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    Tur F ai i*
as June 12, 1012. Mrs. Cheltenham
had bit the nail aquaiely on the bead.
“G et a woman to catch a woman."
•aHI Borland. “ But she was also right
In predicting that If I found a clew In
tho letter I would »till be far from the
girt. However, whoever she la. she la
educated or »be would uot have known
that citric acid becomes brown when
heated. Juue 12. 10111— where w «* I
on tbat day? It was Dearly a year ago,
Clew < and I doubt If I cau determine just
where I was."
But Borland sat himself down to
think, and It was not loug berore be
remembered tbat on June. 1012, be at­
tended the graduating exercises o f a
women's college, where be bad been In­
troduced to more than a dosen young
W alter Borland at twenty-two was a
ladles and had seen and been seen by
very agrees his chap. B s was not espe­
several hundred more. Surely his friend
cially handsome, and since be paid Mrs Cheltenham muat nave the pow­
aery little attention to girls the girls er o f divining the human female mind,
psld rery little attention to him. Such for be was not outy far from discov-
being the cuse. he had a very poor opln
lng the writer o f the letter, but amoug
Ion o f hi* powers o f charming the fair so many It would be Impossible to pick
»ex. Trne. be thought little about the out the culprit.
The graduating exercise» of the wom­
matter: be simply regarded himself as
en’s college were approaching, and
not a ladles' man.
One day the postman handed Walter Borland considered the expediency o f
a letter that brought the surprise of going there to look for s needle In a
He called upou the Indy
bl» life. It was postmarked and dated haystack.
at the city o f Cincinnati and signed by who bud put hltn ou the track and told
one o f whom be had never heard, at her that be now believed the letter to
be n college prank nud In that event
least not by the name given. The writ
er said that she was a girl nineteen he would take no further Interest In tt.
years old. She had met him and bad His counselor replied that the age or
fallen in love w ith him. She would the writer. If given correctly, rather
not be so unnaUdenly as to reveal her Indicated that she belonged to one of
identity, but «fee Just couldn't help let­ the lower classes or was not a college
ting him know that there was a girl girl at all. since girls did Dot usually
who loved Win and would never lovs enter college before they were eight­
any one else.
een. Mrs. Cheltenham was rather in­
There would be no chance o f his dis­ clined to believe tbat the writer o f the
covering who she w as because she had letter was a visitor to the college, be­
taken every- pains to prevent bis doing cause she would not be likely to put
so. Wlthont this she would be Inex­ him In possession of her location.
cusable in revealing her love for Win
Borland attended the commencement
Possibly he might meet her again
I f exercises o f the women's college, but
ao be would be at liberty to woo her, be might as well have gone to Green­
If. Indeed, he fe lt drawn to her. with­ land for all the benefit his visit was to
out knowing that b e bad already mads his search. SDd when be returned to his
a conquest
home be felt that If be ever found tbs
Now, i f 'Walter Borland were con
letter writer tt would be because she
•clous o f being a. heart smasher, doubt
would give him an additional clew.
less be vou ld not have been seriously His adviser told him tbat the girl had
affected by this leader. As It was. he doubtless been at the college com­
was very much moved by i t
What mencement and bad seen him there.
any girl saw in him to cause her to She therefore knew that he was hunt­
give him her heart without even the ing her. Better drop the matter. Tbs
slightest courtship—far be had nevsr girl doubtless was observing him. and
preferred any one girl to others—he If she saw tbat be had given up Lb«
couldn’t Imagine. H is judgment told chase she would very Ukely do some­
him that some o n « was putting up s thing to urge him on.
Borland adopted the Fabian policy;
Job on him, but bJs amour propre said
but, as for not thinking about the mat­
that it hoped the letter was genuine.
Then be fell to rhtnL-ing out the prob­ ter. that was Impossible. Toward the
end o f August be went Into the coun­
lem as to who t hat teas might be. 1
try with bis friend Carter to spend
had never lived In Cincinnati and.
far as he remembered, bad ne’ er met bis vacation canoeing. One evening be
went with Carter to a summer hotel
a girl who was a resident o f m at city
Qnlte Ukely sh e had ported the letter for supper. While passing through the
while there tem porarily or had sent It hall to the dining room they passed
there to be 'poshed. I t seemed to him several young ladles. When they wers
that the ha<i been successful In her In­ seated at the table Carter said.
“ Walter. I'v e found your girt!"
tention to -conceal her Identity, for he
“ Which? When? Where?” was the
could see 'ao possible clew. And yet It
woold be just like a girl to give a clew hurried response.
“ Coming through the ball. Ooe o f
—that I s , a clew that It would be next
the girls we met. the moment she saw
to lmpo- islble fo r him to hit upon.
H e thought o f all the girls be had you. started. Then the color all went
ever xnown. trying to call op acme out o f her face and came back red aa
mart, o f favor shown him by any one a jack rose.”
“ Pretty or homely?"
o f f j b e number. Not a girl o f his ac­
“ A peach.”
quaintance bad ever Indicated tbat she
“Good! I must go and find bar."
coveted bis attentions.
H e was rising from bis seat, bat
A ll living beings are hunters, and
man la the chief hunter of them aU. Carter held him down.
“ Sit still. Do you want to spoil your
though man’ s weapons are either Intel­
lectual or the result o f Intellectual ac­ romance? Eat your supper and keep
tion. Borland found himself fa ria g Q cool. Your game la to pretend not to
problem. A girl bad confessed that she recognize the girl as the writer o f the
letter. Make her acquaintance, get
loved him, and be could Dever be slatie-
apoons with her aud at the proper time
Sed until be had found her. His A nt
tell her Jou’re going to turn turtle I d
move was to study the girls of Ma ac­
your cgnoe because you're dying o f love
quaintance. When he met one o f than
for her and have no hope o f winning
he would scrutinize her countenance
with a view to seeing some telltale •*-
“ Is that the way It's done?”
presslon In I t
I f be failed to meet
“ O f course It Is. I f you ever let her
any one o f them casually be called know tiyat you are on to her secret
upon her. Not one received him with
she'll flee from you as from the wrath
the slightest sign o f embarrassment
to come."
Being completely blocked In Ma e f­
“ By Jove. Bob, where did you learn
forts. he consulted his chum, Boh Gar­
ao much about women?“
ter. a young man who was supposed
, “ A n y fool would know th a t”
to understand women. Carter pot him
“ I'v e no doubt you're righ t In due
through an examination with a view
time get an Introduction to her and in­
to bringing out some Indication that
troduce me."
had been shown by one o f his girl ac­
“ It won’t do to hurry."
quaints ncea
Borland mentlooad a
“ But are you aura she's the girl?"
girl who had taken umbrage at soose
"She must be. No girl at meeting a
unintended slight be bad gives her.
would start and go red and
Carter pounced upon the lady ae the
writer o f the letter. When a girl takes white by turns unless there was some
offense at a man’s treatment o f her It Important tie between her and him.
Indicates that she la sensitive to !>•» But w e muat make her think right off
treatm ent
But unfortunately this that we're Ignorant o f her secret or
she'll leave for parts unknown.”
young lady was not less tbaD twenty
A fter the young men had finished
one years old. whereas the writer had
their suppers they looked In the draw­
described herself as nineteen. N e w -
ing room aDd on the piazza for the
tbeless Borland applied certain taste
all o f which failed to show any aameo- girl In question, but It was not till late
In the evening that she showed her­
•1 Interest In him.
Having failed to get any availaHe self. The men were on the piazza In
counsel from a man, the young tm tc- the dark, while abe waa in a lighted
room, so that Carter had no difficulty
man or. rather, the young detective
for this Is a detective story wlthont In pointing her out without her being
the pale of criminality—concluded to aware tbat she was under observation.
The rest o f the story Is one o f ordi­
try a woman. He consulted his friend
Mrs. Cheltenham, a bride of three nary courtship, except that the suitor
knew all the while that be bad won.
“ No girl," said the lady, “ would w ritr. The young lady waa Dot a student and
such a confession to a man v H # 'a t had not played a college prank. She
placing It within the bounds o f pqvst- was an Innocent girl who bad relieved
blllty tbat be should discover lev her mind by sending the man to whom
Identity. She has given a clew, h it V she bad given her heart on sight an
you discover It you will still be a hmg anonymous letter, telling him o f her
way from discovering the g w l
1 love. A fter tbetr engagement abe
sounded her betrothed as to the letter
would advise you to examine her M
she bad written him. He told her that
ter with a microscope. I f that
try chemicals. She may be a c '», -gv be bad received aucb a letter, but.
thinking It to be a joke o f some o f bis
girl up I d chemistry."
It was evening when Borland M otiv­ men friends, bad torn It up. He dared
ed this advice, and. going to bta Peas, not let her know even that be had
considered It sincere He expects some
he took out the letter, procured a M m l
glass o f atrong magnifying power fcrd. day to atone for the He by telling
taking both to a gas j e t brought the her tbe truth, but thus far every time
glass to bear on the letter. In >r*4M In he has started to do so be has been
get the best light he held ttu_- (¡ 0 $er frightened off. Possibly some day
within a few Inches of the $ 4 «ie. when they have been a long wblle
Brownish lettera came out wMtMn married and tbe romance o f love has
across the face o f the letter. “ ISf'Tr'ih given place to the reality o f love he
may venture to tell her tbat he knew
o f roses. 12—’12."
Borland would have bean very r.h'hhi from tbe time be met tier that aba
had be not been able to Interpret this loved him. Qulen aabe?
An Anonymous
Bat There Was a
In It
C ity
N ews , J u n k IS. 1914
protcMtonal diut>o
1 Lots 1,2,3,4,13,14, block E.
2 Two tin»' buililii>K lots in block
G, East View add.
I For rent, bouse, barn, 8 lots; ftt;
Ellis street. Property lor sale.
Offers exceptionally tine opportunities for
s For sale — !> acres, partially im­
proved; house, timber; spring and
living stream; near western city
limits; price, $1000, half cash.
9 For sale, one acre, cultivated,
truil, berries; 0-r. house insured
for $1-100; elec, light, city water,
cesspool; pi ice $1050; all cash, or
$700 cash, terms on balance.
10 For sale, 7 lots (all of block A)
in Montgomery’s addition to Falls
City ; good garden ground, fenced ;
city water; price $1100 if bought
within the next 30 days.
II For sale, tine home in city, with
25 acres, 10 cultivated.
12 For sale, lots 7, 8, 14, 23 block K,
and lots 11 and 12 block E. W ill
trade for Portlaud property.
11 For sale, lot 2 block M, M. ad.
H For sale, 80 a. 1 i mi. north of city
20 a. improved; 25 a. good timber;
plenty of pasture and water.
15 To rent, 12-r house,
16 Two acres, cultivated, fruit, ber­
ries; 6-r. house, sheds; water, elec­
tric light; will divide.
m uyatela« « « a S u ra s# *
Co-Operative Cannery
Co-Operative Creamery
Wood-working Factories
Fruit and Berry Orchards
Otite« ove i Thom p « o n « drug «lo ra
tual phone ¿VI
Phon« Night t all «41
F. M. H E L L W A R T H
Office iu Toller Bldg.,
omo# ami ......r»in ein
Kyiidyucv I Itone 3011
19 Six
Pr»ctU*« Iu All Ih r S u t » couru.
Hull» 11 Hiuh Hrvyman H M ,
S a le m . O regon
The city derives its uanik from the falls of the Little Luckia-
mute River, which Hows through the city from the Weal.
The first »tile of town lots occurred in 188(1, though donation
land-claim seiilers ciine here many years before that data. In
UHX) the population was 261*, in 11110, 06(1; 1914, sU>ut 1,360.
Dr. A.G. Atwood
P h o n e 1931
The Location
Funeral Directo»
J to all
w o rk promptly.
Dalla» a a J F » I U City. O r
£udinc00 darts
20 Lot 5 and 20 ft. of lot 4 blk D, 70
feet front, on North Main street, is
for sale at a bargain; best building
lot in town. See F. K. Hubbard,
S a m g l a R ea m s
Bast Accom m o da tions
Water and Wood
O roag ». Proprietor
Bohle’s Barber Shops
Fa lls C it y , O re g o n
Abstracts of title promptly fur­
nished. Rates reasonable. Brown &
Sibley, 610 Mill Si., Dallas, Or.
For sale, 15 Buff Orpington day-
old chicks with hen, $2.50. J. E.
Beezley, phone 271
Stop at Ellis’ Confectionery Store
The city of Falls City owns the gravity water system, its first
cost was $80,000. Pure mountain water is piped from soring» oo
Judge Teal’s ranch, 8 miles away, at an elevation o! about 300
feet above city level.
Oak aud fir fire wood is plentiful and cheap.
W k trt yen c a i | t t « Shave, Hair C at, l a t h
• r ‘ S h la c
Lumber, Fruit, Vegetables and Berries
Agent for Dallas S taam Laundry
Electric-power planing and saw mill, log pond, dry kiln and
lumber yard in the city, lumber llume, logging roads and logging
outfits, all owned and operated by the Falla City Lumber Co.
Rundln lorwsrtled ’lu reta y evening
F . K. Hubbard Realty Company
In T h e N e w » o ffice , F a l l s C U y
Falls City is situated in the south central part of Polk County
Oregon, in »eelion 21, township 8, 8., range O.W.. Willamette mer­
idian, 27 rail miles southwest of Salem, ami 73 rail mile« south­
west of Portland, in the narrow western end of ths Little I.ucki-
annite River valley, surrounded on the north, south, and west by
the foothills of the Coast Rang« mountains. Elevation, 886.88 ft
above sea level. Transportation— Salem, Falls City A Western
Railroad, which extends from Salem to Black Rock, a rail
distance of 30 miles, with £. I*, main line connections at Dallaa,
Gerlinger, and Salem, and with the Oregon Kleolric at Salem.
Falls City is incorporated as a city, and contains 768 33 acres,
valuation for taxation $268,887. The city administration ie com­
posed of mayor, seven councilman, auditor and police judge, mar­
shal, treasurer, engineer, health officer.
Salaries; Marshal and
water superintendent, $60; auditor. $25; attorney, 925.
Saul Ouderkirk
B u ild in g C o n tra c to r.
M ad«.
Phone 194
R epairs
Falla City, Ore.
The surrounding bench and hill lands are as well adapted to
the production of fruits and tierries ns any other section of the
Pacific Northwest, and development on these lines is going on.
Vegetables and berries of many kinds grow to perfection in
and adjoining Falls City, ami many acres are planted to straw­
berries Mini loganberries. Market conditiona are improving stead­
ily, as production is increased.
Elle & Elle
Schools, Churches, 8ooletles, Clubs
Contractors and Builders
See us before you build.
We may save you money.
Phone 1411
Falls City has a 12-grade school with a four-year high school
course, with principal, Assistant, and eight grade teachera. Its«
diplomas are accepted by the higher school« iu lieu of examina-
ations. The entire community is justly proud of the school.
The Religious organizations are: Adventist, Catholic, Christian,
Free Methodist, Methodist Episcopal, German Lutheran.
G . L. H A W K IN S
D a lla s , O regon
The Fraternal societies: Ind. Order of Oddfellows, Rebekahs,
Masons, Knights of Pythias, Pythian Sisters, Modern Woodmeu of
America, Royal Neighbors o f America, Woodmen of the World,
Women of Woodcraft.
Free reading room.. Gem theatre, photoplay.
and get a dish of the famous Mt.Hood
I C E C R E A M and a package of
Russel) & Gilbert ^ » »■ w ■ r-
H arrington’s
Ice Cream
Salem Laundry
Hydro-electric light generated by the power of the falls; owned
by the Falls City Electric Co., W. B. Steven* president, H. 0 .
Brown vice-president and manager, A. W. Stevens secretary and
P r o p « 01
C . W . M a tth o w a , P re prlatar
P lO M I 137
Bundles sent Tuesday evenings.
oven es
years *
P atents
M IX . P R o ra u n oR
rade M arks
D esigns
C opy bights Ac.
Anyone «enilng a «hatch and deacrtptlon mar
quickly Atcartatn our opinion frea whether an
Invention la probably patent
patentable. C ommnntra-
t Ion* «trlctl?confidential.
«trictly confidential. M
on Patent*
•ant fraa. Oldaat aaan.?y
acanry for •acurtn*patent«.
Patanta takan ; through Mann k Co. race!*#
tptrial notice, without ebanra. In tha
Scientific American.
A bandaomaly IHn«trafad waakly. l.arwaat dr
eolation o f any «Hentlflc Journal. Tarai«,
______ __
93 _ a
rea r: four month«, $L Sold by all newsdealer«.
F a l l s City. Or.
w •
The Name
phone MS
lots, no improvements; cheap
Manufacturers and Homeseekers who want to know the facta con­
cerning Fulls City and its poasihilitea for future development are
requested to read the information given in these two columns. For
further and more particular information, address The New«.
JA S. G. H C L T Z C L ,
A tto rn e y at La w
17 Three acres, adjoining city,
l* Five acres, in city.
e tahlinhment
W . B. Officer, M. D.
♦ For Sale, 2 good lots, on Pine
street in block K, cultivated.
? Lots 13. 14, 15, 16, block O. at a
bargain; $100 cash, bal, on terms
at 8
6 Two lots, O r. bouse; fruit, ber­
ries, city water, electric light; cl >se
in, bargain.
? For sale. One acre, adjoining city
limits, with 5-room bouse. A bar­
gain at $425, terms. Mouse to rent,
Notice to News Subscribers
A blu a -p anc ll eroos mark on this
notice meana th at your ouboerlp-
tlon to T h o N o w o has ex pir e« and
naada fixing Do It new .
Telephone system, with long-distance connection*. C.
local manager.
Business Enterprises
Falls C<ty in well provided with the usual business enterpriser.
The News contains the announcements of the following business
and professional men of the city :
Bakery, D. Toller,
Bank of Falls City, W. F. Nichols cashier.
Barber shops, Wm. Bohie.
Carpenters and Builders, Elle A Elle, 8. GttdbMti'rli.
Clothier, Tailor and gents’ furnisher, Chas. Harluug.
Confectionery stores: B. L. Ellis, R. B. Harrington,.
Drug store, M. L. Thompson.
Dentist, Dr. A. G. Atwood.
Department store, N. Selig.
Funeral director, R. L. Chapman.
Furniture, J. C. Talbott A Co.
General stores. N. Selig, F. C. Lumber Co., K. C. Mere. C<e.
Hardware store. J. C. Talbott & Co.
Hotels: Falls City Hotel, Fritz Droege, owner sod manager;
T he Madena, Mrs. Mae NicholB, Mrs. Dannis, managers
Jewelry store. W. A. Persey.
Newspaper, the Falls City News, C. W. Lee.
Photoplay theatre, the Gem, C. J. Pugh.
Physicians, Dr. W. B. Officer; Dr. F. M. Hellwartfa..
Pressing and cleaniug parlor, I, A. Johnston.
Railroads, Salem, Falls City A Western, Southern Pacific.
Real estate agent, F. K. Hubbard Realty Co.
Restaurant. The Madena; Wm. Finley, owner.
Saloons: Tne Oregon, C. W. Matthews; Tha Idaho, Chas. Mi*.
Boost for a Gymnasium for the School