Falls City news. (Falls City, Or.) 190?-19??, May 30, 1914, Page 3, Image 3

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    Tas V alu C ity N ew *, M ay 30,1014
J . C. Talbott & Co.
He&dquarterH for
Ha rd wa re
Stoves, Carpets, Rugs, Wall Paper, Tools, iron Pipe and
Plumbing Goods, Office Fixtures, Sporting Goods, Ktc.
Twentieth Century Prosthesis
Will not slip or slide when you
chew. If you are from
Missouri, call
A . C . Atwood, Dentist.
Office, North Main St.
overH arrington'sconf. store
Passenger Train Schedule
Effective Dec. 1,1913
lit in ItT
am. pm. pm.
Salem . . . 6.36 9.45 1.10 3.25
Dallas. . . 8.45 11.00 2.50 6.00
Fai Is City. 8.60 11.85 3.26 5.35
1 u ÌSÒ 141
itimovuD am.
pm. pm. pm.
Bl’k Rock
Falls City. 9.30 1.25 3.45 5.40
Dallas. . . 10.15 2.00 4.25 6.40
Salem . . . 11.26 3.15 5.30 7.46
Mr. H am s Saahar-
r a L L s c it y , o s i o
■ * ë B u y O r tN s r S Land
(Talentar—flDav, 1914
M m .
Vt4. Than. Fri.
13 14
20 21
27 28
Come to the
Drug Store
For P atton’s Paint.
Rogers Stain Floor
for furniture and all
interior work. Floor
Paint, Wagon a n d
Buggy Paint,Screen
Paint. Lead and Oil
—Kalsomine; also a
good assortm ent of
M . L Thompson
H e w s o f jfa lte d tç
Let Hartung Suit you.
Polk County Fair, Sept. 17,18,19
The best show at tha Gem tonight
Tba Falls City school will close
June 12th.
Geo. Hegler went to Portland on
business, Tuesday.
Drug store will be open Sundays,
9 to 11 and from 5 to 6.
For aale. recleaned red Clover
Seed, 10|c per pound; choice grey
Wednesday morning and is return­
ed Saturday morning. Agency at
Win. Bohle’e barber shop. Dallas
Steam Laundry, A. K. Thompson,
To loan, by the first of July.
96000 at 7 % on good farm and
first mortgage only. Call at New
Falls City hotel.
Kelig’s special sale begins June
4. See large bills fur prices. Read
the ad on page 2.
If you owe electric light hill due
prior to April 1, 1914, please pay
varue as soon as possible to C. W.
Lee at The News office.
The statement made last week
that Mrs. Geo. Starr had died at
Amity, was a mistake. Geo. Starr
and wile are living at Maricopa.
Albert Teal and his nephew Ar­
man Brown went to Sunshine creek,
Lincoln county, yesterday, on a
fishing trip. They both deserve a
vacation. They expect to return to­
morrow, and The News hopes they
will have a gay time.
Falls City has a new dog Ordi­
nance that requires all dog owners
to pay license of 91 per year, each.
License runs from May 1 to April
30. This ordinance is designed to
place all doss ou the same legal
footing, and gives all owners a
square deal.
If you have any personal prop­
erty for which you have no use,
advertise it foi sale or exchange.
Some one may have what you
want. A fair exchange is no rob­
bery. Try a ‘for sale’ ad in The
News, and help your neighbor as
well as yourself.
Geo. Hegler has Bold his 6 acre
poultry ranch to Mr. Joe Aelleu,
of Portland. Mr. Aellen arrived in
Falls City Wednesday and his
family will come in a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. Hegler will go to
Portland in a few weeks, to remain
until their plans for the future are
Oats. Phone 24165. C. S. Calk­
ins, Airlie, Oregon.
Mrs. C. W. I^ee returned from
Portland, Thursday.
Cheer up, boya and girls, only
ten more days of school.
Useful articles for June graduates,
at Pereey’a Jewelry Store.
Tommy Miller’s girl, is a boy.
Our reporter was mistaken.
Ore. Fire Relief Aasoci’n,McMinn­
ville. K. K. Hubbard, local agent.
For sale, Oat and Vetch hay, 910
ton. Phone A.D.162. W. K. Good.
For aale, new view camera; or
will trade for good cow. Call News
Memorial Day paogram at the
M. E. Church this evening at 8 p^u.
Mrs. Ruby Price haa succeeded
F. J. Holman in the postoffice a t
Black Rock.
C. R. Canfield, Republican nom­
inee for surveyor, was a Falls City
visitor, Monday.
Mrs. W. E. Gilbert returned
Monday from a week's visit with
relativs* in Dallas.
For sale, 16 Buff Orpington day-
i chicks with hen, 92.50. J. E.
Beezley, phono 271.
Joe Floria caiue out from the H.
F. ranch,last Saturday, and re-
irned home Monday.
Fresh Bread, Cakes,Cookies, Pies,
nd other bakery goods, every day
Stevens House Robbed
at the Falls City Bakery.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cholelew
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Stevens
of near Dallas, visited 'tier aunt, went to Portland Monday and re­
Mrs. I.aDow, last Sunday.
turned Thursday. During that
Kile «At Kile have begun, the con­ time their house bad been robbed
struction of the Boy Scout build­ of jewelry, an automatic gun, and
ing at Third and Mill streets.
other things. The robbers left no
H. W. Bancroft ia makLng ar­ sign to show how they gained eu-
rangements to go to Oklahoma in trance. Two bullet holes in the
floor seem to show th at the robbers
the hope of regaining health.
not understand automatic gun
Abstracts of title promptly fur­
The belief is that the
nished. Rates reasonable. Br.twn A
by home talent.
Sibley, 610 Mitt St., Dallas. O t .
O, Aurlan<i was at Newport on
Boy Scout Notes
business, t.’ne first of the week. A
The second annual “ Big Hike”
now school is to be built there
the F’alls City Boy Scouts has
this suirimer.
planned for June 22 to July
Bohle is agent for Dallas Steam
permitting. Plans:—
Laundry—none better. Bundles
morning; stop two
go out Tuesday evening. Your
of the Siletz (to
basinet's solicited.
fish); arrive at Newport Saturday;
F. J. Holman, renublican can­
Monday to Satuiday: hikes to light­
didate for county treasurer, moved
from Black Rock to Falls City, house, punch bowl, deep sea fishing,
Tuesday, aod occupies his own agate hunting etc.
“ Heap big fun” all of the time
property an Parry street.
and all it will cost is enough to pay
I. Selig and family, of St, Mary, for the “eats” and a couple of dol­
Idaho, have been visiting Mr. Sar- lars incidental expenses.
lig’s brother N. Selig. They wen*
There will be enough adults pres­
to Pcrtland on the way home ent to assure safety and trained
Monday, in company with N. Selig scouts along to make sure of a
in his auto.
good time. It's lots more fun to go
Bills are due and payable ou the1 on a hike when you are a scout
1st of the month, a t the office. A and know how to do things. Bet­
charge of 5c for eauti 16 c. p. used ter become a tenderfoot now so as
will be added to all bills not pai
to go with us.
on or before *khe lTth.—F. C. Ele<
M. A. Marcy, Scout Master.
trie Light & Power Co.
City Attorney Walter L. Tool
Consumers of Water Take Notice
Jr. »^tended the Falls City couuc
meeting, Tuesday, and later in th
City water users who are behind
evening was m ister of ceremonii in their accounts are requested to
at the organization of a lodgii of 1 make payment as soon as possible,
of A. Y. in Selig’s hall.
eo th at the auditor’s books may be
A ball will be given by the Wi audited and transferred.
I shall remain in Fails City un­
men of Woodcraft in their taall i
til my part of the city’s business
Black Rock, June 6. Good mue
by Falls City orchestra. Good. tin is fully settled and approved by
proper authorities. Prompt pay­
and good eats. Everybody ii ivitei
ment of the delinquent accounts
Tickets foe dance 91.00. ! Suppi
v ill make final settlement and
served in the ball.
For first class laundry w-otk at transfer more satisfactory.
courteous treatment.
C. W, Lee, Auditor.
a Polk county laundry. 'O ur pla
is modern, only comp »tent he
employed. Compare fam e t r i e
with others: Negligee, ehir'ii v ti
cuffs attached 10o;. pleated wit
cuffs attached l&e; coljare 21
cuffs per pair 5c, basket leav
Why Work all Day Sunday
Wheu you can get a fine chicken
dinner a * t*1« Madena restaurantfor
25c, or 60c', »od nothing to do but
eat and enjo^f boing alive? Try it.
The Gem Theatre Tonight
“In a Strang*- Land,”
“The Death Trail.”
“ White Aprons.”
• m • —» ■
Yeoman Lodge Organized
Mens Furnishings
A lodge of the Brotherhood of
American Yeoman wss organized
Tuesday evening, id Selig’s hall.
The following officers were installed
We have the Newefet Styles in Straw Hats
Foreman, R. VunDenBoscb,
Master of Ceremonies, Mrs. W.
T. Brown,
We Have the Largest Stock of Shirts in Town
Correspondent, II. G. Strayer,
Chaplain, Mrs. Minnie Cook,
Golf Shirts in the plain and pleated bosoms;
Observer, Mrs, Kd. Brown,
Negligee Shirts; flat, military and auto collars
Lady Rowena, Mrs. Jennie Coch­
~~~ ~~
' ‘
Lady Rebecca, Mrs. Minnie
Musician, Vola Selig,
Balbriggan and Porosknit Underwear;
Watchman, Frank Martin,
P. Q. A. and Athletic Union Suits.
Guard, H. D. Cox,
Sentinel, Pernal Meyer.
W. A. Bullock, State manager,
^ We have selected from the best lines on „p..- . r r j
Salem, had charge of the ceremon­
the market, and aim to sell on the smallest nnccc rftt FR”
margin, which entitles us to our motto:
Walter L. Tooze Jr. of Dallas,
helped administer the degree work.
Mrs. May Hoover. Orgnaizer.
sang “The Holy City,”
Two auto loads of Dallas mem­
bers were present.
Gents Hats, Shirts, Shoes and Oxfords
%. Underwearforthe hot Weather
. H A R T T J N G
Exclusive Men's Furnisher
Carpet and Rug Weaving
Alsohairswitches made from Comb­
ings. Phone 314. Mrs.C. E. Gibson.
A Falls City Booster
W. B. McKown is preparing to
build a fine residence on bis lot at
the southeast corner of Third and
Pine streets. The old building has
been moved to the rear end of the
lot, R. S. Ferguso i has the con­
tract. The building will be bunga­
low style and modern in every re­
spect. J. C. Talbott will occupy the
building when completed. Mr. Mc­
Kown is also remodeling the resi­
dence occupied by Mr. Clement, by
the addition of a 10x‘20-ft. sleeping
porch rn the rear, and putting on
a bungalow roof. He is also build­
ing a walk from his residence to
the river, to be roofed over with an
arbor. Mr. McKown very properly
has great faith in the future pros­
perity of Falls City.
Piano for sale, or will take a cow
as part payment. Call News office.
M . E . Church
The Third Quarterly Conference
will be held Friday June 5, at 3 30
o’clock. All of the departments
of the church including the finan­
cial will have good reports. We in­
vite both members and friends to
be present.
Regular services Sunday with
the memorial address in the morn­
ing at eleven, Epworth League at
seven and church services again at
Don't forget Sunday school at
ten a. m.
M. A. Marcy, Pastor.
Road Work
Base Bail
Sam McVey, of Newberg. haa
the contract for crushing rock
for Polk county’s roads this year.
The Falls City crusher will be in
operation about July 1.
The city crusher will be moved
on the south side of the river.
The quarry is on lots 23 to 32
»lock R, on the north side of the
river. The quarried rock will be
conveyed across the river to the
crusher. This arrangem ent makes
it easier to haul crushed rock to
the roads.
The game between Rickreall
and Falls City last Sunday, re­
sulted in a score of six for Falls
City and three for Rickreall.
The score was a tie for the
first half, but the superior skill
of the home team was apparent
during the entire game.
The visitors seemed to be tim­
id and uncertsin in their play,
which may be accounted for by
the lack of home training grounds.
The home team has some ex­
cellent players, but is weak in
two positions.
As scores now stand, Falls City
Does Matthews Mean It?
has the champion club of Polk
Want, barber,
dressmaker, county.
candymaker laundryman, cigar-
The annual county school pic­
maker. photographer, milliner,
second-hand m a n and novelty nic will be held a t Rickreall June
man to open business in prosper­ 13, the Saturday following the
ous Falls City, Or. Write Irving close of the Falls City school.
Matthews, or see him at the Es­ T h s r e Is m o re C a ta r r h In th is se c tio n o f
s put
mond Hotel today.- Oregonian, t to h g e e th c o e u r , n try a n d th a u n n til a ll th o e th e la r s t d laeaae
fe w y e a rs
w a s su p p o sed to bo In cu ra b le . F o r a g re a t
May 17.
m a n y y e a r s d o c to rs p ro n o u n c e d It a local
rib e d local rem ed ies, an d
The News has printed the fol­ d b y ise c a o se n s a ta n n d tly p re f sc a llin
g to eu ro w ith local
t r e a tm e n t, p ro n o u n ced I t In c u ra b le . Sci­
lowing lines for the past three en
c e h a a p ro v e n C a ta r r h to b e a conatl-
U o n a l d isease, a n d th e re fo r» re q u ire s
years, as may be seen in the wide tu
c o n s titu tio n a l tr e a tm e n t. H a ll's C a ta rr h
C u re , m a n u f a c tu re d b y F . J . C h en ey *
column on page four:
C o.. T oledo. Ohio, Is th e o n ly C o n stitu ­
n a l c u re o n th e m a rk e t. I t Is ta k e n In­
“ Falls City is well provided tio
te r n a lly In d o ses fro m 10 d ro p s to a te a ­
o o n fu l. I t a c ts d ire c tly o n th e blood
with the usual business enter­ sp
a n d m u co u s s u r f a c e s o f th e sy ste m . T h ey
o ffe r one h u n d re d d o lla rs f o r a n y case It
f a lls to cu re. S en d f o r c ir c u la rs a n d te s ­
Lee Strays From Home
C. W. Lee, of Falls City News,
wandered away from home Wed­
nesday and arrived in Indepen­
dence. He came to the Monitor
office and made himself interest­
ing Incidentally he introduced
D. L. Wood, recently from Okla­
homa, who has purchased the
News and will take posession
1. —Independence Monitor.
Milk and Cream, delivered morn­
ing or evening. Call phone Blue35.
True as Gospel
lawyers and better
Parcels Must Bear Return Card
ones is w hat Oregon w ants.”
The attention of all is directed to
‘‘The citizen demands that the
paragraph 4 of section 470, Postal physician upon whom he will
Laws and Regulations, Which re­ have to depend in time of illness
quires that the name and address shall be adequately trained to
of the sender shall appear on every cure, not kill.”
package that is to be sent by par­
“ A need is felt of teachers
cel post, or it will not be accepted more highly educated, of more
for mailing.
learned ministers, of men with
Ira C. Mehrling, P. M. better understanding of the pub­
lic needs and with higher ideals,
of business men with broader
Post Office Time Card
vision; of abler men in every oc­
Office hours: Daily, except Sun­ cupation’—From U. of O. booklet
day, 8 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.
"Choosing a Calling.”
Mail arrives, from
Saiem-Dallaa, 8.50 a.m., 3:85 p.m. Local Druggist Makes Many Friends
M. L. Thompson report? they
Black Rock, 2 00 p.m.
are making many friends through
Mail closes, /or
the quicx benefit which Falls City
Salem, 9.00 a.m. and 1.00 p.m.
Dallas, 9.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m. people receive from the simple mix­
ture of buckthorn bark, glycerine,
Black Rock, 11.00 am .
etc., kuown as Adler-i-ka. This
Office hours: Sunday only, 9:30
remedy became famous by curing
to 10:80 a.m:
appendicitis and it is the most
Mail arrives from Salem 8,50am. thorough bowel cleauser known,
Mail closes for Salem 9:00 a.m. acting on b o t h the upper and low­
er bowel, j u s t o n e d o se o f Adler-
Effective May 20, 1914.
I ra C. M ehrling , Postmaster. i-ka relieves constipation and gas
Falls City, Polk Co., Or. on thestomach almost i m m e d i a t e l y .
tim o n ia ls.
A ddress: F. J CHENEY « CO , Toledo, ©.
Sold by D ru g g ists, 7Se.
T ak a H all’s F am ily P illa fo r co n stip atio n .
I. A . J O H N S T O N
P ir ls r
French Dry Cleaning, Repairing
and Alterations. Buttons made
for ladies clothes. Work called
for and delivered. Phone 126
F. K. Hubbard Realty Cawpauy
Real E state bought, told, an d exchanged.
Collections. In su ran ce. Abstracts.
N o tarial w o rk : Legal D ocum ents Prepared.
O flce, I d th e F alls C ity Nsws oOce.