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Wednesday Edition
Cent a word single insertion, 1V4
cents a word 2 insertions. Special
rates by month and year. -
Violin pupils. Miss Pearl Humphrey,
graduate ot Notre Dame Academy.
Call ait J. L. Browning. 24bm
Two pigs, sandy with . black spots.
Finder communicate - with C. E.
Funk, Enterprise. 19btf ,
State Funds loaned, 6 per cent. John
P. Rusk. AttyJ State "Land B'd. Joseph
Farm loans ef. 7V4 percent. Call or
write First Bank of Joseph. 58bf!
Wonder Washer at Riley's 27b4
Fresh, cow anid call; also surrey,
team and harness. Inquire at M.,
& 11. flour mill, Enterprise. - 27b2f
Lota In Troy townelte for sale at
$20 and up. O. R. & N. railroad
is now making final location' survey
on Grande Ronde- -river between
Rondowa and Snake river. When
road is butlit Troy will be the larg
est town .and chief trading center
of the entire North Country. . See'
or write H. E, Merryman, owner,
Enterprise, Oregon. 27btf
New 8 room house and 3 lots in
souhteast part of town. Will be
sold for $2000, the actual cost of
lots and house,; it taken soon. In
quire at this office. - 27btl
- LO ST.
Lap robe, on road between Galloway
homestead and Baker & Smith livery
barn. Finder please return to barn.
Horses, sheep or town property .to
trade for farm land. See" Enter
prise Real Estate Co, Wagner &
Corklns, Enterprise, Oregon. . tf
Nominating '.petitions for county
and district candidates before the
primary September 24, for sale at
this office. -Nicely bound. Complete
ts only $1 at office on by mail.
: Free Roads 'Across Reservation. ', '
PENDLETON. After several years'
fight, the stookmen of Umatilla coun
ty, assisted by the county court and
the business men of this community,
have secured free roads across the
Umatilla Indian reservation, accord
r ing to an order Just received by Ma
jor Swartilander, the local agent,
from the department of Indian affairs
at Washington. The order specifies
that the roads shall be taken over by
the county coart, maintained as coun
ty roads, and that stockmen shall give
bonds' not to consume more than a
certain length of time in driving their
stock across the reservation and to be
responsible for any damages inflicted
by their stock.
. Wheat Track prices; Club, 86c;
bluestem, 96; red Russian, 85c. '
Barley Feed and brewing, $24. .
i Oats No. 1 White, $32 per ton.
Hay Timothy, Willamette Valley,
$1819 per ton; Eastern - Oregon,
$20022; alfalfa,' $13014. . '
; Butter Extra, S3c; fancy, 83c;
ranch, 23c.
. Eggs Ranch, candled, 23c.
; Hops 1909 crop, 1013c; . olds,
nominal. ' ' :-" 1
t Wool Eastern Oregon, 14 17c per
pound. ' ' "
Mohair 3233c.
" " Seattle,
red Russian, 90c.
" Wheat Bluestem, 94c; club, 92c;
Oats $33 per ton.
' Barley $24 per ton.
Hay Timothy, $22 per ton; alfalfa,
$14 per ton. .
" Butter Washington C&amery, 33cj
ranch, 22c. ' " '
'. Eggs Selected local, 32c. . '
: Excursion to the Seashore,
On Tuesday, August 23d, the O.
R. A N. Co. will operate a special
train ezcnrslon to Porta and in con
nection with their steamers to North
Beach resorts. - This special train
Fill leave La Grande at 8:00 p. m.,
arrivtrg in Portland at 7:15 a. m,
.Wednesday, August 24th. Passen
ger have choice of steamers leaving
Portland a follows: The T. J. Pot
ter leaving at 8:30 a. m. Wednes
day and Thursday, or the steamer
Hassale leaving at 8:00 p. m. Wed
nesday and Thursday. ; Make : your
reservations' for sleeping cars now.
Ask the agent for further particulars.
Elk City District Fiery Furnace.
Wallace Saved by Heavy
Downpour. ..
SPOKANE. Settlers on the Big
Creek of the St. Joe River in the
Coeur d'Alene district, Idaho, are re
ported to have been driven from their
homes by the ravages of forest fires
and Joseph BurzinBky and wife are
missing.' The settlers who escaped
say the Burzlnsky home was one of
the first in the path of the S&tnea,
and the fact that the Burzlnskys have
not been seen or heard of leads to
the belief that they have been caught
and perished. - .
At Wallace, Idaho, hundreds Of
pounds of . dynamite, hung to limbs of
trees on the high, points surrounding
the city and exploded in the hop that
the effect might produce rain to check
the devastation by forest fires, is
said to have , had a result, for rata
has been falling for the first time In
two months. The fall has been very
Loss Is Immense.
Information comes from Dayton,
Wash., that the forest fires in the
Wenaha reserve are under control.
The fires have raged ten days and
burned over a large area, destroying
several million feet of timber. It Is
said to be the most serious that has
occurred in the Blue Mountains for a
number of years.
A special from Stltes, Idaho, Says
the forest fire situation in the Elk
City district is the worst in the his
tory of that region. Under the in
fluence of the high winds prevailing
In the mountains for the last two
days and nights, the forest fires are
burning with redoubled fury.'
Oregon Man Is Victim. '
SACRAMENTO. Cal. The body of
the man shot to death by Patrolman
George Maley in the belief that he
was a puree-snatcher who had robbed
and beaten three women' last week,
has been Identified as that of Earnest
A. Frailer, whose mother and father
live at Lebanon, Ore. The Identifi
cation was brought about through the
receipt of a letter at the address at
which Frazier was- living, from a girl
in Westfalls, Ore.' The letter is in
the hands of the police.
BEVERLY, Mass. President Taf t
has decided to accept the invitation tc
address the national league of repub
llcan clubs at Carnegie hall, New
York, on September 30.
There Is likelihood tnat this will be
the president's one speech of the cam
palgn, and, as he will be surrounded
by a political atmosphere,' it is prob
able that politics will enter largely
into what he has to say. The, speech
may prove to be the keynote of the
campaign, for Mr. Taft will give a
resume of what the republican party
has accomplished since his adminis
tration began and what it hopes to ac
complish. ;
Threatened Sugar War On.
SAN FRANCISCO. The first gun
In the contemplated sugar war be
tween members of the Spreckela fam
ily was fired with the arrival of the
well known American' ship Lyra from
Yonkera; N. Y.a bringing to the Fed
eral Sugar Refining Company, sugar
amounting to 10,000,000 pounds.
. Wounded Mayer Improved.'
NEW YORK. Mayor Gaynor is
progressing favorably toward recov
ery from the bullet wound in his
neck, according to all Information ob
tainable from hospital physicians. No
symptoms of blood poisoning have V-
pvared.'and the danger of unfavor
able developments is hourly becoming
less. - "
- 'Pray for Mayor Gayner. . .
NEW YORK. In tbe churches of
every, denomination in New York
Sunday prayers .were offered for the
recovery of Mayor Gaynor, who was
shot last week.
' Pruning the Grape.
In pruning tbe grape cut back to
tbe third bud. as It Is usually the first
entirely perfect bud produced.
One of the Investigator - ef
Senator. Goro'a Bribery Charges.
Field-to-Consumer Idea Is Growing In
Indiana. ',.'..
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. Within the
next 30 days the most comprehensive
efforts that have ever been made to
organize Indiana farmers Into devoted
Belf Interest will be inaugurated and
paid organizers will be at work In all
parts of the state.
Steps have already been taken to
raise a fund for the disposal of mil
lions of dollars' worth of grain from
a central depot in this city and ele
vators and other buildings are to be
erected from which agents of the
farmers are to sell their products di
rect to shippers and consumers. The
plan is much the same as that adopt
ed by the brewers In Kentucky and
other states, and farmers interested
In It believe It will be quite as suc
cessful. ...
BRUSSELS. One of the costliest
conflagrations in European history
wiped out the Be'gian Exposition
Sunday night, entailing an enormous
loss, estimated at a late hour at $100,
000 000. So far as known only two
persons are dead and two score in
jured. The White City of the world's fair,
as the Belgians have called their
1910 exposition, early in the evening
was a mass of flames, and now' is
smouldering ruins. A spark falling
Into inflammable material in the tele
graph building, burst into flames, and,
driven by a high wind, swept rapid
ly In all directions. -
Bands of thieves engaged in pillage
and a soldier was stabbed .while at
tempting to arrest three men whom
he found rifling a jewelry exhibit
The aggregate loss will be enor
mous.. The diamond exhibitors are
heavy losers.
Exposition International.
The. exposition was universal and
International, and opened in April of
this year, to -continue six months.
Prominent on the programs were
special exhibitions of various kinds,
special agricultural and horticultural
shows, congresses, conferences and
artistic and sportive feats. Special
games and competitions also received
The exposition covered an area of
about 200 acres, a large number of
which was reserved for foreign sec
tions. Beside . the buildings, areas,
fences, . kiosks and various otber
things, the grounds contained railroad
terminals, connecting with the Bel
gian State Railway.
" Indians Would Become Paupers.
. SULPHUR, Okla. Witnesses testi
fied before the congressional Indian
land Investigating committee that If
the Indian lands In Oklahoma were
sold and the $30,000,000 proceeds were
turned over to ths Indians In cash,
the state within ten years would be
flooded with paupers.
8almon Pack Below Average.
SEWARD, Alaska. Reports re
ceived here are that the salmon pack
In the Bristol Bay district and also at
Karluk and Uyak. Kodlak Island, will
fall far short of the average.
New Political Move May Retire
Speaker Cannon and Sen
ator Aldrich.
BEVERLY, Mass. Everything that
happened the past week around the
summer capital conspires to the be
lief that the administration is prepar
ing to clean house, and that a com
plete political readjustment in circles
close to President Is in progress. :
Athough he is not to retire until
after March 4, 1911 and Senator Aid
rich confirmed to President Taft dur
lng his recent visit his intention to do
so the readjustment plans now . In
progress' apparently treat whatever
influence Mr. Aldrich may have had
with the president' as a thing of the
past. -
The elimination of Mr. Aldrich, ac
cording to close political observers, is
soon to be followed' by the retirement
of Secretary Ballinger from the cab
Inet The retirement of Mr. Ballinger
is said to be fixed for September 15.
Move Against Cannon Planned.
The third move in contemplation is
said to be directed egainst Speaker
Cannon. It is not admitted In Beverly
that Mr. Cannon will even be a can
didate for the speakership.
Reports have reached Beverly that
ths recent results in Kansas and Iowa
were due largely to the activity of
Speaker Cannon in Kansas, to the
charges against Senator Aldrich and
to doubt in the West as to whether he
actually Intended to retire.
Senator W. Murray Crane, of Mas
sachusetts has been one of the active
forces in the new political movement.
It was he who went West to see
Secretary Ballinger and It was he
who also went to see Senator Aldrich
t Warwich, R. I. Hereafter, Senator
Crane's movements will be watched
with particular Interest.
Greatest Number Elected at Same
Time In History of Union.
WASHINGTON. At the coming
fall elections more states will elect
governors than ever before In the his
tory of the Union. For the first time
Oregon is to join the list of common
wealths electing their executives in
November. J.
. A total of thirty-six governors are
to be elected this fall. Thirty-two win
be voted for 'at the general elections
In November. ... Three states Ver
mont, Maine and Arkansas will vote
for governor next month, and Georgia
will elect Its executive In October.
Warrant Out for Detective Burns.
SAN FRANCISCO: -Another echo
of the famous Perrin-Benson-Snell liti
gation reached the federal courts
when a complaint was filed charging
William J. Burns, the graft prosecu
tion, sleuth, with subordination of per
jury. The complaint is based spon the re
cent Indictment of Charles P. Snell by
the federal grand jury for perjury.
It is charged against Burns that he
Induced and persuaded Snell so to tes
tify falsely.
A Heavy Watch.
A watch carried by the Einteror
, Charles V. In 1530 weighed twenty
seven pounds.
The world's largest masonry span
Is nearlng completion as part of a
bridge in New Zealand. It Is 320 feet
long by 20 wide, and 147 feet high.
Tbe official call has been Issued for
the 'fifth annual session of the Dry
Farming Congress, to meet October 3
to 6, at Spokane, Wash.
The striking cloakmakers In New
York City number more than 80,000
men and women, according to a brief
submitted to the supreme court by
their employers, who seek to have the
union restrained by a permanent In
junction on the ground that the work
ers are maintaining an Illegal combi
nation In striking against the open
A phase of Asiatic Immigration that
U beginning to attract attention Is the
increasing number of Japanese wom
en that the transpacific liners are
bringing to San Francisco. Many of
these women are of the coolie class.
Following the announcement that
20,000 Filipinos were to be imported
to the Hawaiian islands as sugar plan
tation laborers, tbe organization of
anti-oriental labor leagues has begun
at Honolulu.
President Samuel Qompers has an
nounced that the next annual conven
tion of the American Federation ot
Labor would open in St. Louis, Mo.,
on Monday, November 14.
Colonel Roosevelt completed the
conservation and political speeches
he Is to make In the West, particular
ly before the national conservation
congress In St. Paul on September 6.
Mrs. Margaret Emerson McKlm
was granted a decree of absolute di
vorce from her husband, Dr. S. H.
McKlm, of New York, at Reno, Ne
vada, after she took the stand and
told of alleged cruelty on the part ot
her husband.
James Whltcomb Riley, Hoosler
poet and "human Interest" philos
opher, who was recently stricken with
a slight attack of paralysis, Is report
ed better and out of danger,
n.James, J. Jeffries, former champion
prizefighter of the world, has gone
into the laundry business. Not that
he Is advertising, but $50,000 of the
money he received for the Reno fight
he loaned to a Los Angeles laundry
company and took a mortgage on the
concern for the amount.
The oldest member of the United
States senate In point of years is Sen
ator Cullom of Illinois, who will be 81
years old next November,
General B. J. Viljoen, who com
manded one of the main divisions of
tbe Boers In the war with Great Bri
tain, and who is now a rancher In the
Mesllla valley of southern New Mex
ico, has been offered the post ot as
sistant minister of native offices In
the South African protectorate.
The first class British armored
cruiser Duke of Edlnburg, with '750
officers and men on board went ashore
In a dense fog striking on the rocks
at St Catherine, Isle of Wight
From July 31 "until August , 20,668
cases of cholera were reported
throughout Russia, with 8679 deaths.,
One-third of the city ot Toklo Is
flooded from constant rains. It is 'es
timated that 2,000,000 persons in the
surrounding country are without
shelter or food and are starving. Con
ditions In the capital are worse than
during any great flood of recent times
in Japan.
Sweeping down out ot the sky with
a sharp hiss, a small meteorite crash
ed against a blind on the bouse of Al
fred H. Rlckards In Montrose, Mass.,
and set tbe house on fire.
Charged with having conspired to
violate the Sherman anti-trust law in
connection with ths alleged organisa
tion of a cotton pool, in New York,
Indictments were returned in the fed
eral court against James A. Patten,
the "cotton king," and a number of
prominent brokers.
Peaches Blossom Again.
STOCKTON, Cal. Excessive heat
has caused a phenomenon In the fruit
world here that Is creating much In
terest Peach trees laden on one
side with green leaves and ripe fruit
and the opposite side with as fine
blosroms as were ever seen In April
or May have set the wise ones guess
ing. The oddity was caused by work
men of the Central California Trac
tion Company line burning the grass
along the tracks of that line on the
Cherokee Lane road of the lnterbur
ban between Stockton and Lodl.
Chronicle of Important Events
of Interest to Our
Time Is Extended.
SALEM. While August 14 Is the
latest date at which candidates under
the law can file nominating petitions
and be permitted to have their cuts
and arguments appear In the pamph
let to be Issued by the state printer, '
but few petitions had been received
by the secretary ot state. The secre
tary, however, has decided not to In
sist upon strict, enforcement of the
law and candidates filing their peti
tions between now and August 22, the
latest date at which cuts and argu
ments must be In the hands ot the
secretary of state, will be allowed to
have their cuts and arguments appear
In the pamphlet. Any candidate filing
his petlton after that fate will be too
late, as the secretary of state must
turn the cuts and arguments over to
the printer by August 25.
13 Injured In A Trolley Crash.
PORTLAND. Thirteen persons
were more or less hurt when an elec
trio car on tbe Oregon City line struck
a string of freight cars In this city.
The accident occurred on a ' long
curve, the headlight shining on a
tangent, leaving In ' the dark the
freight cars, which were taking a sid
ing. None of the passengers are seri
ously Injured.
Horsethlef Is Shot Dead, but "Pal",
Makes Escape.
pursuit of two horse thieves came upon
them near the Callahan ranch, 12
miles northwest of Dairy, and killed
one, named Dumoas, but tbe other,
named Kuhl, made his escape. ''
A number of mules and horses were
stolen from the country In the vicin
ity of Sliver Lake and a posse was or
ganized and pursued the thieves.
They were trailed to Sprague River,
where the trial was lost, but was
found again near Williamson river.
As the posse came over the moun
tains near the Callahan ranch they
came upon the men and called upon
them to surrender. Dumoas attempt
ed to get behind a tree, but before he
could do so be was shot and killed.
His companion succeeded In mak
ing bis escape and the posse Is still
in pursuit. The horses and mules
were recovered.
- Red Spiders Damage Hops.
SALEM. S anding between two
evils, a record breaking drought In
the Willamette valley and an unpre
cedented scourge of the red spider,
the hop crop of the state of Oregon
bas suffered Immensely the past week
or 10 days and the yield, conserva
tively estimated from the standpoint
of both tbe 'bulls and bears," wlh fall
approximately 6000 bales below that
of last year. The yield of last year
was about 84,000 bales, and the latest
estimate tor this season ranges be
tween $2,00 and 100,000 bales.
Discovery Made Alterations Were Not
SALEM. Discovery bas been made
that several parts of the present seal
of Oregon are without authority ot
law, as a resula of an Investigation
made by tbe secretary of state's office,
upon request of Elliott Woods, super
intendent of the United States capltol
and grounds at Washington. Mr
Woods sent a request for a copy ot
the present state seal In colors. On
the celling of the house ot represen
tatives In Washington seals of the
various states are shown as prepared
la 1857 and It Is desired to bring
these down to date.
Chief Clerk Corey Is at a loss to
know just how to send the state seal
for use .at the national capltol, as
there are apparently some unauthor
ised additions, as the teal now stands.
China Depends on 8elf.
PEKIN. The Chinese government
bas decided to employ no diplomatic
adviser In the future, a decision that
has come as a surprise, and to some
extent a disappointment to the forelgr
communities of the Far East