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ia constitutional disease originating In
Impure blood and requiring constitutional
treatment acting through and purifying the
blood for lta radical and permanent cure.
The greatest constitutional remedy Is
Hood's Sarsaparilla
In usual liquid form or in chocolated
tablets known as SarsataUS. 100 doses $1.
Nasal and other local forms of catarrh
re relieved by Catarrlets, which allay in
flammation and deodorize discharge. SOo.
Different Methods.
Some men break into a bank
By violence and with slaughter;
And some men find an easier way
By wedding a banker's daughter.
His Idea of It.
Here the locomotive fireman spoke up.
"It makes me tired," he said, "to hear
the bosses talk about klllin' off the smoke
nuisance by 'intelligent firin'.' If I was
runnin' things I'd do a little Intelligent
firin' myself. You can bet your life on
thet. I'd fire some of the bosses."
Nathan Straus, an eastern philanthro
phist, has established in New York City
a series of milk booths where pure ster
ilized milk is gold to the poor for one
cent a bottle. Absolute antiseptic clean
liness is required by him in all brandies
of the enterprise. In cleansing the milk
bottles he uses two things hot water
and BORAX. The glistening bottles' tes
tify to the effectiveness of this method.
"So you are anxious to go Into pub
lic life," said the influential man. 1
"Yes. How would you advise me to
go about It?",
"Well," If you are personally am
bitious I should suggest politics. If
your wife is socially ambitious I should
suggest diplomacy." Washington Star.
A ltoof Onaralan.
The new Singer buildiag In New Tork
Is now up to its thirty-sixth floor and
has only sixteen mere floors to add.
Of course it is a little early yet to
select an aerial whltewings, but It will
have to be doue pretty soon.
The duty of tills Important official
will be to push the clouds off the roof.
Cleveland Plalu Dealer.
Helps the Wagon
the Dill
The load seems lighter Wagon
and team wear longer You make
' more money, and have more time
to make money, when wheels are
greased with
Mica Axle Grease
The longest wearing and most
satisfactory lubricant in the world.
HOWARD E. BtJRTOW. Assam rC Chemist,
Letdvllle, Colorado, Specimen prion: Gold,
IS 11 re r, Load, 91 . Uold, B11 ver,7K-: U0I4, 60e; Zinc or
Copper, 4)1. Cyanide tnia. jUaLllQK anvtlopus and
fUll price list sent on application. Control and Um
pire work solicited. lUrennotti i)rtouaia Har
Lonal Banku
QTV Mule
KJ Team
Sample, Booklet and Souvenir Game, 10c. Pa
cific Coast Borax Co., Oakland, L ai.
C. Gee Wo
The well known reliable
Boot and Herb
JTu mud a Ufa study of
roots and herb., and in that
tody diicovereq and ta air.
Ina to the world hit wonder,
f ul remedies.
No Mercury, Poisons or Drugs Used M Cures
Without Operation, or Without the Aid of a Knife
Throat. ttheamatUm. NervoaKneH. Nervou. pehlllty,
Htomach, Liver, Kidney TrouhlM:eloIm Manhood.
tie guarantee, to i;ure ueiarra. jwnme. xuhk.
eeinaie yi eaanem and All rrivate Liseaea.
Just Received from Peking-, Cbloa Safe, Sure
and Reliable.
If you oannot call, writ for armptoa blank and droo
ler, iaciooe cenii in luvra,
162 1-2 first St., Oo. Itanium.
Portland, Oregon.
laentloa Tfcls Paper.
The Road of a Thous
and Wonders"
From Portland to Los Angeles
Through San Francisco
An entitle book with 114 beautiful
colored pictures has been published by
the Southern Parlftc Company illustrat
ing and describing the attractions of
this wonderful road and the country
throngh which It passes. It can be ob
tained by tending: 16 cents to Chat. 8.
Fee, Passenger TreWe Manager, room
W7. Flood Building, San Francisco, CaL,
or the undersigned.
When you get ready to to Kaet remem
ber that you ran tare two-thirds of a day
and enjoy a through trip direct to Chi
cago without change, Brit or second
claat, bypurrhaalng your tlrketover the
O. K. A K., Short line, Union Pact lie
and Chicago A North weetern. Addreta
or apply to any O. R. A N. agent lor
more complete Information, m. Mo
Murray, General Passenger Agent, Port
land, Oregon.
"Rodney's Ride."
In that soft mid-land where the breezes
The North and the South on the genial
Through the County of Kent on affairs
of State
Rode Caesar Rodney, the Delagate.
Burly and big and bold and bluff,
In his three-cornered hat and his coat of
A foe to King George and the English
Was Caesar Rodney, the Delegate.
Into Dover Village he rode apace,
And his kinsfolk knew, from his anxious
It was matter grave that had brought
him' there,
To the counties three, upon the Delaware.
"Money and men we must have," he
"Or' the Congress falls and our cause is
Give us both, and the king shall not work
his will
We are Men since the blood of Bunker
Hill r
Comes a rider swift on a panting bay ;
"Hollo, Rodney, ho ! you must save the
For the Congress halts at a deed so
And your vote alone may decide its fate !"
Answered Rodney then: "I will ride with
speed ;
It is Liberty's stress, it ia Freedom's
When stands it?" "To-night; not a mo
ment spare,
But ride like the wind from the Dela
ware." "Ho, saddle the black ! I've but half a
And the Congress sits eighty miles away,
But I'll be la time, if God grants me
To shake my fist in King George's face."
He is up ; he is off 1 And the black horse
On the northward road ere the "God
speed I" dies.
It is a gallop and spur, as the leagues
they clear,
And the clustering milestones move a-
It is two of the clock ; and the fleet hoofs
The Flelduboro' dust with a clang and
It la three; and he gallops with slack
rein where
The road winds down to the Delaware,
Four; and he spurs into Newcastle town.
From his panting steed be gets him
"A fresh one, quick ; not a moment wait 1
And off speeds Rodney, the Delegate.
It Is five; and the beams of the western
Tinge the spires of Wilmington gold and
dun ;
Six; and the dust of the Chester street
Flies back in a cloud from his courser's
It is seven ; the horseboat, broad of beam,
At the Schuylkill ferry crawls over the
And at seven-fifteen by the Rlttenhousa
lie flings his rein to the tavern Jock.
The Congress is met ; the debate's begun,
And Liberty lags for the vote of one
When into the hall, not a moment late,
Walks Caesar Rodney, the Delegate.
Not a moment late, and that half-day's
Forwards the world with a mighty stride ;
For the Act was passed ere the mid
night stroke
O'er the Quaker City its echoes woke.
At Tyranny's feet was the gauntlet flung
"We are free 1" all the bells through the
colonies rung.
And the sons of the free may recall with
The day of Delegate Rodney's ride.
Elbrlge S. Brooks.
Cartons Place N
Chicago Is an Indian word, meaning
wild onion or skunk weed. Chesapeake
Is also Indian and Is variously inter
preted as highly salted water, great
waters or country on a great river.
Chautauqua Is also an Indian word
and has bad several Interpretations, as
a foggy place, a bag tied In the middle
(referring to the shpe of the lake), a
place where a child was washed away,
where the fish are taken out, place of
easy death or, finally, place where one
was lost Des Moines Is usually sup
posed to refer only to the Trapplst
monks, and It is also connected with
an Indian word meaning the road. Ni
agara U an Indian word, signifying
across the strait or at the neck. Sheu
andoah la Indian and means the gprucy
stream or a river flowing alongside of
high hills. Massachusetts means near
the great hills or the bill shaped like
an arrowhead or, again, the blue hills.
Mississippi means great water or. gath
erlng In of all the waters or an almost
endless river spread out Leslie'
Weekly. .
' Tlarer Cat Flremaa'i Mm cot
Although firemen's mascots and pets
are not uncommon, the men at the
central station In Manchester, X. II
have one that Is unusual. It Is a large
tiger cat which has so overcome the
usual feline aversions as to ride to the
fires on the apparatus with apparent
. The greatest pity in the world Is
when two friends who bare been use
ful and agreeable to each other qunr
For the
To succeed these days you
must have plenty of grit, cour
age, strength. How is it with
the children? Are they thin,
pale, delicate ? Do not forget
Ayer's Sarsaparilla. You
know it makes the blood pure
and rich, and builds up the
general health in every way.
The children cannot possibly hare frond
health unlesft the Unwell are in proper condi
tion. AilufttcWIi liver givei a coated tongue,
bud hraatli. coil itfnu tea bnwels. Correct all
theie by RirinK aniit.1 laxative dosei of Aver'a
vegetable, sugar coated.
Hade by J. C. Ayer Co., Lowell, Hats.
Alio xnanuAoturera or
OrC aouecure.
J oat What He Meaat.
Goodley Of course Meanley led d
very bad life.
Knox Yes, and he's going from bnd
to worse.
Goodley Tou haven't heard, then,
that he's dying?
Knox Yes, I have. Philadelphia
St. Vitus' nance ana alt Nervous Diseases
permanently cured by Dr. Kline's Great
Serve Restorer. Heed fur FREE 2 trial bottle and
treatise. ur.R. ii.Kllae.lxl., vai ArcnBU,ruua..i a.
Love'a Awakening..
"I'm almost eure the count Is In love
with me," excitedly eclalmed the first
What makes you think so?" Inquired
tbt other.
"He asked me today how much I was
worth." Philadelphia Tress.
Mothers will find Mrs. Wlns1owa Bonthlnej
Byrup the b. at remedy tn use for their children
during the teething period.
'OOO'OOO'OEIS sum psAOAui lanomn aqj;
0J3M 'sdbjj jo ssutu nnc'r SuiAira 'soinnd
-tnoa Xs 'uMdBf jo suidisCi puojiBj eqi
ezBuo)a jC3iai(ItnoD oj uona eq ui
It Cures While You Walk.
Allen't Foot-Kase is a certain cure for hot.
sweating. callus, and swollen, aching feet. Sold
by all lrugRists. I'rice '-'5c. lion't accept any
tubstitute. Trial package FREE. Address
Allen S. Olmsted, Le Koy, N. Y.
Steady Couiuanr.
"I suppose," said Cltiman, "you find
the ride home to Swamphurst every
day pretty long aud lonesome, don't
"Well," replied Subbubs, "of course
It's long, but I can't say It is lone
some. Tou see, I usually have a new
servant girl with me." Philadelphia
Servile Flatter. ,
Alexander the Great bad mounted hU
fiery Bucephalus and was putting the
famous war borse through his paces.
"How do I look?" he asked.
"Like a Chicago mounted policeman,
sire." said his chief of commissary.
Pleased with the comparison, Alexan
der spurred Bucephalus straight at a five
barred gate and nodded to the young mm
with the camera.
$100 Reward, $100.
The readers of this paper will be pleased to
learn that there is i t least one dreaded disease
that science has been able to cure in all Its
statics, and that la Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh
Lure Is the only positive cure now known to the
medical fraternity. Catarrh be nn a constitu
tional disease, requires a constitutional treat
ment. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally,
acting directly upon the blood and raucous sur-
taces oi tno system, thereby aesfoylng the foun'
aation ot the disease, and kivIiik ti e patient
strength by building up the constituMon and
assisting nature ?n aotng its worn. The Dro-
ers .hat they offer One Hundred Dollarsforany
case that It lulls to cure. Bend for list oi
I'uviuiB iimvv bi, umru lain, ill I IS curative poW'
Address F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, 0.
Bold by all druggists, 76o.
Take Hall's Family PUls for constipation.
A Bora Diplomat.
Canvasser Oood morning, madam.
I'm Introducing a polish for cleaning
silver. It la superior to anything now
on the market and the price U only
CO cents a box.
Mrs. Smart (sharply) Dont want
any. '
Canvasser Sorry to have troubled
you, madam. I aea the lady next door
was right
Mrs. Smart Eh! What did she say 1
Canvasser She said I needn't waste
my time calling here, as you had no
Ura. Smart Tha Impudent thing I
Or me six bom
and Quality
appeal to the Well-Informed in every
walk of life and are essential to per
manent success and creditable stand
ing. Accordingly, It is not claimed
that Syrup of Figs and Elixir of
Senna Is the only remedy of known
value, but one of many reasons why
It Is the best of personal and family
laxatives Is the fact that it cleanses,
sweetens and relieves the internal
organs on which It acts without any
debilitating after effects and without
having to Increase the quantity from
time to time.
It acts pleasantly and naturally and
truly as a laxative, and lta component
parts are known to and approved by
physicians, as it Is free from all
objectionable substances. To get its
beneficial effects always purchase the
genuine manufactured by the Cali
fornia Fig Syrup Co., only, and tor
sale by ail leading druggists.
Oaeata Asked to Identify Pictures of
Frienda Taken In Childhood.
Loudon society has a new craze, call-
cul rha "ti it, tan " I ..1. U AnKf
on because It Is productive of so much
genuine amusement, says the Xew
j York American. Each guest who re
ceives an invitation is requested to
bring a photograph of himself or her
self taken before the age of five. All
the photographs are duly numbered,
and a list of names Is kept by the
hostess. After being collected and
shuffled they are distributed among the
The fun consists in endeavoring to
trace the originals of portraits. So
many minutes are permitted for ob
servation, and then the number of the
photograph and the guess at Its Iden
tity are written on a sheet of note
paper. The pictures are then passed
on from one to another, and the same
program is gone through with the new
observer. The result of the second ob
servation Is also recorded.
This goes on until every photograph
has passed through the hands of each
guest. The lists are then Inscribed
with the players' names and are col
lected. The player who Is successful
In fixing the Identity in most cases re
ceives the first prize, and the second
and third prizes go to the "nests" In
the numlier of accurate guesses.
The sight of a perplexed player star
ing fixedly at each guest until he can
make up his mind who was the plump
boy In the velvet knickerbockers or the
chubby-cheeked girl In pinafores and
plaits Is funny. One need not be much
of a prophet to prognosticate the
speedy appearance of the game In the
United States.
Teacher Now, Harold, can you tell
me what wisdom Is? Small Harold
1"es. ma'am. It's Information of the
Mnmmn Why did you eat the whole
I of that pie In the pantry, Willie? Lit
tle Willie 'Cause you told me ouce
never to do things by halves.
Sunday School Teacher Freddy, do
you remember the precept about spar
ing the rod? Small Freddy Yes,
ma'am. Spare the rod and lose the
"Willie," said his mother, "I wish
you would run across the street and
t-ee how old Mrs. Brown Is this morn
lug." A few minutes later Willlo re
rumed and reported: "Mrs. Brown
snys It's none of your business how old
no Is."
Tilttle Margie had been to the den
tipt's to have a tooth extracted and
this is how she explained the proceed
ings : "The man grabbed hold with a
pair of big tongs and pulled his best,
and Just before it killed me the tooth
came out."
Elmer wanted to go In swimming
"But," protested the father, "I'm afraid
it will not be, good for you, Khuer.
Only this morning you complained of u
pain In your stomach." 'That's all
right, papa," the boy replied, "I know
how to swim on my back."
"Now, Harry," said a lady to a small
gutst after dinner, "wouldn't you like
to take some of the plum pudding
home to your little sister?" "No,
thank you," replied Harry, who hud
Improved his opportunity, "I've got
about all I can carry now."
"Mamma," said 6-yenr-old Elmer,
who was tired of staying In the house,
"come out In the back yard and play
a gnme of football with me." "I can't
pluy, dear," replied the mother. "Huh !
exclaimed the little fellow, scornful
!y. "That's what comes of having
woman for a mother."
WaablBKton Monument.
The towering iiHiiington monu
ment, aolld as It Is, cannot resist the
lieat of the sun twured on Its southern
aide on a mldBummer's day without a
Blight bending of the gigantic uhaft,
which ia rendered perceptible by meana
of a copper wire 174 feet long banging
In the center of the structure and car
rying a plummet ausieuded In a vemse
of water.
A iJntvvranl Inclination.
"I see that they are starting out
again to discover the north pole," salt
Mrs. OorntoBHttl.
yea," answered the farmer.
"I wonder bow It'll seem when th
pole Is actually reached."
"Oh, I a'pose ItH be the same as It Is
anywhere else. They'll put in about
two-thlrda of their time complaining
about the dlmate." Washington Star.
A Kind Word.
"So you don't share the general In
dignation toward the rullways?"
"No," answered Fanner Corntossel ;
"I bare alwaya felt that a locomotive
was entitled to a great deal of -:redlt
for sticking to the track Instead of
snorting up and down tho country
roads like an automobile." Washing
ton Star.
The Onlr Hop.
"Of course," said Poplcy, "she's not
a protty baby now. Our only hope la
that as she gets older she'll grow hand
somer." "Yes. I guess there's nothing for you
to do but believe In 'age before beau
ty.'" Philadelphia Preaa.
Tou can tell when a woman la Inter
ested In what you are saying by the
way she pretends she Isn't
All the world loves to laugh it tha
blindness of lovers.
It Is perfectly natural to rub the spot that hurts, and when the musclei
nerves, joints and bone3 are throbbing and twitching1 with the pains ot
Rheumatism the sufferer is apt ta turn to the liniment bottle, or some othefi
external application, ia an effort to get relief from the disease, by producing
counter-irritation on the flesh. Such treatment will quiet the pain tempo
rarily, but can have no direct curative effect on the real disease because it
does not reach the blood, where the cause is located. Rheumatism is mora
than skin deep it is rooted and grounded in the blood and can only ba
reached by constitutional treatment IT CANNOT BU RUBBED AWAY.
Rheumatism is due to an excess of uric acid in the blood, brought about by
the accumulation in the system of refuse matter which the natural avenues
of bodily waste, the Bowels and Kidneys, have failed to carry off. Thia
refuse matter, cominrj ia contact with the different acids of the body, forma
uric acid wnicn is absorbed into the blood and distributed to all parts of tha
body, and Rheumatism gets possession of the system. The aches and paina
are only symptoms, and though they may be scattered or relieved frr a time
by surface treatment, they will reappear ct the first exposure V cold or
dampness, or aitcr an attack of indigestion cr other irregularity. Rheuma
tism can never be permanently cured while the circulation remains saturated
with irritating, pain-producing uric acid poison. The disease will shift
from muscle to muscle or joint to joint, settling on the nerves, causing
inflammation and swelling and such terrible pains that the ncrvoua system
is often shattered, the health undermined, and perhaps the patient becomes
oeiormea ana cnppioa lor inc. t. . s. tiiorougMy cleanse3 tae blood ana
renovates the circulation by neutralizing the acids and expelling all foreign
matter from the system. It warms and invigorates the blood so that instead
matism. It contains no potash, alkali or other mineral ingredient, but ia
made entirely of purifying, healing extracts and juices cf roots, herbs and
barks. If you are suffering from Rheumatism do not waste valuable time
trying to rub a blood disease away, but begin the use cf S. S. S. and write
us about your case and our physicians will give 3'ou any information or
advice desired free of charge and will send our special treatise on Rheumatism.
Letting; Him Dom Gently.
Archie (deeply mortified) You prefer
to dispense with my visits hereafter, Miss
Pinkie, do you?
Miss Pinkie Why, yes, Mr. Feather-
top. Id these depressing times one must
dispense with onj's luxuries, you know.
The Kind You llavo Always
tare of Gbas. II. Fletcher, ami lias been luario under his
personal supervision for over ao years. Allow no ono
to deceive you in this. Counterfeits, Imitations and
JuKt-as-grood" are but Experiments, an'l endanger the
health of Children Experience against Experiment.
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
goric, Drops and Soothlnir Hyrups. It is IMeusnnt. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine, nor other .Narcotic
substance. Its njro is its guarantee. It destroys AVorms
and allays Foverlshness. It cures Diurrliu'a and Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething- Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and Dowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's rauaceo The Mother's Friend.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Use For Over 30 Years.
Every bit of Preferred Stock Salmon is
spring-packed Royal Chinook from the
Columbia River the best salmon in the
world and the pick of them, the choice
run of the season, caught before they leave
the salt water
Preferred Stock Canned Goods
Fad WUmn tb. Bit an fir on a
are guaranteed to be of high quality. A
pound of Preferred Stock Salmon is a
pound of concentrated nutrition, extra rich
in proteids ; a most wholesome food for the
worker; delicate feast for particular eaters;
In key -tuning cam PrtftrrtJ Stock from grocert
AlUatLMrte.WtoUuUSr.ura.rorMaad, Or.ion.U A.
$3.00 & S3.50 SHOES
THE RK AHON W. I. Pottqlaa aliooa ara worn by mora people
in all walks oflifa thn any otliar muJa is bcaua of tlwir
xccilant ityla, awy-ntting, and atujarinr wearing qualities.
1 haaelenioo ofthalaatnars and ollwr liutUriala for each part
of the alto and er.ry d.tH of tlx maitiux i .looked after IjV
the raOMt complete 04-tfanir atton of superin tenun ta , f ore men and
akilUvl4ho.maji.ri, who receive tlte hiKbeet was paid in the
slioei ndiiAtrv, and wne-.e workmennhiu cannot 1 excelled.
If 1 eould tka you nto my I awe factories at llroekton.Maas., you how carefully V. L. llouicla .hue. are mule, you
wouldthan underataad why thev bold tlieir.ha, fit lttr.
wear, oairar and are of erea'er value than anv
My $4.00 mini fn.OO 0ILT CDQE Shomm mmnnot bm quullmd ml mny prlom.
CAUTION I The genuine have W . I., lluuxie name and priuo mamied on bottom, 'l ake
Tn Naualllute.
Aek your dealer for W. L.
direct tof aatory. Oboes sent everywhere by mail.
This trade mark
and the) word
Tower on the
buttons dlstln
aulsh this htah
erode slicker frost
(the Just at good
All Wt
J Twwf JO 9tymmf f
of a weak, sour stream, constantly deposit
ing acrid and corrosive matter in the mus
cles, nerves, joints and bones, thebody is fed
and nourished by rich, health-sustaining
blood which completely and permanently
cures Rheumatism. S. S. S. ia composed
of both purifying and tonic properties
just what is needed in every case of Rheu
New Contributor I try to write with
a free, unhampered style.
. Editor (looking over his manuscript)
Well, you succeed. I never saw any
thing quite no magnificently independent
of the rules of grammar ns this is.
ltoiiKht has bomo the sic-tia.
Signature cf
other make.
iJouaiaa ahoea. If he cannot aupply vou. lend
Catalog froo,
. w. L. Douglas, Urockleo, Mas.
Mortgages JSiJfsS
ties purchased. LOANS made.
Commercial Block PORTLAND, OREGON
Portland Oregon
P. N.U.
WHIN writing to cdTortlaere ploM
mention this pavpor.