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    T hk N e w * HtandH for
a greater anti bettor
Fall» ( -ity all the time
Buy all goods o f home
merchants and help to
make Falls City greater
News From Various
Parts Of The Country
t r a f f i c w a it s o n
P ta d lc lo a B u i i a t t t
« 1 t i a n d i u l l W hile
Lay* f i t
L e ftis m
Pendleton, Or.. July 8.
a score o f persons looking on and
making facetiouu remarks, a little:
He seims to he avoiding the Buff Leghorn today calmly seat-
‘ C H EM IS T’ IS IMPOSTOR | I larger
hotels, "w ork in g" the smal­ 1 ed herself on the pavement under
ler reitaurauts and lunch counters the car o f Dr. R. E Kingo, on
I Main Street, and laid an egg.
Hotel and Restaurant Men are Warn­ I principally.
Where she came from or
ed Against “ Expert.”
whither she went is not known,
but she nearly tied up traffic on
I? a well drestuul you nu man of IN D E P E N D E N C E HAS
the busiest part o f Pendleton’s
••hurt stature and rather pulmp
A N O T H ER FIR E street for ten minutes.
I i / o w i i eyes
__ -
. a s . —.
■ ■—
smoothly ahav*m and fluent of
••peech, calls at your place of busi­
A barn belonging to A. Nelson,
Tim first use of field music of
ness, Mr. Boniface or Mr. K»-s- just northwest of the city limits,
taurater. and telle you he is a
chcmLt employud by the Depart­
ment of Agriculture, watch out.
United Mates PDtrict Attorney
Keamea baa bad several com­
plaints regarding aucli u person,
who seems to be working north
form Southern Oregon.
If you listen longer than his
opening retnurks he \v■ 11 tell you
that h» nnd other Government
chemists are traveling over the
country t<» assist in the enforce­
ment of ttw pure food law.
lie w ill say further that the Oov-
ernment is having great difficulty
in enforcing this law and that lie
has been sent out to leach restaur­
ant and hotelkeepers how to make
pure baking powders, flavoring e x ­
tracts and other liko articles, so
they w ill not have to buy front
‘ 'dishonest manufacturers
"B u t ti.e department has to pay
me $450 per month," he w ill glibly
proceed, "and to get some of the
money back I have been instruct­
ed to collect a fee o f $10 from each
person tc whom 1 give these valu­
able receipts."
If you refuse he may offer to let
you have thertceipts lor $5. and
if you ask for his credentials he
will tell you that government e x ­
perts never carry them.
was d 'itro y e d by fire early W ed­
nesday morning. It is said that
defec tive wiring caused tlie (ire and
before help arrived the building
was u total loss. A sum 11 barn
next to the large oue caught on
the roof, but a bucket htgiade w u
formed and saved moat of it.
Although the buildings were just
outside the city limits, the tire de­
partment was unable to accomp­
lish anything as the nearest hy­
drant was too far away to he
reached. The total loss was near
I12B0, with $601 insurance.
which we have absolutely authentic
information was at the buttle of
Bouvines, that village of French
Flanders where the French won
three victories, Philip Augustus de­
feating Otto IV. of Germany there
in 1214, Philip of Valois defeating
the English there in 1340, while in
1794 the French defeated the Aus­
trians at the same place. It was at
Bouvines in 1214 that trumpets
sounded the signal for the victori­
ous French charge, the first au­
thentic instance of a command giv­
en by a trumpet call.
C h a n g id t h * T ig s r .
On the overthrow of the mon­
archy of Louis Philippe a Sunday
crowd visited the Jardin des Plantes
and was amazed to find the fine
specimen of the Bengal tiger still
Ed Stringer had a narrow escape bearing the label of “ Le Tigre Roy­
from death Wednesday morning al.” Nothing would serve the furi­
while raking hay on the ranch of ous crowd but that at once on the
spot the authorities should change
Mr«. J. H. Burton, one mile below
the name to “ Le Tigre National,’’
and they did.— London Academy.
The harness broke on one of the
W a s h in g t o n ’s Estate.
horses and the animal began to
When he died Washington pos­
kick, frightening the other horse
sessed, including the land brought
into m i ning away. On crossing him by his wife and the Mount V er­
a dead furrow, Mr. Stringer was non estate, more than 74,000 acres
thrown beneath the rake and, as And this did not include his city
he fell was kicked above the left property. He was indeed a landlord
eye by one of the horses. He was on a large smtle. Besides the lands
he held personally Washington was
taken to Independence in an auto­
partner in various land companies,
mobile by Miss Florence Button, tiiough none of these appear to
to have his wounds dressed.
have survived the Re.olution.
Kicked By A Horse
Try a Sack of
and watch results
Simply Wanted to Understand Legal
Status, Which Is Given By
Countv Attorney.
"T h e county court has never
refused to pay to the city o f Dal­
las the money collected from road
tax, and it will get every cent
due it as soon as it is collected,"
said County Attorney Sibley
when asked about the talked o f
action on the part o f the city to
compel Polk county to relinquish.
"H a lf o f the road tax money col­
lected was paid over to Dallas
some time ago, and the present
session o f the court will probably
issue an order for the balance,”
concluded the attorney.
The city recorder made a de­
mand upon the court a fortnight
since for the money, the council
having instructed him to do so,
and in case the balance due was
not forthcoming purposed insti­
tuting legal proceedings to re­
cover it. The court was in some
doubt as to whether or not the
aggregate amount collected should
be turned over, or only 50 per
cent thereof, as with other road
districts within the county, but
acting on Mr. Sibley’s opinion in
the matter the whole sum will
be paid. The court did not re­
fuse to disgorge, but simply
wanted to know where it was at.
— Dallas Observer.
Falls City will benefit by this
order to the amount o f about
$700, which will assist material­
ly in putting the streets in good
L iv e a n d Laarn.
Among the words given out for
analysis recently by a district school
teacher was “banknote.” The in­
structor's astonishment may be im­
agined when one male pupU turned
in the following unique paper:
“ Bank-note is a compound, primi­
tive word, composed of ‘bank’ and
‘Bank* is a simple word
meaning the side of a stream; ‘ note,’
to set down. ‘Bank-note,’ to set
down by the side of a stream.”
A Gentleman having lent a
Guinea, for two or three Days, to a
Person whose Promises he had not
much Faith in, was very much sur­
priz’d to find he very punctually
kept his Word with him; the same
Gentleman being sometime after de­
sirous of borrowing the like Sum.
No, said the other, you have de­
ceived me once, and 1 am resolved
you shan’t do it a second Time.—
jo e Miller’s Jest Book, 1739.
The Itemizer Changes Hands
Falls City Lumber Co.
Falls City Entertained
The . . . . . .
Great Crowds of Pleasure Seekers Gathered in
Our Beautiful City to Celebrate— Everybody
Contributed to the Enjoyment of
Others. A Delightful Day.
July 4th was ar. ideal day at The streets were packed from
Falls City. Hazy clouds shaded the postoffice to Selig’s store
the sun giving a delightfully cool with people eager to see the fun.
atmosphere. Visitors began to Many climbed on porches and in
arrive early. Some by wagon, trees in order to be above the
carriage, autos and some on foot crowds and see the games.
and horseback. Long before the
Prizes awarded as follows:
time arranged for the program
100 yard dash—
to commence the city was crowd­
1st prize. J. E. Simkin,
ed with merry pleasure seekers.
2d prize, Wm. Grayum
The Dallas band furnished excel-1
100 yard dash —
lent music on Main street from j
Boys under 16,
9:30 to 10:30 and and then pro­
1st prize, G. Buell,
ceeded to the city park where
2d prize, C. Jone3.
the main program was rendered.
Potato Race—
Mrs. Jessie Moyer had charge
1st prize, Ruth Gottfried
o f the exercises at the park.
2d prize, Geneivia Treat.
Invocation by Rev. E. A. La-1 Girls Race—
1st prize, Ruth Gottfried
Address o f Welcome by Mayor
2d prize, Lorena Treat.
F. K. Hubbard.
Boys Sack Race—
Reading the Declaration o f In­
1st prize. C. Buell,
dependence by Hon. H. G.
2d prize, C. Bowman.
Pony R a c e -
Solo by Miss Mabel Sheppard.
Prize, Wilbur Davis.
Duett by Misses Sheppard.
Free for all pony race—
Attorney D ’ Arcy o f Salem was
Prize, Dick Gage.
the speaker o f the day and made Bull ring for men—
an interesting and instructive
Prize,“ Jim Laurk.
talk on the struggles o f the Bull ring for boys—
heroes o f 1776.
Prize, Geo. Ouderkirk.
The ball game at 1:30 between
The program wound up with a
Falls City and Lincoln was,an dance at Wagner hall.
interesting feature and resulted
The day passed off v ery pleas­
in a victory for Falls City 10 to antly with but few things to mar
the pleasure o f the occasion. It
Fishing Party
6 .
said that it was the largest
A party consisting o f Mr. and
ever assembled in F'alls
Mrs. J. G. McIntosh, Mr. and
Mrs. A. D. Davidson, Mrs. S. L.
Hedges, Mrs. Susan Jones and
placed on the roll o f honor for hav­
Miss Grace Jones went to Falls
ing made no tardies during the
City last Sunday and had a picnic
dinner on the hanks o f the Luck- Of Polk Coanty for the School Month Ending month: Zena. Bridgeport. Bethel.
Perrydale, Gooseneck, Oakpoint, Ell-
iamute.— Independence Monitor.
June 12th, 1914.
kins. Beuna Vista. Harmony,Pioneer,
When people want to have a Number o f schools report­
Highland, Valley Junction.
good time (hey always come to
ing correctly on time
The following schools are now
Number o f schools not re­
Falls City.
standard: Beuna Vista, North Dallas,
A n A n c ia n t Jeat.
All Goods and Prices Are Right
No. 45
A fte r forty years o f continuous
service in the newspaper busi­
ness, Mr. V. P. Fiske has this
week leased The Item izer to M.
L. Boyd and J. E. Bloom, and
will hereafter devote his entire
attention to the postoffice. The
Observer welcomes Messrs. Boyd
and Bloom, and hopes and trusts
that they will profit by their new
venture.— Dallas Observer.
The News extends the glad
hand to the boys wishing them
porting on time
Number of pupils remain­
ing at time o f last report
Number of pupils registered
new during the month
Number of pupils registered
secondary during month
Number o f pupils re-admit­
ted during month
Total number o f pupils on
register during the month
Number of pupils dropped
during the month
Total number o f pupils on
register at time of this
Number o f days taught dur­
ing the month
Whole number o f days
Whole number of days
Whole number o f times late
Number o f pupils neither
absent or late
Average number o f pupils
Average daily attendance
Per cent of attendance
Number o f visits by parents
Number o f visits by mem­
bers of the school board
The following schools have been
placed on the roll o f honor for hav­
ing made 95 in attendance or over.
Zena. Dallas. Bridgeport, Valley
View, Monmouth High School. Mon­
mouth Public School, Airlie, Bethel,
Perrydale, Oakpoint, Elkins, Inde­
pendence, Beuna Vista, Spring Val­
ley, North Dallas, Suver, Falls City,
Pioneer, Highland. Maple Grove.
Valley Junction. Broadmead.
The following schools have been
Dallas, Zena, Orchard's View, Lin­
coln. Oakhurst. Antioch, Fir Grove,
McCoy. Gutherie, Orchards. Airlie,
Mountainview, Red Prairie, Enter­
prise. Fern. Lewisville, Ward.Broad­
mead, Suver. West Salem. Popcorn,
Oakdale, Salt Creek, Bridgeport,
Perrydale, Highland. Buell, Rick-
reall. Brush College, Pioneer, Cock-
ran, Elkins, Montgomery, Mon­
mouth Public School, Polk Station,
Valley Junction, Butler, Fairview,
Peedee, Cherry Grove, Hopville,
Bethel, Liberty, Dallas, Valley View,
Parkers, Oakpoint. Black Rock, Dal­
las High School.
Yours respectfully,
H. C. S eymour .
Could Not Show
The moving pictures o f local
scenes during the race meet and
Moose carnival were not shown
as advertised, for the reason that
the Commercial club discovered
at the last minute that they would
be obliged to pay a license fee o f
fifty dollars for one day’ s exhibi­
tion. The city ordinances call
for a license fee o f this amount
for one year and city officials did
not believe that they could grant,
a license for a shorter period. A
large crowd would have seen the
pictures had they been exhibited
and it is to be regretted that the
laws o f the city are such as to
bar a “ home talent” exhibition,
the receipts o f which would have
gone to the city itself.— Inde­
pendence Monitor.