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T he P a l m C it y N kws ,
(Ehr JPalls (Hitij Nrut»
^ 7
C. W
KritrivO m «K'ottd « Uà» mali at th* postnffto
et Falle t ity. Polk Cwanty. Orrgoa. uudt-r Ih»
Ai1 o f C o t i| t e » « f
U in h
15 m ®.
Nrwt Offltr, Ut Rrsidmt. Hi
S u U c n H w u K a tM . O a a y M r . t l OO; « i m on ili«.
50 conta, threo moni ha. 25 c e n ti, « i n « ) « copy. 6 c t i
A Uua-|H*ncil mai k <m thè rtrat p **« at Th* New*
monna that vour aubacription U duo.
▲dvortlaiuf Rete» Display. IO n n U i n lucb
Business Notìees. 5 ce ut» a line . For Solo. Re ut
Bxchanf*. W a tt ami Pay Intertaiunieut No­
tte©«. 5 « U a lino M eia. a Uno for three laauoa
Card olT b an k i 50eia. I citai Notte«*, legai ratea
Copy tor newads. andehaugea ahould bo acuì
to The Nona noi later thau Wedneaday.
Tho Now* i* ropro*ontod for foreign advertising by
T h » A m e r i c a n P ro s a A s s o c i a t i o n
Gonoral office«. Now York and Chicago.
F K J flib b a r d Mayor
T D Hollowell, Councilman ar Cargo
W T Grisr.
H. C Brown.
Albert Teal
Cou ucil mon
A. ¡kmpson.
C. L Hopkins.
A K. Meyer.
C. W Loo. Auditor and Police Judge
>v P 'Lewis, Marshal aud Water Supl
VI. L Thompson. TreaapreT
J. J Sammons. Engineer
Dr K M Hellwerth. lleglth Officer
1 baCouncil meets in regular seasionon the Aral
Monday evening of each month, at 7 30 o'clock,
in the office of the Falls City News
S a t u r d a y . J a n u a r y
24. 1914
The Monmouth cannery ha* been
converted into a (rymnasium for the
normal school. What’s the good of
a milk house in a school town, any­
Did Governor West call out the mil­
itia when the mayor o f Woodburn
asked for aid in caring for the 100 1,
W. W .’s? Not much. He very prop­
erly advised the mayor to call on the
county sheriff.
Just hieing happv
Is a fine thing to do;
Looking on the bright side.
Rather than the blue.
Sad or happy musing
Is largely in the choosing.
And just being happy
Is brave work, and true.
A. M L.
rhe I Irefeouian of Jan. 19 contained
a fairly good write-up of Falls City,
by Addison Bennett. Mr Bennett
seems to have been inclined to give
the editor of The News more credit
than said editor claims for himself;
also the pictures were labeled 'Wil-
laniina.' In all other respects y a con­
sider the article well worthy o f a
place in any collection of “ Boosts for
Palis City.”
High Mountain* of Wyoming.
The highest mountain in Wyo­
ming is -Gannett peak, whose ele­
vation, according to a chart publish­
ed by the United States geological
survey, is 13,785 feet above sea
level. The Grand Teton is a close
second at 13,747 feet, and Fremont
peak is only seventeen feet lower.
There are six additional mountains
higher than 13,000 feet, their ele­
vations ranging from 13,007 feet
for Knife Point mountain to 13,600
feet for Mount Helen. But these
are not. all the-.lofty mountains in
the state,.for there are in addition
twenty-one named peaks and about
forty unnamed peaks whose alti­
tudes are above 12,000 feet. Wyo­
ming has, therefore, some seventy
mountain peaks that rise more than
12,000 feet.above sea level.
Reduced Size.
A fter a concert at Manchester,
England, Joachim, the great violin­
ist, was at a station, waiting for a
A respectable looking man, ap­
parently a navvy in his best clothes,
&ced at his side awhile, watching
im with close interest.
he asked for a light and got it. As
he drew at hia pipe to get it started
he looked Joachim full in the face.
Then, just as he was about to go
on, he tapped the violinisPs chest
“ But Paganini was the man,”
said he. . ■:> •
Joachim used to sav that he nev­
er felt so small in his life. Whole
ages o f learned musical criticism
ad never begun to whittle him
down so fine.
N a m in g Bloam fontain.
Bloemfontein was named after a
robber called Jan Bloem, the son of
a German father and half caste
nother, who wandered about the
wilda of Africa in the eighteenth
century with a following of Hotten­
tots and settled on the spot where
Bloemfontein now stands. He lived
by plunder and became one o f the
richest and most powerful captains
of the Hottentots. He named the
place Bloemfontein, aud the name
has remained to this day..—Johan-
neaburg Chronicle.
Death of John h . Ftowcr
24, 1914
The Gem Theatre News s*rv,c” ,n,hethurchesoüal,sC,,y Man tcfcanMov Sale
John It. Flower ilifd at his home
in Falls Pity, Jau 19,1914, o lc a n ­
** The Last Block House’ ’ (A 2
cer, after an illness of nearly two
reel story of the pioneer days, don’ t
years, aged 51 years 10 months 22
fail to see these pictures
“ A Corner in Crooks” (A Vita-
Mr. Flower was born in th** oil*
graph Comedy)
of New York. In 1888 lie moved
to Sioux City. Iowa, aud married
Miss Marietta Corner. Five chil­
dren were boru to them, three boys
slid two gills, all now liviun.
The present location of two ol
the sons is unknown; one son, Ros­
well. is in Washington; Mrs. Stark
a married daughter, lives in Port­
land, Miss Marguerite lives i u Sa­
lem, w here she has boon attending
the Stale school for the blind.
The iam ily moved to Dayton,
Oregon, about 20 years ag >, and
later located in Salem, where Mrs.
Flower died, iu 1898.
In 1901 Mr. Flower and Miss
Marietta Robertson were married,
and for the past s jveu years they
resided in Falls City.
Mr. Flower was well mformed in
the law, was a piacticiug attorney,
and had held the offices of city at­
torney, and justice of the peace.
Mr. Flower was a mau of strong
character and vigorous intellect,
and while he made some enemies
at the same time he had a host of
The remains were taken to Salem
Mouday afternoon, th** body being
accompanied to the train by tuem-
ters of the K. of P . I. O. O. F ,
and the L. O. O. M , and other
friends. R L. Chapman was the
undertaker iu charge.
The funeral services were held
on Tuesday, at Lehn.au & Clough’s,
and the burial was in the I. O. O.
F. cemetery, in charge of Salem
Encanipmeut, I. O. O. F.
J anuary
C h r is t ia n
Sunday: !ft a m,
. Bible School
11 a.m, CoumuHiion and Preaching
6:30 p m , . . Chiietian Endeavor
7:80 p.m. Preaching!good ringing)
Wednes. 7 30 p in. Prayer Meeting
Friday, 7:30 p.iu. Choir Practice
You are invited to all these serv­
I.«e Sadler, Pastor.
M u o k l lan oou i
Or«. Fir« Belief A uboc L i i ,MeMInn-
villa. K. K. Hulitmftl, lom l ttw'iit.
Mt’&lfc 2 b c »m l up. 8umUy dinner»
» B|»fH'i*lty* The Full» City lintel.
Freeh Breed, Cake*, Cookie»,
'I* * « »I ■ * *
■***■ ■ V *'
«to., »very tiny, ut the Fall«*
For sale, One acre, adjoining city
Accident to Lineman
City link«ry.
limits, with 6-rnom house. A bar­
Dennis McMurry, while working
at 4426 term«; The Ne a * office
AlwtrAot» of t ill« promptly fur-
F ree M ethodist
for the Falls City Elect rio Co,, F ri­
W ill rent at 46. •
Sunday School . . . 10.00a.m. nielipd. Rut pn r»aeon»Me. Brown A
day, as lineman, was thrown to the
sermon . , . 11:00a.m. 81 May, 610 Mill st.. Ballet«Or«
For »ale— 10 acres, partially im­
ground from the crossami o f a (>ole
Young People’s Bible study ti:S0p.m
house, titulier; spring aud
and very seriously injured just
Oregon Journal— Falls City News living si ream; near western city
| Evening sermon , .
7:80 p.m
above the knees, the crossami fa ll­
Prayer meeting Thurs , 7:80 p.m Journal
r *’ u Yi-itr
auh iii# n -w. limit*; price, 41300, cuh I i .
ing on top of his legs. He was re­
1L K. Nichols, Pastor.
Daily,’ Sun. $7.50
moved to the Falls City hotel,
Subscription« taken at The New«
where he resides, and was given im­
M ethodist E piscopal
for the aeuii-weekly Journal
mediate medical attention.
Sunday School,
. . 10:00 a.iu.
and Evening Telegram; special rate
Semi-wwakly, 1.60
His legs are bruised and swollen, Morning Worship . . 11:00 a.m.
on each, (or a short lime.
Subscriptions taken any time.
aud are frightfully painful.
Epworth League, . . . 6:110 p.m.
His friends here hope lie will Preaching Service
. ,7 :3 0 p m
soou recover.
Ladies' Aid Society, Wed. a ften i’n
R. K. W il l ia m s , M. L . T h o m pso n , W .F . N ichols ,
A. J.V ic k ,
Choir Practice, Thur. 7:30 p. in
Cauhier Assistant Cashier
Officers Re-Elected
Prayer Meeting, Wednes. 8:00 p m.
Milton A. Maiey, Pastor.
The Ladies Aid Society o* the
M. E. church elected th > following
F a l l s C it y , P o l k C o u n t y . O regon
Preaching services in Toller hall
officers last Wednesday:
Docs a General Hanking Business.
Interest Paid on T iir «
Mrs. F. M. Hellwarth, president. at 3.30 p.m., third Sunday of each
Deposits. Exchange sold on all |>omts in the United States.
Mrs, C. L. Barnhart 1st v. Pres, month, by Rev. Grosso, of Salem.
Bank of Falls City
Notary Public officially connected with the Bank.
Mrs. H. E. Starr, 2nd v. Pres.,
S eventh D ay A dvent
Mrs Esther Montgomery, Sec ,
Sabbath s*'hool Satuiday 10:00 a.ui.
Mrs. Eleanor F. Butler, Treas.
Preaching service “
The so:iety w ill meet a t the
Prayer meeting Wednee., 7:30p.ui
nouie of Mr*. Barnhart uoxt Wed-
nesday evening.
There will ho Mass at the Cath­
olic Church, Mary Mapdaleue,
regularly, hereafter, on the first
We wish to thank the members and third Sunday of each month.
of the K. of P.. the W. O. W., the
I. O. O. F , and the L. O. O, M.,
The Portland Evening Telegram
and other friends for their kind­ one year for $3.50, if ordered before
ness and assistance during the long Dec. 31, 1913. Regular price 45. The
illuiss and at the funeral of our Telegram and the Falls City News
husbaiid and father, M i. John H. for one year at $3.75.
Card o( Thanks
Town Houses, Lots, and
Ac reage for Sale or Rent
For sale, 15 acres unimproved, in Falls
City, on the new Siletz highway; water
and wood in abundance. Good place for
fruit, garden, and poultry. $500 cash.
Church of Christ
Morning worship: “ God's Finan­
cial Plan.”
Every member o f the congrega­
tion and others who are interested
in this subject are urged to bp pres­
Evening sermon: “ The Great
The sermon last Sunday evening
was listened to by a large ami ap­
preciative audience.
Are you doing your part to make
the services a success ?
Christ expects every believer to
do his duty.
The mid-week prayer meetings
are great. W hy don’ t you attend?
Strangers invited to all services.
Lee Sadler, minister
The Weekly Oregonian one year for
Mrs. Marietta Flower,
75c, at this office; offer ends January
Mrs. Bessie Stark,
31,1914. Don't delay.
Roswell P. Flower,
Miss Marguerite Flower.
Give the editor of The News your
subscription to the semi - weekly
The Rev. Irl R. Hicks 1914 Almanac Journal, the weekly Oregonian, the
Evening Telegram, or the three
The Rev. Irl R. Hick* 1914 A l­ of them if you like. Whichever you
manac is now ready and will be take, you will g* t a good paper at
mailed prepaid for only 35c. Pro­ an unusual bargain price.
fessor Hicks’ fine Magazine, Word
and Works, for one year, and a
Report of the condition of the
copy of this Almanac for only one
dollar. The plain lessons on astron­
«t Fall* City, in the 8Utc of Oregon* * l
omy, ami the correct forecasts of
the close of btiHtness, January 13, 1911.
storms, drouths, blizzards and tor­
nadoes, make these publications a LoKfisaii'idiicountt
Oveidrafts, »«cured and unsecured.
necessity in every home in America.
Bond» and warrant»
Send to Wor I and Works Pub­ Furniture, a.t l fixtures
Due from bank».(not reserve bank») 5.096 »6
lishing Company, 3401 Franklin
Due from approve«! reserve bank* lt.MKf.M
• T.U 71
Avenue, St. Louis, Mo.
Cash on hand
Tot A L, . $64.010.41
Word and Works and the Falls
City Hews, one year, and the A l­
15,000 00
Capital stock paid In
manac, for 41.50.
4,050 00
SurDlus Fund
Old Tima Beauty Waah.
A famous lotion of colonial days,
known as “ morning days,” consisted
of one ounce of rosewater, half an
ounce of glycerin, half a teaspoon­
ful of borax and three drops of
benzoin. The quantities may be mul­
tiplied if a greater amount is need­
ed. The lotion is applied to the
chapped face, made rough from
wind or exposnre, with a bit of old
The admiration entertained by a
Trenton bov for his uncle includes
all the lstter’s attributes and even
pospescions which the uncle himself
is not wool to deem desirable.
“ TTn* l«\" said the lad one day
after lr*
been studying his uncle
in laugh'if* conversation with his
fathe*-. “ I don’t care mucli for plain
teeth like mine. I wish I had some
copper toed ones like yours.” — New
York Globe.
Highly improved 10-acre home in Falls City;
good buildings, with all modern improve­
ments; fruit, flowers, berries, garden; big
money maker, and getting better as young
trees come into tearing; price $5,000: tern s
Lots 7 and 8, in block K ; price $1QG.GC
Lot 14. (8-r. house) “
“ $1200.00
Lot 23.
block "
Lots 11 and 12.
" E.
Bank o f Falls City
The FallsC ity.D illas & Lewisville
Co., (white, blue, and A D. rural
lines) held its annual meeting in
T o ller’s hall, Wednesday. The fo l­
List of Letters
lowing directors we re elected: John
Remaining uncalled for in the
Levee. C. C. Gardner, W. F. Lee,
Falls City postoffice for the week
J. W. Lee, Tom Foster, L. Bilieu,
ending January 10, 1914.
C. Guthrie. These directors elect­
ed John Levte, Brest,, W. F. Lee,
Mrs. Nancy Brown Darland
Sec. An assessment of 46 was vot­
Mrs. W. E. Danuels
ed on each chare for 1914 evpenses
Mrs. Neva Govier
and improvements. The same as­
Miss Becca Gray
sessment last year amounted to 470
Mrs. Jeunie Jones
more than the outlay.
Miss Lena Morse
Mrs. Katie Stranch
Wanted, the News
Citizens who wish to help The
News give the news of the town can
render a good service by sending or
phoning any information they may
have o f local doings, especially of
matters that are not likely to come
uuder the personal observation of
the editor.
1 lie Nows will take your subsorip-
tion (or Hiiy publication, saving
you poNtago and other I ere, tiesiden
giving you axHuraiico that you w ill
gel what you pay (or. We have on
our list, among other*, the semi-
weekly Journal at 41, tho weekly
Oregon ja n at 75c, and the Portland
Evening Telegram, 48 50.
liOt 2, block M, Mont, add,, 78x78, house
and garden; close in; $650, cash or terms.
For Sale—Lots 16. 15. 14, E. 4 o f 13. blk L;
good house, barn; running water; city w a­
ter, electric light; rents at $10, . . $1,600.
For Sale 5.82 acres in city; improved; rich soil.
Price $2,500, at least half cash.
For Sale 20 acres in city; improved; $3,200, half
cash. Good place for fruit and berries.
Undivided profits, le»Bexpcn»e» a nd
123 41
taxes paid
Postal savings bank deposit»
Individual deposits subject to
53,914 97
Demand certificates of Deposit,
Certified checks.
6.634 Hi
Time certificali« of deposit
T otal , . $M, «jflb.il
Htate of Oregon )
County of Folk, )
I, W. F. Nichols, Cashier of tbo above*
named hank, do solemnly »wear that the
above statement 1» true, to the best of my
knowledge aud belief.
W. F. NICHOL8, Cauhier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this
17th day of January, 1914.
(1,8 ) 8. K apha cl 8 k eels . Notary Public.
C orrect -
I ra C. M k h r l i m j , ) ...
M. L. T hompson ,
For Sale 6 a., in city; a new place, cleared, fruit,
berries, poultry; good house, other buildings;
running water, city water, phone; a bargain
For Sale
For Sale
These letters will be sent to the
dead letter office, Jan. 27, 1914, if
not delivered before. Iu calling lor
the above, please say,“ Advertieed,”
giving date of list.
Ira C. Mebrhug, Postmaster,
Hurry! Hurry!
This is positively your last
opportunity to secure The
Weekly Oregonian (Oregon's
greatest weekly) at 75 cts.
for one yepr. On Satur­
day, January 31, 1014, the
price advances to $1.50 per
year, the regular rate. Your
order for the weekly Ore­
gonian taken at The News
office. Attend to this now.
2 1-3 a. adjoining city, $650.
For Sale -80 a. 1J mi. from town; 20 a. improved;
25 a. good timber; pasture; water. $5,200.
For rent— 12-room house, barn, etc.,
close in; good place for renting rooms
or for boarding house; $150 per year.
C. W . L E E , A G E N T
V. C. Brock
Mr. Chesley C, Casselman
C, M. Deweese
Matthew Glaze
Mr. George Gray
Bert Kimber
W. A. Mcwreader
Mr, John J. Warren
good house, lot 150x150, rented.
Sheriff’s Sale of Real Properfy
Notlc* Is hereby given, That by virtue of an
execution duly issued out of the Circuit Court
of the State of Oregon, for the County of Polk,
and to me directed, on the 23rd «lay of Decem­
ber, 1913. upon a judgment an«l decree duly ren
dared, entered of record and docketed in and
by «aid i ’ourt on the ¿3rd «lay of December, 1113,
in a certain Action then in »aid Court pending,
wherein 8. H. Tetherow was plaintiff and O. D.
Treat and W. E. Gilbert were defendants, In fa
vor of plaintiff and against said defendant G.
D. Treat, by which execution I am commanded
to sell the property In said execution and here­
inafter described, to pay thesumdue the plain­
tiff of Five Hundred and Twenty-eight ($528.00)
Dollars, with Interest thereon at the rate of six
per cent per annum from the 19th day of Decern
her, 1913, until paid, together with the costs and
disbursements of said Action, taxed at Eighty-
seven ($87 Ou) Dollars an«l costs and expenses of
sal«! execution. I will, on Saturday, the 31st
day of January, 1914, at the hour of 1 00 o'clock
P.M. of said day. at the front door of the County
Court House in Dallas, Polk Couoty, Oregon,
sell at public auction, to the highest bidder, for
cash In hand on day of sale, all (he right, title,
interest and estate which said defcn<iarit G. D.
Treat, and all persons claiming under him sub­
sequent to the 15th «lay of November, 1918, in, of
and to said real premises hereinbefore men­
tioned. 8aid real premises hereinbefore men
tioned are described In said execution as fol-
lows, to wit:
Lots Three (8), Four (4), Eleven (11), and
Twelve (12), in Block K, First Addition to Falls
City, Polk County, Oregon.
8ai«l sale being made subject to redemption
In the manner provided by law.
Dated this 24th day of December, 1913.
J. M. G rant ,
Sheriff of Polk County, Oregon.
jfallôCit£© rcbarfcCo.
G©t a Lucky Horse 8hoe Bank
It Holds Just Ten Dimes ssd the Te*th Dime O pen 1«
Thin little bank 1» ma«le of heavy ntrkele«! br«*», highly polUhed, and will lest forever
It c »n be worn on a key ring, watch chain, or oiaily carried In the pocket Send 10c lor
»Ample, or ¿0c If gold Hni»hed 1» preferred. A»k for term« end open territory, which la
fe«t being taken ’First come Arst served."
Address, L U C K Y H O R S E S H O E B A N K , «1! Flatiron, New Y srt, N. Y.