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a greater and better
Kalis City all the time
News From Various
Parts Of The Country
An Appropriation of S25.000 Mado to
Fight Oregon Forest Fires.
Washington, July 28.—The se­
nate to a conference report on
the sundry civil bill, including an
appropriation o f $25,000 to enable
the Interior Department and the
Forest Service to protect against
Are all lands in Oregon involved
in the Oregon and California
land grant suit.
■ ........
Harvest Hands Go North
Railroads Overrun With Mon Boating
Their Way to Wheat Fields.
Omaha, Neb., July 23. Two
hundred thousand dollars’ worth
o f railroad transportation has
been stolen from Nebraska rail­
roads this year by harvesters
"beating” their way to wheat
fields. This estimate was made
at the headquarters o f the State
Railway Commission.
Freight trains o f all roads have
been overrun with nonpaying
passengers for the last six weeks.
The railroads have made little
effort • to prevent the practice.
There is a law in Nebraska mak­
ing the stealing o f a railroad ride
a felony, but no effort is being
made to enforce the statute.
Two hundred harvest hands
today took possession of a North­
western train west o f Omaha and
forced the trainmen to carry
them to the harvest fields in
Northeastern Nebraska.
Two Oírle Who Laughed at H|m iaoh
Finad S10.
the National Guard has caused a
heavy paper mortality among the
highly ornamental officers
requirement that the militia con­
form in organization to regular
Army standards has b<»?n met
Hurry-up Calls Comas to Portland to by all o f the states except South
Sond Out Fightors.
Carolina with the startling result
that there have already been
three Major-Generals, 30
Brigadier-Generals, more than
100 Colonels and a corresponding
Large Section Already Devastated and
number o f officers o f less rank.
the Flamoa Still Ruah On.
As a result ‘o f these changes,
has been a great improve­
Forest fires are beginning U>|
the physical fitness of
spring up in various sections of
ihe country. A report stated that the enlisted force o f the militia
the fires between Fulton Station and progress in the instruction of
and Oswego had again assumed officers who are now really avail­
alarming proportions and that ing themselves o f the kindly
there was great danger o f the criticisms o f the inspection offi­
cers o f the United States Army
entire section being wiped out.
Several miles o f territory have working among them.
already been devastated. Besides
the timber, several homes have UNIONS FINANCE FIGHT
been swept away in the path.
The Goodwin Shingle Works, the
yards o f the Patterson Fuel Com­ California Organized Labor To Be
pany and the Holman Fuel Com­
Assessed 5 Cents Each
pany are reported to have been
San Francisco, July 23.—Every
union man in California will be
The fire started last Saturday. assessed 5 cents a week to aid in
Men and women fought it des­ financing the union side o f a con­
perately. Word was sent to the troversy between the Merchants’
Sheriff who took two automobile Manufacturers’ and Employers’
loads o f prisoners out with axes Association o f Stockton and the
and shovels to dig trenches and unions. Action to this effect was
cut away brush and logs. By decided Saturday, at a confer­
daylight they had the fire fairly ence of San Francisco and state
well under control. All telephone labor representatives.
lines in the vicinity were destroy­
National and international uni­
ed and it was necessary to go ons whose locals are involved
several miles to reach a telephone have sent representatives who
in working order.
shortly will form an executive
New York, July 21.— Magis­
trate Ten Eyck agreed with Pa­
trolman Campbell that makifig
merry with an officer o f the law
on whose manly shoulder his
young lady companion lays her
head, is a finable offense.
He imposed a fine o f $10 each
on Rose and Mary Smith, sisters,
24 and 28 years old, respectively.
The charge was disorderly con­
Campbell said he was returning
on a trolley over ihe Queensboro
bridge with Miss Emma Blome,
after spending the day in Long
Island. Miss Blome was tired
and rested her head on his shoul­
Then it was the Smith girls
laughed, and one o f them said:
"W hy don’ t you wait until you
get home?”
When he got off the car the
Smith girls followed him, Camp­
bell said, and their remarks be­
came so annoying he arrested
They told the magistrate they
were only joking and meant no
harm. Together the two were
----------------- » — ♦ ♦ ♦
" —
council with the assistance o f the
able to pay Rose’s fíne and then
locals to take charge o f the situ­
she hurried out and got money ORNAMENTAL OFFICERS
to free Mary.
Extra copies of The News are
Homesteaders’ Aid Wins
printed each week, and will be sent Succumb To Paper Mortality When
Strict Regulation is Enforced
to any address desired, postpaid,
House Passes Sinott Bill Giving Ad*
for 2 cents per copy.
ditional Aquisilion Rights
Washington, July 20. Appli­
Ore. Fire Relief Aasoci’n,McMinn­
F. K. Hubbard, local agent. cation of the new milita laws to
a n d w a t c h r e s u lt s
All Goods and Prices Are Right
Falls City Lumber Co.
............. ..
Need of Organization Among Farmers and Fruit­
growers and Benefits That May Result
On various trips 1 note from time
to time the advancement of var­
ious parts o f the country.
Some ten years r.go I was at
Puyallup, Wash., when there was
considerable agitation and more
aggravation among the farmers
in that vicinity owing to the fact
that they were having difficulty
in marketing their products. A
few claimed that they should raise
more and better, the rest rebuted
their argument with, what’s the
use, we can’t sell what we now'
produce. The former few declar­
ed that was exactly the reason
that they should raise more, so
that they need not depend on
home market but could ship in
quantity to whatever part o f the
country needed their produce, and
that they should raise the best
quality possible so that they could
establish a distinct brand that the
consumers might feel that they
could rely on. With this resolu­
tion in mind these few energetic,
progressive farmers put their
heads together and organized the
Puyallup and Sumner Fruit Grow­
ers Association. Today they have
1400 members. A recent state­
ment shows that they are now do­
ing more than $1,000,000 business
annually. While the total capital­
ization of the Association is but
The Association gives to its
members two advantages, First it
furnishes a market for their pro­
ducts at a price which invariably
is above what other farmers get
and second it furnishes their sup­
plies, such as crates fertilizer etc,
at a low er rate than other farmers
pay. These two advantages make
the Puyallup and Sumner valleys
among the most prosperous com­
munities in the world. I believe
the Little Luckiamute valley is
capable of growing just as good
and as many berries per acre as
the Puyallup district, in fact Falls
City district has the advantage of
having different classes of soil
suitable for raising different var­
ieties of fruit, vegetables, etc.,
which should give a longer and
more profitable harvesting season.
But if the Falls City farmers
make a success they must get
together, raise more so they can
ship in quantity, and the very
best o f quality so as to establish a
distinct brand that the consumers
throughout the world would seek.
The following newspaper clipping
should give you a better idea of
what grew out o f the small begin­
ning of the few men who had the
nerve to put their shoulder to­
gether and push ahead.
$37,500 Paid Pickers
Tacoma, Wash., July )6 .—The Puy­
allup and Sumner Fruit Growers’
Association mailed checks at its Puy­
allup office today for $37.500 to meet
the pav roll o f the growers to berry
pickers this week. This is the lar­
gest amount o f money ever distrib­
uted in one day by the association.
It has orders for 3,000,000 cans o f
berries this year, which is double the
record pack o f last year. More than
450,000 pounds o f berries worth more
than $18,000 are being received daily
at the Puyallup and Sumner receiv­
ing stations.
Fifteen thousand pickers are being
employed in harvesting the red rasp­
berry crop, which is now at its height.
The Puyallup and Sumner stations
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Washington, July 2 2 .- Repre­
sentative Sinnott secured the
passage through the House of
of the law of over $500,010.
his bill providing that any home­
We earnestly trust that in this
steader who has acquired patent
to 160 acres o f land in a section
instance the brewers and saloon
where the enlarged homestead­
keepers are not deliberately evad­
ing is permitted may acquire 160
ing the law. or showing acontempt
acres additional and contiguously
for it. We desire to give them an
located, thus making his entire
opportunity to remedy what was
Centurions’ Chirman Warns Printing
holdings 320 acres
a most unquestionable error, but
As the law now stands, addi­
Company About Posters in
at the same time we would re­
tional entry may not be made
mind you and trust you will con­
after final proof has been made.
vey this warning to your employ­
...... -•
♦ •— '■ ■ -■ ■
Portland, Ore.. July 22. J. E. ers, that we intend to see that
Wheeler, as chairman of tha Com­ every statement made on behalf
Will Open Land In
mittee o f One Hundred, has sent o f a “ wet” Oregon is properly
following letter to the Press sponsored.
Umpqua Forest the
Printing and Advertising Co.:
In this instance we do net feel it
Over the cash register of nearly our duty to institute prosecutions,
Sixteen Sections included In Acer* every saloon in Portland there are
but would advise strongly that
to be found today posters which every one of the posters now dis­
age to Be Opened to Entry to
purport to discuss the Oregon dry played in direct violation of the
Homesteaders Next Fall
question from a brewer and saloon
law lie withdrawn.
Itoseburg, Oregon, July 23.—
keeper’s standpoint. These pos­
For your convenience we are giv­
An order has been received at
ters apparently make a direct ap­ ing you herewith section 3519 of
Roseberg land office to the effect
peal to the patrons o f saloons to statutes relating to elections.Lord’s
that 16 sections o f land formerly
vote against prohibition so that Oregon laws: “ It shall be unlaw­
a pari o f the Umpqua national
the saloon and brewery may con­ ful to write, print or circulate
forest reserve, will be opened to
tinue to receive their quota o f the through the mails or otherwise
entry to homesteaders October 2.
any letter, circular, hill, placard or
Most o f the land is heavily tim­ earnings of the community.
poster relating to any election or
bered and is situated almost di­
to any candidate at any election,
rectly west o f Roseberg on the
unless the same shall bear on its
Coast Range mountains and near
face the name and address of the
the head o f Coos river.
author, and of the printer and
The purpose o f removing this
publisher thereof; and any person
land from the forest reserve is
writing, printing, publishing, cir­
thought to be, to make the re­
posting or causiug to be
serve more regular and the re­
maining portions easier to patrol. instances o f which we have speci­ written, printed, circulated, posted
The land will be open to settle­ mens in the office posters were or published any such letter, bill,
ment September 3, and to entry printed unsigned except with the placard, circular or poster as afore­
said, which fails to bear on its
October 2, although entries may name of your firm as printers.
We should like you to warn your face the name and address of the
be filed as early as September 12.
The sections o f land open to brewer friends and the saloon author and the printer or publisher
entry are scattered in three twp' keepers displaying these signs shall be guilty of an illegal prac­
20. 24 and 86 to 30 inclusive, and that they are rendering them­ tice, and shall, on conviction there­
32 33 and 34 in townships 26-8 selves liable to a fine of $1,000 of, he punished by a fiue of not
section 4, township 27-8, and sec­ each. It would be possible to col­ less than $10 nor more than
lect a total fine for this violation $ 1000 .”
tions 10 and 14, township 28-9.
in Violation of Law
No. 46
Anti-Dry S ig n s are
T ry a S a c k of
■" ■
Buy all goods o f home
merchants and help to
make Falls City greater