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Everything Quiet At Butte
Since Tuesday’s Battle
Butte, Mont., Juno 25. —All is
quiet today after the riot Tues­
day night in which one man was
killed, one was mortally wound­
ed, another was less seriously
hurt, in a fusillade by Deputy
Sheriffs, who were keeping the
crowds back from the Miners’
Union Hall,- Three charges of
dynamite were exploded in and
under the hall, the front o f which
was blown out.
The crowds had pressed on the
Miners’ Union hall in conse­
quence o f a scheduled meeting
there, at which President Moyer,
o f the Western Federation o f
Miners, was to outline a peace
Most o f the shots were fired
into the air by the officers. The
shooting o f the three men ap­
parently took most o f the nerve
out o f the crowd and they quick­
ly backed a distance o f two blocks
from each side o f the hall.
A hundred deputies with saw­
ed-off Bhotguns were holding the
Sheriff Driscoll, shortly after
the firing began and after the
crowd was forced down the
street, appeared at the entrance
o f the hall and shouted that he
wanted 500 deputies. No re­
sponse was made to the sheriff’s
Ernest Noy, traveling inspec­
tor for the Montana demurrage
bureau, a bystander, was the
man killed. The bullet passed
through his neck.
The mortally wounded man is
J. H. Brune, aged 52. H e was
shot through the head and can­
not live. Brune was proceeding
upstairs to the miners’ hall to at­
tend the meeting when a bullet
struck him. The deputies ap
parently fired on any one in sight
who approached the hall.
The third wounded man is
Charles Kramer, o f l x » Angeles,
a spectator. The bullet grazed
his stomach. He is not serious­
ly hurt.
The battle then raged around
Miners’ Union Hall, insurgent
miners firing from the tops o f all
nearby buildings into the hall.
The deputies reserved their fire,
but occasionally a deputy rushed
to a window, fired and retired to
inner rooms.
Miners rushed for their wea­
pons and such arms as they could
get. There was much shouting
for dynamite among the crowd.
The deputies, it is said, feared
dynamite had been planted under
the hall, consequently they would
allow no one to approach within
range o f their guns.
The deputies held the hall fear­
ing that the mob would wreak
vengeance on President Moyer
and Bert Riley, head o f the fed­
eration local, who are in the
Miners’ Union hall.
The shooting was first precipi­
tated by fear o f the deputies that
the crowd o f miners assembled
in the streets would rush the
meeting the union. The shoot­
ing came as a surprise to the
crowd, as no warning had come
from the deputies.
President Moyer had asked
Sheriff Driscoll for protection
and had been assured by the
Sheriff that deputies would be
on hand to prevent any attempt
to break up the meeting.
A t the first sign o f firing,
Moyer, Riley and all the other
officials took to fligh t from a rear
door from the Miners’ Union
hall, according to officers, and
none but the deputies are in the
hall. The union officials have
left the city, according to an un­
confirmed report, which says that
an automobile was in readiness
at a rear door, in which the offic­
ials were whisked away.
No. 43
Nr. Nttl Sailers Bratus ss4 it Its4ers4 Us
•S M d S W .
What might have proved a fa ­
tal accident occurred late Satur­
day night near Guthrie, on the
Dall&s-Falls City road Wm. Neat
being severely injured, and his
Ti.e first dynamite charge failed companion. Ray Gebott, is cop­
to do great damage. The explos­ ing with minor scratches and
ion could be heard fojr blocks. bruises. The gentlemen were on
Aruisd men proceeded to the Slew- the way home from Falls City in
art mine and boldly carried down a livery rig when a large auto
boxes of dynamite in the attempt struck the carriage and tore it
to blow up the hall, but the guns into pieces. The machine carried
of the deputies prevented effective j but two small lights in front and
was ro t seen until within a few
placing of the charge.
Two more heavy explosions fol­ feet o f the team. Tl.»> auto fad­
lowed and crowds again attempted ed away into i he distance while
the occupants o f the rig were
to dynamite the hall.
The insurgent miners hurriedly making a search for each other.
had printed thousands of handbills' Mr. Neat, who has been for some
for distribution among the miners, years deprived o f both his lower
urging them to disperse and go extremities in a railway accident,
home in the name of the union. is nursing a badly bruised scalp,
The appeal was addressed by Pres­ a severe sprain o f the wrist and
ident Michael McDouall of the a badly scratched face. He gain­
ed consciousness after being
new union.
The second and third charges of brought to Dallas, aid being ten­
dynamite blew the front out of the dered by a passing automobile
party from Falls City. The team
was uninjured.—Dallas Observer.
------- »
Parent’ s Mass Meeting
The School Board have called a
mass meeting of the parents of the
school district for July 15, for the
purpose of discussing the advis­
ability of continuing arts of Dom­
estic Science and Manual Train­
ing. Every parent should attend
this meetinj and hear and be heard
in this matter.
Returned From Fishing Trip
George Hegler, Mr. anil Mrs.
Allen and Vernon Brentner return­
ed Tuesday afternoon from a fish­
ing trip in the Siletz country.
They were on the Big I.uckiamute
and say that they caught plenty
of fish. The rain drove them heme
sooner than they expected. Mr.
Hegler nays that they are working
on the Valley & Siletz railroad
T ry a Sack of
News From Various
Parts Of The Country
Doings of the Week Gathered from Our Exchanges
and Other Reliable Sources
l(tovir) Drptndi on Overcoming of Fur, Siy
S c lu iitti Soy l a m
M(dford Doctors.
SfeoaM Be WateJuB for
l u p r S ig n .
MEDFORD. Or.. June 21.—
James King, snake charmer at
the street carnival bitten by a
Gila monster Saturday while
showing the reptile to a crowd, is
resting easy tonight, with ao
even chance o f recovery.
The man’s temperature is nor­
mal and he is rational. The worst
phase o f the case is his certainty
that he cannot live. According
to Mr. K ing the poison does not
t»ke effect at once, and death is
The doctors have made a study
o f the poison, and declare that if
the man’8 fear o f death can be
overcome he has a good chance
o f recovering.
------- ♦—♦ ♦
H u ff Bay* 6(1 Noaal l a m a
From Bight «( Way.
li m p i d
RED BLUFFS. Cal.. June 22.
—Young boys o f Red Bluff have
commercialized the keen interest
in the volcanic disturbance at
Mount Lassen on the part o f
travelers passing through here by
train. Today they sold small
rocks from the Southern Pacific
roadbed marked "la v a ” as sam­
ples from the crater for 10 cents
A woman bought one boy’ s
whole stock and asked for more.
The lad scampered down the
track, filled his pockets, told the
woman they had just been ob­
tained and received $1.50.
REDDING, Cal., June 2 5 .-
Lassen is not a geyser. Its action
since first it broke into eruption
on May 30 has been deddediy
volcanic. This was the declara­
tion today o f J. S. Diller, a Gov­
ernment expert, and considered
the foremost authority oft the
Lassen quadrangle.
" I don’t predict more serious
eruptions,” said Mr. Diller, “but
the mountain ought to be watch­
ed for increased activity, and for
tremors that might indicate more
serious disturbances. The action
to date involves only a small area
o f the mountain top. but i f . new
apertures should be blown open,
they would be the forerunner of
more dangerous disturbances,”
Declines the Position
Att(ndii<( for Summer Work Brraks I(tar4s
for Thru Yurs.
County Superindent of Schools
H. C. Seymour, who was elected
principal o f the Kennedy school
in Portland for the school year
1914-15, has declined the posi­
tion, and will remain in charge of
the Polk county schools, news
that will be received with no
small degree o f satisfaction by
the educational interests here.
T. J. Gary o f Oregon City gets
the place.— Dallas Observer.
Monmouth. Or., June 22.—When
353 students had registered up to
6 o ’clock tonight for work in the
Summer school here, records for
three years were broken. It is
probable that the number will
total 400 or more before the close
o f the week.
The g irl’s dormitory is packed
to capacity and it is likely that
Crops Damaged
every house available for board­
Big rains in the east have done
ing students will be used. Every
member o f the faculty will be considerable damage to growing
employed during the session.
DALLAS, OREGON, June 27 to July 2.
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Dr. F. W. Gunsaulus, Ciricillo’ s Italian Band, Col. W. H. Miller
Dr. Thomas E . Green, Lyric Glee Club, Dr. Peter MacQueen
Thaviu Grand Opera Co.
Elwynn Trio, Ng Poon Chew,
Mrs. A. L . A. Robinson, Mrs. Wm. Calvin Chilton,
William A. McCormick, Hann Jubilee Singers
'Bronte” ,
Dr. Charles L . Seasholes,
Dunbar Singing Orchestra,
F . R. Wedge
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