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    QJljr JFalla (Ettif Nruia
The pardoning o f Henry J. Har­
per, “ locator” convicted o f mis­
use o f the mails in the land fraud
cases, by President Wilson, lie-
D. L. WOOD ft SON.
cause he confessed, appears to us
to be a travesty on justice and a
Ent.rtO m «»rond-rtaM mail at th* poatofftc* vicious misuse o f the high jiosi-
at Falla Cltj. N i l CoaatJ. O f t —» »*"***• tba
Act of ConfrtM of March 1 liiTI.
tion o f president o f the people.
TeU^lMM Kkwi Om«. S3.
The confessing to a murder does
Subscription Kates; One year. $1.00: aix month*. not bring the dead to life, neither
10 m u ; three month*. IS t*rU ; single copy. & eta.
does it soften the g rie f o f the be­
The New* U roprooentad for foreign advertising by reaved, or in any way palliate the
T h a A m n rie n n P r a t * A sso cia tio n
crime. It is a case o f being caught.
General offices. New York and Chicago.
Advertising Rate* Duplay. 10 cent* an Inch. The confession o f Henry J. Har­
Buslne** Not ice*, i cent* a lin e ; For Sale, Rent. per o f assisisting to defraud inno­
Exchange. Want and Pay Entertainment N >-
cent people does not restore the
tlcas. 5 eta. a line. 10 ct*. a line lor three l**uc*
Card olThauk* SOcta. Legal Notice*.legal rate*. money thus obtained.
I f Pres­
Copy lor new ad*, and change* »hould be *ent ident Wilson would recompense
to The New* not later than Wedne»day.
—_____ ———
------ those that suffered loss and then
say to the criminal, “ go and sin
P. K. Hubbard. Mayor.
no more,” we would say, God
T. D. Hollowell, Councilmau at Large
W. T. Grier,
bless you Woodrow.
H. C. Br an.
Albert Teal.
A. Sampson.
C. L. Hopkins,
R. A. Tllu*.
C. W. le e Auditor and Police Judge
Walter L. Tooae Jr.. City Attorney
W. P. Lewi*. Marshal and Water Supt
M. L. Thompson. Treasurer
J. J. Sammons. Engineer
Dr. F. M. Hellwarth. Health Officer.
ThsCouncll meets in regular session on the Br»t
Monday evening ol each month,at ' OSo’clock.
In the office ol the Fall* City New*. __________
S a t u r d a y
JU LY 18, 1014.
J uly )8, 1914
Huerta has resigned an another
Hot Tamale Bullfighting Greaser
will continue the massacre. The
only good we can figure out in
the change is that the people will
become familliar with another
A bunch o f Oregon land g ra f­
ters have come to grief.
were “ locaters" and bled the un­
suspecting public. Their success
caused them to be bold and use
the malls in a reckless manner.
There are others, yet at large and
the people should be on the alert
and not be taken in.
A letter to the Portland Journal
signed, “ Mother o f Three at­
tempts exonorate parents from
blame that boys from 17 to 21,
and girls from 16 to 19 years old
were loitering and spooning in the
park after hours, laying blame te
the law fixing a girl’s m ajority
at 18, that as soon as they became
of age they could not be controll­
ed. It is a wellknown fact that
early impressions are lasting and
if a child is properly trained ir
early childhood, that they will de­
part not. Too many mothers turr
their children loose to roam the
streets at will, and then w onder
wrhy they are so hard to control.
The mother ^who would depend
upon the law to keep her girl ofl
the streets nights is unworthy oi
the name.
Did He Expect Free Advertising?
A short time ago we received
from the American Press Assoc­
iation a cut o f Dr. Smith, Demo­
cratic candidate for governor. We
waited a time and receiving no
order from the Doctor regarding
the matter we wrote to know
what to do in the premises, stat­
ing that we should be pleased to
publish any amount o f campaign
matter for him at regular rates.
In due course o f mail we received
the following letter from Claud
McColloch, an attorney o f Port­
land, presumably his campaign
Portland, Oregon, July 36, 1914.
Mr. D. L. Wood,
Editor, The Falls City News,
Falls City, Ore.
Dear Sir:
Dr. Smith has asked me to
make acknowledgment of your re­
cent letter, concerning cut and read­
ing matter recently sent out. I am
of the belief that it would be advis­
able to defer advertising until the
Fall, when we would be pleased to
take this matter up with you again.
Very truly yours,
Claude McColloch.
Now what worries us is, if he
did not desire to advertise until
fall why was he in such a rush to
get the cuts out? We notice that
several newspapers are running
the cut in advance o f the “ fall
trade,” but (?) presume that the
Doctor gave them orders to begin
Wanted—8iu* tl
News onil-«.*.
Miss Nellie Collins reluriieil l1*
Dallas M<mtUy.
Miss Dorn Elkins of Dallas visil-
oil her parents hors Monday.
Ore. Fire Relief Aiwiooi’ii,McMinn­
ville. F. K. Hubbard, local agent.
To A. N. Robinson. M. YV.
Chappell estate, George March,
Jessie Moyer, J. R. Moyer, Cath­
olic Church.
To A. J. Wurtzberjrar, F. Rob­
inson. A. F. Courter and Jeldena
To C. J. Pugh, J08- YVanke.v,
estate. Alvina Quick, Chas. E.
To A. F. Courter and J. Cour­
ter. E. L. Bancroft, 1’. Regard
and H. Bogard.
To Jos. YVanke.v, ost.. School
District No. 57. S. Cook. Sadie
Tooze, S. M. Kratzer, Jas. Floria
Old Hotel Building Damaged and L. Frink.
To Alania A. Quick. Mrs. D.M
Cigar Factory Loss Put at $2500
Graham. Mrs. Emma Bancroft.
Independence, Or., July 16 — Joseph Floria. Electa Bancroft.
Fire today in the old hotel build­ Richard S. Ferguson,
P. M.
ing on Second and C street*, in Jones, A. F. Courter, J. Rhode-
this city, tnu-ed u loss of about barger.
To YV. YV. Ebert, YVilluir P.
12500. The cause of the lire is
N. Ferguson, A. F. Court­
not known. It started in the hack
er and Jeldena Courier, YV. L.
of the cigar factory of A. W. Kihler Gilson estate, L. Frink, J. Rhode-
& Co.
barger, Richard Roe and John
The old hotel building is owned Doe unknown owners o f lots 1
by J. M. Stark, of Eugene, O r , 2, 3, 4. 5, and l j a. tract all in
and has been damaged by tire a block F, fronting on Ellis street.
To J. M. Dennis, estate, R.
number of times in the last 20
Paul, J. YV'. Halsey, Richard Van-
years. The heaviest loser is the Den Bosch, Joseph Harlan, C. T.
A. W . Kibler Company, who lost West, Dale Bell. Jennie M. Cobb,
all stock, fixtures and cigars valu­ Chas. Hubbard, J. H. Lewis, D.
ed at $1500. Insurance for $750 F. Boje, and all other persons in
was carried. The loss on the build­ interest.
Notice is hereby given, that
ing was fully covered by insur­
the city council o f Falls City,
i Oregon, contemplates the pass­
age o f an ordinance requiring the
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Scott return­ improvement o f the following de­
ed to Pallas Sunday after a visit scribed streets and parts of
streets, tow it:
here with friends.
All that part o f Prospect ave­
John Courter visited his daugh­ nue beginning at the intersection
ter, Mis. Oscar Ellis, at Pallas o f Fifth street with Prospect
avenue and running thence east
last Saturday.
to the intersection o f Prospect
The meeting of the patrons of avenue with Alder street;
the school at the school house Wed­
All that part o f Alder street
nesday night to discuss the advis­ beginning at the intersection of
ability of continuing Domestic arts Prospect avenue with Alder
and science and manual training i street and running thence north
to the intersection o f Alder street
in the public schools was well at
with Fairoaks avenue;
tended. The majority of those
All that pari o f Fairoaks ave­
present were in favor of continuing, nue beginning at the intersection
is it would be a step backward to o f Alder street with Fairoaks
avenue and running thence east
abolish them
to the intersection o f Fairoaks
¡avenne with Ellis street;
All that part o f Ellis street be­
ginning at the intersection of
T J K A V E N is not reached at a sin-
Fairoaks avenue with Ellis street
ele bound.
and running thence south to the
But w© build the ladder by which
intersection o f Ellis street with
w e rise
From the low ly earth to the vau lt­
North Main street:
ed skies.
All that part o f Sheldon ave­
And w e mount to its summit round
by round.
nue beginning at the south line
T C O U N T the things to be grand-
o f the right o f way o f the Salem,
ly true;
Falls City & YVestern Railroad in
That a noble deed is a step to­
said Sheldon avenue and running
ward God,
L iftin g the soul from the common
thence southeasterly in Sheldon
avenue to the city limits o f Falls
T o a purer a ir and a broader view
City, Oregon;
V I7 E rise by the things that are
All the above described streets
under our fee t—
By what we have mastered o f
and parts o f streets being locat­
good and gain.
ed and situate in the city o f Falls
B y the pride deposed and the pas­
sion slain
City, Polk County, Oregon.
And the vanquished ilia that we
That said improvement will
hourly meet.
in general in the con­
V I7 IN G 8 fo r the angel, but feet for
struction o f macadam pavement
’ *
W e m ay borrow the wings to find
on a grade heretofore established
the way.
by Ordinance, such improvement
W e may hope and resolve and as­
to be made at the time and in the
pire and pray.
But our feet must riae or we fall
manner to be hereafter prescrib­
ed by Ordinance.
—J. Q. Holland
That the cost o f said improve­
ment. and the whole thereof, ex­
cept the cost o f improving street
A T summer eve. when heaven's ethe-
intersections, will be assessed to
real bow
Spans with bright arch the s lit - the real property fronting and
taring hills below.
abutting thereon; and
W h y to yon mountain turns the
musing eye.
That the city council o f said
W hose sun bright summit mingles with
city will sit in the council cham­
the sky?
W h y do those cliffs o f shadowy tint ap­ ber o f said city on the 28th day
o f July, 1914, at the hour o f 7:30
More sweet than all the landscape smiling
o ’clock in the evening o f said day
'TIs distance lends enchantment to the and at said time and place to hear
and determine objections and
And robes the mountain in Its azure hue
remonstrances thereto, if any
Thus with deligh t we lin ger to survey
The promised Joys o f life ’s unmeasured there be, and,
w ay;
That all owners and other per­
Thus from a fa r each dim discovered scene
M ore pleasing seems than all the past son in interest may attend at said
hath been.
time and place and show cause if
And every form that fancy can repair
From dark oblivion glow s divinely there.
anv they have, why such propos­
—Thom as Campbell.
ed improvements should not be
Done by order of the City
I\ / H E N to their airy hall my fathers'
Council of Falls City, Polk Coun­
Shall call my spirit, jo yfu l in their choice;
When poised upon the gale my form shall ty. Oregon made on the 23d day
o f June, 1914.
Oh, may my shade behold no sculptured
YVitness my hand and the offic­
T o make the spot where earth to earth ial seal o f said City o f Falls City,
rat urns,
No lengthen'd scroll, no praise encum­ Oregon this 15,day o f July, 1914.
ber'd stone!
My epitaph shall be my name alone
If that with honor fa ll to crown my clay.
Oh. may no other fam e my deeds repay!
That, only that, shall single out the .«pot.
By that rem em ber’d or with that forgot
— Lord By run.
(L . S .)
F. K. H ubbard ,
Mayor and Ex-Officio.
Auditor and Police Judge
o f Falls City, Oregon.
Gris Raise In Wattes
Mr». I. G. Singleton received!
word from 8upt. F. I . Burkhaltirj
llio first ot July Inal her wagt*
would be ruiei'd If* per month Iw-
gim ing July 1st, 1914.
This 1» but a just amt propel re­
cognition oi valuable service*. Mrs.
Singleton has certainly been care­
ful and faithful in the d isch a rge of
her duthe, as well as being pleas­
ant and accommidating to the
public. It appears to afford her
real pleasure to render such assis­
tance and information us she can
to the shipper or traveler.
“ MINE H0S1”
Wednesday morning a represen­
tative of the Newr, while waiting
at the New Falls City Hotel to see
a man, was invited by Mr. Droege,
the proprietor, to take a look at
his back yard. The first thing in
view was the laundry department
where snowy white sheet«, table*
cloths and other ncces-ary para­
phernalia of a well regulated hotel
The cackling of chickens next at­
tracted attention. A large yard
filled with fryers and hens was a
sight calculated to make a Me­
thodist preacher set up and take
notice. The garden down by the
Luckiamute looked best of all;
cabbage, lettuce, potatoes, roast­
ing ears and many other good
things was sufficient to make one
wish to slay for dinner. Besides
being a good hotel man, Mr. Droege
would make a good gardener. Last,
hut not least, was a couple of tat
shoals in a nice clean pen that
were being fattened for slaughter.
The Annual Convention of the
Christian Church was held at Tur­
ner, July 8 to 16th. Elder B. L.
Hicks, Mr. and Mrs. B. Paul, Mrs
liobertson and C. Y\’ , Davis attend­
'd the convention Tuesday, They
w m to ve riu Mr. Davis’ aulomo-
oile. They had a loyal good time
arriving home in the wee suia
hours. They got lost iu Salem and
had considerable difficulty in gel­
ling on tile light streets. Salem
Oeing a ‘‘dry town” we are at a
loss to account fur the mishap.
— - -
Delightful Newport
“ Tried and True” is this old reliable outing resort,
with u wealth o f naturul scenery, healthful driven, a
splendid beach and numerous near-by points o f interest:
Lighthouse, Devil’s Punchbowl, Seal Rocks, etc.
Special Low Round-Trip Season hares Week-End
lares Erom falls lily and Sunday Excursion Fares
rrom Albany and Corvallis
via the
Portland Eugene & Eastern Ry.
Leave Albuny, daily ........................................... 7:30 A. M.
Leave Albany, daily except Sunday ............... 1;00
Leave Corvallis, duily.........................................8:00 A. M.
Leave Corvallis, daily except Sunday ............... 1:40 P. M.
Connection made at Albany and Corvallis with S. P. trains
S. F. C. it YV. truins connect with S. P. trains for CorvalliB
Special Excursion Train will leave Newport every
Sunday evening ut 6:00 p. m.. arrive Corvallis
10:15 p. m., Albuny 10:45 p. in.
G ood F is h in g S tr e a m s A lon g th e C . & E.
A t Elk City, Morrison, Toledo and along the
Yuquina river, also on the Breitenbush and San-
tiam rivers, on the East End.
For Folders describing Newport as an outing place call on our
nearest P. K. & Eastern Agent,
John M. Scott, General Passenger Agent,
Portland, Oregon
■ 11 ■
Bank o f Falls City
F alls C it y , P olk C o u n t y . O
Does a General Banking Business.
Interest Paid on Time
Deposits. Exchange sold on all points in the United States.
Notury Public officially connected with the Bank.
You Do Not Need to Send A w a y
W e Are Prepared To Do It
And Know llo w
Our Efforts YVill be to Please
In Quality and Price. : : :
Hushed Lam b un T o u t .
F ig * ami A p p i* Jam.
R. E. W i l l i a m s , M. L . T h o m p s o n , YV. K. N iu iio l s .
A. J. V i c k ,
Cashier Assistant Cashier
[ ^ .K it c h e n ]
(¿ U P B O A R D
IGS contain from 1*0 to 75 I'er cent
o f fruit sugars; consequently
when combined witb other foods
they contribute much o f the necessary
l-'lg Salad.—Stuff ligs with chopped
celery and nut meats uud serve ou let
luce with grapefruit pulp, dressed with
A Combination Jam.
Fig and Apple Jam.—Take five
pounds o f peeled and sliced tart ap
plea nnd add to them live pounds of
ripe figs and five iioumls o f granulated
sugar. Cook until as thick us desired.
Cool before sealing.
Fig Mold.—To one quart o f boiling
milk add one-half cupful o f sugar, a
ssitspooriful o f salt and three table
spoonfuls o f cornstarch dissolved in a
half cupful o f cold water. Cook In a
double boiler for an hour; then add
one cupful o f steamed and chopped
figs and lemon Juice to lluvor. Turn
Into a mold and serve when cold with
whipped and sweetened cream.
Fruit and Cereal.
ftice With Fig Sauce.—Take one cup­
ful o f rice, wash thoroughly nnd put
over the fire In a small saucepan with
one cupful o f boiling water. Cook un­
til the water Is absorbed. Hove In the
double boiler three cupfuls o f scalding
hot milk, ndd the rice and a half tea­
spoonful o f salt. Steam until the rice
Is tender. Meantime cut fine enough
figs to make a generous cupful, add
water to cover and stew with a tnble-
spoonful o f sugar to sweeten. Cook
until of the consistency required; then
flavor with lemon Juice nnd a little o f
the grated yellow rind o f lemon. Serve
with the hot boiled rice.
Rhubarb. -Take two
bunches rhubarb, wash them and cut
In Inch pieces without peeling. Put
Into a double boiler with a cupful o f
sugar and four or live figs cut In small
pieces. Cover and cook over the hot
water until the rhubarb Is tender nnd
the sirup rich nnd Jelly like in consist­
ency. Ilnlslns may lie used with the
figs. I f you have n hot oven put the
rhubarb nml figs in n stone pot. cover
closely and hake In the oven until Jel
Mrs. L. E. Shepherd departed
YV. B. Stevens is getting along
Thursday morning for Southern nicely with the street work, having
Oregon to see her father, Mr. S. A. finished a part of the grade ready
Leatherwo uJ, who is very ill
for the rock. City Engineer J. J.
Mrs, W. K. Hinsbaw left this Sammons is also a very busy man
week for the SileU foi an outing. looking after the interests of the
Mrs. Chappel in looking after her city seeing that the proper grades
are mude.
house! old during her absence.
Mis. John YY'alkur was called to
Portland this week to attend ihu Parcels Must Bear Return Card
funeral of her uncle, Anderson
'I'hi attention of all is directed to
Walker who formerly was a res­
4 of section 470, Postal
ident of Falls City, lie leaver a
Which re­
brother at Salem and a nephew,
John Walker of this city.
of the sender shall ap|rear oil every
package that is to he sent by par­
Back From the Coast
cel post, or it will not be accepted
Fred J. Holman and wife return­
for mailing.
ed Thursday afternoon from their
Ira C. Mehrling, P. M.
hike down the coast. They were
___________ •
as brown as berries and report
having a great time. They left
here Thursday June 2-r>, going to In the Justice Court lor lb * Justice nnd Con­
stable District No. 4, County of Polk,
Neupjrt and then:»down the coast
MUIe of Oregon
returning by way of Eugene.
N MKI.IO, I’l* I nt I ft
They walked about *290 miles
A. O. BAKER Delendent
seeing soiie-of the grandest scen­ To
A. G, Reiter, the (htteiidanl above named!
ery in the state.
In the name of the Bute of Oregon, you ere
H o w ’s T h is ?
W e offer One Hundred Dollars Re­
ward for any case of Catarrh that
cannot bo cured by Hull's Catarrh
F. J. CIIENF.Y & CO. Toledo. O.
W e, the under: Ign. d. have known F. J.
Cheney fo r the last ir, y. ira, and b< llev*
him p orfe et'y honorable in all buslnc-aa
transactions and financially able In carry
out any obllgallons made by Id* firm.
Toledo, O.
H a ll's Catarrh Cure I* taken Internally,
acting directly upon the hlood nnd mu­
cous surface* o f the system. Testimonials
sent free. P rice "ii cents per bottle. Sold
by all Druggists.
Take U eli's Family Pills fur constipation.
hereby required to appearand answer the com
pis I ill filed against you In tbe sh o rt entitled
reuse within six week* from the dele of tbe
drat publication of thl* *umtnon*. to-wlt:
June 1.1. 1914 end If yon fell to appear end an­
swer *ald complaint. plaintiff will taka Judg
man! against yon lor th* *um of |AI 4$ and for
hi* coat* and dlaburaemenl of tbl* action and
for lb * sale of the personal property attached
In thla cause.
You are further notified that tha aummona
I* »erred upon you by publication thereof In
the V ail*city New* by order of H 0. Strayar,
Justice ot the Peace ol tbe abore named court.
dated June Mb, 1914.
You are lurther notified that tbe date ot the
first publication ol the eummone le June 1$.
1914. and you are required to appearand an­
swer on or before July 2&, 1914.
N. SELIO, rialntlff.