Falls City news. (Falls City, Or.) 190?-19??, January 03, 1914, Page 4, Image 4

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TKr*FALiJt C it y N m , J a m
Merry Moments
A> We Journey Through
Life Let Us Laugh
by the Way
Nat Any Mara,
Th »v were gazing out of the win
dow oi the Pullman car. The thin
man waa rapturously admiring the
“ Ah, nature is a real artist,” ex­
claimed the thin man, addressing
the fat man who sat in the opposite
seat. “ Have you never gazed at her
wonders ? Have you never watched
the lambent flame of dawn life leap­
ing across the dome of the world?
Have y o u never watched the red
stained islets floating in lakes of
Are? Have you never been drawn
bv the ragged, raven’s wing, sky
phantoms as they blotted out the
pale moon? Have you never felt
the amazement of these things?”
"N o t since I swore off,” replied
the fat man as he prepared to nunt
another seat— Cincinnati Enquirer.
• tin • « .
• uitabls For Umpirea.
"Ball players are going into
vaudeville right along.”
‘T h e y are.”
" I ’m an umpire. I wonder if I
couldn’t break in?”
“ Why not? You’d be just the
man to open the bill while the
orchestra is tuning up and the
audience is banging the seats. I t ’s
a thankless job.” — WashingtonlHer-
Consolation In Defeat.
"Is it true that both your hus­
band and the man who liwes next
door to you have failed in busi­
ness ?”
"Y es, but Ned’s failure isn’t
nearly so bad as Mr. Naybor’s. He
failed for 50 cents on the dollar,
while my husband failed fo r only
10 cents on the dollar.” '— Boston
Oettinf Her Money's Worth.
Mrs Gimp— Don’t ydu find Dr.
Soakum’s charges rather steep?
Mrs. Simp— Yee, I dqi; but, then,
he always gives such dfignified and
impressive names to tl$e most ordi­
nary ailments that itf is really a
pleasure to be ill and/go to him for
treatment.— Springfiwd Union.
The Creditor— I trust that you
will honor me with a check today.
The Delinquent — Sure thing!
But who’ ll honor the check ?— Chi­
cago Daily News.
A Calculating Parsen.
" I know a man who never takes
• etep without consideration of the
n-pight attached to it.”
"H e must be a remarkably
thoughtful man. Who is he?”
" A convict with a ball and
chain.” — Baltimore American.
Waiting For ths «pur.
Maud— So he’s been ca llin g o n
you regularly for ten years. Why
do you suppose he hasn’t proposed 5
Beatrix— Oh, you see, he’« the
aort o f man who alwaye doe« thing«
on the spur of the moment — Judge.
Ite U s u a l Effect.
Newed — Don’t you believe that
marriage broaden* a man?
Oldwed — Well, T don’t know
about that; but it usually maker
him shorter.— Philadelphia Ledger.
8. 19 i 4
Offers exceptionally tine opportunities for the establishment
T h e re W a t P le n ty o f A i r In lh a M a il -
• a n H a u l B a d ro o m .
OK -----------------------------------
Co-O perative Cannery
Co-O perative Creamery
W ood-working Factories
Fruit and Berry Orchards
Manufacturers and Homeeeekera who want to know the facta con­
cerning Falla City and its poaaibilitea for future development are
requested to read the information given in these two columns. For
further and more particular information, address The News.
N am e
The city derive* its name from the tail* of the Little Luckia-
mute River, which flows through the city from the West.
The first sale of town lota occurred in 1889, though donation
land-claim settlers cim e here many years before that date. In
1900 the population waa 269; in 1910, 969. 1913, about 1,200.
T h e L o c a tio n
Falls City is situated near the geographical center of Polk Co.,
Oregon, in township 8 couth, range tt west o f the W illamette mer­
idian, 27 rail miles aoulhweat o f Salem, and 73 rail miles south-
weat of Portland, in the narrow western end o f the L ittle Lucki-
amuto River valley, surrounded on the north, south, and west by
the foothills of the Coast Range mountains. Elevation, 886 38 ft
above sea level. Transportation— Salem, Falla C ity A Western
Railroad, which extends from Salem to Black Rock, a rail
distance of 3U miles A new bridge across the Willamette River
completed Mar. 15, 1913, give* this eilrd ire ct connection with the
8. P. mam line and O. E. roads at Salem, north and south.
Falls C ity is incorporated as a city, contains about 800 acres,
valuation o f property $800,000. The city administration is com­
posed of mayor, seven counciimen, auditor and police judge, mar­
shal, treasurer, engineer, health officer.
Salaries: Marshal and
water superintendent. $60; auditor, $25.V
W a te r an d W o o d
He— I have had some very trying
experiences in my time.
I was
•truck senseless once.
She— And when do you expect
to recover ?— Philadelphia Press.
a h y
The eitv of Falls C ity owns the gravity water system. It* first
cost was $26,000 Pure mountain water ia piped from springs on
Judge T eal’s ranch, 8 miles away, at an elevaticu of about 300
feet above city level.
Oak and fir firewood is plentiful and cheap.
L u m b e r an d F ru it
Electric-power planiDg and saw m ill, log pond, dry kiln and
lumber yard in the city, lumber flume, logging roads and logging
outfits, all owned aud operated by the Falls C ity Lumber Co.
The surrouiiding bench and hill lands are as well adapted to
the production of fruits and berries as any other section of the
Pacific Northwest, and development ou these lines is going on.
Potato growing is also becoming quite an extensive iiidustry.
S c h o o ls , C h u rc h e s , S o c ie tie s , C lu b s
The Falls City school has a 12-grade school with a full 4 -year
high school course, with principal, assistant principal and seven
grade teachers.
I h e Religious organizations are: Adventist, Cal holic, Christian,
Free Methodist, Methodist Episcopal, Get man Lutheran.
The Fraternal societies: Iud. Order of Oddfellows, Rebekahs,
Masons, Knights of Pythias, PythianSisters, Modern Woodmen of
America, Royal Neighbors o f America, Woodmen of the W orld,
Women of Woodcraft.
Free reading room. Gem theatre, photoplay.
Hydro-electric light generated by the power of the falls; owned
by W. E. Newsom; H . C. Brown, manager. Telephone system,
with l.-d. connections. C. J. Pugh, local manager.
Greater Falls City Commercial Club, G. C. Mahr President.
B u s in e a e E n te rp ris e s
Falls C ’ty is well provided with the usual business enterprises.
The News contains the announcements of the following business
and profesional men of the city :
Bakery, D. Toller,
Bank of Falls City, W. F. Nichols cashier.
Barber shops, Wm. Bohle.
Carpenter And Builder, S. Oudermrk.
Clothier, Tailor and gents’ furnisher, Chas. Harlung.
Drug store, M. L. Thompson.
Dentist, Dr. A. G. Atwood.
Department store, N. Selig.
Funeral director, R. L. Chapman.
Furniture, J. C. Talbott & Co.
General stores, N. Selig, F. C. Lumber Co., F. C. Merc. Co.
Hardware store, J. C. Talbott A Co.
H otel: Falls City Hotel, American plan, J. B. Tawney.
Jewelry store, W. A. Persey.
Land company, Falla City Orchards Co.
Lawyer: J. H. Flower.
Laundry, N. W. Crandell.
Newspaper, the Fall* City New«, C. W. Lee.
Painting, paper hanging and decorating, Dunckel A Johnson.
Photoplay theatre, the Gem, C. J. Pngh.
Physicians, Dr. W . B. Officer; Dr F. M. Hellwarth.
Prese!ng and cleaning parlor, I. A. Johnson.
Railroads, Salem, Falls City A Western, Southern Pacific.
Real estate agent, C. W. Lee.
Saloons: The Oregon, C. W. Matthews; The Idaho. Chas. Mix.
A tourist who was tramping over
Mexico last year was “ put un,r for a
night at a Isay, rickety little shack
that was called a hotel. It wns in
the country, in tha northern part of
Nuevo Leon atato.
“ A* the hotel,” the tourist said,
“ the old stage joke about stopping
on the outside was no joke at all.
Very much travel worn, 1 arrived
lato in the afternoon. There wore
only two rooms in the ‘ poeada,’
meaning in Mexico— ‘the hotel*—
a largo room, which served as lob­
by, office and dining room, and a
much smaller aide room, which waa
kitchen and everything else con­
nected with the hostelry.
“ I did not find out until after I
had paid, a little matter that was
demanded in advance with such a
flourish of courtesy that 1 could not
hesitate. I spent aeveral perturbed
momenta, off and on, wondering
where I waa to sleep.
there were three other ‘guests,’
Mexicans, who did not appear to
be worrying, so I tried to be pa­
“ Supper, an affair of lota of pep­
per and little food, was ‘served’ by
the proprietor’s wife. Shortly after
nightfall the proprietor, with much
bowing and gesturing and ‘Senor
Americano’-ing, signified to me that
he would take pleasure in assigning
me to my room. I followed him—
out of the hotel and into a small
corn patch behind the building.
“ In a corn row, at a spot where
the overlapping top blades were
thick enough to form a canopy that
was at least dewproof, my landlord
halted and pointed to an old blan­
ket which had been spread in the
hollow between the rowa, and, bow­
ing and senoring some more, de­
“ That was my room. There waa
an old frayed mat for a pillow, with
a dilapidated blanket for a cover­
“ Did I call up the office aod kick
on the room? I did not. The earth
was dry and warm, and having been
recentfy hoed waa not hard, and be­
ing dead tired I turned in at once
and had a dandy sleep.” — New
York Times.
Paint and
a Lunatio.
“ Among my patients today,” said
an English mind doctor, “ ia one
man whose skill with the brush
would almost surely qualify him for
high rank if he were only in posses­
sion of his senses. There are few
of the great exhibitions which do
not contain one or more of his can­
vases, and he has often received as
much as $500 for a picture. And
yet this man ia as ‘ mad as a hatter,’
the victim of terrible delusions and
subject to violent homicidal attacks.
Naturally hia work is unreliable.
One week he will produce a master­
ly and beautiful picture, with gen­
ius iD every line of it. The next he
will paint the moat weird picture, a
perfect nightmare in color, which,
curiously enough, he always con­
sidéra a masterpiece.”
The Rev. Irl R. Hicks 1914 Almanac
The Rev. Irl R. Hicks 1914 A l­
manac ia now ready and will be
mailed prepaid for only 3.5c. Pro-
feaior Hicks’ fine Magazine, Word
and Works, for one year, and a
copy of this Almanac for only one
dollar. The plain lessons on astion-
oniy, and the correct forecasts qf
storms, drouths, blizzards and tor­
nadoes, make these publications a
necessity in every home in America.
Send to Wor I and Works Pub­
lishing Company, 3401 Franklin
Avenue, St. Louis, Mo.
Word and Works and the Falla
City News, one year, and the A l­
manac, for $1.50.
800-sheet pencil tablet 6x8, for 10
cents, at The News office.
IR c a lÉ ô t a t c
H flc n c g
profcjelonM (Tart*
I’ll YilClAM
W . B . O ffic e r, M . D .
Owing to the numerous requests
coming to The Newa in regard to
rralealale ttansjfliona, renting and
other business matters, from non­
residents, we have decided to en­
gage in the resistitale business to a
limited extent. List your pro|ierly
with The News and get results.
Pest Office Time
Olilo* n » i T t io a p M u 'i rtrug *tnr*. Mu |
•a*i pbuM ,f| rh.m» HUhlCuU «41
Office in Toller Bldg.
Office hours: Daily, except Sun­
day, 8 a.in. to 6.30 p in.
Mail arrives, from
Saleui-Dallaa, 8.86 a.in., 3:46 pm .
Black Rock, 1 60 p.m.
Mail close*, fur
Baleni, 9.00 a m. and 1.00 p.m.
Dallas, 9.00 a in. and 5.00 p.m.
Black Rock, 1 1 0 0 am .
Office hours: Sunday only, 9:30
to 1040 a.in:
Mail arrives from Salem 8.86a.m.
Mail closes lor Salem 9:00 a.in.
Effective Dec. 1, 1913.
I ha C. M k h h u . no , Postmaster.
Falls C ity, Polk G o . Or.
J. H. F L O W E R
b P
O lfi«e aa Mela » « . . . «
FaHe CAy.
Dr. A.G. Atwood
f i l i a CNy Or.
Funeral D ire tti
The Weekly Oregonian from now
until January 1, 1915, for 75c at this
office. (Jive your order early and get
the greater U*neflt.
Fur Rent, the Lombard place,
1.70 acres, close in; good place for
market or home garden. Call on
The N uwm f o r particulars.
We titead la ell werk p u a » « * .
Delle, ead Fett. CMr. Or
»uetnew Cart*
_____________ HOTEL
fa lle flífielsotel
«am pia Baa aia
Beet Aaaatwist
J. B. Tewnep, FMNWW«
Send The News to Your Friends
Extra copies of The Newa are
printed each week, and will lie sent
lo any address desired, postpaid,
for 5 cents per copy.
This offer is made with the hope
that our citizens will send these ex­
tra copies to people u ho may he,
or who may become interested in
Falls City.
Now that the rapid and petma-
nent development of tliie section is
assured, it becomes the duty o f all
our citizens to take new courage
and boost for a greater and better
Falls City.
Pencil tablets, 6x8 inches, 800
sheets, for 10 cents. Every home
should have one.
Wanted, Ihe News
Citizens who wish to help The
News give the news of the town c o i l
render a g o o d service b y sending or
phoning any in. »rinatioii they may
have o f local doings, especially of
matters that are not likely to come
under the personal observation of
the editor.
liARHKR snore
Bohle’s Barber Shops
Falls Cltp, O ra«ea
Wkm yee its |«t • Mute, loir Cet, M b
•r Iklat-
H l '11.1*1 NO
Saul Oud«rkirk
Building Centrantes.
Phone 1M
ralle City, Ore.
Have your house repairing
in the W inter, snd ss ve man*?.
Wo do «II kinds o f building sad
repairing. W ill be glad to f i v e
estimates. Phone 1411 Falle Ci Iff
Contractors snd Builders
R. A. T IT U S
Graying, Wood and Lumber
Hauling. Proprietor of Hearse
Phono 134. F alls C i t y , O r *.
v ia o s '
G . L. H A W K I N S
P atents
m o n u m e n t s
Dallas, Oreien
D is io n s
Ooev r i g h t s Ac.
ngenry for I
_ pat en i
___ taken through Mutin A4 CO. f receive
tf»eU û notice, w ithou t o h a rf«. ln t b «
Scientific American.
G be
A hendanmely llltiatrafed weekly, l argest d r
dila tion o f any •rien tiflc Inumai. Term «. 93 «
rear ; fo u r tuontba. | L Bold b ja ll newsdealers.
m s k s s m
Mr. Home Seeker—
C. W. Matthews, Reaprieta*
and Buy Orohard Land
P r o n i 1 ST
CHAS. M il,
V, K K K tt Zf
Special Subscription Bargains
Evening Telegram, and the F. C. News, one year, 3.75
Daily Journal
4.50 ^
Semi-weekly Journal“
W eekly Oregonian, with 34-piece dinner set,
Nolke teN ew sS ekscrlbw «
A b lu e - p e n e H e r e e s M a r a s a l
n o t ic e m e s n e t e a t y e a r I
«len to T k e N # w e R e a a s p i r e # a a # |
» e a s e ftu ln p . D e N a s w .