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    City and County
Brief News Items
Bhoes repaired at Rodgers Brut'.
Chinese & Japanese matting at
Ashley's in all thn new patterns.
Mcsm-s. Casteel and liryant of Mad
Creea and Applegato of Paradise were
buying supplies in Enterprise lawt week.
f katlng rink open every Tuesday,
Friday and Saturday nights from 7 to
. 10 p. m. tf
T. K. Edgemand of Cbioo wag trans-
acting biifiiimfifj at the court bouse
There will be a basket social at the
M. K. church next Tuesday night to
wbirh everybody is invited.
R. I. Long has returned from Spo
kane and will shortly open a civil
engineer office in this city.
rioneer Roofing, Hold by Hart horn
A Keltner, the Enterprise Hardware
tore, is guaranteed to equal the best.
E. V. Steel of the R. 8. & Z. store
returned Saturday from a brief vacation
spent at Portland and with his mother
at Vaucotiver.
J. A. Fitzpatrick of Lostine made
llual proof lefore before U. 8. Com
missioner Sheahao on a timber claim
Tuesday, located atxut six miles soutli
of Lostine.
This is the yeur you can afford to buy
that range for your wife. We have the
Universal, the tn'st and most moderate
priced range on the market. Ask the
women. Hartshorn & Keltner.
Rev. B. F. Miller will preach in the
Enterprise Christian church next Sun
day morning at 11 o'clock and evening at
7:30. The pastor, Rev. Thompson,
will occupy a pulpit at Wallowa.
Other services: Sunday school at 10 a.
m., C. E. at 0:30 p. m.
$15 CASH $15
To the three Pupils of Wal
lowa County Schools who
bring the largest number of
their Bunter Brown Ads cut
from the News Record to
W. J. FUNK & CO.'S
store by November 1, 1908.
Cut out the ads each week
and have all your friends save
ads for you. They are found
only in the News Record.
Baby's and Children's rihoes. New lot
just in at W. J. Funk & Go's.
Sam Wornock and J. W. Emmons of
Mad Creek were in Enterprise Monday.
Diamond W Coffee, the finest flav
ored. Bold at the E M. & M. Co. tf
James Rodgers of Rodgers Bros, went
to Joseph on business, Wednesday,
Harry auglm of the Imuaba was
greeting many friends in Enterprise
Mrs. Gibson and daughter Gertie of
near Jsiine were buying millinery
here Saturday.
Windows, Doors, Roofing and Build
ers Hardware, complete liues and clos
est prices at Hartwhorn & Keltner's.
Joe Ktraekle of Joseph, who formerly
resided in Enterprise, was renewing
acquaintances here over Sunday. .
Varnish stains and brashes, and
Lacqueret makes old furniture look
like new at Burnaugh & Mayfield's.
Big lot of Winter Underwear and
Hosiery just received at W J. Funk k
Donald, the five year old son of
Councilman and Mrs. 6. E. Combes,
was quite seriously ill of rheumatism
for several days but is now better and
able to be outside.
U. b. igy Iesworth, who was man
ager and principal owner of the planing
mill at Wa'lowa that burned a few
weeks ago, ha gone to Los Angeles.
He was accompanied by Mrs. Wiggles
worth. James A Tulley of Payallup, Wash.,
and A. L. Tulley of Wallowa were greet
ing many old friend in Enterprise,
Thursday. James A. is a former
resident of this county but moved to
Puyallup a few years ago.
Mrs, N. A. Fallman, the photo
grapher, filed on a timber claim in The
Garden of Eden country last week.
When near Enterprise on her return
home Saturday evening the team ran
away, throwing Mrs. Fallman out and
against a wire fence. She suffered come
braises and her clothes were torn but
fortunately the was not severely in
jured. The north window at W. J. Fank &
Co's. is trimmed in a manner to awaken
thoughts of Thanksgiving, mincemeit
pies and other winter delicacies. A
center diamond of citron is flanked by
heaps of raisins, prunes, peaches and
other dried fruits w hich are all inclosed
by squares and diamonds of va ions
colors and shades made of apple?. Roger
Kay was the artist who is responsible
(or the show.
"Cantul Banking latum IhtSaMy ol Dtpotltt."
Depositors Have That Guarantee at
We do a General Banking Business.
Exchange Bought and Sold on
All Principal Cities
Vice President
Assistant Cashier
Heating rtoves at Ashley's at the
right price.
Mr. and Mrs Miles Goodman of
Lostine were in Enterprise, Monday.
Rodgers Bros, bave put In a cobbler
shop in the rear of their store.
Diamond W Coffee "Best I ever
drank," says everyone. E. M . 4 M. Co.
Mrs. Fisk and two daughters of
Imnaha were visiting friends in Enter
prise last week and buying supplies' of
local merchants.
One man, 5! toot, 6 foot, 6 foot and
7 foot Victor Atkins' saws none better
jast in at Hartshorn k Keltner's,
W. P. Wornack of the Imnaha was
here for a load of lumber, Friday. Mr.
Wornack will build a nice borne on
his place above the bridge.
T. R. Akins has been compelled to
use crutches the past few days owing to
a painful wound in his foot, caused by
stepping on a nail.
The masonry work on Mayor Daniel
Boyd's brick storebuilding on Main
street is finished, and the roof is being
put on.
O. E. Bodmr and Oscar Borland,
prosperous ranchers from the Para
dise country, were in town Friday
with wheat for the E. M. & M. mill.
Mrs. A. R. Emmons has opened a
restaurant in the Burnaugh building on
Main street opposite the new Fraternal
uunuing. .
Nothing like them ever in town before
cranu new line oi ingii grade razor
and pearl-handled pocketknives at
Burnaugh &. Mayfield's.
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Miller and -Mr.
and Mrs. Charles Zurcber drove to
Joseph Monday to hear Hon. Joseph
Camp deliver his lecture on "Truth and
J. B. Seibert went to Joseph Wednes
day to finish pinting the Catholic
church. Work on the building has
been delay -d because of the scarcity of
carpenter help.
Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Bowman, Miss
Sadie Wornack, Mrs. Daisley, Mrs
Clifton and daughter, MLs Reba, and
Miss Jessie Matlock, all of Lostine,
were transacting business in the county
seat, Saturday.
Messrs. Moore, Rhoades, Catron,
Doran, Smith, C. E. Bell and W. J.
Beach, prosperous farmers from the
north country brought wheat to the E.
M. & M. mill the latter part of last
Stone is beinj placed at street cross
ing approaches and other needed street
repairs are being made, including the
filling cf the mud bole on the south
side of Main street about half way
between River and West First streets.
Wedges and Splitting Sledges never
any cheaper than now, at Hartshorn &
Keltner's big hardware store.
Prentiss Homan ha? added a com
.lined peanut roaster and corn popper
to his grocery and con'ectionery stock.
The roaster is the only one of the kind in
Enterprise and probably in the county,
and fresh, hot peanuts and popcorn are
quite an attraction.
Ashley has just received a shipment
of the One Minute Vahers.
L. P. McCuLbin, who owns a fine
ranch three miles north of Lostine, and
J. A. Fitepatrics, the Lostine merchant,
were transacting business In Enterprise
Tuesday. Mr. McCubbin has given
up a contemplated trip to California
this winter on account of pressure of
business affairs.
Sam Connor of Wallowa is at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. 11. C. Cramer
... i. : l l . r .
vunug ircuvuieni ior a serious eye
amiction, a secondary result from
smallpox. A postule formed in the eye
and for a time it was feared he would
iubu ma Bigm, uui is dow nearly re
covered without serious consequences,
Cut out the W. J. Funk A Co. adv
for some boy or girl who is worki ng for
the splendid prises offered by that firm
I .Tint received m la roe line of dressers
at Ashley's.
F. LVergere, manager of the Inde
pendent Home telephone, is enjoying a
few days' vacation on a hunting trip.
The moving picture show at the opera
house Monday night was alimly at
tended, but those there, saw a good
show of the kin i . The kind, however
is too out-of date to draw a crowd at
four bits per.
The Elgin trains have again changed
(time. 2 he regular now leaves La
Best Value for the Money Ever Offered
The News Record until January 1, 1909, to
new subscribers
The News Record one year to old subscrib
ers who pay arrears.
And the subscriber's choice of the following:
The American Farmer, one year, leading liter
' ary agricultural journal of the nation
The News Record sent 3 months to any ad-'
dress outside Wallowa County
An Order for a Cabinet Photograph, $4.50
. size, at the Fallman Studios'in Enterprise
. 1 n n 1 . .
urauue ai 0:00 a. ni. ana returns ai
noon. The extra leaves at 1 :30 p. m.
and arrives back at La Grande at 6:30
p. m.
Diamond W Coffee sold in 1 and 2
lb. cans at E. M. Sc M. Co? tf
"Brown's in Town," at the opera
house Thanksgiving night. It is the
funnieftof all farce comedies and it is
sure the Enterprise Stock company will
do it justice. Full particulars and cast
next week.
The Enterprise Concert band gave
another open air concert Sunday after
noon and a large crowd beard the ex
cellent music and commented favorably
on the fine progress the band was mak
irg. F. A, Reavis secured a fine picture
of the band and it is in great demand
on post c trds. An entertainment will
be given in the opera home soon.
A fine audience heard the lecture on
"An American King," by the Hon.
Joseph Camp, of Atlanta, Ga., at the ;
opera house Tuesday night. His cen
tral thought was an intelligence quali
fication for suffrage. Mr. Camp is an
eloquent speaker and held the closest
attention of the audience for two hours.
Shoe repairing next door to Star laun
dry. Everett Flowers. tf
William Mahaffey was arrested Mon
day on a warrant sworn out by Mark
Graves charging assault with dangerous
weapon. The two men had trouble
Sunday over 8 small account. Graves
says Mahaffey, who was under the in
fluence of liquor, followed him over town
from place to place and thr atened to
shoot him, at the same time showing
a gun. Graves finally wearied of the
game and pnnched Mahaffey's face
good and hard. Mahaffey continued
to follow Graves and the latter swore
out the warrant. Mahaffey remained
at a hotel Sunday night and Monday,
and later was allowed to return home
on his promise to appear Saturday for
the preliminary hearing.
Misses Lucile Corkiiw and Margaret
Mavor were charming hostesses to a
party of young people at the home of
Misa Mavor, Saturday night. Music
and games whiled awav the hannv
- 1 1 j
hours. Refreshments of punch and
wa fers were served. '
The patterna were never
to rich nod handsome as
they are this aeaaoo.
Single piece. 11.10 to 115
Always In good tMteas
a wedding present. Ar
ticle from $1.60 to 35.
The event may be
a few weeks away,
but it is a good
idea to lcok around
early. We tave
the choice new
things of the jewel
ry market in that
generous assort
ment that is found
only in a whole
sale stock.
A selection from this
elegant claa of goods
mean that yon are box
ing something tbat will
become an heirloom.
Single piece Uu to 130
Sol Id O old
II.MtolUi '
Continued from first page.
J. A. Eddlemon, John Reese, A. J.
Beckman and C. E. Bell all of the north
country brought wheat to the E. M. &
M. mill, Wednesday.
and careful attention that he does to
his private business. So it is plain he
still has enough to keep an ordinary
worker pretty busy, but to his energetic
nature it will seem like "being out of a
The business career of Mr Li ten baa
been creditable to him and illustrative
of the great resources aud o pportunities
in Wallowa county. With no start
a few years ago but brains, hustle and
muscle he has built up a big business.
added thousands to the wealth of the
county, until last year, when as com
missioner lie voted a tax large enoueh
to pay the county debt, he a a nrivate
citizen paid a larger part of that tax
than anybody else in the couuty
except two.
Prairie Creek Banen Soli.
Attorney D. VV. Sheahan sold his 100
acre Prairie creek ranch, Saturday', to
A. H. Myers for $5000. Mr. Mycfrs
resides on an adjoining farm. During
the hard times 10 or 11 years a-o this
ranch was sold for taxes, and like the
rest of the rich Prairie creek bottom
before the water was brought in was
not considered worth much, but is now
considered chcan at from (30 to 840 an
acre. .
State Dairy Association.
The Oregon State Dairy Association
will meet in Portland December 12 and
13. The Portland Commercial club
offers two gold medals, one for butter
and one for cheese. Tiie Portland
Flouring Mills offers $100 cash for the
best general display. F. L. Kent,
Corvallis, is secretary.
Real Estate Transfers
2 Weeks Ending Nov. 9, 1907Prepared
By Wallowa Law, Land &
Abstract Co.
C. S.Cbapman to Nibley-Mtmtiaugh
Lumber Co., all the timber ou w half
of seo 35. 1 2 n, r 43 e. $1
C. P. Chapman to Nibley-Mlmnaugh
Lumber Co., the w half se and w half
ne, seo 26, 1 2 n, r 43 e. $1.
Arland D. Snarr to John McDonald,
Editor Offers $10 Reward. " half "w ,f. 8m,.T BW BM; and
From the Elgin Recorder 10. 1 1 n r 42 e. $4200.
Every cay the editor of the Recorder. John N. Mi-Pherann in ini.n M.
is brought face to face with stationery Donald, iiw seo 33, iu t 2 n, r 44 e.
prinieu oy some otnee outslrte of Elgin $1500.
and we are compelled to ask: What is
the difference between the mmhfint
who purchases his job printing from
the out-of-town office and the farmer
and mill man who sends to Sears &
Roebuck for his clothes and groceries?
we will give a reward of $10 to the
merchant who gives the best answer.
Special Offer to Subscribers.
In order to help rnake known the
resources of Wallowa county and the
opportunities here for bomeseekers
and investors, the News Record makes
this special offer: Any regular sub
ecriber may have sent one, or more
copies of the News Record to anv
address outside the county, at the
following rate:
Yearly subscriptions each $1.00,
Single copies 5 cents, 6 copies game
issue 25 cents, mailed from office with
out extra charge.
Henry VV, Oliver to Olof Anderson,
lots 8 aud 9 aud u half of se seo 6, 1 4 n,
r43. $1000.
Herman Miller to J. H. Barnes, e
half sw sec 23, and the lie of the iiw of
seo 26, lu 1 8 n, r 40 e. $1.
J. H. Barnes and Anna . Barnes to
Cossett Timber Co., e half sw, seo 23,
and the ne of the nw of seo 26, lu 1 3 ti,
r 40 e. $1.
William H. Miller to J. H. Barnes,'
the n half of the nw, the ee of the nw,
and the ne of the sw of seo 24, 1 8 n, r
40 e. $1.
J. H. Barnes and Anna E. Barnes to
Crossett Timber Co., the n half nw
and se of nw and ne of sw of seo 24, 1 8
n, r40e. $1.
U. S. R. R. to John McPherson, nw
seo 33, 1 4 n, r 44 e.
Miles VV. Goodman to Albert Gra
ham, bond for deed, w half se, seo 11, t
1 S, r 43 e, $797.63.
State Deed to J. . Wallace, sw of se.
Ml Bethel McKenale at the Poatofflctf U
authorlxedvto receive and receipt for suhMrip
tlona and advertUlng for the News-Kecord,
and to receive and receipt for Job work.
Traded tanches.
Mr. Snyder has traded the Goodman
place, one and a half miles east of Los
tine, to Al Graham of Elgin, and hag
moved to the Fitzpatriok place farther
op the river.
Local an! Personal.
- Al Hart, who sustained a fracture of
the right leg, the result of a kick from a
hone last week, Is getting around on
Born, to the wife of O. P. Mays, Nov.
13, an 11-pound boy.
Miss Seoalia Rucker. formerly of this
Dlace, who had one of her limbs ampo
tatedlast week, is getting along nicely
Physician and Surgeon,
t the Good Samaritan hospital in
The band boys have decided to give
uutuer piay na expect to present it
about the holidays.
, Mrs. Johnson, wife' of Rev. Johnson,
who lives six miles north of Lostine,
returned Friday from a four months1
visit with relatives in Illinois.
A hrnthnr nf ITom rv,l. . :
-- ------ - -" j vwiciiiiui Hmvmi
Saturday from Illinois and will make
uis iiuiiio in n auow a county.
Dr. Hewett went to Wallowa Monday
and assisted Dr. Gregg in a surgical
operatior. , ,
750 buys an entire block of
nearly three acres In the heart of
Enterprise. No Improvements
but well watered by Individual
sprint branch. Will trade f,
cattle, or sell on terms. Some
one will take this In the next 40
days. O. R.&I. Cv.
Enterprise Stock Co.
Thanksgiving Night
Thursday, Nov. 28,
Usual prices. Reserved seats at Bur
naugh k Mayfield's.
seo 80, 1 2 n, r 41 e. $50.
J. K. Wallace to J. B. Reed, sw of
se, sec 30, 1 2 n of r41 e. $360.
Louis Berland to E. J. Forsythe,
an irregular tract of laud lu lot 4, seci.
1 2 s, r 44. $280. , .
U. 8. Pat. to Pattl A. Hunter, ne of'
sec 85, 1 2 n, r 43 e.
CharlasA. Hunter to Nibley Mini-.
naugli Lumber Co., lot 4, se sw, and
sw se of seo 31, t 2 n, r 44 e; lot 8, wo
0, 1 1 u, r 44 e; s half of xeo 36, and ne
of seo 35, 1 2 n, r 43 e. $1.
Carrie it. Hunter to Nibley-Mim-!
naugh Lumber Co., lot 4, seu 0, 1 1 n, r
44 e. $1.
George L. Macomber to H. O. De
Beaumout, s half of se and ee of sw
seo 14, uud the nw of the ne of sec 23,
t 6 n, r 45 e; rtlxo the east half of tlut
n w aud thesw of the nw and the ne of
the sw of sec 23, t 6 n, r 45 e. $3000.
William Maxwell ' to The George
Palmer Lumber Co., the s half of the.
ne aud the n half of the se of seo 10, in
1 4 n, r42e. $1.
Frank Bums to 11. D. Akins, s half
of n w and lota 3 and 4, see 2, t 3 t, 1 45
e. $7000.
Five hundred cust mers to
come iu ami inspect our entire
line cf general merchandise
and get ou- prices beforo pur
chasiug elsewhere
We curry a large and up-to-1
te stock of men's, b j s' and
youths' suits ai d overcoats.
Also Slickers,- Mackinaw,
leather aud. rubber coats. ' It
you want something elegant,.,
in both quality andjlit we will '
take your order for a suit from ,
the celebrated ROYAL Tailors. ,
Dermine Cream, the best preparation
for chapped hands and face, is sold by
Burnaugh Mayfield.
We can furnish every man,
woman and child hi town with
a pair of shoes and -have plen.
ty left to supply the out-of-ton
trade. '
We have a largo and well
assorted stock of woolen and
cotton fleeced underwear to
keep your body warm by day
and woolen blankets galore to
keep you warm by night.
We carry almoit everything
iu the hardware line from a
paper of tacks to a Kentucky
Drill, a Deere Gang or a three
Bottom Disc
Our stock of groceries are the
freshest because we buy in'
comparatively small quantities
but boy often.
In fact our stock is complete
in every department and we
invite comparison of prices
with any store in Wallowa