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T hr F all » C ity N ew », J anuary 81, 1914
House Furnishings, Hardware
Everything up-to-date
and at prices to please
J.C. T A L B O T T A. C O M PA N Y fj
Buy the Best
The best is always the
cheapest. Cheap (roods
anywhere a r e never
cheap at any price. But
if you are not a judge,
you must rely on the
judgment o f others.
We have built up the
largest Drug business
in this locality bv sell­
ing only goods of the
highest character and
never abusing the con­
fidence» of those plac­
ing reliance on o u r
Buy the Best
M. L Thompson
Twentieth Century Prosthesis
Will not slip or slide when you
chew. If you are from
Missouri, call
A . G. Atwood, Dentist.
Office, North Main St
over Frin k's con f. store
Passenger Train Schedule
Effective Dec. 1,1913
I ll
am .
am .
pm .
pm .
Salem . . . 8.35 9.45 1.40 3.25
Dallas . . . 7.45 11.00 2.50 5.00
Falla City . 9.20 11.85 3.26 5.35
Bl kRock.
am .
pm .
pm .
pm .
Bl’k Rock
Falla City. 9.35 1.25 3.45 5.40
Dallas. . . 10.15 2.00 4.25 6.40
Salem . . . 11.25 3.15 5.80 7.45
I. u »iNaLrroN, A hknt
C a lci tfcar— J a n u a r y , 1 0 1 4
Isa. Mon. Tan. Wtd. Tkar». Fri.
15 16
22 23
29 30
5 6
12 13
19 20
26 27
At Pcrsey’s
7 Jewel E lgin or Waltham, . $ 4.75
15 Jewel South Bend,............ 8.50
17 Jewel Elgin or Waltham, . 9.00
17 Jewel adjuated’Seth Thomas’ 10.00
2] Jewel adj.,5Po88. Hampden 19.50
Above in Silveroid cases. Every
watch guaranteed by us, and we
are right here to make the guar­
antee good.
W .A .P u r it y T h o J o 'v ilir
Pencil tablets, 6x8 inches, 800
sheets, for 10 cents. Every home
should have one.
it had entirely disappeared by noun
Wednesday. After a few houri rain The Gem Theatre News
(he weather became pleasant.
Manager Pugh, of the Gem, has
Very high winds prevailed in made a deal for the United Feature
Hakm and other river towns, Isst Film Hcrvice, whereby a better class
Ha turd ay and Sunday, hut did not of shows will be on tip.
extend to Falla City.
Tonight the feature will be ‘Tbe
Mrs B. W. Robison and daugh­ Queen of Carnargue,” or a Gypsy’s
ter returned home Thursday of last Vendetta, in three parts. It is a
week, from a mo ith'a visit with thriller, full of life and action and
While the fashions for the season will appeal strongly.to
her mothei at Tillamook.
will phase yon,
men who like clothes that are conservative in design and
J. L. Sweeney and son J. L. Jr.,
Thursday, Fab. 5, will be shown
reasonably comfortable and roomy in shape, there will be
of Dallna, were in town Mondzy, the tragedy, fears of Blood,”—a
found plenty of neat novelty ideas to piease the young man
arranging for the sale of Sweeney story that has its counterpait in the
in college, business or society who prefers his clothes a bit
tiros, flour in Falls City.
experience of some of you who will
more ultra than the average,
Miss Kiln Mehrling, ot Pioneer, see tlii* show.
Those who desire the so-called English effect will secure
and Misa Inez Ridgeway, of Broad-
a tight-fitting coat, with short, narrow shoulders having no
Friday, Feb. 6, two comedies and
n.t-ad, visited Mr. and Mrs. Ira a drama—titles not yet announce«!.
padding; small sleeve, soft ftentand roll lapels.
Meurling Saturday and Sunday.
The vest will be cut high, with six buttons, and the trous­
Saturday, Feb. 7, feature, “ Re-
ers will be from 1 to 14 inches narrower than regular style.
Dennis McMurry, who was badly deption,” a story utth a moral, the
It may here be remarked, however, that soft-front coets
injured by a fall from an electric romance and tragedy in one wo­
will not hold their shape as well as the other styles.
light pole, is improving rapidly. man’s life.
Geo, Brown is taking care of him
Correct length of sack coats for men of average height
The management is striving all
remains at 30 inches, and vents will be left open only when
Drs. Lowe & Turner, eye the time to improve the character
so ordered. Most of the designs will fit moderately cloae at
specialists, of Portland, will of the shows, and the new service is
waist, shoulders will be narrow, and Bleeves will have little
be in Dallas again Monday and a decided improvement.
in the shoulder tops. Lapels will vary from fancy
Tuesday Feb. 2 and 3, at hotel Gail.
effects to rounded corners.
A 10 cent Tea will bo given in the
of the season will be the increased use of the
W. P. Lewie, E. R. Lewis, and
basement of the Christian church,
which are adapted to outing, vacation and
by three ladies, next Thursday, Feb. P. N. Lewis, with their families,
wear. Our numbers 929 and 931 will be
5, from 2 to 4 30 p.m. You are in­ surprised their father J. H. Lewis,
styles of this character.
last Snnday by calling on him un­
be cut high enough to show
The News will give $1 00 to any expectedly, the day being his 65th
student of the Falls City school birthday.
Trousers of the correct dresser will be cut principally on
J. H. Lewis was born 65 years
who Kubmits the best drawing of
leg-form style, with a 19-inch knee and 154 to 13-inch
the school house. P articu lar at ago, at Lewisville, Polk county.
and no fullness over the hips.
Oregon, where hia father, David R
The News office.
to bear in mind the fact that stout or corpulent
Lewis, located in 1845, and a post-
Mrs. F. J. Holman and Mrs. Paul office known as Lewisville was es­
men should adhere closely to single-breasted styles and the
Rusk, of Black Rock, were in Falls tablished on his place.
marked stripe effects, or novelty mixtures. On the othar
City Tuesday. The Rusks have
hand, slender men are given a larger appearance through
rented (he J. Lowe property, and
the aid of checks, plaids and double-breasted styles.
Oakdale News Items
will take possession in a few days.
Last Sunday the Junior league
Oakdale school enrollment is 24.
of the M.E.otiurch presented their
Mr. White has moved ir* the Nel­
superintendent, Miss Lillian Per­ son house.
In our Spring assortment of over 2,000 patterns, one half
kins, a very handsome souvenir
Miss Carrie Dunn is spending
of which are exclusive, the colors most favored are subdued
spoon beautifully engraved “Junior the winter in Salem.
greens, jlacks, and white silk effects, gun metal, and stone
League.” It was a very delightful
grays, vigoreux mixtures, and brown, tan and blue, in neat
Mr. Taylor and sons are chop­
checks, split basket weaves, all - over effects, Tartar and
ping wood for Mr. Dunn,
An open meeting will be held in
Glenurquahart plaids, shepherd checks, and needle and
Estley Farley is visiting his
I. O. O. K. hall tonight, followed by
pencil stripes.
cousins, the Dennis boys.
a banquet at the Falls City hotel,
Our school has won another pen­
at 50c a piste. Judge Galloway .dep­
by having a standard school.
T a ilo r
uty grand master, will be the prin­
cipal speaker. Ac enjoyable time
this winter taking a review iu her
is anticipated.
Give the editor of The News your
Wm. Finley will retire from the knows what a good cook Bill is, and
Miss Fay Henson, Joe Johner
subscription to the semi • weekly
City hotel as chef, after the always ready to provide a feed. There
Journal, the weekly Oregonian, the and the Barnhart family spent Sun­
this evening. On or about is no doubt of hia success in the new
Evening Telegram, or the three day at the home of Mr, and Mrs. Feb. 10 he will again open a restaur-
venture, as he and Mrs. Finley know
of them if you like. Whichever you Olcott in honor of the birthday of ant in the Tice building. Everybody j the business and are workers.
take, you will get a good paper at their son and daughter; a delicious
dinner was served to suit the occa­
an unusual bargain price.
A recent lest of milk furnished sion.
l,«t Hurtling Huit you.
Fred Kau went to Salem, Sunday.
Let Persey put a Watch on you.
A good allow at the (¡cm tonight.
Selig has a rneaaagc (or you—read
hia ad,
C. L. Starr was in Falla City,
Head the want ada in 4th column
on page 2.
Job printing “as you like it” at
The News office.
Chas Hariung, the clothier, went
to Portland, Sunday.
800-alieet pencil tablet 6x8, for 10
cents, at The Newa office.
Regular city council meeting at
7 30 next Monday evening,
Mr*. J. P. I)eWitte wa* a Mon­
mouth visitor, over Sunday.
Misa Lois Omart, of Salem, vis­
ited the Singletons, Sunday.
I). E. McDonough, of Rocca, was
a Falls City visitor. Tuesday.
Mrs. M. A. Marcey and child are
visiting relatives in Portland,
Chas. Norris has rented the Bert
Estelle place, southeast of town.
A new Christian church in Mon­
mouth is to be dedicated, Feb. 8.
J. F. Cruzan, of Dexter, ie here
visiting hia siater, Mrs. J.T. Hughes.
Wanted, large or small contracts
for pulling stumps. Grayum A Son.
The Bert Dennis home is to let,
at $10 per month. Particulars at
♦his office.
J W. Sweeney, of Dallas, was
in Falls City on flour business,
last Satu'day,
Carl Anderson will take the posi­
tion of chief cook at the Falls City
notel, tomorrow.
If you own a houro that is for
rent, ’ist it with The News, and we by dairyman A. G. Fisher showed
will find a tenant.
5.10% butter tat. The legal require­
Mrs. C. M. Osborne, of portland, ment is 3 5. The test was made by
is visiting Mrs. J. B. Tawney, at the high school students, with the
Babcock tester. Result shows that
the Falls City hotel.
Mrs. Alma Dempsey of Rickreall Falls City’s principal milk supply
visited the Aurlands and Sampsons is of high class.
Mrs. Mae Wright, teacher of the
Saturday and Sunday.
grade, has resigned on ac­
Subscriptions taken at The News
ill health, and will go to
office for the semi-weekly Journal
This was Mrs. Wright’s
and the Evening Telegram.
second year of successful teaching
Attorney Fletcher Mclnturff, of
Salem, visited Mr. and Mrs. Bert here, and her pupils and other
friends are sorry that she cannot
Dennis a few days last week.
continue. We all wish her success
For Sale, Team, harness, wagon, wherover she may go.
driling harness,topbuggy,woodrack
The News will take your subscrip­
rock bed. Call on O. H. Hudson.
tion for any publication, saving
C. W. Lee visited Salem, Sun­ you postage and other fees, besides
day and Monday, and found Mrs. giving you assurance that you will
Lee very much improved in ’ ealth. get what you pay for. We have on
Miss Edith E. Montgomery se­ our list, among others, the semi­
cured a life-term license as a school weekly Journal at $1, the weekly
teacher at I he December examina­ Oregonian at 75c, and the Portland
Evening Telegram, $3.50.
Ilartuog tells you in his ad what
The annual K. of P. ball, held at
will bo the styles in men’s clothes Wagner hall Friday night of last
this season. Read his ad on this woek, was the usual brilliant suc­
cess. People were in attendance
Who got water receipt No. 117, from Salem, Dallas, Independence,
Wed. Jan, 14, 1914? Please notfiy Black Rock, and other places, a
this office, so that credit may be special train coming f'om Salem
given. V
and Dallas. The financial returns
B. M. Webb is preparing to go were satisfactory, leaving a surplus
to Paso Robles, Calif., to work at after all expenses were paid. A
the carpenter trade with his broth- splendid supper was served at the
Falls City hotel, cooked by that
The truly smart man will not brave knight, Wm. Fiuley.
knock his horns town. Read the
Geo. Hegler has sold his 6-acre
last item in the second column on poultry ranch to Mrs. Edith Wam-
4th page.
bangh, of Albany, who will take
Qua Anderson had a foot smash­ possession in a few days. Mr. and
ed by n log falling on it, at Falla Mrs. Hegler are preparing to tak6
City Lumber Co.’s log yard, last rooms at G. W. Hubbard's until
they decide on plans for the future.
J. B. Tawney, of the Falls City The Heglers are energetic, progres­
hotel, went to Portland, Monday, sive people, who have made a new
on business, and returned home home in Falls City. Their many
friends regret that they have so'd
There was a mantle of snow on ont, but wish them success when­
Falls City, Tuesday morning, but ever they may finally locate.
Dictum of Fashion
Spring-Summer 1914
H Chas. Hartung, Clothier and
Druggist Has Valuable Agency
M. L. Thompson has the Falla
City agency L r the simple mixture
of buckthorn bark, glycerine, etc.,
known as Adler-i-ka, the remedy
which became famous by curing ap­
pendicitis. This simple remedy has
powerful action and drains such sur­
prising amounts of old matter from
the body that j u s t one d o s e relieves
eourstomach,gason thestomacli and
constipation, almost i m m e d i a t e l y .
The quick n c i i j u o f Adler-i-ka is
List of Letters
Remaining uncalled for in the
Falls City postotfice for the month
ending January 24, 1914.
Mrs. Lcla Whitman.
Burt Master Curtis,
Chas. W. Curtis,
E. B. Hubbard
Gust Hoilman,
A. Mitchell,
Stephen McKenna.
James McKenna, 8
Curtis Newton,
Wm. Swanson.
These letters will be sen', to the
dead letter office, Feb. 7, 1914, if
not delivered before. In calling for
the above, please say,“ Advertised,”
giving date of list.
Ira C. Mehrling, Postmaster.
Staff. of Ohio, c ity o f Toledo, I _
L u cas County.
F ra n k J. C heney m akes o a th th a t ha ta
senior p a rtn e r of th e Arm o f F. J. Chaney
A Co., do ln s business In th e City of To­
ledo. C ounty and at*'.a aforesaid, and
th a t eald firm wilt p a y th e sum of ONE
H U N D R E D DO LLARS fo r aach and av-
ery ra s e of C a ta rrh th a t can n o t be cured
by tha usa of H A L L 'S C A T A R R H CU RS.
F R A N K J. C H E N K T.
Sworn to before m e a n d subscribed In
m y presence, th is *th d a y of December.
A. D 1S8C
N o ta ry Public.
H a lt's C a ta rrh C ure la ta k e n Intern ally
and acta directly upon th a blood a n d m u­
cous eurfacea of th a system . Send fo r
teeUmontata. free.
F. J . C H E N E T A CO.. Toledo, O .
Sold by a ll D ru c tflts . tie .
Take H alt's Fam ily puis for eaallpaMec.
Business for January Has
Been Good
For 1914 weexpect to nearly
double our 1913 sales
There .is a reason
Honorable business methods,
Reliable Goods,
Correct and just Prices,
Solve the problem.
If you are not now one of
o u r customers, better g e t
in line — w e believe y o u
will some day; the sooner
the better for both of us.
fa lls Cite Department Store