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Newsy Items Gathered from All
Parts of the World.
Less Important but N ot Less
esting Happenings from Points
Outside the State.
Japan has sent China an ultimatum
on the railroad situation in Manchuria.
Cleveland, Ohio, officers are having
a row over the W h itla kidnaping re­
Lord Kitchener is to be field mar­
shal and organize the B ritish colonial
M arriages o f p retty cashiers haB
caused Los Angeles huiei men to em­
ploy men.
The Moors are again showing a ctiv­
ity and another clash w ith Spanish
troops is expected.
The murder o f a Mexican g irl by a
Chinaman has caused an outbreak at
Zapotlan, Mexico.
Venezuela is about to bring to a
close the disputes with foreign powers
dating from Castro’ s regim e.
A case o f Bubonic plague has been
found in Sacramento county, Cal. The
situation is not regarded alarming.
The Chinese government has made
arrangements to install a telephone
plant in Pekin w ith a capacity o f 200,-
The instruments are to be
000 lineB.
Am erican make.
H eat is
claim ing
more victim s at
S triking bakers at Montreal, Canada,
have caused a bread famine.
The Japs have called off their strike
on Hawaiian sugar plantations.
The Stockholm strike is causing a
fam ine and is spreading throughout
An Oregon woman has been arrested
at Oakland for swindling railroads by
fake injury claims.
Bernard J. Mullaney has declined
Mayor Basse's offer to be chief o f po­
lice in Cnicago.
One o f the four surviving w ives o f
the Mormon leader Brigham Young, is
dead. She was 88 years old.
Three wealthy Los Angeles men
have received demands for money with
death as the penalty fo r refusal.
M ayor Eby, o f Burkeville, Pa., has
been arrested for threatening to dyna­
m ite Pennsylvania Railroad trains.
The Illinois board o f arbitration is
at work at Chicago and hopes to be
able to settle the streetcar trouble
without a strike.
The direct prim ary law was
cause o f a riot at Indianapolis.
A bronze bust o f James J. H ill has
been unveiled at the Seattle fair.
The asylum superintendent and two
experts agree that Thaw is still insane.
In a referendum election 3-ctnt
street car fares was beaten in Cincin-
Spanish soldiers at M elilla are said
to have trapped the Moors and routed
Germany is now the only nation op­
posed to g ivin g Am ericans a share in
the Chinese railw ay loan.
Charles H. Moyer has been re-elected
president o f the Western Federation o f
Miners fo r the eighth time.
T w o thousand Cooneyites are aw ait­
ing the end o f the world at Dublin,
spending their tim e in prayer.
A Mississippi prea'her has been
forced to flee for his life because he at­
tended a conference o f negro preachers.
Count Zeppelin has made two un­
successful attempts to fly from Frank­
fo rt to Cologne and each tim e an acci­
dent caused a failure.
Don Jaime, the pretender, says he
w ill not take a hand in the revolt un­
less A lfonso is unable to handle the
situation and asks his aid.
A labor crisis is fast approaching in
Great B ritain has begun building an
aerial navy.
A French aviator has reached
height o f 800 fe e t in his aeroplane.
The whole Missouri Pacific system
is to be merged into one company by
Chicago carmen threats;, & general
strike and police are d r il'v .g to be
ready for trouble.
Registration fo r Governm ent
Reaches 2 7 4 ,6 2 9 .
Spokane, Aug. 6.— Breaking all rec­
ords in the history o f the United
States fo r registration for government
land openings, registration fo r land on
the three reservations, Flathead, in
Montana, Spokane, in Washington, and
Coeur d ’ Alene, in Idaho, closed at mid­
night last night with a grand total o f
274,529 applications received at the
central office o f James W . W itten, at
Coeur d ’ Alene. Those in the letters
w ill bring the total to 290,000, exceed­
ing the famous Oklahoma reservation
rush, the greatest known.
Until Monday the force in Judge
W itten ’ s office w iil be preparing to
send out the lucky notices to those
drawing for lands. The high platform
from which the drawings w ill be made
is complete, and the 50 steel cans
which contain the applications are
guarded by armed men until August 9,
the opening day.
During the period o f application,
certificates o f authority to a. minister
the oath have been withdrawn from five
notaries in Spokane by Judge W itten.
The offenses consisted o f altering the
name o f the agent in a soldier’ s power
o f attorney and in leaving signed and
stamped application blanks with clerks
to be filled out when the authorized
notary was absent.
On Monday, August 9, Miss Helen
Hamilton, the pretty niece o f Mayor
Boyd Hamilton, o f Coeur d’ Alene, w ill
pick the winning list o f 1,500 numbers
on the Coeur d ’ Alene reservation. On
Tuesday, August 10, the little Miss
w ill w ill continue drawing a substitute
list o f numbers up to 3,000, this latter
list to be used in case those first drawn
do not appear to file on the land.
On Thursday, Friday and Saturday,
August 12, 13 and 14, Miss Elizabeth
Donlin, daughter o f E. R. Donlin, o f
Missoula, w ill draw the winning num­
bers on the Flathead reservation up to
6,000 and on Monday, August 16, Miss
H arriet Post, daughter o f Frank T.
Post, o f Spokane, w ill select the lucky
slips for the Spokane reservation.
Pacific and Santa Fe W ill
Lead in Fight.
Scores Arrive at Spokane After
Registration Is Closed.
Fifty-Three Steel Boxes Hold the Ap­
plications, Which Weigh 2,660
Pounds—Clerks Busy.
Greeks to Stay in C rete.
T w o Italian children have been ab­
Constantinople, Aug. 6.— Greece to­
ducted in S L Louis and are held fo r a
day replied to the Turkish note, prac­
ransom o f $25,000.
tically demanding the recall o f the
The W right brothers are busy mak­ Greek officers serving in Crete, saying
ing further changes and improvements the question is in the hands o f the four
protecting powers o f Crete, w ith whose
in their aeroplane.
knowledge and consent the officers in
An official report on the Osaka, question were sent to the islands. Tur­
Japan. fire, says 11,368 buildings were key intimatse that her frien dly re­
destroyed, but that only one life wss quest to Greece w ill be followed, un­
lo s t
less satisfaction is obtained, by a more
energetic demand.
The governor o f Guadalajara, M ex­
ico, says there were 15 persons wound­
Epidemic Killing Cattle.
ed in the recent riotiong there and
Fort Worth, Tex., Aug. 6.— Advices
none killed.
received here today at the headquar­
A homing pigeon was turned loose at ters o f the Texas Cattle Raisers’ asso­
Las Vegas, N. M.. and made its way ciation, say that cattle are dying by
to Chicago, a distance o f 1,265 miles, the thousands around Midland as the
i r six days.
result o f an epidemic.
General Strike Gives Excuse for Re­
volution by Socialists.
Stockholm, Aug. 4 .—Not only has
the strike o f 100,000 workmen largely
paralyzed industry and traffic, but it
threatens to develop into a revolution­
ary mov sment under the leadership of
the Y ot.ig Socialist party and to in­
volve every industry, thus making the
paralysis complete. The king has sum­
moned a special session of parliament
and the entire army is kept ready for
immediate action.
Forewarned o f the purpose of the
Young Socialists to give the strike a
revolutionary turn, the government has
decided at the first sign of insurrection
to declare Stockholm in a state of siege
and has quartered soldiers in various
sections o f the city an t suburbs.
A civil corps guard s being organiz­
ed for the protection of property and
the banks are closed aid guarded.
A ll the ferries ruun ling out of Stock­
holm have ceased operation and the
largest steamers engaged in carrying
visitors and residents o the seaside re­
sorts in the archipelago have suddenly
stopped running, discharged their crews
and laid up for the winter. The sum­
mer traffic is usually continued until
It is expected'that the present total
of about 100,000 idle workmen will be
largely increased by tomorrow. I t is
anticipated also that the streetcar ser­
vice in Stockholm will stop, and ar­
rangements are being made to run the
waterworks r.nd the electric
plants by soldiers.
Spokane, Wash., Aug. 7.— Total ap­
plications for Indian reservation lands
received at Judge James M. W itten’s
office at Coeur d ’Alene yesterday were
reported officially last night as follow s:
Coeur d ’Alene 1,120, total for whole
registration period, 105,536; Spokane
2,707, total 99,628; Missoula 5,534,
Kalispell 733, total for Flaihead lands,
80,559. Grand total thus far received
fo r all land 285,623.
Judge W itten ’s force has been busy
turning away scores o f belated appli­
cants for Indian lands, the midnight
hour Thursday night having closed the
official registration.
Applications are
still in the mails and w ill be received
for several days.
Coeur d ’Alene booths, stands and
platforms used by notaries and lunch
venders are being torn down and the
whole city presents a
aspect. A t the land office 60 clerks
have been placed for the drawings, and
tables and platforms arranged. There
Traction Companies Make Carbarns
are now 53 steel cans in the office con­
Camps tor Strikebreakers.
taining the applications, divided as
follow s: Spokane, 19; Coeur d’Alene,
Chicago, Aug. 4.— Active prepara­
20; Flathead 13.
The applications tions to meet a strike are being made
w eigh 2,650 pounds without the cans. by officials of the stre< t railway lines of
this city. Old power houses are being
titled up as sleeping quarters for
E. L. Reed, who organized the Em­
Don Jaime Will O ffer Spain 100,000
ployers’ Teaming company,
Men and His Services.
broke the teamatere’ strike in 1905
Cerbere, France, Aug. 7.— The Car- has charge of the hiring of nonunion
list leaders w ill hold a meeting shortly men. He stated that he had on call
at a French frontier town to decide 6,000 men competent to handle street­
upon their attitude in view o f recent cars and that 150 men were available
events, it was said today. Afterwards, in Boston and 100 in Kansas City. A r­
it is understood, Don Jaime, the Span­ rangements have be-n made with ca­
ish pretender, w ill issue a manifesto terers to feed the nonunion men in the
declaring that he has no intention to barns and power houses.
profit by the misfortunes o f his coun­
The companies aim to prevent a
try, but that, i f the present govern­ complete tieup on any o f their lines
ment is powerless to save the honor of and it is said car? will be kept run­
the nation he w ill act ^
ning, r»« matter r.-b iAth" pr»!cnt em­
The Carlists say that they are in a ployes determine to do.
position to arm and place in the field
Special notices were sent out by the
quickly 100,000 supporters, burning secretaries of the two principal unions
w ith zeal.
to the various barns with instructions
Coupled with this announcement that the men be urged to cast their
comes the news that affairs at Barce­ vote on the strike referendum Thurs­
lona are far from satisfactory. While day.
quiet reigns in the city at present, as
Members o f the Illinois state board
tar ns actual revolt goes, the police are of arbitration have started for Chicago
still busy arresting people whom they to see if they can avert the trouble.
allege were implicated in the recent
By reason o f the quasi-partnership
outbreak, and public feeling is grow­ o f this city in the surface traction
ing resentful o f their activity.
lines. Mayor Busse, Acting Chief of
I t is also reported that prisoners held Police Schuettler and M. B. Herely,
in the Mont Juish fortress have been the municipal traction expert, held a
executed, and prominent revolutionists conference today on the subject o f the
made the threat yesterday that if such threatened strike.
action were taken another outbreak
would follow.
San Francisco, Aug. 6.— A ft y r ten
days o f discussion the fre ig h t agents
o f the Southern Pacific, the Santa Fe
and other transcontinental railroads
announced today that they had decided
to tight the affirmation o f the Spokane
decision and its application to other
George W. Luce, general fre ig h t
agent o f the Southern Pacific company,
said that when the m atter is taken up
at Spokane next October his company
and the Santa Fe w ill contest the a tti­
tude o f the Northern railroads, which
favors the granting o f terminal rates
to intermediate points. A battle royal
is expected at that m eeting.
Luce declared that his company took
the position that interm ediate points
are not entitled to terminal rates; that
to grant them such rates would be to
open a vast field to the manufacturers
o f the Middle West heretofore reserved
fo r Western enterprise.
He said that in view o f the water
competition on the Coast, the present
policy o f forcing interm ediate points
to pay rates to the Coast plus the local
freigh t back, was considered fa ir and
reasonable by the Southern Pacific and
Santa Fe, whereas the Northern roads Dissension Breaks Out Among the
favored a proposal to lim it the d istri­
Workmen at Stockholm.
buting area on the Coast to a narrow
Stockholm, Aug. 7.— The tense situ­
strip paralleling the shore line.
ation arising from the general strike
proclaimed a few days ago seemed to
be relaxing tonight. The grave diggers
returned to work today and dissension
Mussulmans in M acedonia Threaten is apparent in the ranks o f the other
Invasion o f G reece.
strikers. The owners o f some o f the
Constantinople, Aug. 6. — Serious larest plants in Stockholm announce
agitation has broken out in Albania that their men w ill return to work
against the attempt o f Greece to annex Monday.
M. von Sidow, president of the Em­
Crete. Forty thousand Albanians as­
sembled at Monastir today and sent ployers’ Federation, declared tonight
imperious messages to the government, that intervention by the government
threatening that unless effective meas­ would be without result, as the differ
ures were adopted the entire Mussul­ ences were too great to be settled in
The National Labor
man population o f Macedonia would such a manner.
union published a statement disapprov­
march against Greece.
The grand vizier, on receivin g the ing the strike o f the electric light and
message, hurriedly le ft the council o f gas workers, which began last night.
ministers, went personally to the tele­ The electric plant was kept in opera­
graph office and replied that the gov­ tion by officials o f the lighting depart­
ernment was taking active steps to ment.
As the strikers have been prevent­
prevent the annexation o f Crete by
ing farmers from bringing provisions
into the city, troops have been detailed
to patrol the country roads.
Pirates Loot and Kill.
Victoria, B. C., Aug. 6.— Advices by
the Tango Maru today note remarkable
recrudescence o f piracy in South China
waters, the most desperate band o f out­
laws having headquarters apparently in
the vicin ity o f Macao, where the com­
munities are so terrorized as to lend
the pirates active as w ell as passive
assistance, fearin g summary vengeance
N ear Sbantuk the water
pirates, united with a local band o f
robbers, made a foray inland and took
by storm the castle like home o f a lo­
cal merchant and financier.
Sweden In Throes of a Glgantl
Labor Struggle.
Though W orkm en O rgan ize F o rce to
K eep O rder, Means o f P ro te c ­
tion A re Being Adopted.
Stockholm, Aug. 5.— W ith the Btreet
car lines tied up and all cabdrivers re­
fusing to work, the labor difficulties
here g iv e promise o f soon becoming
The general strike called fur
today has not y e t become thoroughly
effective, though the ranks o f the
strikers have been considerably aug­
mented. Many affiliated organizations,
while sym pathizing w ith the strike
movement, are still w ith draw ing th eir
active support, p referrin g to let others
take the lead in the present crisis.
The strike is by no means general in
the provincial towns and industrial
centers o f Sweden. In most places the
streetcars are running and the city em ­
ployes are at work as usual.
N o dis­
turbances have been reported.
loading o f ships at Gothenburg, where
10,000 men are on strike, iB being done
by troops.
Tne fa c t that troops are protecting
the gas works and the electric lig h t
plant has incensed the workmen, whose
leaders threaten to call out all the men
unless the soldiers are withdrawn.
A corps o f workmen, some thousand
etrong, are being organized w ith the
object o f maintaining order, and the
people generally, bankers, merchants,
etc,, are arm ing them selves fo r s e lf
The gunshops o f the c ity are practi­
cally denuded o f revolvers and small
arms. A ll tourists have le ft the city
and the number o f visitors now in the
cify is smaller than at this season for
many years.
Will Soon Lead W o r ld —Japan's
to Kill Head Hunters.
Soldiers Not Mob Then.
San Francisco, Aug. 4.— In sustain­
ing a demurrer to a damage in the
Superior court today, Superior Judge
Frank G. Morasky held that the sol
diers who destroyed store* o f liquor
while San Francisco was burning, in
April, 1906, were not a mob in the
legal sense of the word, and that the
city was, therefore, not liable to a
claim for $1,074. Suit for that sum
was brought by Conrad Huber, a sa­
loonkeeper, who charged that his sup
ply of liquor was confiscated. Another
action was decided in the same way.
China Replies to Russia.
Pekin, Aug. 7.— China today sent in
her reply to the Russian note of July
2, regarding the opening o f the Sun­
gari and other rivers to international
trade. She mentions the Aigun treaty
and the Russian treaties concerned,
and refers to Russia’s right to take
part in fram ing the rules to govern the
navigation o f these streams. She does
not deny that the treaties in question
have a certain validity, but avoids
Unskilled Laborers Strike.
specifying the extent to which she con­
Pittsburg, Aug. 4.— A strike of
siders they have been modified by the street laborers which has hitherto been
Russo Japanese peace treaty.
considered a minor affair, nas become
wideepread and gangs o f men are pa­
Zeppelin Makes Long Flight.
rading the street*.
Steps have been
Cologne, Aug. 7.— Count Zeppelin taken to form an organization among
today sailed his “ Zvppelin I I , ’ ’ the the 16,000 Italian workmen o f A lle­
greatest air craft in the world, from gheny county and the police have
Frankfort to this city, arriving in good learned of an effort to organize the
condition after a flight lasting 6 hours foreigner!. A letter received by May­
and 15 minutes. He apparently had or William Magee demand* that the
the ship under perfect control and striker* be allowed to drill.
landed with the precision and ease of a
bird. Those who witnessed the arrival
Liabilities o f Over $9,000,000.
o f the ship were greatly impressed by
New York, Aug. 4.—Liabilities of
the control in which the tount held the $9,568,348 and assets o f $8,395,928
air monster.
are shown in the schedules o f Shepard
t Co., the bond brokerage house which
M obs C heer Prohibition.
failed April last, filed today. A ll hut
Montgomery, Aug. 7.— Amid street a few thousand dollars o f the claims
scenes o f wild enthusiasm, the bill are uneecured. The firm was heavily
constitutional interested in railroad projects and in­
passed the bouse today.
dustrial enterprises in New Mexico.
V ictoria, B. C., A u g. 5.— Paul B ell,
an engineer o f the Honolulu Iron
works. roTurhcG on tV,i_ Tar.g_ M ara to ­
day from Formosa, where he has been
establishing sugar m ills fo r the Japan­
ese Sugar company, and states that
Formosa w ill, by next year, be the
greatest sugar-producing country in
the world. F ive new m ills w ere e rect­
ed this year and five more are to be
built next summer, all equipped w ith
the latest machinery.
The output this
year was 90,000 tons, all o f which
went to Japan.
The Japanese are adopting a cruel
method o f dealing w ith the rebels o f
Formosa, head hunters.
They have
Btrectched trochas of barbed w ire across
districts, heavily charged w ith elec­
New Outbreak o f Striking Japs in California Man Crippled With
matism N ow W ell.
Hawaii is Feared
Honolulu, Aug. 4.— As a result o f a
story published in a local paper that T.
Mori, who today attempted to kill S.
Sheba, editor of the Japanese conserv­
ative paper Shippo. had been chosen by
lot to assasB-nate Sheba because o f his
opposition to the strike o f the planta­
tion laborers, the police are working
on the thei ry that the deed was planned
at a meeting of strikers held here yes­
No evidence, however, has
been found by the authorities to indi­
cate that there is any truth in the
Mori freely admits that it was his
intention to kiii Sheba, declaring that
the Japanese editor is an emeny to his
race and that he intended to punish
him for his opposition to the strike for
higher wages.
Investigation by the
police developed that Mori bought the
knife and had it sharpened preparatory
to his attack.
Redding, Cal., A u g. 5.— Tortured by
rheumatic pains, from which he has
suffered fo r months, James R. Holt,
head o f a local contracting firm, sub­
mitted him self to the stings o f 39 honey
bees yesterday, and today walked to
hia office fo r the first tim e in many
days, declaring that his join ts were as
limber as those o f a boy.
Mr. H olt has been bo crippled w ith
the disease that fo r months he was
compelled to uee a carriage to g o from
his home to hiB office, three blocks
Ten or a dozen bees w ere applied to
each aching joint, w h ile the patient
writhed in agony. A ft e r it waa over
he became nauseated and a chill lasting
two hours followed.
He retired fo r
the night and finally fe ll asleep.
he awoke this morning he was surpris­
ed to feel no ache in his joints.
Barcelona is Quiet.
Barcelona, Aug. 5.— The situation in
Barcelona today is tranquil.
The only
evidences o f the terrib le nightm res
through which the city passed last week
are the ruins o f the convents and
churches, and the torn-up pavements,
the stones o f which w ere used fo r the
erection o f barricades. There is, how­
ever, considerable apprehension fo r the
/utu'e. The terrible repressive mess
urea o f the m ilitary authorities have
le ft a deep undercurrent o f resentment
among the masses, and it is thought
that the rebellion m ty flare up again.
Filipinos Still G et Guns.
V ictoria, B. C., Aug. 5.— M ajor Dr.
Snyder, o f the United States army
medical corps, who has b'-en stationed
in the Southern Philippine island* for
two years, arrived today on the Tango
He says there is much gun
sm uggling from Borneo and Singapore
by filibusters who keep the Philippine
natives supplied with arms. The great­
est number o f contraband weapons are
handled by Chinese, who conceal them
in the bottoms o f their boats.
Turkey to Invade C re te .
Cologne, Aug. 5.— The Cologne Ga
zette’s Salonica correspondent rabies
that the Turkish governm ent hsa or
dered out 40,000 red if* in the territory
o f the Second army corps a t Smyrna
and has contracted w ith three steam
ship companies for the transportation
of troops and munitions o f w ar to
Crete. He says great excitem en t pre­
vails everywhere.
Shows He Ran by Switch
N ea r C oeur d'Alene.
Spokane, Wash., Aug. 3.— In the
collision o f tw o passenger trains on the
Coeur d’ A len e & Spokane railw ay Sat­
urday afternoon, two miles west o f
Coeur d ’ A lene, 12 persons were killed
and 102 injured. About 60 o f the lat­
ter sustained only slight injuries and
are not in hospitals.
Motorman Campbell, o f the wrecked
train, who was reported among the
dead last night, is alive today, but it
is thought it is only a'm atter o f a few
hours until he dies.
He was badly
mangled in the vestibule o f his car, and
is barely breathing.
Campbell stated tonight that he un­
derstood his orders were to meet the
other train at a siding five miles from
where the collision occurred.
I t is learned from an official who de­
clines to be quoted that Motorman
Campbell, o f the wetsbound train, the
extra which was wrecked, had orders
from the dispatcher to pull out o f Coeur
d ’ A lene and to take a siding about
three-quarters o f a mile out. in order
to allow the regular eastbound train to
pass. He passed that Biding, either
fo rg e ttin g his orders or im agining he
could make the next siding, about an­
other m ile ahead. I t was between the
tw o sidingB that the collision occurred.
Destitute Inhabitants o f Mexican City
Face Famine.
M exico C ity, Aug. 3.— A dispatch
from Acapulco today states that 73 dis­
tinct shocks o f earthquake have been
fe lt there since the first shake Friday.
The city has been destroyed and the in­
habitants face a famine.
During one
o f the shocks a tidal wave engulfed^the
harbor and a number o f lives were lost.
Chilpancingo also has been practical­
ly destroyed. W hat the earthquake o f
Friday failed to do was accomplished
by the stronger one Saturday, which
either leveled or rendered uninhabitable
every building in the two places.
A ll the markets a t Acapulco were
destroyed in the shocks o f Saturday and
the country people are afraid to take
in more produce to the town.
are camping in the public squares and
have no food.
The buildings standing
are being leveled by dynamite, as they
are little more than totterin g walla.
D uring the heavy ahock Saturday
♦i-e w e t» » In the barbe» tr eJvd H*
feet, and then rushed back, covering
the docks and piers, causing considera­
ble damage. The people are Buffering
from exposure. The tents in the pub­
lic squares and streets do not keep off
the heavy rains that fall at this season
o f the year.
Funds Bre being raised in Mexico
C ity to relieve the distrees o f Guerrero.
In M exico C ity Saturday the shock
was heavier than any other yet experi­
enced. So fa r as known no lives were
lost in the last tremor.
Don Jaim e de Bourbon to Lead Revo­
lution in Spain,
London, A u g. 3.— Quickly follow ing
messages received here early today that
Spanish troops had been repulsed in a
collision w ith revolutionaries at Barce­
lona, came a report that the insurgents
in that city had proclaimed a repuhlic.
C olor is lent to the report by other
dispatches em anating from Cerbere on
the Franco-Spanish frontier.
tell o f a continuance o f fighting
between the troops and revolutionaries
in Barcelona, showing the government
has not gained control o f the insurg­
ents, as censored dispatches stated.
Officials o f the Spanish government
at Madrid and other Voints have con­
tended for several days that the rioting
was the work o f anarchists and social­
ists. These claim s are challenged by
a message received yesterday from
Barcelona by way o f Cerbere. statin g:
“ N ine thousand armed revolutionar­
ies have formed a committee o f public
safety. A m eeting o f Carliat leaders
has been held at Figueras, and the ar­
riva l ia expected o f the pretender, Don
Jaim e de Bourbon, in order to place
him self at the head o f the rebllion.’ ’
C igarettes Under Ban.
Minneapols, Aug. 3.— The cigarette
is an outlaw in Minnesota.
The new
state law prohibitin g their sale went
into effect Saturday, and it ia now il­
legal to put them on the market.
ciga re tte m arket assumed a peculiar
phase in the closing hours. The price
varied, and was as unsettled as the
stock m arket a fte r a flurry in Wall
street. In the even ing there was a
shortage in popular brands at some
c iga r stores, and sent up prices
ports came from other sections o f fresh
supplies, which caused a rush there.
Alaska Road la O perating.
Cordova, AlaBka, Aug. 3.— The first,
tick et waa so d and the first regular
passenger train made its run yesterday
on the first all-Am erican railroad in
Alaska, the Copper R iver £ Northwest­
ern. The passenger fare charge is 15
cents a m ile.
F ifty-th ree miles of
track have been completed and placed
in operation. T h e tracks w ill reach
T ic k e l riv e r in October.
A t present
4.000 men are at work on th# construc­
tion o f the road.
Ship With 3 ,0 0 0 O verdu*.
Durban, Natal, Aug. 3.— Soma alarm
has been created by the non-arrival
here o f the B ritish •teame*' Wsratsh,
from Sydney, fo r London.
She le ft
P ort Natal July 26, and since then has
not been aeen by any vessel.
A search
ha* bean instituted tor her. The War-
•tah has 3,000 persons on board.
Reclamation Chiefs Gathered at
Portland for Conference.
Claims on Fund Double
the Amount
Available— Eleven Millions to
Be Appropriated.
Portland, Aug. 3.— An apportionment
o f the reclamation fund among the va­
rious government irrigation projects
for the year 1910 w ill not be determin­
ed until Secretary o f the Interior Bal­
linger holds a further conference w ith
the officials o f the reclamation service
today. Mr. B allinger yesterday held a
preliminary conference w ith these offi­
cials, at which w ere present the super­
vising engineer o f the six divisions into
which the entire reclamation field ia
divided. There ia to be apportioned for
these projects about $11,000,000, but
the demands for funds aggregate an
amount fully double that available.
The conference, which waa an execu­
tive one, was held in the offices o f the
reclamation service in the Beck build­
ing. There were present all o f the di­
recting and supervising officials o f the
service. In addition to Mr. Ballinger
they w ere: F. H. N ew el, director; A .
P. Davis, chief engineer; O. H. En­
sign, chief electrical engineer; D. C.
Henny, consulting engineer, and the
follow ing supervising engineers: F. E.
Weymouth, Idaho d iv isio n ; I. W. Mc­
Connell, Central division; H. N . Sav­
age, Northern division ; C. H. Sw igart,
Washington division ;
L. C.
H ill,
Southern division, and E. G. Hopson,
Pacific division.
“ Today’ s conference was only pre­
liminary and there is nothing definite
to announce regarding the probable ap­
portionment o f the reclamation fund,
for the reason that final conclusions
were not reached,” said M r. Ballinger
last night. “ The various supervising
engineers presented their demands
for funds with which to carry on the
work undertaken by tho government,
during the ensuing year.
These re­
quests w ill be considered further at an­
other conference which w ill be held to­
morrow. I t w ill not be until a fte r to-
m or*ow’ s hearing that I w ill be able
even roughly to determine how the
funds for this work shall be expended.
“ From the fact that the demands for
money fa r exceed the amount o f funds
that w ill be available, I find it w ill b*
a difficult job to decide on any appor­
tionment that w ill satisfy all. Oregon
has not been receivin g its share o f the
proceeds from the sale o f public lands
within its borders, as contemplated un­
der the reclamation act. T o see this
Btate next year receive more nearly
its share o f this fund ia another prob­
lem with which I am confronted, espe­
cially in view o f the increased demands
coming in from other eections o f the
reclamation field.”
G E N E R A L S T R IK E C A L L E D .
Secession R eported in Many
Communes o f Spain.
Bayonne, France, Aug. 3.— W ith all
trades unions in Northern Spain de­
claring a general strike today, and
with several communes in Catalonia
having proclaimed a republic, condi­
tions in A lfonso’ s kingdom are any­
thing but satisfactory. W h ile the gov­
ernment on the one hand sends out re­
assuring dispatches to the e ffe c t that
it has the revolt in Barcelona and
neighboring districts thoroughly under
control, on the other hand it admits
that it has seized the telegraph and
telephone lines in the Biscayan pro­
vinces, in an e ffo rt to keep the revo­
lutionists and strikers from communi­
cation with each other.
This conflict o f official reports, taken
with the fact that the m unicipality o f
Palamos has declared its e lf free and
independent, lead unbiased outsiders
to believe that the revolt is anything
but suppressed, and that while revolu­
tionists may be cowed in Barcelona
itself, they are w aiting in small bands
in the hills for more reassuring times,
and w ill then reassert themselves.
Suffering at Acapulco.
M exico City, Aug. 3.— A dispatch
from Acapulco state that severe shocks
continue. A ll the buildings that re­
main standing are uninhabitable and
many are suffering from lack o f shelt­
er. Tents and temporary shacks in
which people are sheltered are inade­
quate. Local authorities have sworn
in a number o f citizens as special po­
licemen, as the force o f gendarmes is
insufficient. There has been some loot­
ing. Feed, clothing and medicine are
urgently needed, but thus fa r no relie f
steps have been taken.
Calhoun Juror Accepted.
San Francisco, Aug. 3.— The first
juror in the second trial o f Patrick
Calhoun, president o f the United R ail­
roads, on an indictment charging him
with bribery, which ia now in the third
week, waa temporarily passed yester­
day. A fte r more than 1,500 talesmen
had been summoned to court, and a
large number interrogated, Thomaa
Gains ford, a master plumber, ia the
first man accepted by both aide* sub­
ject to peremptory challenge.
Alabama First at Income Tax.
Montgomery, A la ., Aug. 3.— The
house o f representatives yesterday
unanimously ratified the proposed in­
come tax amendment to the Federal
constitution. The senate w ill vote on
the question o i ratification Wednesday,