
Castro. Angel Garcia Conde and ous trouble resulted. If condi­ NOTICE is hereby given that
President Carbajal of Mexico are tions were anything like as bad the city council of Falls City,
being sadly neglected since war as represented the civil authori­ Oregon, contemplates the pass­
broke out across the pond.
ties should have held criminally grades on the following describ­
liable. When complaint was made ed street or parts of street;
the authorities should have seen
All of East Avenue:
The people who have been ad­ that the necessary improvements
All the above described street
We Are Prepared To Do It
vocating universal peace have at were made instead of sending
or part of street being located
tie same time been preparing men to shoot ud the camp.
And Know How
and situate in the city of Falls
for war. The organization of
Only last week Sisson, Califor­ City, Folk County, Ore,
tie Boy Scouts is but the train­ nia suffered from a fire, supposed
Our Efforts Will be to Please
Profiles of plans of the im­
ing of the youth for a possible to have been set by men from
In Quality and Price. : : :
provements prepared to be made
war. In Berlin the Boy Scout Sacramento who were sent to fight
on the above described street
alliance have issued a call to the forest fires. The men asked pay
are on file in the office of Auditor
youth of that country to assist for time coming and going, but
and Police Judge.
t ie fatherland.
were denied, and it is supposed
That the city council of said
they fired the town to get even. city will set in the council cham­
That was wrong and the guilty ber of said city on the 18th day
Many great men believe that should be punished. There is an­ of August 1914 at the hour of
the present war is but a fulfill­ other side. If it was desirable 7:30 in the evening of said dav to
-------------------------- --------
ment of prophesy that nations that these men come from Sacra­ pass an ordinance establishing
Notice for Publication
that have become corrupt—‘that mento, their time in so doing was grades on the hereinbefore named
(Pu b lish er)
forget God will be destroyed,” certainly an asset. The observ­ streets and also at the said time of streets, to-wit:
and a righteous one established. ance of the “Golden Rule” in such and place to hear and determine
Department of the Interior
However this may be, we do cases would undoubtedly save objections and remonstrances extending from Bridge street to
( ta ri« I 03*03)
not believe that God takes any from destruction much property. against the establishment of said Fairview street
U. 8 . Lami Office el P ortland, Oregon
All the above described streets
Ju ly 30, 1914.
hand in the destruction of a na­ In cases of disagreement be- grades if any there be, and,
NOTICK Is hereby given th a t Michael L.
tion, but their fall comes through teen employer and employed in­ That all owners and other per­ and parts of streets being located H uberts
whose post office address la 210 Alder
disregard of the rights of others, stead of sending armed men to sons in interest may attend at in the city of Falls City, Polk st. P o rtlan d . Oregon, did on th e 13th day of
August, 1913. file In th is office Hworn S tatem ent
oppression, greed and graft until drag the laborer, like a criminal, said time and place and show County Oregon.
and A pplication, No. 03*93. to purchase th e 8W
14 of 8>V M , Section 4, T ow nship * South,
there is an uprising and a day of up before a judge, who is proba­ cause if any they have, why such
provments proposed to be made Kango 7 Went, W llliam ette ffe iid ia n , an d the
reckoning brought about.
bly unfriendly toward labor, give proposed grades should not be on the above described streets tim b er thereo n , u n d er th e provisions of the
a ct of Ju n e 3. 1*78, and acts am en d ato ry ,
him a chance to be heard before established.
are on file in the office of the know n as the “T im ber an d Stone Law,*' a t such
Done by the order of the city Auditor and Police Judge.
value a* m ight be fixed by ap p raisem en t, and
“WHITHER ARE WE DRIFTING?” a court of inquiry where he will
th a t, p u rsu a n t to such ap p licatio n , th e land
Reading of strikes, riots and
That City Council of said city n o d tim b er thereon have been ap p raised , the
b e r estim ated 2ft).ouo board feet a t 40 cents
wars, and then listen to the enthu­ sidered and an impartial decision Ore., made on the 4th day of will sit in the council chambers tim
per M, an d the lan d $20; th a t «aid ap p lican t
siastic evangelist discourse,—how
<>f said city on the 18th day of w ill offer final proof in su p p o rt of his ap p lica
Witness my hand and the offic­ August 1914 at the hour of 7:30 tloil an d Hworn sta te m e n t on the 16th day of
the world is growing better, that that conditions will continue to
October. 1914, before th a Iteglster an d Roceiver.
the gospel is being preached to all grow worse, murder and arson ial seal of said city of Falls City, in the evening of said day to pass V. 8. Land Office, a t P o rtla n d , Oregon.
Oregon the 6th day of August an ordinance establishing grades Any person is a t lib erty to protest th is pur-
the nations of the earth, should with its consequent horrors.
chase before en try , or in itia te a co n test a t any
cause the thinking man to ask the
on the herein before named tim e before p aten t Issues, by filing a co rro b o r­
[L S.]
H. G. S trayer ,
affidavit in th is office, alleging facta which
question, “ whither are we drift­
street, and also at the said time ated
Sidewalk Improvement Notice
would defeat th e en try .
ing.” Great men have prophesied
- if F. IIKJBY, Register.
and place, to hear and determine
To W\ R. Hinshaw, EmmaHin-
of Falls City, Ore.
universal peace; that the nations
objections and remonstrances
of the earth were so nearly civil­ shaw, Wm. Campbell, L. M.
against the establishment of said
Post Office Time Card
ized and christianized that wars Treat, Odd Fellows Lodge No.
grade, if any there be, and
Street Grade Notice
would only be in history; that bet­
That all owners and other per­ Oilico hours: Daily, except Sun­
To Alex Courier, Jack Moore,
ter and brighter days were in pa1 rick. Free Methodist Church, Chas. Dill, Free Methodist Par­ sons in interest may attend at day, 8 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.
store, even to the breaking of the and all other persons in interest. sonage, Fred Chapin, Arthur said time and place and show
Mail arrives, from
NOTICE is hereby given that
cause if any they have, why such
Millennial Dawn. Today the great
Hiilcin-Dallns, 8.60 a.m., 8:86 p.m.
nations of the earth are arrayed the City Council of Falls City, der, S. F. C. & W. R. R. Co., A. proposed grades should not be
Black Rock, 2.00 p.m.
for battle and the world is on the
W. Walker, Mr. Bondurant and
Mail closes, for
Done by order of the City
verge of one of the greatest wars
all other persons in interest, pro­
a.m. and 1.00 p.m.
Council of Falls City, Polk Co.,
since Sampson manhandled the
perty owners and holders of Falls
a.m. and 5:00 p.m.
Oregon made on the 4th day of
Phillistines with the jawbone of
City, Polk Co., Ore,, whose pro­
11.00 a.m.
perty is fronting or abutting
-T h ere are, however, other dis­ Beginning at intersection of upon the streets hereinafter de­ Witness my hand and the of­ Office hours: Hunday only, 9:30
ficial seal of said city of Falls
to 10:80 a.m:
turbances at home that the peo­ south Main street with Bridge scribed,
City, Oregon this 6th day of
ple should interest themselves. street and running thence east
Mail arrives from Salem 8,50 a.m
NOTICE is hereby given, that August, 1914.
The labor question is becoming in south side of south Main street
Mail closes lor Salem 9:00 a.m.
City Council of Falls City, Or. [L. S.]
one of serious import—one that
Effective May 20, 1914.
H. G. S t r a y e r .
must be dealt with fairly and street, thence south on west side contemplates the passage of an
I r a C. M b u r l i n o , Postmaster.
Auditor and Police Judge
of Church street to Salem, Falls ordinance establishing grades on
without fear or favor.
of Falls City, Oregon. |
Falls City, Polk Co., Or
a h i' f a llii
( £ i t i| N r u m
Mid-Summer at Newport
Bank of Fails City
You Do Not Need to Send Away
Two hundred acres of
Yer land
am ss Id to bava burned over In tha
Bluataw forcala.
Tha f ir s t Ilapllat church. Indrpend
an’., and tha Immanuel Ilapllat church
i>av i decided to marge.
Joint property la valued al 313.000
Taxes In Oregon which ere declared
delinquent on Septem ber 1 will auf-
fer a penally of 10 per cent It 1« de­
clared at Salem.
Fifty tb o u im d ateelhead trout weie
placed In 'h e stream s In the vicinity
of Dufur
They w era obtained from
tha Bonneville batchary.
Ban has been placed on all unmui-
sled dogs by tha Ashland city council
and 110 will ba required to got doge
ou*. of pound.
Cows and hogs and avan ra b b u ia re
eald lo have died In considerable n u n
bere In Pleasant Valley, presumably
aa a result of the eevere beet.
W elter Hlinpoon. bom eat.ader 35
mile* south of Burns was Instantly
hilled when a bucket fell on him while
he was at the bottom of a well.
Tha auto of C. J. Pugh was caught
by th e tide end carried out to eea at
Cannon Beach. Mr Pugh had a nar­
row eacape. He laaped „ut of tha
car lust In lime.
The Hammond Lumber company of
Aalo-ia may be a f f e c t s by a threat
of the Hindu employe.: to quit w. k
to retu rn to India to join In a revo­
lution against G reat Britain.
Prises aggregatlag « 0 0 will be
given at band concerts a t Gresham,
bonds from Multnc-nab C o u n ty and
eastern part of Clackam as county to
take part.
On a w arrant from Coos Bay eec
tlon charging him with a recent bank
robbery W elter S. Peealee was a r r e tt­
ed at V allo/ atatlon, by Sheriff W. I,.
Woodard and Deputy Kelllng.
Mtaa Anna Quick, daughter of the
< Ity recorder of 8t. Helena, la acting
n her father's absence, and she de­
clares aha will give liquor offendere
the limit when passing sentence.
Portland. Ore., was chosen as tn e
city for tha 1916 convention of tbe
suprem e lodge of K nights of Pythias,
at tho concluding aeaalon of the Pyth
Ian convention at W innipeg, Canada.
The John Day valley Is experienc­
ing a grasshopper storm. They sta rt
mostly In the foothill* of the rnoun
tains and descend, taking all of tha
vegetation clean aa they advance.
S tate P rin ter H arrla has completed
the printing of the aeccnd edition of
the 1913 aeaalon laws, this being ne­
cessary because th e first edition of
480 waa exhausted
T his tim e gOO
copies were printed.
P reparations are being made to
have this year's Pacific International
stock show a t North Portland to
acllpae all previous recorda In Impor­
tance. The tihow will be held Decem­
ber 7-14 at the stockyards.
P arties from the Umpqua say th at
there h a t been a fair run of salmon
up to the present tbls season
fisherm en held a meeting there re ­
cently apd raised th e price of salmon
sold to th a canneries to 8Ho per
McKee* Flat, 13 miles west of Con­
don, Is Infasted with grasshoppers aa
had as they were In K ansas many
years ago. Farm era fear a total de­
struction by grasshoppers next year.
T he sam e condition Is reported on
Pine Creek, leading to Condon.
At a meeting of the I-ane County
F arm ers' Protective association In
Eugene several thousand Bob W hite
quail will be asked for from the sta te
game farm, to eat buga th a t are ra v ­
aging the bean and corn crops In thla
Seventy accidents, one fatal, were
reported to Labor Commlasloner O. P.
Hoff during tha past week. E. H.
Baker of Dee, waa tbe victim of a
railroad train a t Dee and there were
more accidents In railroad work than
in any other.
G rape growera about H erm lstonare
all rejoicing. The orop there has al­
ways been a good one, but this year
It promlaea to even beat anything yet.
Flame Tokays, M uscats, Thompson
Seedling, Worden sad Concord vines
are all carrying every pound possible
of fine big bunches.
T hat there Is a strong sentim ent In
Roseburg toward bonding-the city for
8600,000 to aid the construction of a
railroad to the coast la shown by the
fact th a t 760 voters algned the Initi­
ative petitions authorizing an election
on the proposed am endm ent. Only
160 signatures w ere required
With about 20 orchardlala of the
valley aa members, the Kood River
Fruitgrow ers’ Exchange haa been for­
mally organized and papera of Incor­
poration bava been sent for filing to
the secretary of stale. A contract of
affiliation has been algned with the
N orthw estern F ru it Exchange, of
Orsaaboppera are playing havoc
with the crops a t th e farm of the
sta te Insane asylum. Dr. R. E. Lee
Steiner, superintendent, has reported
to the sta te board of control that tbe
pests virtually have destroyed th e po­
tato crop and th a t they are dam aging
other crop.!. He say* tha Insects are
of tbe K ansas variety.