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Œljr JFaUfi (£iti| Nruia
the application is made. All ap­
plications must be made at the
office o f Mr. Tooze in Pallas, Mr.
Tooze being the Attorney for the
Hoard in Polk county. This
school money is quite a c o n v ey ­
ance to farmers who desire long
loans at a low rate o f interest.
Money will be available for loan­
ing purposes, according to Mr.
Tooze, for two or three weeks.
fuiiuv nml nii w the hug»» catalogue
I uuim - n looming in (In» (ll«innc** ho
| reluctantly rvlltiiiulsbed tho bleu, » » ho
! m v v (lint piu 'I i h plan In tho congested
1 eeiiters w guilt l>rov» moro fntnl thnn «
' second Komi
T h o m ail orvlor house« word tlmlr ml
vortlNlng ho iin to nppoul to tho m i l l !
lily and weuhiiesp o f buninn nature,
E n tn vd an «tH'onri c i « *• mail at the p oatofflc*
a t Kalla City. Polk i'ouutjr. O rr«o a , und«HP the
a » It b» geuernlly known that every
A r t o f Coufreaa o f March 3. ISTI.
son o f Adam and dnnglitor o f K v * pos­
sesses n disposition to resort to guuios
Telephon* News Office. S3.
o f rhuuee. mi Inolimition to got sotut*
Subscription Rat**: One yoar. $1.00; six m onth«,
thing fo r nothing
60 cents; th ree months. 26 cents: sin gle copy. 6 eta.
P o i m i i tho Gambling Instinct.
The News is represented for foreign advertisinc by
A noted gam bler once »a id : " L lf o
T h e A m e rica n Press A sso cia tio n
combat« In taking chances. Providence
House Burned
General offices. New York ami Chicago.
has Instilled into tho brains and hearts
Advertising Hates: Display. 10 cents an inch :
The clanging o f the fire bell
o f men tin* b e llin g tiistinot.” So vvhou
It U Supposed That Satan Was the the mull orvlor houses cam e Into exist I
Business Notices. 6cents a line; For Sale, Kent.
aroused the citizens o f the city
Exchange. Want and Pay Entertainment No
Original Humbug— The Retail Cata­ once they at once opened up nu avenue
lice«. 6 cts. a line. 10 cts. s line for three isaues : at an early hour Friday morning.
logue House People Have Developed
for the developm ent o f humanity's
Card of Thanks 50 cts; Legal Not ices, legal rate>
The fire was in the house owned
the Art Until It Has Become a Dis­ well known weakness a desire for
Copy for new ads. and changes should be sent
ease With Them.
by James Parrish, on Bryant
to The News not later than Wednesday.
As the catalogue houses passed from
street, between Wood and Alder I (Copyrighted. 131 i, by Thomas J Sullivan 1 the elem entary uiiil experim ental stages
street. Before the hose cart ar­
On ¡1 certain occasion some boys to Unit o f a permanent am i pronounced
F K. Hubbard. Mayor.
T. D. Hollow ell. Councilman at-Large
rived the building and its con­ thought they would play a triek on reality the gam bling lustluct o f ibo
W. T Grier,
consumer kept pace w ith the humbug's
tents were destroyed. Mr. Doad j the great naturalist, Darwin.
H. C. Brown.
They caught a tieetlc, glued various progress.
Albert Teal,
Thresher who lives in the house i parts o f other insects upon its lioud
T lie consumers rcud the bewitching
A. Sampson,
arose about 5:00 o ’clock and kin­ and body, placed it iu a little box and circulars describing tho tuauy wonder
C. L. Hopkins,
R. A. Titus,
dled a fire in the cook stove and humbly knocked at D arw in's door, ful bargains: they fum bled the pages
o f the huge catalogue In bewildering
C. W. Lee, Auditor and Police Judge
went back to bed. His w ife got seekiug to know what the great seieu amazement. T h e angel o f doubt hover­
Walter L. T oon Jr.. City Attorney.
list would call this woudcrful bug tbey
ing near whispered vvnruluga to the
W. P. Lewis, Marshal and Water Supt.
up. dressed and as she opened
. had assembled.
M. L. Thompson. Treasurer
fascinated buyer, but the gist o f chance |
Mr. Darwlu looked It over very erlt
J. J. Sammons, Engineer
was beckoniug from the dtstauce. aud j
Dr. F. M. Hcllwarth, Health Officer.
flames. She gave the alarm and I ieally and asked the boys very serious the order was aeut forward.
The Council meets in regular session on the first aroused the children who were : ly. “ Dh| this hug hum when you
Chaap, Flimsy "Seconds.”
! caught It?” "Y es. sir; it hummed u
Monday evening ot each month, at 7 03o’clock,
sleeping. They were able to save | great deal." replied the boys, w ith sly
T h e ad vertisin g humbug's advertise
in the office of the Kalis City News.
meats aud catalogues depict his goods
only a few article. Mr. Thresher | wiuks at each other.
“ Then this must be a humbug,” said as souiethlug marvelous.
S a t u r d a y J u l y )1. 1914
had to break out through a win­
chairs, tables, couches, picture frames,
j Darwin.
dow and cut his arm in so doing.
It is supposed that Satau was the heaters, etc., which appear to be mas
The Williamina Times has changed
slve. handsomely carved pieces of
origiual humbug, hut since the mail or
hands. The new editor comes from
- dor bouses have been established he work, are nothing but cheap, flimsy
Lafayette, but forgot to sign his hold goods they lost about $45 in has had to take a hack seat, aud "seconds" when delivered, aud the buy
among so many modern im provem ents er Is often ashamed to cart them home
name to his introductory epistle.
he must feel d readfully useless aud In the daytim e, but w aits for the durk
ness o f night to cast Its mantle over
antlq uated
Accidentally Shot
The fire at Independence lest week
their defects.
Love to Be Humbugged.
Sometimes the gam bling Instluct Is
Last Saturday afternoon at Black
has brought out the fact that the
That the Am erican people love to be
city have not adequate fire protec­ | Rock, a Japanese woman l y the humbugged long since has passed into so deeply set lu the natures o f some
consumers that one eviden ce o f the
tion. An investigation failed to name of Mrs. lawata was acciden­ I a proverb. T rick ery may be called trickery o f the advertisin g humbug is
i our national vice, our besettiug sin
locate the blame.
tally shot in the wrist with a 22- | Like liberty, it appears to be in the Insufflcient. and they agalu indulge
: calibre rifle. The woman was pick­ very air w-o breathe. W e take to It as their pusslon for gam bling by takin g a
Some of the “ wise ones” are ad­ ing blackberries and one of her naturally as w e do to polities. Our "chauce” w ith another order and again
getting Imposed upou, and so on ad
vocating that the legislature may countrymen shot at a chipmunk entire social system has become satu influltum
I rated w ith It. B ren a t tim es it mas
have the power to vote on the repeal
close by, the bullet striking a queradcs under the m antle o f charity.
Paraguay's Sweet Plant.
o f any law at any time without go­
stump, deflected and struck the ! which, like a well tilled purse, covers a
A herb called by the natives can
ing to the committee. This might
I multitude o f sins.
woman, inflicting a slight flesh
T here are various kinds aud classes ebe. but botanlcally Eupstorlum re
also be termed a “ freak law” and
| o f fakers ami tricksters. l* it the baudlanuin. grow s wild In I'urnguny
the dear people might find them-
It Is rem arkable fo r Its sweetness. In
| princes o f them all. the Incarnations
silves in a worse predicament with
! o f fraud, are the ad vertisin g humbugs. deed, the n a tive nam e means the
"su gar pluut." It grow s along the hor
such a law in force than they are at
! who. when stripped o f the sugar coat
Siletz Road Needing Repairs
ing by which they im pose u|>ou the ders o f the rive r Aranuihnhl ami et
the present time. It would be about
The Siletz road three and a h »lf public, are simply professors o f fa ls e ­ tains a height o f only about live Inch
on aline with "secret divorces'” We
T h e smallest bit o f this plant
j miles from Falls City is in need of hood.
might wake up some fine morning
when placed U| hiii the tongue produces
a surprisingly sw eet flavor, which, il
and find that we did not have any ! repair work. The ruts are worn
T h e ancient scribes tell us th at the
is said, lasts for hours T h e Hitcebiirlm
so deep in the road that the auto­
Lord once attem pted to check the
mobiles hang up and cause gr-at humbug habit by strikin g the liars iv w e r Is mil' ll greilti r thim that ot
: trouble in getting them dish d„- dead, hut when he looked Into the
Catalogue House System Off­
spring oi Humbuggery.
Will Go To Portland
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Lee will
leave for Portland today where
they will make their home for a
Mr. Lee published the Falls
City News for a number o f years
until the 1st o f June when he sold
to the present owners. His busi­
ness relations with the public has
always been very pleasant but
circumstances over which he had
no control induced him to dis­
pose of his interests here and
seek other fields. He was city
audi'or and police judge for near­
ly two years and filled that office
faithfully and acceptably making
his final report to the city council
Tuesday night and tendered his
We doubt not that Mr. Lee will
always have a warm spot in his
heart for the little city by the
Falls nestled in the mountains
where he spent many happy days.
The departure o f Mr. and Mrs
Lee is regretted by their many
friends, yet in their going they
bid them godspeed.
In our short acquaintance with
Mr. Lee we have found him to
be a pleasant gentleman and
trust that where ever fickle fo r­
tune may lead he will meet with
success and his most sanguine
hopes be realized.
School Money to Loan
Word has been received by
W alter L. Tooze, Jr., o f Dallas,
from the State Land Board, that
there is now school money avail­
able for loaning purposes. This
money is loaned out on approved
real estate security at the rate o f
6% per annum. The note is given
for one year with the privil ege of
letting it run ten by keeping the
interest p a i d promptly. The
Board will not loan more than
$2500 to any one person, and will
not loan to exceed 3-4 o f the as­
sessed value o f the security o f­
fered, as shown by the last as­
sessment roll in the County A s ­
sessor’s office. Abstracts o f tit.'e
must be furnished at the tim e
ed. Touring paitiee from F’ort-
l#hd who con.o lu re for pleasure
trips and vacations complain that
To A. N. Robinson, M. W.
the roads are almost impassable Chappell estate, George March,
a id that if repairs were made that Jessie Moyer, J. R, Moyer, Cath­
t ley would come more often and olic Church.
To A. J. Wurtzhergar, F. Rob­
bring their friends. Falls City iJ
inson. A. F. Courter and Jeldena
an ideal place for outing resort Courter.
for people who come from Portland
To C. J. Pugh. Jos. Wankey,
and spend their money with the estate, Alvina Quick, Chas. E.
business people here and their Parrish.
visit} should be encouraged. With
To A. F. Courter and J. Cour-
a very little work the road could i ter, E. L. Bancroft, P. Bogard
be fixed up in good shape and , and II. Bogard.
To Jos. Wankey. est.. School
should be done.
- ------
i District No. 57, S. Cook, Sadie
Tooze, S. M. Kratzer, Jas. Floria
Baled Hay $10 per tor, Falls ! L. Frink.
To Alama A. Quick. Mrs. D.M
City Warehouse.
Graham, Mrs. Emma Bancroft,
Mr. and Mrs. Zosel of Salem at­
Joseph Floria, Electa Bancroft.
tended the picnic here the 4tlr.
Richard S. Ferguson,
P. M.
Wanted 50 hop pickers, for par­ Jones, A. F. Courter, J. Rhode-
ticulars inquire of G. IJ. Treat.
To W. W. Ebert, Wilbur P.
Tracy Staats and fam ily of Dal­
Lewis, N. Ferguson, A. F. Court­
las motored to this city last Sun­ er and Jeldena Courter, W. L.
Gilson estate, L. Frink, J. Rhode-
Mrs. Harry Dempsey who has barger, Richard Roe and John
Doe unknown owners o f lots 1.
been in the hospital at Dallas waa
2, 3, 4, 5, and 1] a. tract all in
brought to the home of her mother. block F, fronting on Ellis street.
Mrs, O. Aurland Monday.
To J. M. Dennis, estate, R.
Paul, J. W. Halsey, Richard Van-
Den Bosch, Joseph Harlan, C. T.
West, Dale Bell, Jennie M. Cobb,
Oakdale Items.
Chas. Hubbard. J. H. Lewis, D.
Hay making is the c rder of the F. Boje, and all other persons in
interest, property holders and
owners o f Falls City, Polk Coun­
Mr. Wright was a Dallas visitor ty, Oregon, whose property is
fronting or abutting upon the
streets hereinafter described,
Mr. Rake, Mr. Bruce and families
Notice is hereby given, that
spent the Fourth in Monmouth.
the city council o f Falls City,
Mrs. Travis visited her daughter Oregon, contemplates the pass­
age o f an ordinance requiring the
Mrs. W. L. Barnhart and fam ily
improvement o f the following de­
last week.
scribed streets and parts o f
Mr. and Mrs. Hopkins of Dallas streets, towit:
All that part o f Prospect ave­
caine out to spend the Fourth with
beginning at the intersection
Mr. and Mrs, Wright, all going fo
o f Fifth street with Prospect
Falls City to celebrate.
avenue and running thence east
Master M iller Ted rick accom­ to the intersection o f Prospect
panied the Boy Scouti on (heir avenue with Alder street;
All that part o f Alder street
hike to the coast.
beginning at the intersection o f
Mrs. Seymore and am Floyd, Prospect avenue with
Mr. King, Mr. Baker, Mr. and Miss street and running thence north
Lois Reece spent Wednesday even­ to the intersection o f Alder street
with Fairoaks avenue;
ing at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
All that part o f Fairoaks ave­
Barnhart in honor of their daugh­
nue beginning at the intersection
ter K atie’s birthday; all report o f Alder street with Fairoaks
having a good time.
avenue and running thence east
to the intersection o f Fairoaks
avenne with Ellis street;
i All that part o f Ellis street be­
ginning at the intersection of
Fairoaks avenue with Ellis street
and running thence south to the
intersection o f EliiS street with
North Main street:
All that part o f Sheldon ave­
nue beginning at the south line
o f the right o f way o f the Sa!‘ ‘m,
Falls City & Western Railroad in
said Sheldon avenue and running
thence southeasterly in Sheldon
avenue to the city limits o f Falls
City, Oregon;
All the above described streets
and parts o f streets being locat­
ed and situate in the city o f Falls
City, Folk County, Oregon.
That said improvement will
consist in general in the building
o f macaddam streets on a grade
heretofore established by Ordi­
nance, such improvement to be
made at the time and in the
manner to be hereafter prescrib­
ed by Ordinance.
That the city council o f said
city will sit in the council cham­
ber o f said city on the 13th day
o f July, 1914, at the hour o f 7:30
o ’clock in the evening o f said day
and at said time and place to hear
and determine objections and
remonstrances thereto, if any
there be, and,
That all owners and other per­
son in interest may attend at said
time and place and show cause if
any they have, why such propos­
ed improvements should not he
Done by order of the City
Council o f Falls City, Polk Coun­
ty, Oregon made on the 23d day
o f June, 1914.
Witness my hand and the offic­
ial seal o f said City o f Falls City,
Oregon this 3d day o f July, 1914.
(L . S .)
C. W. L ee ,
Auditor and Police Judge
o f Falls City, O regon.
K. K. W i l l i a m s . M. L . T h o m p s o n ,
W. F. N ichols ,
A. J.V ic k ,
Costlier Assistant Cashier
Bank of Falls City
F alls C it
, P o lk C o u n t y .
O skoon
Docs u General Banking Business.
Interest Paid on Time
Deposits. Exchange sold on all points in the United States.
Notary Public officially connected with the Bank.
* üaSJlf ; /OA #<V
You Do Not Need to Send Away
We Are Prepared To Do It
And Know How
Our Efforts Will be to Please
In Quality and Price. ; : :
Druggist Says ‘Take OnlyOnc Dose’
We want to h II those living in
halls City, suffering from stomach
or bowel trouble that we are «gents
for the simple mixture of buckthorn
Imrk, glycerin?, etc., known a s
Adler-i-ku, the re nedy which be­
came famous by curing appendicitis.
This is the most thorough bowel
cleanser known and j u s t o n k i » obk
relieves sour stomach, gn* m the
stomach ¡iiill constipation almost
I MM k o i a t k l Y . You will lie surpris­
ed nt the qi i< K action of Adlcr-i-
ka, M. L. Thompson Druggist.
In thè Juatlc. Court tur thè Ju.tlee «nd fon-
»latita Dtatrlct No 1, Coliniy ol folk,
NI.te ut Oregon
S SM.IO. Utaliitlff
A. li IIAKKIt. Itafenit.lll
Tu a . lì. Il.ker, (he natami.ut .I h ,ve n .ni.il :
In thè n.me ot Un» Siate ni Oregon, yoti .re
hereby reqalrsd lo sppesr sud sn.wer thè coni
plslnt flled .«.In »! you In thè sbovo cntlttad
in use wlthin nix week. Irnm thè date iit thè
llr.l public.tlon ni thlx xtimnimi., tow lt:
tioie IX, 1914 sud If yoti fall tu .ppc.r end en
mver esld compl.lnt, pialline w III teke Judg
meni ngitlind you In i thè niiiii ut • .I 4.4 .nd tur
hi. coati and dtahur>ement ut thlxeetlou .nd
tur III. nule ot thè personal proprrty att.ched
in tht. diu>e.
You «re In ri tur notlfled that thè iiimmom
Il lerved upon you by publlcatluti thereof in
thè fa lli City New. hy oriler otti O. Htr.yer,
iuitlre ol thè l’eneo ut thè ebovo nnineu court,
datili June HI,, 1914.
Vini »re lurther notlfled that thè date ol thè
tlrit publlmtlon ol thè luoimont la Jun. 13,
1*11. «nd you ere required tu api>«*r*nd sn
iwer ori or hetore July 25, 1214,
N. BELIO, rinlntitr.
Cause of the Daisy.
When Jasper got back to his o f­
fice his boss said:
“ Look here, does it lake you a
half hour to go down to Ihd corner
and do an errand for me?”
“ It did this time, sir,” answered
Jasper. “ A man dropped a quarter
down a hole in the sidewalk. ’
“ And it took you all this time to
get it out.”
“ Yes, sir; you see. I had to wait
till the man went away.” — Ex­
change. ________________
Extra copies of The News are
printed each week, and will be sent
to any address desired, postpaid,
fur 2 cents per copy.
Glen H o ln iA ti of Dalian
Falls City last week.
was in
H o w ’s T h is ?
Parcels Must Bear Return Card
The attention of all is directed to
paragraph 4 of section 470, Postal
La wh and Regulations, Which re­
quires that the name and address
of the sender shall appear on every
package that is to he sent by par­
cel post, or it will not be accepted
fer mailing.
Ire, C. M eb r I ing, P. M.
The Olympic Game*.
In 776 B C. the Eleians engraved
the name of their countryman Core-
bus as victor in the foot race, ancl
thenceforward we have an almost
unbroken list of victors in each
Olympiad, or fourth recurrent yenr,
for nearly twelve centuries. The
games survived non the extinction
of Greek liberty arid were finally
abolished by the Christian Emperor
Theodosius in the tenth yenr of his
We offer One Hundred Dollars Re­
ward for any case of Catarrh that
cannot bo cured by Hall's Catarrh
F. J. C H E N E Y A CO.. Toledo, O.
TVo, the undersigned, have known F. J.
Plieney for the l int 15 year*, nnrl believe
him perfectly honorable In all bualneas
transactions and financially nbte to carry
out nny obligations mado by his Arm.
Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally,
netlrig directly upon the blood and mu­
cous surfaces of the system Testimonials
sent free. Price 75 cents per bottle. Sold
by nil Prugslstu.
Toko Hall's Kamil/ Pills for coseUpsUoa.