Falls City news. (Falls City, Or.) 190?-19??, February 14, 1914, Page 3, Image 3

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    T r « F all a C ity N ew », F ebruary 14, 1914
9. There were 26 adults present.
The regular class paper by Mr. ft.
M. Wonderly, was a pl«ai<uit lea
Saturday, Fob. 14, “ Tom Bueler"
ture o f tho evening. After the bus­
A stupendous production in three
iness, refreshments and a social
parts. The greatest detective story
time followed.
o f the ago.
Scout Master Marcy wishes to
Now comes to our attention that
thank the city council for giving
great labor story of, “ The Iron
the Boy Scouts a location in city
M aster" for Thursday, Fob. 19,
park. It suits them better than the
it is in two parts, produced by a
location asked for, for their log
good company, it isa story of might
and right.
Selig is installing the trading
Friday, Fob. 20, A good Drama
stamp system for premiums on
and two farce comedies.
merchandise purchases, as an im­
The bill for Saturday, Feb. 21,
provement over the cash-register
"Saint Georgo and tho Dragon"
check system, See his ail, and call
This is a historical, mysterious,
at the store for further particulars.
title of St. George, Chev­
Mrs. J, W. Halsey on Tuesday of
Lincoln Day, (F eb . 12) was cel­
A name assumed b y
next week.
ebrated at Oakhurst school, by a
James Francis Edward Stuart, the
O. Kile went to Portland, Wed
Parent-Teachers aud school officers
elder pretender. This picture is s
nesday, on business.
meeting on that day. There was a
picture not often seen by our peo­
"Prune C ity " flour solves the
program, prerentation o f a stand­
ple, so dont miss it.
breadmaking problem.
ard school pennant by Mr. Mackin,
For Sale, Cabinet Sewing mach and Mrs. Jessie Moyer the teacher,
Stevens-Teal Reception
ine. Call o i Geo. Ix>we.
served a delicious lunch. Twenty-
To exchange, cedar fence posts, five parents were present.
On Saturday evening Feb , 7, a
for poultry. Phone 194.
Mayor Hubbard and Geo. Heg- reception was given by Mr. and
The Gem Theatre News
House Furnishings, Hardware
Everything* up-to-date
and at prices to please
J. C. T A L B O T T ^ C O M P A N Y
Buy the Best
Th e best in always the
cheapest. Cheap goods
anyw here a r e never
cheap at any price. But
i f you are not a judge,
you must rely on the
ju dgm ent o f others.
W e have built up the
largest Drug business
in this locality by sell*
ing only goods o f the
highest character and
never abusing the con­
fidence o f those plac­
ing reliance on o u r
ju d g m e n t
800-sheet pencil tablet 6x8, for 10 ler have opened an office in the
cents, at The News office.
rooms over the Hall barber shop,
will engage in business under
Marvin Lewis, son of Marshal
of F. K. Hubbard Realty
I-ewis, is ill, of pneumonia.
of these men are well
For Sale, full blood white Orp­
both are well acquaint­
ington roosters. Phone 811.
ed with the real estate conditions
For Sale, Mandy I<ee 140-egg
here. That they will make a success
Incubator. Phone black 256.
of their venture is a foregone conclu­
For Sale, 2 1-8 acres, at $600;
$200 cash, balancs at 5% interest.
Wanted, large or amall contracts
for pulling stumps. Gray urn A Son.
Buy the Best
M. L Thompson
Twentieth Century Prosthesis
Chas. Cocnrau is able to be out,
after a severe illness,of pneumonia.
Oscar Ellis, of Dallas has been
here this week, working with E. P.
A school rally will be held in the
Falls City school building, this
Miss Carol Houge of Monmouth,
visited her aunt Mrs. Jessie Moyer
over Sunday.
I have a good 3 f heavy farm
wagon, to exchange for 2 3-4 or 8.
K. H. Butler.
K. A. Vogel, o f the Falls City
Lumber Co., Salem office, was in
Falls City, Tuesday.
Mrs. C. W . I-ee came home from
Mrs. Halsey's, Wednesday, very
much improved in health.
Minstrel and Musical Show
" A Night of Laughs,”
W ill be given by the Falls C ity
High school, aided by the best
musical and dramatic talent of the
H. Ennis, ‘The big white min­
strel man,’ of Californsa, has been
secured to direct and stage the en­
tertainment. Mr. Ennis has had
much successful experience in the
management of home talent enter-
tai nments.
The entertainment stands on its
own merits, for nothing like it has
ever been staged in Falls City.
There will be a program of the
entire cast (over 35 people) left at
every door prior to the night o f
the show. The dates have keen set
for Feb. 20 and 21.
Falls City Real Estate Transfers
Mrs. W. B. Stevens, in honor of
marriage of their son Alex to Miss
Orva Pearl Teal, which took place
in Portland, Jan., 16, 1914.
Those present at the reception:
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Teal and
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Teal, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Teal.
Mr. and Mrs. 0. Elle.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Elle.
Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Lineback. 1
Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Brown and
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Talbott.
Mr. R. H. Butler.
The young couple were presented
with a number of handsome gifts.
A very enjoyable evening was
spent at playing cards and danc­
ing, after which a midnight lunch
was served to all.
Get A Phone Directory
Every phone user is requested to
call at Central aud get a copy of
ihe new directory, just published.
When you get yours, please make
your calls by number, as the oper­
ator can thereby give you more
prompt and accurate service.
T oday’sThe Day
fo r you to come in and select your choice o f
the entire line o f n ew and exclusive Spring
and Summer woolens, and leave the order fo r
Tailored - to - Measure
D elivery w ill be arranged to suit your own convenience,
but action today w ill insure you absolute satisfaction, and
avoid the rush o f the busy season, later on.
Prices to suit your purse.
Chas. Hartung, Clothier and Tailor
■ m n m
Low Round Trip Fares
To the meeting of the
Eugene, Thursday, February 19
via the
Salem, Falls City & Western Ry.
Tickets w ill be on sale from all points on the Salem,
Fall3 City & W estern, February 18th and 19th, good
fo r return until February 20th.
Be There, and Tell Your Friends
Full particulars from nearest A gfin t,
with specific fares, train schedules, etc.
John M. Scott, Gen. Passenger Agent, Portland
Registered Holstein Bull
Mr. aud Mrs. J. R. James of
Calvin D. Shepherd and wife to
My Registered Holstein Bull
Dallas visited Falls City relatives
W ill not slip or slide when you)
Joel Shaw and Jane Brown, 40acres, will be in service beginning March
and friends, last Sunday.
chew. I f you are from
1. W ill be in Falls C ity if enough
- , $
Miss May Cleveland, Miss Peatl
Missouri, call
orders are received t o justify.
Titus, and Miss Nettie Hunter are
Phone or write to Ross Cbilcott,
Benton, 34 41 acres, 8-6, $10.
phone operators at central.
Black Rock.
You’ll never know wbat good
New Restaurant
bread is until your wife uses the
Get that 5c pencil tablet for all-
Office, N orth Main S t
Wm. Finley and Carl Anderson,
famous ‘ ‘ Prune C ity ” flour.
office, home, and school use
o v e r F rin k ’s conf. store
under the firm name of Finley and
Mrs. M try Pollock, of Glendale,
Anderson, opened a restaurant in
ia visiting her
daughters Mra.
the Tice building, Thursday.
Beware of Ointments for
Claud Cleveland and Mrs. T. Miller.
Mr. and Mrs. Finley and Mr,
That Contain Mercury
The Boy Sconta held a very in­ aud Mrs. Anderson w ill engage in
as m ercury w ill surely destroy the sense
teresting meeting in Wagner hall, the business, and as they are all o f smell and com pletely derange the
Passenger Train Schedule
whole system when entering It through
Effective Dec.l, 1913
last night, for the purpose of dem­ good cooks, experienced in that the mucous surfaces. Such articles shou
never bo used except on prescriptions
onstrating and explaining their line of business, they are due to from reputable physicians, as the dam are
w ill do Is ten fold to the good you
am. am. pm. pm.
can possibly derive from them. H a ll's
make a big success of the enter­ Catarrh Cure, m anufactured by F. J.
Salem . . . 6.35 9.45 1.40 3.25
Cheney a Co.. Toledo. O.. contains no
"Good bread is a regular thing prise.
7.45 11.00 2.50 5.00
mercury, and Is taken Internally, acting
Fallí C i t y . 9.20 11.35 3.25 5.35
upon the blood and mucoua sur­
at our house since we began using
Thia restaurant will be conduct­ directly
faces o f the system.
In buying H alt's
HI ‘ k Rock.
Catarrh Cure be sure you g e t the genu­
ed in such manner as to merit the ine It Is taken Internally and made In
Ohio, b y F. J. Cheney & Co. T es­
am. pm. pm. pm.
Falls City husband.
good « i l l and patronage of the Toledo.
tim onials free.
Bl’k Rock
M arriagj certificates have beeu publio. Their friends wish these Sold by Druggists. P ric e 75c per bottlfl.
Falls C i t y . 9.35 1.25 3.45 5.40
Taka Ball’s ramUf Fills for aoastlpatloa.
issued to Henry J. Powell of Polk enterprising people t h e success
Dallas . . . 10.15 2.00 4.25 6.40
Salem . . . 11.25 8.15 5.30 7.45
county, age 4 5, and Marrie E, they deserve.
I. O. H ip ó l it o s , A u ix t
Fisher, of thia county, age 41.—
Report by Fire Warden Heydon
North Plains Optimist.
8 6 10
A. G. Atwood, Dentist,
Will Discontinue
Cash Register Checks
The bridges over the Siletz have
Falls Citians should help to give
outsiders a good impression of their been washed away by the high
S m . N m . T a u .
Wtd. Than.
interest in education by attending waters.
2 3
4 5
7 the school rally, this afternoon.
Thos. Friar, a n -enterprising
being unable to get
9 IO
II 12
13 14
For Sale, Eighty hens and pul­
16 17
18 19
20 21 lets, Anconas, Buff Orpingtous and out from his ranch, is building two
22 23 24
25 26 2 7 28 mixed breeds!76. W ill sell in small cable bridges across the Siletz, at
his own expense. Now there is a
lota at $1. each. J. E. Beezley.
homesteader worthy of all praise.
Miss Vies Benton came to Falla
Mr. Heydon was out from the H.
City from Newberg, last Saturday,
& F. ranch.Tuesday and Wednes­
and is at Warren Ward'a awaiting
Let Hartung Suit you.
day. He reports fine weather this
A good show at the Oem tonight. the arrival of other members of the winter, with not over 3 inches of
fam ily.
Phone or send that item to The
snow at any time.
Manager Pugh gave the Boy
Scouts free admission to the show, Good Suggestion to Falls City People
Read the want ads in 4th column
as a reward for the clean-up they
It is surprising the amount of
on page 2.
gave the tdton that week. The boys
old, foul matter the simple m ix­
Pencil tablet, 4x0 6c, 6x8 10c, at sure did appreciate the favor.
ture of buckthorn bark, glycerine,
News office.
J. B. Tawney, of the Falls City etc., known as adler-i-ka, drains
Job printing "as you like it " at hotel, was in Portland several days from the system. This remedy be­
The News office.
this week, John Charles was chief came famous by curing appendici­
I f "Pru n e C ity” isn’t on t h e clerk during Mr. Tawuey’s absence, tis and acts on nrrHthe upper and
Mr. Tawney returned Thuraday
sack, «end it back.
lower bowel so thoroughly-that one
The regular monthly business d o s e relieves sour stomach, gas on
Buff Orpington Eggs for hatch­
meeting of the Berean and Junior the stomach almost immediately .
ing. J. E. Beezley.
The A it Club met at the home of Berean Bible classes of the Chrisian We are mighty glad we are Falls
Mra. O. P. Drlggs, last Tuesday. churob, met in the bssement of City agents for Adler-i-ka. M. L.
The club w ill meet at the home of the church Monday evening, Feb. Thompson, Druggist.
C a le n d a r— f e b r u a r ç , 1 0 1 4
Hew eof
In Their Place Will Give
Trading Stamps
More Particulars Later
S.C. Brown Leghorns, Barred Rocks
and English Penciled Indian Runner
Ducks, Homer Pigeons; also Eggs,
day-old Chicks and Ducklings for
sale. Phone white255.
W. F. L ee , Falls City, Oregon
For g o o d oats, g o to tho
Bring in Your Cash Register
Checks for Redemption,
any Amount
Falls City Restaurant
Meals at all hours — best on the market.
F . K. Hubbard Realty Company
Real Estate bought. nol«l and exchanged.
Collections. Insu ranee, A but recti.
Notarial work; Legal Document* Prepared.
Ofllce over H ell'e barber ehop.
jfalls Cit\> ^Department Store