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    T he N ew * stand* for
a greater and better
Falls City all the time
FallsCity’s Railway Connection
Have You Planned Your Outing?
A Few Timely Suggestions
Summer Excursions East
Rose Festival
Beach Resorts
Springs and Mountain Resorts
You doubtless want to go somewhere, to get away
for a while from the Bteady grind. I>et us help you.
From June 1 to Sept. 30 low round trip
tickets will be sold from all points on the P.. E. & E.
and S. P. one way through California or via Portland.
Excursions East:
Newport,Yaquina Bay: For rest, pleasure or recreation and
outdoor life try this old seaside outing place. The best
o f every th i ng, cam ps. cottages, hotels, at moderate cost
Rose Festival: From June 9 to 12 Portland will don holiday
attire, supplying entertainment unique,historical and in­
teresting: fun on land and water you cannotafford tomisB
Springs and Mountain Resorts: Hot springs, mineral springs
and mountain resorts for fishing,hunting.or'far from
the maddening crowds’ are to be found in abundance
along the Southern Pacific.
Our NewOuting Booklets: ‘ Vacation Days,’ ’ Newport’ and
‘Tillamook County Beaches’ are just off the
press, full o f timely suggestions as to where
and how you can best spend your vacation.
They are free for the asking. Drop us a pos­
tal card or call on our nearest Agent.
John M. Scott, General Passenger Agt.
Portland, Oregon.
no« th in k
th ough t.
N ow a nd th a n ?
W h y not po n dtr. aa you
o ught.
N ow a n d th a n ?
0 . 1 y o u r m in d out o f S i , m lra.
T o th* h ig h e r th in g s a spire.
. C la im a lo ft ie r d M lr a
N ow and than
T h in k o f so m eth in g elaa th a n gold.
N o w and then
T h in k o f th in g s not bo u g h t and
N o w and then
T u r n fro m so rd id deeds a n d m e a n .
r g th o sw
u g eet
h ts and
a ra
T In h in y k o u r o f a cta
so m y e o
th u in
N o w a nd then
T h in k o f good In ste a d o f bad.
N o w and then
O f the b rig h t th in g s, not the sad.
N o w and then
I f you th in k the w a y you sh o u ld .
Aa you onuld th in k If you would,
T o u w o u ld do a lot o f good
N o w a nd then
- D e t r o it T re e P re ss
a re s la v e s
cu sto m
T o o tim id to sp e a k o r to m o v e
You h a v e w o rsh ip e d the m oneyed
ro g u e.
Y ou a re w a lle d In y o u r n a rro w groova.
A n d the m en w ith the nob lest h e a rts who
h a v e aim ed at the h ig h e st good;
You h a v e tra m p le d them u n d e r y o u r f e a t -
u n h e a rd o f and m isu n d ersto o d I
T o r the s p irit of old re m aln e
T h a t n a ile d the C h ris t to the tree;
T h a t b ro u g h t G a lile o to c h s ln e
A n d U ru n o to tra g e d y ;
T o r the P h ilis t in e a lte re th n o t—u n ch an g ed
s in c e the w o rld beg an ;
H e h a th h in d ered the c a r o f p ro g re s s and
m u rd e re d the th in k in g m an
—S y d n e y B u lle tin .
S N O W F L A K E la so v e ry sm a ll
W e s c a rc e ly th in k o f It at all.
A n d yet enough o f them w ill m ake
A b a r r ie r we can n o t b re ak
D H O P of w a te r la so slig h t
T h a t aa It f a lls It fad e s
sig h t.
A n d yet e nou gh of them w ill be
A to rre n t o r a ra g in g aea
not is. won r>y <ilucu tIona 1 process,
but tx-aten to a frii/.zle.” "make 'em
take the count,” "knock 'em over the
rofiea.” In aerial life the debutante
uniat make her conquests the flrat
aeason, and abe'a driven like a ma
chine In a Vanderbilt cup race to do It.
In religion hell muat break forth like
a fire mountain, the "sinners muat be
stampeded" and “ bit the aa wd ust
trail” In a four weeka' campaign. In
which “ God rolls up bis sleeves and
biffs every mutt on his soul's solar
Getting religion is a se­
quence of moving pictures and melo­
drama. WeTe living In an age of
baas drum and megaphone
And It
gets results—so the figures show But
It's at a cost. The Dlgbt before Is
simply great, but I'm afraid we'll need
a sedative the morning after.
F if t y P s r C ent M ore E fficiency.
run from Portland. Mountain, forest, fishing streams
or beach in endless variety and infinite charm.
No. 37
Our Christian Science friends do not
harp much on religion, but they In
slat these body temples ought to be
glorious and beautiful, and they are
getting converts because hitherto lota
of folks were willing their bodies
should have no more care than shan­
ties In a mining town. We've been
selling slices of our constitution aDd
years o f our lives for lack of thought i ,
We forget that life Is worth more liv­
ing If we take care of the liver. You
are not necesaarlly wrong with God
because you are depressed. The devil
may be after the body as well as the
soul. Alexander Cruden was insane
part of the time; so was Cowper. Da
vld cried, “Out of the depths of hell
have I cried unto thee.” Job, among
the ashes with broken pieces of pot
tery, moans, "8orrow Is better thaD
Jeremiah’s lamentations
suggest Carlyle’s duodenal catarrh
Don't underestimate your body. When
the warning bells of pain ring you'd
better notice the call. The first requi­
site In life Is to be a good animal. A
good body Is equal to 50 per cent more
brain. If you want to get the highest,
best balanced, most long continued
mental and moral power for God and
humanity get a sound physique There
Is a doty o f health because health Is
power, mental, social, spiritual.
Tillamook County Beaches: A new playground, only a short
Buy all goods o f home
merchants and help to
make Falls City greater
W O R D la but a b re ath o f a ir
’T ie h e a rd o r sp o ken w ith o u t c a r a
Yet w o rd s In fla re s p ro fu s io n h u rle d
U p set t h a h l a t o n 'o f X h e ^ e r l d
¥% • r\\ \Y v
R e y S am iiel W.P iirvis D.D.
T e a t, " K n o w ye n o t th at y o u r body ts
the te m p le o f th e H o ly G h o s t ? ’"— I C o r. 6 .
19 - 30 .
Time was when folks seemed to
think HI health a mark of spirituality.
They were shocked when Emerson
said, “ A sick man Is a rascal.” Some­
times piety was a disease of the liver;
now we think differently concerning
health. Then success had to come
first; now we say health first. Amos
R Wells says: "It makes no difference
how well you can write short stories
If tuberculosis Is fastened on you, nor
how persuasively you can preach If
jou have persistent nervous head­
aches, nor what skillful mechanic you
are If you have overstrained your
heart, nor how divinely you sing If
your liver Is out o f order, nor what
avenue o f usefulness Is open before
you If It Is blocked by bodily disabili­
ties. If you are a fool with your body
don't expect to be a sage with your
mind. First make the physical basis
sound and sweet and then God will let
you build upon It a life to bis glory
and your Joy.” Good! Solomon's tem
pie or the temple o f Diana at Ephesus
Is not to be compared In spiritual value
to the temple o f the body. God comes
down In mysterious fashion and dwells
with us In the temple o f flesh. We
must keep It sweet and clean and pure
without and within.
P o stp o n in g Y o u r O w n Funorol.
Much o f health depends on nerves
Vital forces are conducted along them
But we're slhners on dissipating nerve
force. The folks who can conserve
this vital fluid will postpone their own
funerals. In this year o f grace 1914
we are going some. President Wilson
says. "All life Is not running to a fire.”
But we're In an age of conflagration
and high pressure systems. Every pol­
itician must rush through many bills.
They'll never be enforced, but no mat­
Magazine and newspaper must
reform the body politics posthaste, and
the new administration must clean up
the tenderloin In forty-eight hours or
there'll be a recall._ The voters must
T h a F r a m a T h a t S t a r t la d D a la c r e ix I n
t h a P a n a S a lo n .
Eugene Delacroix, founder o f the
French romantic school o f art, wag
very poor in his youth. His first
picture of note was his “ Dante and
Vergil,” painted when he was only
twenty years old. It was extreme­
ly large, containing several figure*
the size of life, and to buy tha can­
vas and colors took all the money
Delacroix had. A frame was out of
the question, but a good natured
carpenter gave the young artist
four strips o f lath, of which Dela­
croix made a rude framework for
his masterpiece, which he then sent
to the salon. But he had hardly a
hope .hat his picture would be ac­
On opening day Delacroix went
to the salon, bat failed to find hia
painting. He was wandering dis­
consolately about when he noticed
a great crowd before a picture. He
drew near. It was his “ Dante and
Vergil.” But it was in a magnifi­
cent, richly gilded frame, as fine a
product of the picture mounter’*
art as could he found in Paris. As­
tonished, he sought Baron Oroa,
head of the examining committee.
As soon as young Delacroix intro­
duced himself Oros seized his hand
and congratulated him with true
Gallic enthusiasm.
“ But,” stam­
mered Delacroix, “ how about that
splendid frame? I had no money
to frame it, and” —
“ Make your mind easy,” said the
baron. “ Y our lath frame fell to
pieces, but the committee was de­
termined that such a chef d’oenrre
as you have painted should be plac­
ed on exhibition, and we framed
your ‘Dante’ at our own expense.”
— Exchange.
A L e a k in g Gag T a n k .
Jonathan S w if t ’s C h a rity Berman.
My scientific journal assures me a
locomotive uses only 5 per cent of
the power developed by the coal undei
Its boilers. Ninety-five per cent wast
ed! My wanderlust auto friend cross
ed a state with a leaking gas tank. His
remarks were savage. Go over youi
machine, adjust levers, scrape spark
plugs, note radiator, test clutches,
make sure your gas.* oil friction parts
Inflate your tires, try your engine. Then
bonk, honk! Don't waste your energy
In hate, worry, reading gossip and
crime, amusement that doesn't recre­
ate; don't go to school If you don'l
want to learn, nor to church and Sun
day school If you are inattentive. It's
waste. But health Isn't found likt
Ponce de Leon's fountain o f youth
nor can It be bought at a bargain coun
ter. It may be bad In a large measure
by observing a few simple rules. Eat
simple food.
Drink lots of water
Breathe deeply and slowly. Sleep as
much ns you need. Open windows each
night. Keep body and mind clean
Stay out doors all you can. Play a lit
iie each day. Langh much. There It
really a laughter cure. Cultivate It
Worry is sin. Forgive your brother.
Laugh and forget It. Trust God
You'll soon And God more loving and
man easier to get along with. And you
will find the "temple o f the Holy
Ghost" a place fit for God.
Jonathan Swift once preached a
charity sermon the length o f which
wearied many o f his hearers. The
fact came to his knowledge, and
when a few months later it fell to
him to preach a similar sermon in
the same place he determined to
profit by the criticism.
His text was, “ He that hath pity
upon the poor lendeth unto the
Lord, and that which he hath giv­
en will he pay him again.” And aft­
er repeating these words in a more
than commonly emphatic tone the
dean added; “ Now, my beloved
brethren, you hear the terms of
this loan; if you like the security
down with your dust!”
The quaintness and brevity of the
sermon are said to have brought
forth an unusually large contribu­
tion.— Detroit Free Press.
An Advertisement
Is a Challenge
HE man who advertises
Is fearless. He courts the
light He-dares all and sun­
dry to put him to the test
"This Is what I oiler," he
says In effect “Can you beat
it? Can you do better else­
Make comparisons
and then do business with
me only If you find It Is to
your advantage.”
There Is nothing hidden
about the advertiser.
stands up for himself, for his
goods, for his reputation, for
his towu. He wants every­
body to know him, to know
his methods of business and
his manner of treating cus­
This mnkes It safe to do
business with him. Having
spent much money making
his name known, he cannot
afford to have It tarnished,
and be will go much more
than halfway In an effort to
correct a misunderstanding
that Is not o f his making He
wants to tell more than the
bare truth, to do more than
what Is really square.
A n Eocentric W ill.
In the year 1736 a gentleman liv­
ing in England named Samuel Bald-
wyn died after a somewhat unhap­
py married life. By hia will Mr.
Baldwyn left his property to hia
young wife on the condition that
6he should from time to time dance
upon his grave. The motive for
this strange request was evident
when the instructions for his inter­
ment were read. Mr. Baldwyn de­
sired that his remains should be
taken by boat to the Needles and
then cast into the sea. This singu­
lar wish enabled him to revenge
hi inself on his wife for past dis­
agreements, and the widow lost the
property, as she could not fulfill the
conditions of her husband’s bequest.
N o T e a r* N o r H ills.
In the days when Rowley Hill was
bishop of the Isle of Man one of his
clergymen bearing the name of
Tears came to say adieu to his bish­
op on getting preferment. The par­
son said: “ Goodby, my lord. I hope
we may meet again, but if not here
in some better place.”
The bishop replied, “ I fear the
latter is unlikely, as there are no
Tears in heaven.”
“ No doubt,” wittily answered the
parson, “ you are right that our
chance of meeting is small, as one
reads of the plains o f paradise, but
never o f any Hills there.” — London
A Fr«a T ran slation .
“ And you say the idiot o f a teach­
er told you that you had an extrava­
gant fool of a father?”
“ That’s what he meant.”
“ But what did he say?”
“ He said it was criminal folly to
waste money on the education of
such a chump as I am.” — Cleve­
land Plain Dealer.
Saga c ity .
"What do you mean to tell your con-
atltuenta when you get home?"
"I'm not going to tell 'em anything,”
replied the youthful member o f con­
gress. "I'm jnst going to hire a brasa
band and trust them to the soothing
charms of music.” —Washington Star.
"Father never really began to fool at
home nntll wg struck Italy."
"Yes; In Venice everything was flood­
ed. and In Pompeii the streets were all
torn up.” —Louisville Courier-Journal.