Falls City news. (Falls City, Or.) 190?-19??, April 22, 1911, Image 6

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Wear This Stylish Suit!
man who 1« ndmlrod 1« the «i»t*||*
‘(I umn whiiHi- cloth e« aro fimh’
. ttiitl urc It) I I Mtylert. Y o u w ill
t m a n in y o u r n H v tih o r h o o iit
f t ) lo« ivrejiu-t In. ( i r t t ill« s u it
the «well.-at. uliu4*fi‘»t, e iiiu n e -t
tyle we ever creuted—artl hi -r»*r
o u r a p p e u r u u c e ! t h i s I * OUR
ID£Ai \Ve wurit one iu uii whom *
r»*|TeiMMitaiive In y o u r n e ig h ­
b o r h o o d . You’ ve K‘ >t h lot o f
frieodw T h e y w e n r c lo t lit-«.
It is the eesiewt thin u in the
torld to uet them to order th e ir
thew from y o u . Price«. $7 6(' and
. . T h o *« oruerw mean a b ljf bii.il-
lietM th a t m o r e th u n d o u b le *
y o u r » a l a r y , and the work in the
ie«t. clci.neat. nicent occupation
the world Net# rei re-wnitativ« s
make S5 to III) a day. Yon «im ply
take the order and meu-u renten‘. «
Voting Spanish Monarch la Declared
Going the Pace That May Event­
ually Put Him in Manuel’a
Madrid. Spain.—Grown tired at last
Of the openness of Kina Alfonso’s neg­
lect of her, Queen Victoria has, it is
said, decided to return to her home
in England for an Indefinite stay.
Front confidential court sources It Is
learned that the queen’s visit will vir­ "Marl” Dan Maitland, on rru himi his
tew York bachelor chib, met un attr-ir -
tually amount to a royal separation, .Ive young woman ut the door Janitor
llitgan usaurt-il hint no one had ..... ..
'as she has declared that she cannot
within that day
Dan discovered a w--m-
ItTi*ti tolerate the I ubu H s of the king, i n ’a linger prints In dust on Ids desk,
with u latter from h.s attorney.
whose treatment of her Is now an along
Maitland dined with Hannerinan, Ills a t ­
open book throughout Spain.
Dan «et out f. r llreenfl* Iris, to
fairing his prolonged visit In Paris get tiia fam il y Jewels. During his walk
to the country «eat, tie met the young
Alfonso’s movements were such that woniun In gray, whom he h-trl seen l e a v ­
the Paris police were driven nearly ing his bachelors’ club. Her auto had I
broken down, lb- fixed It. b y a ruse she
frantic In their efforts to guard him " l o s t " him. Maitland, on reaching home,
lady In gray, crack ing the safe
and keep his Identity unknown. Al­
containing his gems. She. apparently,
fonso's frequent Incognito trips to took him for a w. ll-known crook, Daniel
Paris, knowledge of which the cabinet Anlsty. Half-hypnoilz--*l. Maitland opened
his safe, took therefrom the Jewels, and
tried hard to suppress by official an­ g av e them to her, first fo rm in g a part­
nouncements tpat the king was spend­ nership In erlme. T h e reul Dan Anlsty.
sought by police o f the world, appeared
ing a few days In the retirement of an the Kami- mission. Maitland overcame
his home, It now transpires, have been him. He met the girl outside the house
anrl they sp.d on to N e w Yrirk in her au­
nothing more than flagrant escapades to. H e had the Jewels amt site pronitserl
In the gay life of the French capital. to meet him Unit day. Maitland received
"M r. Bnalth.” Introducing himself as a
On one of these trips Alfonso re­ a detective.
T o shield the girl In gray,
mained In Paris for nearly three Maltlnnd, about to show him the Jew­
els, supposedly lost, was felled by a blow
months, aUhougb the official time of from "S n a it h ’ s " eane. T b e latter proved
his stay was announced as only a few to be A nls ty hlrns.-lf and tie secured the
Anlsty. who w as Maitland's dou­
days. English detectives had a similar gems.
ble. miisitlic rnded h s ttie Witter.
Th e
experience on Alfonso's last visit to criminal kept M ai tl and’ s en gagement with
a fte r fal li ng In love at first sight. T h ey
This Is the third time that Victoria were to meet and divide the loot. M a i t ­
rev ive d and regretted missing Ids
has been on the verge of renouncing land
masquerading as
her queenship and returning to Eng­ Maitland.
narro wly
T b e girl In gr ay
land. The first was soon after their visited Ma itland ’ s apartments
during his
honeymoon, when there were authori­ absence and return« d gems.
tative stories of violent differences be­
CHAPTER VIII.—Continued.
tween the royal pair. The second was
Rut where to put them, that he
during the Catnlan revolt In 1909,
might find them without delay? It
when the Ilrltlsh government sent spe­
must be no conspicuous place, where
cial emissaries to Madrid to Investi­
G’Hagan would bo apt to happen upon
gate the situation and kept secret
them; doubtless the janitor was trust­
service agents In rehdlnesB to assist
worthy, but still . . . Misplaced
In the contemplated flight.
opportunities breed criminals.
All stories that the marringe of Al­
It was all a risk to leave the treas­
fonso and Victoria, In May, 1900, was
ure there, without the protection of
the culmination of a real love affair
tiekeled steel walls and ttmelocks;
have long since been wholly disproved.
iut a risk that must be taken. She
In their place Is the hard, cold fact
lared not retain it longer in her pos-
that the marringe, like most of the
esslcn; and she would contrive a way
other royal unions of Europe, was ar­
u the morning to communicate with
ranged purely for political purposes.
luitland and warn him.
Alfonso never disguised his dislike of
Her guze searched the area where
the heavy Anglo-Saxon type of his
he lamplight fell soft yet strong upon
wife and the latter was less backward
he dark shining wood and heavy
In showing her displeasure with most
mass desk fittings; and paused, ar-
of the qualities possessed by Alfonso.
Registering Under the
ested by the unusual combination of
averted bowl and super-imposed book.
There was a bright spot of color on
\ riddle to be read with facility; In a either cheek and a hot light of anger
winkling she had uncovered the in- in her eyes as she set about her task.
SHI Stolen by Stage Robber In Wol­ ■rimlnating hand-print—Incriminating It would never be less hideous, never
verine State In 1836 Is Found In
f it could be traced, that Is to say.
less Immediate.
London Street.
"O h!” she cried, softly. And laughed
The desk drawers yielded easily to
i little. "Oh, how careless!"
the eager k ys. One .by one she had
flay City. Mich.—From "T.ower Sag­
Fine brows pucltr-rod, she pondered them open and their contents explored
inaw" In 1836 to Whitechapel road, he matter, and ended by placing her —vain repetition of ijesterday after­
I.ondon, In 1910, Is a far cry and Just wn held over tbe print; this one noon’s fruitless task. Rut she must
how an old ’’wildcat” note. Issued by Itteu me other exactly.
be sure, she must leave no stone un­
tho Saginaw County bank of Lower
"Ilcw he must have wondered!
turned. Maitland Manor was closed
Saginaw, in that year, could be picked
He Is sure to look again, espe- to her for ever, because of last night
up nearly three-quarters of a century •lally If— "
Rut here she was safe for a few short
lator on a busy Ixtndon thoroughfnre
No need to conclude the sentence. hours, and free to make assurance
Is a mystery which is only partly Juickly she placed bag and case doubly sure.
solved by a letter received In the local quareijf <;n top of the Impression, the
There remained the dispatch box,
postofflee a few days ago and turned iowl over all, and the book upon the the black Japanned tin box which had
•over to M. M. Andrews, cashier of the towl; then, drawing from her iiocket proved obdurate yesterday. She had
Old Second Nntlonal bank.
t pair of long gray silk gloves, draped come prepared to break Its lock this
The letter came from William Roger me across the book; and, head tilted time, If need be; Maitland's careless­
Miller, who gives his address as 0 one side, admired tho effect.
ness spared 'ter tbe necessity.
Ilousedltch, E. C., London, and Is ad­
It seemed decidedly an artistic ef-
She lifted It out of a lower drawer,
dressed to the "Managing Director, ,'ect, admirably calculated to attract and put It In her lap. The smallest
Saglnnw County bank of Lower Sag mention. She was satisfied to the key fitted the lock at the first attempt.
'mint of being pleased with herself; a The lid came up and—
Tbe letter stntes that tho writer tel Indicated by an expressive flutter
Perhaps It is not altogether discred­
found the note along the Whitechapel f slim, fair hands. And now. to work! itable that one should temporarily for­
road and being of no value without a rime pressed, and— A cloud dimmed get one’s compunctions In the long-de­
signature he forwarded It for the lie radiance of her eyes; Irresolutely ferred moment of triumph. The girl
he shifted In her chair, troubled, uttered a little cry of joy.
The note, with a large amount of rowning, lips woefully drooping. And
Crash!— the front door downstairs
other notes, was en route by stage to tlghed. And n still small whisper, had been slammed.
the bank Just being organized when broken and wretched, disturbed the
She was on her feet In a breath,
tho stage was robbed and the notes In pilot of tbe study.
faint with fear. Yet not so overcome
blank were taken.
"1 can not! O, I can not! To spoil that she forgot her errand, her suc­
Much of this stolen paper, even it all, now, when—”
cess. As she stood up she dropped
though absolutely worthless without
Yet she must. She must forget her- the dispatch box back Into the drawer,
the Indorsement of the bank, wus put elf and steel her determination with without a sound, nnd, opening her
Into circulation, no doubt, nnd this be memory that another's happiness hand bag. stuffed something into It.
note Is probably one of them. Tho hung In the balance, depended upon
No time to do more; a dull rumble
bank never did business, as the period 1 or success. Twice site had tried and of masculine voices was distinctly,
of “ wildcat" banks was over before an­
failed. This third time she must suc­ frightfully aud’ble In the stillness of
other batch of money could bo secured ceed.
the house; v .cos of men conversing
from the printers.
And bowing her head In token of her together in me Inner vestibule. One
The bill received from Mr. Miller Is resignation, she turned back squarely laughed, und the laugh seemed to
so far ns known the only one of the lo face the desk. As she did so the penetrate her bosom like a knife. Then
kind now In existence, and Cashier too of one small shoe caught against ‘both strode across the tiling and began
Andrews values It highly ns a sou­
something on the floor, causing a to ascend, as was clearly told her by
venir. He will correspond with the
dull jingling sound. She stooped, with footsteps sounding deadened on the
tinder, who will undoubtedly bo suit­ a low exclamation, and straightened padded carpet.
ably rewarded for his trouble.
Fanlc-strlcken. she turned to the
up. a small hiinrh of keys in her hand;
eight or len of them dangling from a student lamp and with a quick twirl
and upward jerk of the chimney-catch
silver ring; Maitland's keys.
He must have dropped them there, extinguished the flame. A reek of
Novel Suit for Damages Filed by “ Un­ forgetting them altogether. A find of smoke immediately began to foul the
cle Tom’s Cabin" Company
value and ttne to save her a deal of close, hot nir; and she knew that It
In Indiana.
Irouhle; skeleton keys are ao exas- would betray her, but was helpless to
peratlngly slow, particularly when used stop It. Resides, she was caught,
Evnnsvllle, Ind.— Because Eliza could bv Inexpert hands Rut how to bring trapped, damned beyond redemption
find no lee upon which to eseapo and herself to make use of these? All’s nnlvss— unless It were not Maitland,
the bloodhounds could not follow her lair In war (and this wits a sort of after all, but one of the other tenants,
¡tail, Ernest Harrington, proprietor ol war. a war of wits at least); hut one unexpectedly returned and bound for
an "Uncle Tom’s Cabin" show, has filed hottld fight with one's own arms, not another flat.
Futile hope. Upon the landing by
suit against the Rig Four railroad for | pdrci- the enemny’s and turn them
$1,000. He charges lliat tho railroad j against him. To use these keys to the door the footsteps ceased; and a
company's employes at Carthnge. Ind., ransack Maitland’s desk seemed an key grated In the wards of the lock.
Hltnd with terror, her sole thought
allowed the Ice, trees and other acres ' notion ever mote blackly dishonorable
series to Elizas flight to stand out tnjrhnn this clandestine visit, this rnld- an Instinctive Impulse to hide and so
the rain on the depot platform, despite : night foray.
avert discovery until the last possible
his warnings.
| swinging the notched metal slips Instant, and on the bare chance of
The result, he says, was that the Ice from a slender finger, she contem- something happening to save her, the
was washed off the^ canvas and ths|p|AI(.j them; nnd laughed ruefully. girl caught up her skirts and (led like
scenery so smudged and run together What qualms of Conscience In » burg­ a hunted shadow through the alcove,
that it all resembled the chocolate hue lar, self confessed! She was there for through the bed chamber, thence down
tf Uncle Tom's face.
a purpose, a rerogglted. nefarious pur the hnll toward the dining room and
pose. Granted. Then why quibble? kitchen offices.
Tooth B ru s h in g Law Aaked.
The outer door was being opened
She would not quibble. She would be
Lynn, Mass.—If an order now hs- firm,
cold­ ere she had reached the hiding place
fore the school board Is passed by the blooded, unmindful of all kindness and she had In mind—the trunk closet—
city government, all public school pu­ ¡courtesy and— She would use them. from which, she remembered remark­
pils will be obliged to brush their' accomplish her purpose, and have ing. a window opened upon a fire
teeth on arriving at school each morn 'done, finally and for ever, with the escape. It was barely possible, a
fighting chance.
whole hateful bualness'
stltutlon to be a Snember of which Is
a duty, but emphatically no great
pleasure, to the sons of a New York
family of any prominence.
But In Its management the younger
generation holds no suffrage; and Is
not slow to declare that the Primordial
Is rightly named, characterizing the
Individual members of the board of
governors a3 antediluvians, prehistoric
monsters who have never learned that
laughter lends a savor to existence.
And so it is that the younger genera­
tion (which Is understood to Include
Maitland and Rannerman), while it re­
ligiously pays Its dues and has the
name of the Primordial engraved upon
its cards, shuns those deadly respec­
table rooms and seeks Its comfort else­
Maitland found it dull and depress­
ing- enough, that same evening, some­
thing before seven. The spaelous and
Impressive lounging rooms wore but
I spursely tenanted, other than by the
ennuled corps of servants; and the
few members who had lent the open
doors the excuse of their presence
were of the elderly type that hides
ltBelf behind a newspaper in an easy
chair and snorts when addressed.
The young man strolled disconso­
lately enough Into the billiard room,
thence (dogged by a specter of lone­
liness) to the bar, and finally, In sheer
desperation, to the dining room, where
he selected a table and ordered an
evening paper with his meal.
When the former was brought him.
he sat up and began to take a new In­
terest in life. The glaring head lines
that met his eye on the front page
proved as bracing as a slap In the
“ 'The Maitland Jewels,” ’ he read,
half aloud: " ‘Daring Attempt at Burg­
lary. "Mad” Maitland Catches "Hand­
some Dan" Anisty in the Act of Crack­
ing His Safe at Maitland Manor.
Which Was Which? Roth Principals
Disappear.' ’’
The news-story was exploited as a
“ beat;" It could have been little else,
Name of “ Mr. Daniels.”
since nine-tenths of Its "exclusive de­
She closed the door, grateful that tails" had been born full-winged from
Its latch slipped silently Into place, the fecund imagination of a busy re­
and fairly flung herself upon the win­ porter to whom Maitland had refused
dow, painfully bruising her soft hands an interview while In his bath, some
In vain endeavor to raise the sash. -It three hours earlier. Maitland discov­
stuck obstinately, would not yield. ered with relief that boiled down to es­
Too late, ahe remomhorod that she sentials' It consisted sltnply of the
had forgotten to draw the catch— statement that somebody (presumably
fatal oversight!
A sob of terror himself) had caught somebody (pre­
choked In her threat. Already foot­ sumably Anisty) burglarizing tho li­
steps were hurrying down the hall; a brary safe at Maitland Manor that
line of light brightened underneath morning; that one of the somebodies
the door; voices, excitedly keyed, (no one knew which) had overpowered
bandied question and comment, an un­ the other and left hint In charge of the
mistakable Irish brogue minging with butler, who had presently permitted
a clear enunciation which she had but his prisoner to escape and then talked
too great reason to remember. The for publication.
pair had passed Into the next room.
It was not to this so much that Mait­
She could hear O'Hasan announcing; land objected. It was the Illustra­
“ No wan here, sor.”
tions that alternately saddened and
"Then It’s the dlnlgg room, or the maddened the young man; the said Il­
trunk closet. Come along!”
lustrations comprising blurred hn'f-
One last, frantic attempt! Rut the tone reproductions of photographs
window catch, rusted with long dis­ taken on the Maltlnnd estate; a dia­
use, stuck. Panting, sick with fear, gram of the library, as fanciful as the
the girl leaped away and crushed her­ text It illuminated, and two portraits,
self Into a corner, crouching on the side by side, of the heroes, himself
floor behind a heavy box, her dark and Anisty, excellent likenesses both
cf the originals and of each other.
cloak drawn tip to shield her head.
And the door opened.
Mr. Maitland did not enjoy his din­
A flood of radiance from the re­ ner.
lighted student lamp fell athwart the
Anxious and preoccupied, he tasted
floor. The girl lay close and still, hold­ the dishes mechanically; and when
ing her breath.
they had all passed before him, took
Ten seconds, perhaps, ticked on Into hls thoughts and a cigar to a gloomy
eternity; seconds that were In them­ corner of the smoking room, where he
selves eternities.
"N o one sat for two solid hours, debating the
here, O’Hagan.”
matter pro and con, and arriving at
The door was closed, and through no conclusion whatever, suve that Hig­
Its panels more faintly came: "Faith, gins was doomed.
and the murdhering divvlo must 've
At 10:15 he began to contemplate
flew th' coop afore ye come In,sor.”
with positive pleasure the prospect of
The girl tried to rise, to make again discharging the butler. That, at least,
for the window; but It was as though was action, something that he could
her limbs had turned to water; there do; wherever else he thought to move
was no strength In her; and the black­ he found himself baffled by the blank
ness swam visibly before her eyes, ra­ darkness of mystery, or by hls fear
diating away in whirling, streaky cir­ of publicity and ridicule.
At 10:20 he decided to move upon
Even such resolution and strong will Greenfields at once, and telephoned
as was hers could not prevail against O’Hagan, advising him to profess ig­
that numbing, deathly exhaustion. Her norance of his employer’s where­
eyes closed and her head fell back abouts.
agatnst the wall.
At 10:22. or in the midst of hls ad­
It seemed but an Instant (though monitions to the Janitor, he changed
It was in point of fact a full five min­ hls mind and decided to stay in New
utes) ere the sound of a voice again York; and Instructed the Irishman
roused her.
to bring him a suit case containing a
She looked up, dazzled by a gush few necessaries; his intention being to
of warm light.
stay out the night at the club, and so
He stood in the doorway, holding the avoid the matutinal siege of his lodg­
lamp high above his head, his face ings by reporters and detectives.
pale, grave, and shadowed as he
At 10:45 a club servant handed him
peered down at her.
the card of a representative of the
"I have sent O’Hagan away," he Evening Journal. Maitland directed
said, gently. " If you will please to that the gentleman be shown Into the
come, now—”
reception room.
At 10:46 he skulked out of the club
by a side entrance, jumped Into a cab
and had himself driven to the East
The cab which picked Maitland np Thirty-fourth street ferry, arriving
at his lodgings carried him but a few there just in time to miss the last
blocl?» to the club at which he had. the train for Greenfields.
previous evening, entertained his law­
Denied the shelter alike of hie lodg­
yer. Maitland had selected It as the ings. his club, and hls country home,
one of all the clubs of which he and the young man In despair caused him­
Bannerman were members, wherein self to be conveyed to the Bartholdi
he was least likely to meet the latter. hotel, where, possessed of a devil of
Neither frequented Its sober precincts folly, he preserved hls Incognito by reg­
by habit. Its severe and classical istering under the name of "M. Dan-
building on a corner of Madi­ tele." And straightway retired to hls
son avenue overlooking the square, Is room.
hut the outward presentment of an la-
ami mail thorn to us VV« makuthoclothc«,
» ’up lhotn ou approval to p>ur friend amt
bend you tbe p ro c t mcuujr A Htputar
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uuas fo r yourawif. hit right down new;
w rit« ut a n ovu lora Icltar f • -r the true >.t-
fit to re $ Mutative».
And you $ rl l.ia
»w elie»l suit uf faslntinalilo tn1 lor-inado,
•II woo*. K in cloth- « s v er w o rn in your
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a a s * an<* a b ig business , ~..rth a
or a ’2 -eei.t stamp t-- you. thun a c t now —
w nto us today Address
UtauCAN WOOLEN MILLS CO.. Oopt. 512, Chicks
King James' Complacent Estimate of
Royal Dignity as Expressed
In Speech.
The state of monarchy Is the su-
premest thing on earth; for kings are
not only God's lieutenants upon earth,
and sit upon God's throne, but even bjr
God himself they are called gods.
There be three principal similitudes
that illustrate the state of monarchy.
One taken out of the word of God and
the other two taken out of the grounds
of policy and philosophy.
In the Scriptures kings are called
gods and so their power Is after a cer­
tain relation compared to the divine
power. Kings are also compared to
the fathers of families; for a king Is
truly perens patriae, the politic fa­
ther of hls people. And lastly kings
are compared to the head of this mi­
crocosm of the body of man.
Kings are justly called gods, for
that they exercise a manner of re­
semblance of divine power upon
earth; for If you will consider the at­
tributes to God. you shall see how
they agree In the person of a king.
God hath power to create or destroy,
make or unmake at hls pleasure, to
give life or send death, to Judge all
and to be Judged nor accountable to
none, to raise low things and to make
high things low at hls pleasure, and to
God are both soul and body due.
And the like power have kings; they
make and unmake their s ¡bject, they
have power of raising and casting
down, of life and death. Judges over
all their subjects and In all causes
and yet accountable to nono but God
only. They have power to exalt low
things and abase high things, and
make of their subjects like men at
the chess— a pawn to take a bishop or
a knight—and to cry up or down any
of their subjects, as they do their
money. And to the king Is due both
the affection of the soul and the serv­
ice of tho body of hls subjects.—From
a Speech of James I. Before Parlla*
ment In 1619
Some Simple Directions for Treating
Cavities Which Are
Still Small.
Many of the so-called tree doctors,
xs well as the people who employ
them, have become so elated over the
Idea of tree surgery that they find
iorne cause for treating almost every
and any tree, regardless of Its neces­
sities or the results of such treatment,
or whether It Is worth while to spend
either time or money upon them.
A word of caution Is therefore not
out of place. If you feel that your
trees need attention, look Into tbs
matter of tree doctoring, so that you
may know something about It, and then
call upon a responsible man with a
good reputation to do your work.
When the tree has been neglected
and cavities have formed In the trunk
of the tree, something should be dons
to slop the Increase of the opening, for,
after It has become so large as to en­
circle the greater portion of the tree,
or where the entire center has been
destroyed, It Is not worth the time and
money It takes to properly treat these
In cases where the tree can
still be treated the cavLy should be
scraped and cleaned of.all dead wood,
then give the cavity a thorough wash­
ing or spraying with a solution of cop­
per sulphate. This solution, applied
to all parts of the cavity, will kill all
the remaining rot spores.
Now the
cavity Is ready to be filled with a ce­
ment mixture, using one part of ce­
ment to three parts of clean, sharp
sand. This Is packed Into the cavity,
filling It to one Inch of the finished
surface, and then apply a covering of
ono part cement to one part sand.
This Is put on eo as to bring the
filling to a smooth surface, making It
conform to the contour of the tree
trunk. A coat of coal tar may be ap­
plied to discolor the cement and aid
In making the filling water tight
Question of Disposition.
Dlaaatlsfled Patron—Gentle disposi­
tion ! Why, he wants to bite tho head
off every dog he meets.
I've been
Merchant — "You
didn't ought to keep doge at all, mister.
The animals you ought to keep wlv
your temperament is silkworms."-«
The Limit.
“ He absolutely larks the business
Instinct." “ Does he?"
"Why, he'd
have no more Idea of business than
to open a garage In Venice."—Chicago
Force of Habit.
"Do yon know. Dr. Knirera walke.
deliberately past me today and neve
"D ont mind that. Emmy. He's s<
need to cutting people that be did i
Without thinking."