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City and County
Brief News Items
' Take your egs. to Davis & Ward
and get cash. ... ' ' ; "' 43btf
Dr. L. G. Ho'.land was at Wallowa
Moaday, on business.
Ball Brand Rubbers and Boots,
guaranteed. W. J. Funk Co.
C. H. Zurcher was at La,
the firet of the week on a business j
trip. ; - ' .
Miss Minnie Glldden. and mother
visited Joseph friends over Satur
day night. .
J.L. Browning and family were
quests of Mr. and Mra. D.' Bowl
by, Sunday. "
Mrs. J. .Mr Fle'.ds went to La
Grande, Tuesday, to visit relatives
and frlilTiHa . "i. ' .
Mrs. J. W. McCully of Loatine re
turned home Tuesday. She hadi been
hope on a stopping: .trip. .
Mayor J; A. Burleigh left Sun
day for Portland, to, be gone several
days on legal business. .
. C. C. EosweU'and family have
n d Into .the R. L. Day tenant
hf.ufH- on West Main street. . ,
i ,
O.l S. Reavls left Monday for Pas-
ml a-niA nt-htr Waohlnelnn nnlnts
on ia business trip.' . He will be gone
about a,week. ," ' v j
Mrs. J. H. Doty, who had, been'
Visiting her mother, Mrs. EHen Bos
"weil, returned home .to.Eortland. Mon
day. . '
My. and Mrs. Delbert Homan are
moving: from town to their farm, a-
rr.rt of the Jordan .ranch recently
purchased.-- , '
Mr. and, Mrs. OvensteIn, who had
been cooking for. Russell & Lewis on
their Alder Store ranch.' returned to
La Grande, Tuesday.
rs. O. M. Corklns returned Mon
day from .Wallowa whore she - had
been attending the dedication of the
Pcesbyterlatt church . : .
J. D. Irvine, mayor of Browns
ville, visited from Friday till Sun-
Settle It Now
Settle It Right
For constitutional amendment
j giving to cities and towns
. exclusive power to license,
regulate, control, suppress,
or prohibit the sale of intox
icating liquors within the
328 X Yes
618 Electric- Bolldlng, Portland, On).
" The Red' Front
Blacksmith Shop "
, by the reliable '
. , blacksmiths '
W. P. Hambleton & Son
Machine Repairing
; . Horseshoing r ' .
- " - : Same old stand
Enterprise Oregon
Wallowa Countv' Tide &1
Abstract Company
; A. C. MILLER, President .
Office in Company's new brick building opposite front of X
nw Hourt House. Eldest and most complete abstract plant X
in county. -Abstracts of title
ly. Insurance written in largest ana strongest companies.
Money Loaned at very Lowest Current Rates
This Is Your
: To get a 20, 40 or 80 acre tract on Alder
Slope, the best Fruit Berry and Vegetable
land in the valley; improved or unimproved,
with ;. plenty ..of- water. Terms to suit you..
Priced from $25.00 to $125.00 per acre.
Alder Slope Land Company
C. H. Jordan, Selllns Agent -
L,n Grande -:- Oresron
day with his sister, Mra. I, A.
French, and family.
Dr. W. L. Nichols, osteopath, suc
cessor to Dr. Moore, has office hours
all day Tuesday, Thursday and Sat
urday, In Enterprise. Office over
the bank. 21atf
-Sloan P. Shutt. the hard-workt;ii
editor of the Joseph. Herald, work
ed. La Grande -and the fair out there
a couple of days1 last week.
W. H. Durham Is home from out
side points where he purchased a
fine lot of Jewelry, silverware, etc.
especially suitable for gifts, that
he has 'already on. display. '
Mr. and Mts. J. W. McAlister, par
ents of Mrs.'W. A. Moss and well
known . hee, have bought a resi
dence In La Grande . and xlll make
that city their home, moving Into 1
town from the farm. ... !,
An O. R. & N. bridge gang la beret
repairing the bridges a mile or sot
below town,- that were weakened by
the floods! early last spring; The
stockyards chute and other . minor
repairs about the local yards were
also made.
Polk Mays, one of the mail clerks
on the branch train, has been ap
pointed postmaster at Joseph vice
Alias Eva B. Rumble, who resigned
after several years efficient ser
vice. . Polk Is a popular young man
and many friends are glad' of bl?
good luck.; .
Mrs, E.-W. SoJthwIck of Wallow
was operated on la the Browning
hospital In this city, Saturday, by
Dr. C. A. Ault, assisted by Dr. C.
T. Hockett. Mr. South wick, . who
had come -up win his wife, return
ed home Sunday, accompanied : by
his little son Morris. "
The October Outfitting sale at Jhe
E. M. & M. store is a real oppor
tunity to save money on needed fall
and winter goods. It is rare Indeed
that seasonable goods are offered at
npecial sale just at the time when
everybody is needing and buying
such goods. Read their Ug ad ia
this, paper.
H. N. Williams of LoaUne was
la town the first of the week, and
brought good new to the stockhold
ers in the Lick creek mines. He
had specimens of the ore , In , the
mineral exhibit at the Spokane ttfir,
where they attracted much, atten-
lon. The ledge now b "ng workjeji
In Bhows a splendid assay In gold,
silver and copper.
Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Daggett ana
youngest son returned Sunday from
an enjoyable trip to the Coast.
They were . accompanied as far as
Portland by the'r son-in-law . and
daughter from . the East, who had
been visiting here. The .latter re-
turned home by way of California
from. Portland, while the Daggetts
went to Seattle where they visited
W. R. Holmei, Walter Sheets, J,
M. Rodgers, Marshal Charles Hug,
i Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Lockwood re
turned Sunday from La, Grande,
where they had been attending the
fair, or on business. They ' report
the fruit exhibit as larger , but no
better Inequality thaw at our fair,
while In all other respects, especially
live stock, the Wallowa county fair
twas- far in the lead.
Among the many from here who
attended the dedication of the Pres
bytertan church at Wallowa,. Sunday,
; were Rev. S. Harris, Mrs. E. J. For-
sythe, Mr. and -Mrs. Leo Forsythe,
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Boehmer, Miss
ies Joyce Craig and Alta Davis. Miss
,Craig sang a solo, and Miss Davis
.was- her accompanist.-' Mr.'.Boeh
mer also sang a solo. A number re-
i maimed over to attend the sessions
of the presbytery, Monday and Tues' .
furnished promptly and cheap-
New Bank Opens
For Business
EnJferp,rW Stat Bank And 11 Strong
Local and Eastern
' Backing. - .
' The ' Enterprise State bank open
ed for business- Tuesday morning, In
its teurporary quarters in the Daniel
Toyd brick building on West' Ma
street. Cashier W.'C.-Hlttcermaa
In rhjifsrif. " .- -
The new bank, as It to cenerall
called, is a strong combination of -Id9
cai and Eaatecn capital, 17 of the 2
stockholders residing in the count
The capital stock ls $25,000. Tnj
Lank has particularly Btrong , Baw
era backing, some of its stockhoW
ers being officers of the Conttnentaj
ft Commercial Nation ad bank of Chi J
cago,thei largest financial InstLtwtloifJ
west of New York. '
Mr. Hlnterman, the cashier, came
here from Salt Lake City, where he
nod been assistant cashier of the
Contlneatal Nai.tonal bank. Prior to
that concectlon he was wlitb. the
Commercial Na.ional of Chicago for
12 years, being chief clerk in that
big bank. .
-The directors of -the new bank are
Sam Wade (President), Sam Lttch,
C. B. Cunningham, E. B. Kmapp, and
V. C. Hlnterman (Cashier).
FoUowlng Is a Mat of the stock
Fred S. Ashley, Enterprise, Oregon.
B. ,B. Boyd, Enterprise, Oregon. -Daniel
Boyd, Enterprise, Oregon.
S. L. Burnaugh,- Jr., , Enterprise. -.
C. ru'uk, Enterprise, Oregon.
J. A. French, Enterprise, Oregon.'
W. H. Graves, Enterprise, Ore.
-,W. C. Hlnterman, Enterprise, Ore.
.S. D. Keltner, Enterprise, Oregon.
E. B. Knapp, Enterprise,. Oregon.
. Sam Litch, Enterprise, Oregon.
H. T. Mitchell, Enterprise, Ore.
L. B. Payne, Enterprise, Oregon.
A.F. Poley, Enterprise, Oregon.
. Frank Johnson, Flora, Oregon.
, 0. ). Poley, Loatine, Oregon.
Sain Wade, Loatime, Oregon. -
W. T. Bruckner, Vice president
Continental & Commercial National
jJ'auk, Chicago. v
John Cook, Chicago.
E. J. Curtln, Ppesldewt Citizens
Savings Bank, Eecorah, Iowa.
C. E. Cunningham, President Weiu-
er National Bank, Welser, Idaho.
F. A. Hecht, Chicago.
Peter Ketter, Edison Park," 111. .
N. R. Losch, Cashjer Contlnentad
& Commercial National Bank Chica
go. ..-
Fred Scbmlcher, Chicago, III.
Ralph VanVechten, Vice president
Continental & Commercial National
.lank, Chicago.
H. C. Vernon, Assistant Cashier
Continental & Commercial Bank,
If you .want good feed for your
para and good treatment come to
ATtfte Front Barn.
Notjlce of tfie) Masting of thej County
. Board of Equalization. -
. Notice to. hereby, given that" the
Board of equaUza:ion for Wallowa
County, Oregon, will meet at the
County Clerk's office at Enterprise,
Oregon, on, the hlrd Monday of
October, 1910, the same being the
17th dav of October. 1910. for the
purpose of examining and correct-
lug the assessment of 1910, and to
Increase or reduce the valuation of
the property therein assessed so that
the same shall be full cash ' value
thereof, and to assess omitted tax
able property. Said Board will be
In session one month. Petitions or
applications for the reduction of a
particular assessment shall be made
In writing, verified, by the oath of
the applicant or his . attorney and
be filed with the Board during the
first week It is by law required to
be id session anil any petition or ap
plication -not so made, Verified and
filed shall not be consider ) or act
ed upon by the Board. .
Dated at Enterprise. Oregon, this
27th day of September, 19W. 6c3
Bv F. MILLER, County Assessor
Don't try to be somebody else.
You were made with a face and a
voic and a character not quite like
anybody's else, and your manner
ought to be your own. ItwiObe
sweeter and more attractive (or be
ing natural. '
It is In time of avudden mlhap or
accident that Chamberlain's Liniment
can be .relied upon' to take the place
of the family doctor, who cannot al
ways be found at the moment. Then
It it hat Chatnberlain'a liniment Is
never found wanting. In caaes of
apralna, cut, wounda and bruieea
Chamberlain' Liniment takes out the
soreness and drives away the pain.
Sold by Burnaugh & Mayfield and
all (03d druggists.
Chamberlain's Cough, Remedy has
become famous for Its cures of
coughs, colds, croup and influenza.
Try it when in need. It contains
no harmful substance and always
gives prompt relief. Sold by Bur
naugh & Mayfie'.d. and all good drus-gists.
.Mrs-Whin cond I mi uii
tjfiiij; nillSIIHl.-Ya
The pleasant purgative effect ex
perienced by all who use Chamber
lains Stomach and Liver Tablets,
and the healthy condition of the
body and mind which they create,
makes one feel joyful. Sold by Bur-
laugh & Mayfield and all good
Dr. Hennessey a Vltrol Thrower.
San Francisco Dr. Waiter J. Hen
nessey, former, attache of the South
ern. Pacific hospital and a buseba'i
star of the defunct state league, has
been arrested charged with vi.rol
throwing. His alleged victim, Laura
Leslie Jones, former member of the
Anna Held operatic company, is seri
ously burned and will be marked for
Your cough annoys you. Keep on
hacking and tearing the delicate
membranes of your throat if you
want to be annoyed. But If yoi want
relief, want to be cured, take Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy. Sold by
Burnaugh & .Mayfield and all gaod
Iruggists. "
bne Uidryt Mind.
Snrnh. I really vlnli you would Iw
njore rnreful; 1 Uo mi like to bear vour
mistress scolding you so ofteti." -siild
the master of the house to the parlur
Ob. don't mind . me. sir." 'rpnlied
Sarah, simply, "I take no uotke."
for Moire than Thre.e Decades.
Foley's Honey and Tar has been a
household favorle for coughs, coliki,
ind ailments of the throat, chest
md lungs. Contains . no opiates.
Burnaugh & Mayfield.
Famous Abductions.
Marriage by abduction was by no
means uncommon in the early ages.
The daughter of the king of Argus wan
abducted by a Phoenician. The Greeks
carried off Europu.from Tyre and Me
dea from Colchis.
Next to the abduction of the fair
Helen, perhaps the most remarkable
In Its political consequences was the
king of Lelnster's taking a way of the
wife of a neighboring petty sovereign
O'Rourke of Breffni.
The king of Connnught avenged the
Insult and drove from the tbroue his
brother of Lelnster, who appealed to
Henry II. of England for old to re
cover bis lost sovereignty. The Nor
man conquest of Ireland followed.
with centuries of war and devastation
For my part, I do not think we
have any right whatever to think
oi a heaven for others, much less of
a heaven for ourselves in the world
to come, until we are wholly de
termined to make this world a
heaven for our fellow men and are
sloping, believing, loving and work
ing for that and for its realization
not in a thousand years or a million
years, but in a nearer and a nearer
future. Stopford A. Brooke.
Goo results always- follow the use
of Foley Kidney Pills. They con-
tuln inat th Incr-edtenta necessary
-o tone, strengthen and regulate the
kidneva and bladder, and to cure
backache. Burnaugh & Mayfield.
A, change In the grading of appIeB
Ms been made by the Fruit Growers
Union of Freewater. Instead of be
ing graded In tiers, each box will be
tamped with the number of apples It
A site for public docks for Coos Bay
In the future has beea bought by the
commissioners of the Port of Coos
Bay. The members have bought 13
lota along the waterfront or Marsh
field In the north part of the city.
In seventeen legislative districts in
the state of, Oregon no candidates have
appeared in opposition to assembly
candidates now In the field. These
seventeen districts represent 24 scats
in the house and senate at the next
8aved From the, Grave,
' "I had about given, up hope, after
nearly four years of suffering from
a severe lung trouble," writes Mrs.
M. L. Dlx, of ClarksvlUc, Tenn. Of
ten the pain In my chet would bo
almost unbearable and I could not
do any work, but Dr. King New
Discovery has male me feet like a
ne,w person. It the best medicine
made for the throat and lungs." Ob
stinate coughs, stubborn colds, hay
fever, la grippe, atthma, croup, bron
chitis and - hemorrhages, hoarseness
and whooping cojgb, yield quickly to
this wonderful medicine. Try ' It.
60c and $1.00. ' Trial bottles free.
GuraanteeJ by all druggists.
L.1 very, Feed and Sale Stable
R. L. DAY, Proprietor
Good Rigs Fair Treatment Horses Bought and Sold
.: . ... . Special Attention to Commercial Trade
t Rates for Regular Boarders - Bus to and From Trains
Best of Help Employed " Home Phone .
Open Day and-Night One . Block North of Hotel; Enterprise
Reliable Abstracts of title furnished on short
All Kinds of money to loan on farm property,
from one to five years; large or small. amounts
Fire Insurance written in companies that pay
all losses in full.
- Boatman Bilyau,
The. Deimon of the Air
is tho germ of lagrlppe, that breath
ed in, brings suffering to thousands.
lis after effecta. are weakness, ner-
vousuess, lack or appetite, energy
and ambition, with disordered liver
and kidneys. The greatest need
hen la Electric Bitters the splen
did tonic, blood purifier and regula
tor of etomach, liver and kidneys.
Thousands' have proved that they
wonderfully strengthen the nerves,
build up" the system and restore
health and good spirits after an- at
tack of grip. If suffering, try them.
Only Due. Perfect satisfaction guar
anteed1, by.' all druggists.
"Soy. Cblmuiie. wot'd de boss call
y up fery;
T call me down."-Baltlmore News.
Wqrsa than Bullets.
Bullets have often caused -less suf
.crlng to soldiers than the eczema
U W. Harrlman, Burlington, Me.,
jot in the army, and suffered) .with,
forty years. "But BucKiem' Arnica
Salve cured me when alii else fail-
id." he write Greatest healer, for
iores, ulcers, bolls, burns, cuts,
wounds, bruises and piles. . 26c at all
Much 8afr,
It Is, as a rule, easier, to keep, out
of trouble thnu to get out, and also
mifer.-Atcblson Olobp.
The Call of thq, Blood.
for purification, finds voice in pim
ples, bolls, sallow complexion, a
Jaundiced look, moth, patches and
blotches on the skin all) sign of
liver trouble. But Dr. King's New
Life Pilla make rich rod blood; give
clear skin, rosy cheeks, fine com
Dlexlon. health. Try them. 25c at
all drugisUs.
"lie says life is a ulchtmare." "Mar
be It wouldn't be If be'd wake up."
uirmingnani Age-uerald.
"It BeaU All."
, This, la quoted from a letter of M.
Stockwell, of Hannibal, Mo. "I re
cently used- Fo'.ey's " Honey and Tar
for the first time. To say I am
phased doe not half expres my
feelings, ft beats all the remedies
t evnr used. I contracted- a bad
cold and was threatened .with pneu
monia. The first dose gave great
relief and one bo tie completely cur
1 me." Contains no opiates. Bur
naugh & Mayfield. - .
Saa. Ooa. Tim. Wm4. Tfca. PH. Sat.
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Hoarseness In a child subject to
croup is a sure Indication of the ap
proach of the disease. If Chamber
lain's CougA Ilemedy U given at
once or even after the croupy cough
has appeared, It will prevent the at
tack. Contain no poison. Sold ly
Burnaugh & Mayfield and all Rood
druggists. ' '
Have you examined our
line of
Ladies' and Children's
: Wash suits 'Ladies'
.Fancy SKirts: Waists,
Undershirts, Muslin
8 Underwea r , Hosiery,
Gloves, Etc.
Also a complete line of ,
Men's Furnishings, in
cluding the McKibbin
and Stetson Hats.
We have just now the
most complete line that
we have ever carried.
We buy our Dry Goods from u
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S (M! J l l
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assortment from which to n
make our selections. B
We discount our bills, which B
gives us the goods laid down g
in our store at the lowest a
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received a large stock of g
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to sell them at bed rock
prices. .
R.S. & Z.
. .. . . .
When in Enterprise atop at
The Model Cafe .g
and Rooming House
Best meals in town 25c and up
Rooms -25c, 50c, 76c and $1.00
Steam heat; hot and cold water
In Rodgers building on River
Street, 8 doors south of Funk
pirnftr f!iva na ..all
W. A. MOSS 1