Falls City news. (Falls City, Or.) 190?-19??, January 03, 1914, Image 1

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T h « N kwi »Und» for
• greater and batter
Palla City all tha tima
Ortgaa AJricuittiral College
Winter Short Course
JtMMry S to
H M T g N N A N T . R s* l# tre r
Corvallis. O r i g i n
Farmer»' Bus'neaa Courses by
correspondence without tuition
Hurry! Hurry!
Thia la positively your last
opportunity to secu rs The
Week I yO regonlnn (Oregon •
g reatest weekly) a t 75 cts.
to January 1. 1915. S a tu r­
day. January 31. 1CM. the
price advances to $1.50 per
year, the regular rate. Your
order for the weekly O re­
gonian taken a t The News
office. A ttend to th is now.
You are invited to
Make a Bee Line to the
at 7 .3 0 each e ve n in g th is w eek an d n ext.
A Wide Awake Song Service
fro m 7.30 to 8 , fo llo w e d by
e sp e c ia l song eeoh e v e n in g
both sin g e end end sp e a k s. H e Is e x p a rie n o e d in
• ve n g e lie tlc w o rk . Y o u o u g h t to h o a r h im .
The O. A. C. w inter short agriculture in all its phases will
' course begins next Monday and be taught. This offers valuable
! continue« to Jan. 31. Scientific and inspiring instruction in rural
labor and living.
It is stated th a t on an average
a crate df 360 eggs contains 279
fresh, 55 stale, 24 dirty or crack­
ed. and 2 rotten. If a b e tte r price
were paid for fresh eggs than
mixed lota producers would grade
eggs before m arketing. H ere is a
chance for any producer to m ake
money and a reputation.
Are conducting a vigorous circulation cam paign in Falls
A Salem paper of recent date
-¿■City. Theee t w o papers will supply you w ith all the
contained unw arran ted abuse of
new s of this locality and also w ith all the news of the
a coast town.
A course in jo u r­
country a t large, a t a minimum coat. For a short tim e
nalism a t Eugene for th a t editor
we will take your subscription to the two papers for one
is recom ended; or a change of
year a t 18.76 by m ail—a saving to you of 52.25. Pay to
The a tte m p t to m ake men be­
The Telegram. Portland, or to the Falls City New».
lieve too much provokes them to
believe too little .—Crowley.
The Evening Telegram
T h e Falls City News
T ry a Sack of
and watch results
All Goods and Prices Are Right
Falls City Lumber Co.
No. 18
MMNMMHMHMMMMWyy* ing out all right."
does not admit that there is* any­
Dot sat a long time on the hay.
thing very remarkable in the course
“Tom always thinks everything'» of life she ha» been pursuing. “If
Th e
going to come out all right," she one ventured far one would take a
said, determined to be miserable. gun of course. We were unarmed^
“ He doesn’t know anything about however, once when moving from
money. Margie says so, and I know camp to camp, and we met two lioof
xnyseJf he doesn’t, ’cause I one# fare to face. They turned tail and
owed him 5 cents for weeks, and ran away. If they hadn’t I do nog
then when I went to pay him he’d know what we should h»ve done,*
It Was Settled by
forgotten all about it and said I she said. “They rarely attack any
must have dreamed it.
one in the daylight. They were
“He's gone off now to sleigh ride probably as much frightened aa w#
and doesn’t care how hard we’re all were."—London Kail.
working,” and the little needle flew
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * faster than ever. “I just know be
thinks Dr. Cogswell isn’t going to
Under the head of “Mushroom
“Two dollar» * vurit!" cried Dot charge, but he is, for here’s one bill, Fallacies” it 1« asserted editorially
in di»m*y, forgetting entirely that and he’s probably got another all in the Journal of the Americas
Medical association that the tradi­
»he had como to look for a »pool of ready.
“ He could just as well not tional test of the comic paragraBhar
No. 40 in mamma’» drawer, and
opening her brown eye» wider and charge,” she went on, “for Eaith is really the only way to tell a
wider as »he read the heading of Olcott told me he was ever and ever mushroom from a toadstool. Tbit
so rich and that lie’s got a house test, it may be remembered, 1» »im­
an old bill of Dr. Cogswell’».
in the city even prettier than this. ply to eat the object. "If it kills
"Two dollars a visit!” she repeat­ But how could one be?” she won­ you, it’» a toadstool; if it dossn’t,
ed. “Oh, why doesn’t Donnie get dered. “ How eould any room be it’» a mushroom.” Furthermore,
well ? And where is all the money lovelier than the one Mrs. Crane even the most nutritious mush­
to como from?” she asked herself took Kdith and me into the other rooms have little nutritatire value.
sadiy. “ We will get very poor,” day, the little one with the win - 1 Their chief use, the writer think»,
continued Dot, shaking her little dow looking on the lake, and the i» as condiments, and a» a condi­
brown head slowly and going down­ little bed with curtains and every­ ment that may poison the eater ia
thing blue, carpet and all ? Dr. an undesirable one, the conclusion
Mamma and Sister Margie were Cogswell calls it his little sister’s is obvious.
sewing. Dot went quietly to Mrs. room, and she’s coming in the
Csrly Aviation In BsetlaaA
Ledyard and whispered.
Miss 1. A. Taylor in her “lift of
“ We’ll feel very poor afterward,
The little fingers never did bet­
won’t we, mamma?”
ter work than that day, for “mam­ James IV.” mentions an incestous
Mamma smiled—a sad smile, Dot ma wouldn’t have told me they Italian upon whom James conferred
thought—as she replied: “You’re needed it if they didn’t,” Dot kept an abbey, who “undertook to fir by
mean» of wing» and startad from
better at guessing than we suppos­ assuring herself.
ed. Now, why don’t you take your
Thst night Dot added to her the castle wall at Stirling on his
trimming, little daughter, and go rayer the words, “0 God, please way to France.” Unfortunately tha
into the library? There’s a nice on’t let it be more than we can flight proved short, for the air man
fell and broke bis thigh boot. Ha
fire on the hearth, and you can work pay t”
away like a bee. We’ll need it soon,
“ Let what V’ asked mamma aa she put down the disaster to a fault ia
the manufacture of the wings. "Hen
you know.”
tucked her in bed.
“ We’ll need it soon,” repeated
“The doctor’» bill,” whispered feathers (he complained) had baas
Dot as she climbed up in the big Dot, her arms very tight about Mrs. put into them,” which failed ta
sustain him. It was this Italian
library chair. “We’ll need it soon. Ledyard’s neck.
Oh, why didn’t they tell me? Why
Mrs. Ledyard smiled.
She who was to show the versatile king
did they leavo me to find it out for thought Dot was half asleep, so she how to convert beae metal into
myself? I might have worked tiptoed quietly downstairs to the gold.
yards and yards by this time and library and there found Tom telling
M •»is*'» Tfctsvse’ M arks«.
sold them for ever so much,” con­ Margie about Dot’s trouble.
There is in the City of Mexico a
fessed Dot as she made her little
The young doctor must have been
ivory needle fly in and out of her there, too, or heard of it in some thieves' market, in which stolen
way, for he happened in the next oods are publicly offered for »ale.
Tom went into the burn to clean morning right after breakfast, and t occupies an entire «quart. Dora
may be found everything that is
his gun. Dot saw him.
the first thing he said was:
“IH ask him,” she decided as she
“I’m going to have my bill set­ portable, fn-.n a telescope to a ring,
put her work hurriedly in a little tled today, little Mis» Dot,” as with a »ilk dress or a pair of stockings,
silk handkerchief and started with quite a grave face he took out a and the articles are sold et aboat
one-fifth of their actual value. Tha
it for the barn.
do not sell the goods open­
It was a very sad little face that
“ I-et me see,” he mused. “I be­
peered in at the barn door.
gan coming in May. Two visits a ly, for that would be dishonest ia
“ Hello!” was Tom’s greeting. day till—whpr it’s nearly Christmas, the estimation of the Mexican«, but
“Been crying?”
isn’t it? Now, how much should the «oilers are those who purchAaa
secretly from the thieves.
“ Yes,” admitted Dot in a voice you think it would come to?”
that could leave no doubt of it.
“ Hundreds!” said poor little Dot
“What’s up?” asked Tom as he faintly.
T h a L a ird and the K in g .
rubbed away at his gun. “Want
“ We want to be businesslike,”
Edward Legge in his book, "More
any help?”
said Dr. Cogswell. “Suppose you About King Edward,” says the late
“Oh, yes, Torn. That’s just what get your slate and figure it.”
monarch was ruffled on two occa­
I’ve coine for.”
Dot ran. “He isn’t going to let sions by Andrew Carnegie.
“ All right. Go ahead,” said Torn us off a penny,” she moaned.
Once at Skibo castle Mr. Carnagia
“Now, let’s do a little sum in had the courage to quota Joaquib
“Well, you know, Tom,” began arithmetic,” said the doctor. “ What Miller’s invocation: “Hail! Fat
Dot in her sweet, timid voice, does M stand for?”
Edward!” His majaaty, it is
“One thousand,” said staggered did not like the tactless application.
“there’s a aocrot in there,” pointing
toward the house, “and I never little Dot, pushing the crochet work
On another occasion King Ed­
found it out till thia morning.”
way down in her pocket.
ward was “ very angry” because tha
“Very good,” said the doctor. millionaire declined to subecribs to
“So you found it out, did you?
“ Now, what does C stand for?”
Well, I told ’em you would.”
his majesty’s hospital fnnd.
“One hundred,” said Dot, trying
“I wouldn’t but for the bill.”
As par Fasteners.
“You wouldn’t what?” asked to be brave.
“ And altogether?” was the next
The little paper fastener that
“I ’ll tell you about that after­ question.
holds together a number of loose
“Eleven hundred,” said Dot tear­ sheets is more than 2,000 years old.
ward. When I went into the sit­
ting room mamma and Margie were fully.
Such a device was used by the Ro­
“H ’m!” coughed Dr. Cogswell. man soldiers of that era as an inci­
“That certainly didn’t surprise “Now, can you think of anything dental of their costumes of uni­
else they might stand for?”
you!” laughed Tom.
form. The belt of thin copper wotn
“No, 6ir,” said Dot.
“Oh, Tom! How can you make
by the ancient legions was fastened
“ Why, yes, you can, Dot!” cried to a strip of cloth, serving as a lin­
fun of it all? Mamma looked just
ready to cry, and—oh, oh, oh! What Donald, who had just been wheeled ing, with a series of little bronze
can we ever do about it?” as she into the room. “M. C.!” clapping clasps precisely like in principle the
threw herself face downward on the his hands. “ Why, Merry Christ­ paper fastener of today.
hay and sobbed as though her little mas! Don’t you see?”
Fieking Vsur C siwsm *y.
heart would break, while Tom stood
Dot smiled.
“Then there isn’t any bill?” »he
by in speechless astonishment.
Mrs. Stnyvesant Fish is noted for
“Does she know, after all?” he asked Tom.
her epigram*. Her latest to be
“Nary a bill,” said Tom, “but quoted in New Ycrk was a remark
asked himself. “I uiustu’t forget
my promise to mother, but I must can’t you think of anything else which »he addressed to a young
matron who is at the same time
give the child somo comfort,” ho the letters might stand for?”
“No,” said happy, stupid little ultra exclusive and ultra sharp
thought as he went over to the little
blue cloak on the hay.
“I can!” cried Don, catching sight
“Come, Dot,” said he tenderly.
“ My dear,” said Mr». Fish to this
“ Don’t cry. You haven’t told me of some glances being exchanged young woman, “pick your company
yet what the m atter is. Now, we’ll and Margie’s pretty cheeks aglow. —but don’t pick them to pieoei.”—
»it right up here while you tell Tom “Margie Cogswell!”
Buffalo Express.
Then they all laughed, and Dot
all about it.”
After awhile Dot managed to say. had to submit to a good deal of
The sultanate of Zsnsihar em­
“Does Dr. Cogswell charge peo­ teasing, but sho was very happy not­
ple who arc ill $2 every time he withstanding and wrote in her diary braces the islands of Zanxibar and
tha-. night in such big letters that Pemba, with sevet-al small ialands in
goes to see them ?”
“Something like that, I believe,” she vent right over two or three the adjacent waters and a strip of
land ten miles in depth running
of ie following days:
answered Tom wonderingly.
“ The doctor wasn’t coming to along the littoflal of British East
“I t ’s exactly that,” said Dot, feel­
ing for the bill. “Oh, Tom, we see Donnie, after all, and there Afriea. This strip ia politically and
must owe him hundreds of dollar»!’’ wasn’t any bill. I am going to be economically under the government
TheroNvas a queer look in Tom’» bridesmaid on Christmas eve and of British East Africa.
wear white. There isn’t any little
RsoM^Llng W aits Silver.
“There, Dot,” »aid Tom soothing- sister but me, and I ’m going to have
deal of silver ia wasted
lv. “Don’t be so foolish a» to cry.
in factories where silver plate ia
It wifi be all right. I can’t tell you want to go there to viait.”
The hammering pro«
how just now, but take my word for
turns the silver into d u st M ha*
Timid Lima.
Lady Bruce, who, with her hus­ actually been found worth wEila to
“Tom,” called Mr». Ledyard,
band, Sir David Bruce, spent two save the water in which the Work­
"they’re all waiting for you.”
“The boys have come, Dot,” said ears in the wild and remote region men wa»h before leaving and recov­
Tom, giving her a hasty kiss. "Now, nown as Angoniland, fifty mile« er from it the black sediment w'tich
remember aot to. worrv. I t’» com­ from the »bore» of. Lake Nyassa, is largely pure silver.
Doctor’s Bill
The College ha* »|*en*d no effort
to make this the molt complete
•hurt course in its history. A
very wide range of courses will
be offered in General Agrtcul-
lure. Horticulture.Animal Hus­
bandry.Dairying. Poultry Keep­
ing, Mechanic Arts. Domestic
Ke*ence and Art,Commerce For­
estry, and Mueic. Numéro«»
h d u res and discuaeiona on Far­
mer»' Co • Operation, at home
and abroad, will he a leading
feature. Make this a plraaant
and profitable winter outing.
N o tuition. Accommodations
reasonable. Reduced rate» on ail
railroad». For further informa­
tion. address
Buy all goods of horn#
merchants and halp ta
make Falls City greater