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    T he K ai . i s C ity N ews , F kbriahy 7, tol l
alir Sfalla (Eitij N r HI,-,
(iolilcn Wedding Anniversary
Wednesday, January 2S was the
j fiftieth anniversary of the marriage
of Mr. and Mrs. Win. Ford, of tins
c. w. lit tniTO* and puniismt -
city. Mis. Ford was Miss l.ydia
Hubbard, and the wedding ueeurred
Knt»*riMl a « •**< <md • t» * » m a t ! n t i h f
• ( Kail* t’lt r. P»»lk r o u n tr . Orvg.m. uu«l«*r tb#
tho honu* of the bride's father,
A t of tV u # n * s <>f Mar h
l> 7t»
Rev. David Hubbard, on what is
I f If phones News Office. W; K r u d e n r f . 92«
known as the Fenton place, near
Suhaeription Hate* O M fc a r, $1 00; »ix month*. Falls City, on Jan. 2S. 1864.
S t cent», th re e m onths. 3 cent*, single copy, b ot*.
This p i o n e e r couple c a m e to Ore­
A blue-pencil m ark on th e first page of T he News gon from Illinois in eightoen-fiifty-
m eans th a t your su b scrip tio n is due.
| three, and since their marriage have
A d v e r tis in g Kates Display , to c e n t s a n in ch
H us in es s Notices. S c e ut* a lin e For Sale. Kent j resided in this vicinity.
Six children were born to them,
K x c h an g e . W a n t a n d Pay E n t e r t a i n m e n t N o ­
tice * .s c t s a lin e tO cts a lin e for t h r e e i s s u e s . two boys and two ^irls. tine boy,
t ' a r d of T h a n k s 50c t s . 1 *'¿«1 Nottce*.l«gal r a te s
John, died in infancy; one Kiri. Mol-
Copy for new ad» a n d c h a n g e s s h o u ld be sen t
lie. die«! at the «Ke of 80.
to T h e New* not la te r t h a n W e d n e s d a y
Of the fourchildren I imiik . Mrs.W.
■ -r-,
........... ........ ■ ■■■ — ■ .~"=——
T he New* 1-» reproeented for foreurn a d v ertisin g bv I,. Frink, lives on the old Ford place;
Tha A m erican P r a » » A ssociation
Miss Flora Ford resides with her
General offlcwi. New York and Chicago.
parents; J R Ford, of Eugene; Mrs.
Walter Sears, now in Texas.
Mr. Ford was born Feb. 28. l^Ut.
F K. H u b b a td M ayor.
T D H oU ow ell. C o u n c ilm a n a t L arge
and Mrs Ford was born Feb. 6. 1846.
w T G rte r.
Mr. and Mrs. Ford have a host of
II C. B row n.
friends here, who wish them many
A lb ert Teal
A Sampson.
happy returns of their wedding anni­
C L H o p k in s .
A. I . M eyer.
C. W le e . A u d ito r a n d P o lice J u d g e
W. P le w is . M arsh a l a n d W a te r Sup«.
M. L T h o m p so n . T re a s u re r
J. J S a m m o n s. E n g in e e r
Dr. F M H e llw a rth . H e a lth O fficer.
When one finds he is out of
sympathy with his town, and can
only sav a good word coupled
1 he C o u n c il m e e ts in re g u la r se ssio n o n th e first with an apology, he ought to get
M onday e v e n in g of each m o n th , a t 7 30 o 'clo ck .
out. Many people fall into a sort
I n th e office o f th e Fall» C ity News
of unconscious habit of growling.
S aturday . F ebruary 7. 1914
But it's a miserable habit. —
Rainier Review.
C. W. Lee went to Salem last
Sunday, and returned the same
B. M. Webb went to Stockton,0*1. day, accompanied bv Mrs. Lee.
who had been at the home of Mrs.
Moves this week: Paul Rusk, to J W. H. Loose for a w eek. Mrs. Lee
Lowe house; F. McConnell to Kendoll
is in the care of Mrs. J.W . Halsey,
house; Chas. King to Lombard house. \
and is recovering from an attack
A party was held at the home of
of pleuro pneumonia.
G. W. Gardner. Friday afternoon of
The lively pages of the Febru­
last week, in honor of Mrs Gardner's
American Boy contain valu­
birthday. A number of neighbors
interesting, informative a r ­
were in attendance.
for the boy chicken fancier,
Mrs. E. Wambaugh and children
gardener and the young
arrived in Falls City from Albany.
Monday. Mr. Wambaugh will ar­ electrician. Under the heading,
rive in a few days. They are the “ Novel Invettions and Natural
new owners of the Hegler place.
Wonders" is gathered a pictorial
A sure sign of Spring
the record of the most interesting
1914 seed catalogs are beginning achievements of the scientist,
to circulate in the mails.
and inventor. There is a page of
The heavy frostson these spring vigorous editorial comment and ;t
mornings will have a tendency to page of fun, and whether the boy
retard the growth of fruit buds, b e interested i n
and may thus prevent greater science, photography, philately,
he will find his hobby among the
damage lafer on.
departments. Take home a
When you buy goods from home
the boy. $1.00 a year.
you have the goods and the out­
by The Sprague Pub­
sider has the money; when you
Detroit. Mich.
buy goods at home you have the
goods aid your community has
It doesn’t take money to make
the money.
fools of some men; but it helps.
Editor Fiske, of the Itemizer,
Some folks spend enough griev­
has been appointed postmaster
ing over spilt milk to buy a cow.
at Dallas. The Newscongratulates
“ There's no place like home,"
Mr. Fiske and wishes him a full
it comes to seeing wharyou
measure of pleasure and success
in his new position.
We can forgive any man his
T h e Morning Oregonian is
provided they don’t
recognized a s among the best
our own.
daily papers in America. There
is a whole lot of satisfaction in
Fatal Accident
knowing that you have the best
there is. Full Associated Press
J. E. Frduian, hooktender at
Gerlinger’s logging camp west of
Old Polk is on record in favor Black Rock, was struc k on tlie head
of good roads. May she add works by the swinging block on the tight
to her faith and take a leading line logging cable Friday after
part in the march of progress noon of last week, arid his skull
along lines that are the most im­ was crushed in a frightful manner.
portant before the people of this Ho was taken to the Dtllas hospi­
valley and of this State. Salem tal by special train that evening.
Mr. Erdman dud Sunday even­
He was 28 years old, and he
The Good-roads meeting Jan.
a wife and two children.
24. was for the Pacific highway
Tne Kidmans rame here from
on tbe west side of the river, or
at least get. a branch of it through Pennsylvania about two years ago,
Independence. T h at’sagood idea since which time Mr. Krdn.an had
for Independence, — and what been employed at the Gerlingtr
helps Independence will also help camp.
The burial took place in Port­
Polk county.
land Tuesday.
News and Comment
The Daily Oregonian
Sunset, and McCall's
Sunday and Daily to Mar. 1, T5 $#.00
Sunset Magazine, one year,
McCall’s a year, with pattern,
Our bargain price to you. $8.00.
Daily Oregonian, to Mar. 1, ’15, $6.<H)
Sunset Magazine, a full year, 2.50
McCall’s, full year, with pattern, .65
Our bargain price to you, $6.00,
The more quickly you take advantage
of this offer the more copies you will
receive for your money.
This special offer made for imme­
diate action, and will not Ire open
after March 1, 1914.
Subscriptions, as above outlined,
taken at The News office.
The First Chains.
The first pattern for chainmak­
ing was obtained in England in
1634 by •. bhicksmith named Philip
White. The patent was for four­
teen years, and in consideration of
it White had to pay £5 in lawful
money yearly “at the exchequer,
Westminster, att the Feast of the
Blessed Virgyn and Saint Michell
the Archangell by even and equal
His patent is described as fol­
lows: “A way for the wearing of
shipps with iron chaynes by finding
out the true heating (pre)pareing
and tempering of Iryon for that
(pur)pose and that he hath nowo
attayned to the true vse o£ the said
chaynes and that the same wilbe
for the great saveing of cordage
and safety of shippera and will re­
dound to good of our Comon
; ì
' ■ '< T T i ? «
('¡tinelli whit wihll to help lite Oregon Journal Falls City News
J»cw* give Hie news of the tow n Olili
"r® v«»r Hat«- with th * n »»«
render n good service by sending nr Journal
Daily, Sun. $7.50
«S» p h oning a nv inform ation t hey may
have of local doings, especially ol
m a tte r s tha t are not likely to conic
Sclui-wcckly, 1.50
u nde r th e personal observation ol
! the editor.
Subscriptions taken any turn*
“ Safety First” Our Motto
Shasta Route Trains
It. E.W illiams . M. L. T hompson , W. F. N k iioi . s ,
A. J . V i c k ,
Cashier Assistant Cashier
Bank of Falls City
B '
F ai l s C ity ,
¡Vy4 ■
" V1,
And now is the time to see California; to live out­
doors and enjoy the sunshine, flowers and summer
sports. It is a trip you cannot afford to miss.
including Shasta Limited, ih » train of modern ser­
vice all-steel up-to-the-minute equipment.
S a n F ra n c ia c o
E spra sa
1 I 'u il'.S ,
with Standard Tourist and Chair Curs, and dining
service that will please.
Town Houses, Lots, and
Acreage forSaleor Rent
Call on nearest S. 1*. Agent and let him outline a
trip, quote fares and furnish Outing Literature on
California's famous resorts.
John M. Scott, General Passenger Agent, Portland
/-*V' • %•'
v*_,v .
.y • ■ \«_r
. %
v' .'
Stephen Croaker, of Galveston,
Texas, arrived here Saturday, and
soon atterward purchased the Bell-
inont Orchards, from J. L. Bell.
Mr. Crocker has returned to Gal­
veston (or his family and personal
property, and will take possession
ihout March 1.
Mr. Bell and family will remain
here for some time, as his business
with the railroad company will con­
tinue to be in this teriitory.
Mr. Crocker intepdr to r-ti.l fur­
ther improve lie- place.
Bellmouts Orchards c« nsists of
53 acres, ai.d a portion of it con­
tains a fine prune orchard, besides
other fruits, berries., etc., in a high
state of cultivation. The oulv prune
drier in this community is on this
J. A. Bowman is working for
Mr. Crocker.
For sule, 15 acres unimproved, in Falls
City, on the new Siletz highw ay; w ater
and wood in abundance. Good place for
fruit, garden, and jwiultry. $500 cash.
V »v\ » nV-iT't'’ t / ¿V'
Buys Bellmont Orchard
C ounty . O hruon
T h o C a lifo rn ia
Does a General Bunking Business. Interest Paid on Time
Deposits. Exchange sold on all points in the United States.
Notary Public officially connected with the Bank.
The F*po*it»on Lme--1915
Ny '
P oi
lU a n t C ^ llM O l'S a lC
: >**)
M im e s i la n o o u s
Ore. Fire Relief Assoei’n,McMinn­
F. K. Hubbard, local agent.
Meals 25c and up. Sunday dinners
a specialty. The Falls City Hotel.
Lots 7 and 8, in block K; price $100.00
Lot 1 1. (8-r. house) “
" $ 1200.00
Lot 28,
block "
Lots 11 and 12. ** E.
Lot 2, block M. Mont, add., 78x78, house
and garden; close in; $650, cash or terms.
Fresh Bread, Cakes, Cookies,
Pies, etc., every day, at the Falls
t'ity Bakery.
Abstracts of title promptly fur­
nished. Rates reasonable. Brown A
Sibley, Git) Mill St., Dallas, Or.
• a ;-:
For Sale Lots 16. 15, 14, E. 1 of 13, blk L;
good house, barn; running water; city w a­
ter, electric light; rents at $10, . . $1,600,
For Sale 5.82 acres in city; improved; rich soil.
Prico $2,600, at least half cash.
Services in Ihe Churches of Falls City
For Sule 20 acres in city; improved; $3,200, half
cash. Good place for fruit and berries.
C h r is t ia n
Sunday: 10 a.in, . Bible School
11 a.m, Communion and Preaching
6:30 p.ni., . . Chnstian Endeavor
7:30 p.iu. P reaching (good ringing)
Wetlnes. 7:30 pm . Prayer Meeting
Boy Scout Program
Friday, 7:30 p.m. Choir Practice
You ure invit' d to all these serv­
A program will be given by the
Lee Sadler, Pastor.
Falls Civ Boy Scouts in Wagner ices.
Hall Feb. 13, 1914. This is given
Fun. M e t h o d i s t
for the purpose of showing those Sunday School . . . 10.00a.in.
wh o are not acquainted w i t h it,
sermon . . . 11:00a.m.
some of the things a scout has to Young People's Bible study 6 :30p.m
Evening sermon . . 7:30 p.m
The Boy Scout movement is a Prayer meeting Thurs , 7:30 p.m.
world wide movement, for the bet­
R. E. Nichols, Pastor;
terment of character and the mak­
M e t h o d i s t E p i s c o p a l
ing of good citizens.
School, . . 10:00 a.m.
Some of the men conflicted w ith
Worship . . 11:00 a.m.
this movement i n the I nited
League, . . . 6:30 p.m.
States art: President \\ ilson honor­
Service . ,7:30 p.m.
ary Pres.; Theodore Roosevelt and
Society, Wed. aftern’n
William Taft honorary vice-pres­
Thur. 7:30 p. m.
8:00 p in.
A collection will he taken to
Past >r
defray the expenses and to prepare
for future work.
The numbers on the program
Preaching services in Toller hall
are as follows.
at 3.30 p.m., third Sunday of each
1 Piano Solo,
month, by Rev. Gross«;, «if Salem.
2 Introduction and Salute,
S ev en t h D ay A d v en t
3 History of the flag,
school Satin day 10:00 a.m.
4 Treatment d fractures
5 Roller and Triangular hand- Preaching service “
6 Solo,
catholic c HUB« II
7 Fainting, poison, and tits.
There will be Mass at the Cath­
8 Collection, piano accomany- olic Church, Mary Mapdalene,
ment, The Boy Scout March
regularly, hereafter, on the first
9 Firemans lift,
and third Sunday of each month.
10 Comparison of brush,
11 Stretcher act,
The Rev. IrIR. Hicks 1914 Almanac
12 Talk by Mr. Miller, of Dallas,
The Rev. lrl K. Hicks 1011 Al­
13 Resuscitation from drowning,
manac is now ready and will be
14 Comparison of deer,
mailed prepaid for only 35c. Pro­
15 Map drawing,
16 Dialogue—“Daniel Boon and fessor Hicks’ fine Magazine, Word
and Works, for one year, and a
the Dandy.
copy.of this Almanac for only one
dollar. The plain lessons on astron­
Free Methodist Church
The third quarterly meeting will omy, ami the correct forecasts of
be held Feb. 13-15. Elder W, N. storms, «lrouths, blizzards and Icr-
nadoes, make these publications a
Coffee will be ill charge.
The district quarterly meeting necessity in every home in America.
Semi to Word and Works Pub­
for this district commenced this
week, at Woodburn. The Falls lishing Company, 3101 Franklin
Avenue, St. Louis, Mo.
City pastor is in attendance.
Word and Works and the Falls
The usual services will he held
City News, one year, and the Al­
here tomorrow.
H. E. Nichols, pastor manac, for $1.50.
Highly improved 10-acre home in Falls City;
good buildings, with all modern improve­
ments; fruit, flowers, berries, garden; big
money maker, and getting better as young
trees come into hearing; price $5,000; terms
For Sale
good house, lot 150x150, rented.
For naie, One nere, adjoining city
limits, with 5-room house. A bar­
gain at $425 tonna; The News office
for I nrticslrnu
For sale—10 ncres, partially im­
proved; house, timber; spring and
living stream; near western city
limits; price, $1300, cash.
For Sale, 2 good lots, on Pine
street in block K, cultivated.
For snle, one acre, cultivated,
fruit, berries; 6-r. house insured
for $1100; elec, light, city water,
cesspool; puce $1050; all cash, or
$700 cash, terms on balance.
For Salt* 2 1-3 a. adjoining city, $650.
For Sale 80 a. l j mi. from town; 20 a. improved;
25 a. good timber; pasture; w ater. $5,200.
For re n t—12-room house, barn, etc.,
close in; good place for renting rooms
or for boarding house; $150 per year.
C . W
K K , A G E N T
G e t a L u c ky H o rs e S hoe B a n k
It Holds Just Ten Dim « and the Tenth Dime Opens ll
Ih lii little hunk In mmle of heavy nlrkeleil hrnnn, hlKhly pollnhei), an d w i l l laat forever
It ca n he w orn on a key ring, watch ch ain , or eamly carrie d In Ihe pocke^. Send 10c lor
namplc, or fle If gold flninhed In p referred. Aik for te n n i and open te rrito ry , w hleb la
faat heing tak en . Tint come l i n t nerved "
9IS FlatirM, New Ywt N. T.