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    TlIK NEW* stuntls for
u greater and better
Fulls City all the time
News From Various
Parts Of The Country
Father Schooner’s
J time are engugcd in the construe-
Ition of a new road to Newport.
New Berry The new route will lessen the dis­
tance between Dallas and New-
The "Willamette" May Bo Contender j»ort by a considerable n amber of
miles and will afford a most pleas­
With Loganberry
By pollenizin^ the Oregon wild
blackberry wtyh the Cuthbert
raspberry, Father Schoener, par­
ish priest o f Brooks, and famous
as a breeder o f roses, has pro­
duced an entirely new variety of
berry, which he tentatively has
named the “ Willamette,” in honor
o f the valley in which it was crea­
ted. In pollenizing the blackberry
with the raspberry, Father Schoe­
ner reversed the process that pro­
duced the loganberry.
The fruit is described as being
firm and o f a most delicious, dis­
tinctive flavor. It has nothing o f
the acid sourness o f the loganber­
ry, nor o f the heavy sweetness of
the raspberry. Nor does it re­
semble the taste o f its wild mother.
It is neither tart nor sugary.
New Road to Nowport Now |Building
to Make Better Route.
Judging from the number of
automobile parties ami wagons
loaded with campers on their way
to Newport and other beach re­
sorts west o f this city, the season
at the summer resorts is to be one
o f the best in years.
The route generally taken to
New’port from points north of
Dallas is through Dallas, I’eedee,
Blodgett, Nashville and Toledo.
The county courts o f Folk and
Lincoln counties at the present
ant route.
The new route will go through
Falls City, through the Siletz
Busin near to the Siletz Agency
and down to Newport. This pro­
posed road will penetrate the
great timl>ered section lying to
the west and south o f Falls City.
It will run close to the Siletz river
in a number o f places, thus afford­
ing ample op|»ortunity for sjjorts-
men to take a little time off on the
trip to angle in the waters o f the
Siletz, which river is widely
known as one o f the best fishing
streams in the state. Observer.
Lassen Again Spouts
Smoke a Mile High
Redding, Cal., July 15. Black
smoke belched forth a mile high
from the crater on Lassen Peak
early today and then drifted south­
ward before the wind in a banner
10 miles long. The amount of
falling ashes was small, compared
with the great eruption o f June
14, although the volume o f the
cloud was fully as great and the
duration o f the disturbance longer.
The first violence o f the outbreak
began to dwindle after two hours
though the mountain still emitted
smoke. The spectacle o f Mount
Lassen in eruption has become so
common that it no longer excites
the countryside. Today’s is the
18th eruption since May.
Woman’s Escape Close The Spirit Off
$1509 Exemption
M'trao Prances Over Her While Engine
Eugene, Or., July 14. Although
expecting death from an oncom­
ing switch engine, Mrs. W. G.
Muckle lay motionless between the
rails o f the Southern Pacific track
while her husband sought to con­
trol a frightened horse which
pranced above her, its hoofs strik­
ing on both sides o f her. The
switch engine was stopped, the
horse did not trample her, and the
woman escaped injury except for
severe cuts and bruises about the
face and eyes.
The accident occurred at 10
o’clock last night on Lincoln street
at the west end o f the Southern
Pacific yards. Mr. and Mrs.
Muckle and Glen Watkins were
driving in a buggy from the en­
trance o f Skinner’s Butte Park,
and their horse shied at a switch
engine as they were about to
cross the tracks. The animal start­
ed down the tracks toward the
engine, and as the buggy struck
the rails Mrs. Muckle was thrown
out head foremost. A t that mo­
ment the horse backed up until
he was prancing directly over the
woman on the ground. The hus­
band in the buggy was unable to
turn him in the opposite direction.
Mrs. Muckle’s presence o f mind
in lying absolutely quiet saved her
from injury, according to specta­
tors. The buggy was wrecked.
------ ♦ » » ♦ ■ --------
California Getting Right
Registration reports from fifty-
seven counties in California shows
the following totals: Republicans
878,057: progressives,
democrats, 300,287; socialists, 51,
723; prohibitonists, 28,193; declin­
ed to state, 70,041; miscellaneous,
2189. One county is yet to be
heard from.
Try a Sack of
and watch results
All Goods and Prices Are Right
Falls City Lumber Co.
The fifteen-hundred-dollar ex­
emption amendment deserves to
pass. The Oregonian says it is
vicious. But it is not. The tim­
ber baron says it is vicious. But
it is not. The alien owner o f big
tracts o f idle land says it is vic­
ious. But it is not. The owners
o f speculative town lots say it is
vicious. But it is not.
Here is the vital part o f the
Every person is exempt from
lax on $1500 on the total assessed
value o f his or her dwelling house
household furniture, livestock,
machinery, orchard trees, vines,
bushes, shrubs, nursery stock,
merchandise, buildings, i nd other
improvements on, in ana under
his or her lands made by clear­
ing, ditching and draining.
It is especially intended io in­
clude within this fifteen hundred-
dollar exemption all kinds o f per­
sonal property and all said land
improvements made for t h e
greater convenience and attrac­
tiveness o f the home or the gain­
ing o f a livelihood.
This is practically all there is
o f the amendment. The rest has
reference to administration o f the
measure, and in providing for its
resubmission hereafter. Its pur­
pose is to aid average men and
small men
All their belongings
are usually in full sight, and they
have long had the chief burden
o f taxes to pay, while personal
and other property o f big owners
has largely escaped payment o f
a proper share o f taxation. That
is why the cry that the measure
is “ vicious’ ’ rings in clarion tones
from certain quarters.
Another purpose is to add to
the effectiveness o f the worker.
Many a small home owner is
struggling along in an effort to
pay for his home on the install­
ment plan. He has a salary, but
it is only by dint o f great self-
denial that he can meet monthly
bills. The proposed exemption
will lower his taxes, and to that
extent make his burden lighter,
and his labor more effective in
the struggle for survival.
There is already an exemption
furniture. The
owner o f a mansion may have
$10,000 or $20,000 worth o f fur­
niture, and it is all exempt from
taxation The wage-earner may
have but $200 worth o f household
furniture, and that $200 is all the
exemption he gets. It is a law
that favors the rich at the ex­
pense o f the poor. The fifieen-
hundred-dollar exemption amend­
ment proposes to change the plan
so as to give the rich man and
the poor man alike an exemption
o f $1500.
It is a perfectly simple plan,
so plain that there is no trouble
about understanding it. T h e
farmer who has dwelling, barn,
farm machinery, ditches, drain­
age. orchard, horses, cows, sheep
household furniture and improve­
ments totaling $3000 is assessed
valuation will have $1500 deduc­
ted and his property be taxed on
a total valuation o f $1500, or a
city dweller who has a house,
furniture, and improvements as­
sessed at $1800 will be entitled to
the same exemption that a mil­
lionaire gets, and be taxed on
only $300. The loss o f revenue
through the exempted valuation
will, o f course, leave a smaller
total valuation o f taxable pro­
perty, and will either result in a
higher levy or less extravagance
in government.
In any event, the plan will
throw a slightly heavier burden
o f taxe3 on those best able to
Buy all goods o f hom
merchants and help
make Falls City great
No. 45
Dallas Fishing Parfy
Lew Cates and w ife o f the Dal­
las Observer, Attorney Tooze and
wife, and Al Martin and wife, all
o f Dallas passed through here last
Saturday on their way to the Big
Luckiamute on a fishing expedi­
tion. They came by train as far
as this city and waited for the
team that was supposed to get
here before they did, that didn’ t
however. While waiting for the
belated wagon containing their
camp outfit, provisions, fish bait,
etc., Lew Cates strayed off and
got lost. A search was made
and after considerable hallooing
he was finally located and they
proceeded on their journey.
Council Meeting
The city council met Monday
night to hear protests with re­
gard to the proposed street im­
were filed. Joe Floria appeared
in person and presented his pro­
test signed by a number o f pro­
perty owners along the Jstreets
affected. Mr. Floria said that
he had come 12 miles and de­
manded a hearing as he had made
the trip several times and the
council had put it off every time
and that it appeared to him that
they did it on purpose.
There seems to be a wTrong im­
pression and misunderstanding o f
this street improvement work
and if properly explained it is
quite possible that there would
be less objections to it. Many do
not really know just where and to
what extent the improvement
district covers. All parties should
get together and have it fully ex­
plained so that there could be no
misunderstanding as to t h a t
streets to be improved.
H. G. Strayer was appointed
auditor and police judge to fill
the unexpired term o f C. W. Lee,
The hearing o f protests was
continued until Tuesday, July 28.
Polk Bounffy Leads
University o f Oregon, E igene,
July 15.— A. L . Barnhart and H.
E. Barnhart, o f Falls City, and
Joseph F. Bogynska, ar.d E. L.
Keezel, o f Monmouth, are among
the Polk county representatives
registered at the University o f
Oregon Summer School this year.
Both the Barnharts are stulying
the History o f American Demo­
cracy under Dr. Joseph Schafer.
H. E. Barnhart adds to this
courses in “ Social Redemption”
and in “ Sociology” under Prof.
F. G. Young, while A. D. Barn­
hart is studying Libary Methods
under Prof. F. C. A yer and Lib­
rarian M. H. Douglass, and the
History o f Education, under Prof.
Ayer. The present session o f
the Summer School has the lar­
gest attendance in the history o f
the institution. Standards have
been raised, six credits now tak­
ing as much work to eafn as was
formerly required for seven. No
credit is now given for presence
at Assembly lectures, yet these
have proven popular enough to
fill the largest hall on the campus
every day at eleven without any
other reward than the lecture
itself. Am ong the students this
year is an unusually large pro­
portion o f older men and women,
who go at the work in a serious
and determined way and are set­
ting a pace in study that it is not
any too easy for the young peo­
ple to follow.
pay, and lighten the burden o f
those for whom payment is dif-
! ficult.— Portland Journal.
Meeff Afffer 19 Years
I. G. Singleton was very pie:
autly surprised last Saturday eve
ing by meeting hig brother, A.
Singleton, after a separation of
years. Mr. A. L. Singleton's co
iug was unexpected and he
not recognized. He lives at Cu
Kansas where he has been age
for the C. B. <3c Q. Ry. for 28 yea
He will remain about a week.
Berean Class Maaf
The Berean Class of the Chr‘
tia i church had their month
class meeting Monday night
the absence of the president M
Frink was chosen pro tem. Ti
regular routine of business w
gone through and then n num
of Bible questions were asked
R Paul, most of which were a
?wered. A contest was then pa
ticipited in and sides were chos:
with Rev. Hicks and Frink as le
erg. The feature of tne conte
was the carrying of peanuts upon
knife and placing them in a pa
the pan that contained the mo
was the winner, which was won I
Rev. Hicks side. After the co
test a repast was served. An e
joyable time was had.
Train flint Wild; O m
Dtnd, Another Will
Logging Crew Jumps but Two
Hurt by Falling Timber.
Wallowa. Or., July 14.—Char
Williams was killed outright a
June Mason was fatally injur
in a runaway o f a logging trai
on the line o f the Nibley M :
naugh Lumber Company, on
Whisky Creek branch, this afte
noon. The cause o f the runawa
is not known. All o f the tra'
crew jumped.
Williams and Mason, howeve
did not jump in time and wer
caught by the falling logs. Wf
liams was killed instantly. Hi
brother saw him mashed by th
falling logs. Mason probably wr
hit by logs, but his injuries ar
confined to his head, the skull
ing fractured in three places an
his face badly gashed. He w
brought to Wallowa Hospital i
mediately, but doctors held out n
hopes for recovery.
An inquest was held tonigh
over the body o f Charles Williar
The dead man and his brother ar
from Utah and are unmarrie
Mason has a w ife and six chi
Is Insurance
N advertisement is an in-
aurance policy.
It in­
sures against loss through
the purchase of goods of in­
ferior quality. W hen you buy
goods that are advertised
you know you are getting the
beat. Makers of poor articles
can't afford to advertise them.
Unreliable merchants are not
allowed to advertise in this
paper even if advertising
would be profitable to them,
which la unlikely—unlikely
because truth and reliability
are the essence o f successful
You don't take chances
when you buy advertised
goods, because if by any
chance there should be any­
thing wrong with the goods
there is the reputation of
merchant and manufacturer
back of them, and any article
that is not up to the adver­
tised specifications will be re­
D O N 'T T A K E