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    T hk F a u a JC it y N k w «, M a y 1«. 1914
Í^ K lT G r iE N
C rea m C hick en P a ttie s
R o lls
C anned P e s o has
Sponde Cake.
O LD chicken can be converted Into
mnn.v delicious dishes for luncheon
or supper. Some hints are as fo l­
Cream Chicken P atties—Cut cold
chicken Into pieces and mix It with a
cream sauce. Make biscuits, adding
twice the usual amount o f butter Cut
with a doughnut cutter, bake the rings
and the centers. Serve the creamed
chicken over the rings, with the cen
ters on top. Garnish with sprigs of
With Plenty of Seasoning.
Hlanquette o f Chicken —Cut the meat
of a cooked chicken in small pieces and
put In a double boiler with one cupful
o f drawn butter sauce to every pint of
meat. When hot add rsie tablespoonful
o f chopped parsley. twv> tablespooufuls
o f cream and the beaten yolks of two
Let It stand where it will be
very hot for three minutes, but do not
let it cook. Serve in a border of boiled
rice or with rice croquettes.
Combined With Potatoes.
Chicken Savory -C u t Into dice two
medium sized raw potatoes. Put into
frying pan two tablespooufuls olive oil
and when hot add the potato dice. Stir
to keep from burning and cook five
minutes. Then add a dash of paprika,
a cupful o f boiling water, a crushed
clove o f garlic, a cupful o f cold cooked
chicken and salt to taste. Cover and
cook until the potatoes are done, stir­
ring frequently. This makes a nice
luncheon dish.
Served With Sauce.
Chicken a la Mode.—Take one cupful
o f cold cooked chicken cut in strips,
three cold boiled potatoes cut in one-
third inch slices, one truffle cut In
strips, three tablespoonfuls of butter,
three tablespoonfuls of flour, one and
one-balf cupful o f scalded milk. salt,
pepper. Make a sauce of butter, flour
and milk. Add the chicken, potatoes
and truffle and as soon as heated add
A Delicious Dish.
Shirred Chicken W ith Oysters.—Take
one-quarter cupful butter, one-quarter
cupful flour, one-half teaspoonful salt,
one-eighth teaspoonful pepper, two cup­
fuls cream, two cupfuls cold cooked
chicken cut in dices, one pint oysters,
cleaned and drained, one-third cupful
finely chopi>ed celery. Make a sauce
o f first five ingredients, cooking until
thick. Add diced chicken and oysters.
Cook until oysters are plump. Dish
and sprinkle with chopped celery.
Serve at once. This may be served on
toast If you prefer.
F w o rk th e bee is not afraid.
A n d hard tim es c a n 't ex p el IL
F o r w hen it g e ts its h on ey m ade
I t kn ow s lu st w h ere t o cell It.
—C in cin n a ti In q u irer.
T h e n ta k e th e ca s e o f M r. F ly .
P u rsu ed w ith noise and c la tte r
W h e n he o b serv es o n e 's hand on high
H e k n o w s lu st s w a t's th e m atter
—D e n v e r R epu blican .
C on sid er, too. the lit tle g n a t
H e 's fo rtu n a te In th a t he.
W h a t e 'e r th e sty le s a re —thin or f a t —
C an m a n a g e to look g n a tty .
—C h ic a g o In te r Ocean.
A n d then n e kn ow th e re is th e an t.
W h o w o rk s to b eat th e band
A n d r e a lly does a p ile o f w ork
B ec a u se It ’ s g o t th e sand
—Y o n k e r s S tatesm an
T h e L a d y E x p la in e d .
A young woman with fifteen bundle*
boarder! the street car the other after­
noon when 1 was on my way to my
suburban residence. She was return­
ing from a shopping tour. 1 helped her
upon the car and piled her bundles
about her. A man got on at the same
time and took a seat on the other side
o f the lady. When the car came to
my street I was surprised to see her
rise and begin to pick op her bundles.
Instantly my sense o f chivalry prompt­
ed me to help her off the car, and. as
I was going In the same direction, I
asked permission to carry her bun­
dles. The man got off also and started
on ahead. I was loaded down like a
camel crossing the desert. We trudg­
ed along about a half mile. The mao
turned I d at a gate. When we reached
the gate the young woman thanked
me and said: *
‘T h is Is as far as l go. I Uve here.
Thank you very much.”
“ But the man ahead o f us. the man
who came out on the car with us, turn­
ed In here too "
“ Yes,” she said. “ He is my bus-
hand. but he bates to carry packages
through the street " —Brooklyn Eagle.
R a c o m m o n d a tio n .
To Eleanor K. Butler. George M.
Tice, Jonah Lowe, A. N. Robinson, Jel
dena Oourter and A. K. Courter, Julia
I. Courter; A. E. Kimball.
To Esther Montgomery and the H.
S. Montgomery estate; II. C. Brown,
J S. Courter, Salem, Kails City &
Western Railway Company, E. L. Ron
Durant. Mae Nichols and W. E. Nich­
ols. Matilda Travis, M. C Huh'oard,
Esther Montgomery and H. S. Mont­
gom ery estate, Fred Chapin. Jennie
Snodgrass, Matilda Travis, E. For-
shey. Rolla Waterhouse, Alice Courter;
To Mrs. B. M. Adams, B. A. Lorn
bard estate, Salem, Falls City & W est­
ern Railway Company, S. H. Tetherow,
J. C. Frink, A. E. LaDow, Joseph
Wankey estate, Salem, Falls City &
Western Railway Company, Clarence
Aikman estate, Mrs. A. G. Stewart,
Jack Wagner,
To C. M. Munson. Sarah Lineback,
Rida Lineback, Otto Knecbone, R. Bur­
ton. Eleanor F. Butler, 1» C. Tyler.
H. Hanson. G. Lindsey.
To J. Trueax, Falls City Lumber
berlain. J. T. Chamberlain estate, A.
Company, John Hughes, J. O. Cham-
Walker, Alex Courter. M. G. Ellis,
Chas. Olts, W illiam Ellis, C. L. Hop­
kins, Chas. Trimble, Philip Gottfried,
Richard Roe unknown owner o f tract o f
land fronting on Bridge street;
To T. D. Hollowell, D. Tollar, R. E.
W illiam s, N. A. Lunde, Clara Emmett,
W. B. McKnown, F. Droege, J. B. Taw-
ney, A. F. Courter, Jeldena Courter,
W. H. Estey;
To W. B. McKown, C. S. O'Brien,
Joseph Hudson, John Doe unknown
owner of tract of land fronting on South
Mam street, Jennie M. Cobb, Chas.
Richey, R.R. Bettis estate, G. L. Mc-
Murphy, W. H. Matthews, C. J. Brad­
ley, B. F. Boughey, O. H. Hudson, E.
G. Strani, Bert Dennis, J. M. D en ­
nis estate, Alex Courter. D. Shepherd,
To A lex Courter and D. Shepherd.
T. B. Hooker, J. M. Dennis estate,
John Walker,
C. H. Conklin, O. H.
Hudson, Salem,Falls City & Western
Railway Company, W. H. Matthews,
E. G. White, Ada Chapin, and all
other persons in interest, property hoi
ders and owners o f Falls City, Polk
County, Oregon, whose property is
fronting or abutting upon the streets
hereinafter described.
Notice is hereby given, that the
City Council o f Falls City, Oregon,
contemplates the passage o f an O rdi­
nance requiring the improvement o f
the follow ing describee! streets, to-
A ll that part o f Fifth street be­
ginning at the intersection o f said
F ifth street with Mitchell street and
running thence north to the intersec­
tion o f said Fifth street with Pros­
pect avenue;
A ll o f Third street;
A ll o f Montgomery street;
A ll o f Butler street;
A ll that part o f Clark street begin­
ning at the south line o f the city lim­
its o f Falls City and running thence
north to the intersection o f said Clark
street with Butler street;
A ll o f Lombard street;
A ll that part o f Bridge street be­
ginning at the south side o f the Salem.
Falls City & Western Railw ay Com­
pany’s track and running thence south
to the intersection o f said Bridge
street, with Chamberlain street,
A ll that part o f South Main street
beginning at the intersection o f said
South Main street with Dayton street
and running thence east to the inter­
section o f said South Main street and
Sheldon avenue;
A ll that part o f Sheldon avenue be­
ginning at the intresection o f said
avenue and South Main
street and running thence south to the
south line of the right o f way o f the
Salem, Falls C ity& W estern Railroad;
A ll the above described streets and
part3 o f streets being located and situ­
ate in the city o f Falls City, Polk
County, Oregon.
That said improvement will consist
in general in tne building o f macad-
dam streets on a grade heretofore es­
tablished by Ordinance, such im prove­
ment to be made at the time and in
the manner to be hereafter prescrib­
ed by Ordinance.
The cost o f such improvement will
be assessed to the real property fro n t­
ing and abutting on said streets,
That the city council o f said city-
will sit in the council chamber o f said
city sn the 19th day of May, 1914, at the
hour o f 7:30 o’clock in the evening
o f said day, and at said time and place
to hear and determine objections and
remonstrances thereto, i f any there
be, and
That all owners and other per­
sons in interest may attend at said
time and place and show cause if any
they have, why such improvement
should not be made.
Done by order o f the City Council
o f Falls City, Polk County, Oregon,
made on the 4 th day o f May, 1914,
Witness my hand and the official
seal o f said C ity o f Falls City, Oregon,
this 8th day o f May, 1914.
(L . S.)
C. W. LEE,
Auditor and Police Judge
o f Falis City, Oregon.
Notice of Appointment
1 IAita 1,*, 3, 4. 13, I I , block
p rc fc fio tc n a l <Ia r t e
J Two lino building lots in block
G, Fast View add.
W . B. Officer, M . D.
P h y s ia itn i n f Surgaon
J For rent, house, barn, 11 lots; $8;
Ellis street. Property for sale.
♦ For Sale. 2 good lots, on
street in block K, cultivated.
OSIna uvsl Tltoiup.i>u's drug slot. Mu
I u a I plume m i I'hono Night Call 441
I'll YSli'l AN
$ I.ots 13. I t, 15, 18, block O, at a
bargain; $100 cash, bal, on terms
at 8
* Two lots, 0-r. house; fruit, ber­
ries, city water,electric light;cl.ise
in, bargaiu.
Falls i'll
further and more particular information, address The Newa.
J A S . G. H C L T Z E L ,
A ttern a g at Law
S filem . O rtflo n
The city den van it« name from the tail* ol the Little Luckia-
mute River, which Mow« through the city from the West.
The first sale of town lots occurred in 1889, though donation
laud-claim settlers came here many years before that date. In
1900 the population was 289; in 1910, 989; 1914, about 1,250.
Dr. A.G. Atwood
P h a n * 1031
It' For sale, 7 lots (all of block A )
in Montgomery's addition to Falls
City ; good garden ground, fenced ;
city water; price $ 1100 if bought
within the next 30 days.
T h e Location
F a l l a C i ty , O r.
ll For sale, tine home in city, with
25 acres, 10 cultivated,
Funeral Dlrectot
W a t l i s s i la all wark promptly.
l- For sale, lots 7, 8, 14, 28 block K,
and lots 11 and 12 block F. W ill
trade for Portland property,
Dalla* aad FalU City. O r
tl For sale, lot 2 block M, M. ad.
» U 0tnc00 darte
For sale, 80 a. 14 mi. north of city
20 a. improved; 25 a. good timber;
plenty of pasture and water.
S a m p la R i a m i
Bast A o ea m m s d a tla n s
W ater and Wood
15 To rent, 12-r house.
1* Two acres, cultivated, fruit, ber­
ries; O r. house, sheds; water, elec­
tric light; will divide.
800 sheets of paper, 4” x6” , 5c; or
6” x8,” 10c, at Tne News office.
Fulls City is situated in the south central part o f Polk County.
Oregon, in section 21, township 8, S,, range 6.W.. Willamette mer­
idian, 27 rail miles southwest of Salem, and 73 rail m ile« south­
west of Portland, in the narrow western end o f the L ittle Lucki-
amute Hiver valley, surrounded on the north, aouth, and west by
the foothills of the Coast Hang" mountain* Flnvation, 888.38 ft
above sea levtl. Transportation— Salem, Falla C ity A Western
Railroad, which extends from Salem to Black Rock, a rail
distance of 30 miles, with F. P. main line connection* at Dallas,
Gerlinger, and Salem, and with the OreRon Fleelrie at Salem.
Fulls C ity is incorporated as a city, and contains 758 33 acres,
valuation for taxation $288.887. The city administration i* com­
posed o f mayor, seven council men, auditor and police judge, m ar­
shal, treasurer, engineer, health officer.
Salaries: Marshal and
water superintendent, $80; auditor. $25; attorney, $25.
F . D r o o g a , P r a p r la t a r
I 7 Three acres, adjoining city.
Five acres, in city.
19 Six lots, no improvements; cheap
Bohle s Barber Shops
Lot 5 and 20 ft. of lot 4 blk D, 70
feet front, on North Main street, is
for sale at a bargain; lest building
lot in towu. See F. K. Hubbard,
The city <>f Falls City owns the gravity water system, ft* first
cost was $80,000. Pure mountain water ia piped from spring* on
Judge Ten l’s ranch, 8 miles away, at an elevation ol about 300
feet above city level.
Oak and fir tire wood i* plentiful and cheap.
F a l l a C i ty , O r a g a n
Whert you eia p i « Sktvr. Hair Cal, Soin
tr 'Sklat'
F. K. Hubbard Realty Company
In T h a N e w s o f f i c e , F a l l s Clly
S aul O uderklrk
Notice to Electric Light Users
The N am e
Practice hi all the Slate courts.
Huile li Hush Rreymau HMg . phone JW&
9 For sale, one acre, cultivated,
truil. berries; ti-r. house insured
for $1100; elec, light, city water,
cesspool; pi ice $1050; all cash, or
$700 cash, terms on balance.
Stop a t E llis ’
Manufacturers and Hoim*n«i'kur* who want to know the facta con­
cerning Falla City and its poaaibiliti'B for future development are
requested to rend the information given in them’ two columns. For
* For sale — 5* acres, partially im­
proved; house, timber; spring and
living stream; near western city
limits; price, $1000, half cash.
A ll persons owing the Falls City
Electric Light Co. for service prior
to April 1. 1914, will please pay
the amount to C. W . Lee at The
News office.
W. E. N e w s o m .
Co-Operative Cannery
Co-Operative Creamery
Wood-working Factories
Fruit and Berry Orchards
Office in Toller Bldg.,
Office atol ají
lie»Iilclice 1 llOIH'
7 For sale. One acre, adjoining city
limits, with 5-room bouse. A bar­
gain at $425, term*. House to rent.
1 *
OiTtTB except ioimlly fine opportunities fo r the establishment
Bu ilding C e n tra e ta r.
Phone 194
Falla City, Ore.
Lum ber, Fruit, Vegetables and Berries
Electric-power planing and saw m ill, log pond, dry kiln and
lumber yard in the city, lumber flume, logging roads and logging
outfits, all owned and operated by the Falls C ity Lumber Co.
Tbe surrounding bench and hill lauds are as well adapted to
the production of fruits and lierries as any other section of the
Pacific Northwest, and development on these lines ia going on.
Vegetables and berries of many kiuds grow to perfection in
atul adjoining Falls C ity, and many acres are plauted to straw­
berries and loganberries. Market conditions are improving stead­
ily, as production is increased.
Elle & Elle
Schools, Churches, Societies, Clubs
Contractors and Builders
See us before you build.
W e may save you money.
Phone 1411
Falls City has n 12-grade school with a four-year high school
course, with principal, assistant, and eight grade teacbeis. Itl
diplomas are accepted by the higher schools in lieu of examina-
ations. The entire community is justly proud of the sohoul,
T he Religious organizations are: Adventist,Catholic, Christian,
Free Methodist, Methodist Fpiscopnl, German Lutheran.
G . L. H A W K IN S
D a lla s , Oragan
The Fraternal societies; Ind. Order of Oddfellows, Rebekaha,
Masons, K n igh tsof Pythias, Pythian Sisters, Modern Woodmen of
America, Royal Neighbors o f America, Woodmen of the W orld,
Women of Woodcraft.
Free reading room.
and get a dish o f the famous
Telephone system, with loug-distance connections. C. J. Pugh
local manager.
H arrington’s
Business Enterprises
Falls C 'ty is well provided with the usual business enterprises.
The News contains the announcements of the following business
and professional men of the c it y :
Ice Cream
Salem Laundry
Buudles sent Tuesday evenings.
P atents
TR A D E M A R K *
D emons
C o r y r ig h t s A c .
A nyon#» «ending a «kelrh and description tnaf
qtilcklr Moerfuln our opinion free whether an
Indention 1« probably patentable, ( ommunlca-
tlona strict!jr confidential. HANDBOOK on Patent*
sent free. Oldest agency for securfrgpatents.
Patent« taken through Munn St Co. receive
tptruti notice, without charge, in the
Scientific American.
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. I.«rarest clr-
dilation o f any scientific tournai. Terms,
_______ |3
!__ a
year ; four months,
* f L
' Bold by all newsdealers.
« L I S 0 88'
New York
ce, ¿26 F Bi.« Was! log
ton, D. C. X
Gom theatre, photoplay.
Hydro-electric light generated by the power of the falls; owned
by the Falls City Electric Co , W. B. Stovena president, H. C.
Brown vice-president and manager, A. W. .Stevens secretary and
N otice Is hereby (Iv e n , that the unrlerBlRiie'l.
H en ry C . Brown, ba> been du ly appointed a « Ad
m ln litra to r o f tbe estate of A m y J Brown, de
ceased, by the County Court o l fo lk county,
O regon, and he has duly quail Bed as such A d ­
m inistrator.
th erefore, a ll persons h a vin g claim s against
said estate are hereby not!(led and required to
present tbe hame du ly ven ded to the under
signed, H en ry C. Brown, at hie residence at
W lllam ina. Oregon w ithin six months from the
drst publication ol this notice in the Falla C ity
News, said date being the 11th day o f March 1914.
bated this 7th day o ( March, A .b 1914
H e n r y C. B ro w n ,
McCain, V in ton A Burdett
A d m in istrator
A ttorn eys lor said estate.
o f said estate.
Job printing “ as you like it”
The News office.
Notice to News Subscribers
A blua-owncll orsaa mark an this
netlcs means that your «ubaorlp-
tlsn te Tha N s w s haa aaplrad and
naada fixin g Da It now.
Bakery, D. Toller,
Bank of FalU City, W. F. Nichols cashier.
Barber shops, Wm. Bohle.
Carpenters and Builders, Elle A Flic, S. Ouderkirk.
Clothier, Tailor and gents’ furnisher, Chas. Harlung.
Confectionery stores: B. L. Ellis, R. B. Harrington.
Drug store, M. L. Thompson.
Dentist, Dr. A. G. Atwood.
Department store, N. Selig,
Funeral director, R. L. Chapman.
Furniture, J. C. Talbott A Co.
General stores. N. Selig, F. C. Lumber Co., F. C. Merc. Co.
Hardware store. J. C. Tall ott A Co,
Hotels: Falla C ity Hotel, Fritz Droege, owner and manager;
The Madena, Mrs. Mae Nichols, Mrs. Dennis, managers
Jewelry store. W. A. Persoy.
Newspaper, the Falls City News, C. W . l^ee.
Photoplay tneatre, the Gem, C. J. Pugh.
Physicians, Dr. W . B. Officer; Dr F. M. Hellwarth.
Pressing and cleaning parlor, I, A. Johnston.
Railroads, i-ialem, Falls City A Western, Southern Pacific.
Real estate agont, F. K. Hubbard Realty Cn,
Restaurant, The Madena; Wm. Finley, owner.
Saloons; Tne Oregon, C. W. Matthews; The Idaho, Chas. Mix.
Boost for a Gymnasium for the School