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Someone Will Get Free a Deed to a Choice $165 Lot In Beautiful Alder View Addition
Established March 3, 1899. New
Merle began April 30, 1901.
Help Make the Natural Resources
at Wallowa County Known.
VOL. 1, No. 27
Enterprise, Wallowa County, Oregon, Thursday, October 31, 1907.
Whole Number 447
ants By and For
allowa County Readers
Notices under thl beading, one week, 1 cent
a word, 4 weeks 8 cents a word. Minimum
charge 15 cento. Cash with order.
BRIGHT boy to learn the printer's
trade. Wages to start and Increase In
keeping with ability and usefulness.
Apply at News Record office.
LOCAL representative for Enterprise
and vlolulty to looK after renewals and
inorease subscription list of a prom
inent monthly magazine, on a salary
and commission basis. Experience
desirable, but not necessary. Good
opportunity for right person. Address
Publisher, Box 6, Btatiou O, New
BIG Ranoh on Alder Slope that can
be sold at an advance of 50 per cent in
a year if cut up into small tracts. O.
R. A I Co.
Stturday, Nov. 2 Meeting of stock
holders of Wallowa County Fair as
sociation at Lostine.
Wednesday, Nov. 6 Regular session
of County Court.
Monday, Nov. 11 Circuit court for
Wallowa county convenes.
Tuesday, Nov. 12 Second number of
Lyceum course at Enterprise opera
house Jos. G. Camp, eloqueut
Southern orator.
January 1. 1908 Construction officials
nay the railroad will be completed
into valley, and
February 1, 1908, same authority gives
as date of completion of railroad to
Joweph, ,
Crosses Temporary Bridge
Grande Ronde, Tuesday
Work Stopped.
The first railroad train entered Wal
lowa county Tuesday morning over
the temporary bridge ucross the
Grande Ronde, and if the suspension
of work orders are lifted in a day or
two, rails will be laid as far as the
Mluam by the middle of this mouth.
Engineer Long of the O. R. & N. re
ceived orders Wednesday to have con
tractor J. E. Patterson suspend work
on the grading of the depot grounds.
Mr. Patterson, who has a sub-contract
from Ericksou &, Peterson phoned their
headquarters at the Bridge Thursday
morning, and was told to go ahead
with his work. ' The Elgin olflja of
the O. R. & N. told Mr. Long to allow
Patterson to proceed uuder orders
from Erickson & Peterson.
All kinds of rumors are afloat but it
is not believed the suspension will be
for more than a few days. Only Tues
day the Bridge camp received orders to
send 18 teams to the mouth of the
Wallowa to distribute ties up the
Work is proceeding on the grading
in the valley at this time, Thursday
There is no question that with the
advent of the railroad that will be a
great summer resort and people will
come from all over the Uuited State to
view the beautiful lake and mountain
scenery and breathe the pine scented
air. This "Switzerland of America" is
one of the cliiufest of Wallowa county's
resources, and Mr.Reavla is wise enough
to "make hay while the enn shines."
County Fair Meeting. ,
Notices have been sent out calling a
meeting of the stockholders of the Wal
lowa County Fair association at Lostine,
Saturday November 2, at 2 p. m., for, the
purpose of electing officers and the
transaction of such other business as
may come before the meeting.
F. A. Reavis Buys
Lakeside Tract
I. O. O. F. Enterprise Lodge, No. IBS.
Emerald Rebekati Lodge, No. 119.
K. of P. Enterprise Lodge, No. 94.
Juanlta Temple, No. 7, Pytbian
HI titers.
Masonic Enterprise Chapter, Ho. SO, Royal
Arch Miixons, meets 11 ret and third
Tuesdays o each ini uth in Masonic
Hall. All visiting Royal Arch-Masons
W. T. Bell, High Priest.
D. W.8HKAHAH, Secretary.
Wallowa Ludge, No. 82, A. F.
Wallowa Valley Chapter. No. 60.
(). j. 8. v
M. W. A Eaitle Camp, No. 10197, M. W. A.
Aneroid Camp, No. 8642, It. N. of A.
W. O. W. Enterprise Camp, No, KI5, W.of V.
Alraota Circle. No. 278. W. of W.
Through the efforts of the O. R. & I
Co. a deal was consummated this week
wherein F. A. Reavis acquires possession
of the 120 acre tract' at the head of
Wallowa lake formerly owned by Alex
Donnelly. ' Although the price paid I
not given, out, it M understood tbafc Mr.
Reavis secured the place at a bargain.
Unless one baa been keeping tab on
prices of land in that locality the price
at which it is going wculdbe surprising
Mr. Reavisis to be congratulated, in
this purchase us it is the only tract left
on the market and property adjoining
has already' been laid off into a townsite
and cut up into lots. Mr. Reavis c0u
templates building a fine summer cot
tage in the near future, and has land
enough to let some of his friends in on
the deal when the proper time comes
Beautiful New Homes,
Good Families,
Good Water,
No Dust,
Good Land,
Beautiful Scenery,
A $405 Prize-Gontes
Superintendent Kerns Divides Up State
and County Money Among 61
Wc have a complete saw mill, shingle mill,
and logging outfit for sale, with plenty of tim
ber to saw.
Secy, of Wallowa Law, Land and Abstract Gompany
County Superintendent Kerns Is busy
sending out warrants to the school
clerks for the districts respective shares
of the county and state school funds.
The couuty fund of $5389.80 is di
vided first by giving ( 50 to each district
and the balance pro rata. The state
fund is apportioned f 1.57 for each pupil.
High School Now Papular. '
The poop'e of Klamath county are
well satisfied" with their county high
school and although the board "came in
for criticism at first for our liberal
policy, a vote of the people would . how
sustain us overwhel mlngly," writes L.
Alva Lewis, treasurer of Klamath
county, to Judge O. M. Corkins. "'
Mr. Lewis states the sohool now has
an enrollment of 80 against 9 four years
ago. Four teachers are emploved be'
sides a music teacher who is paid '(25 i
nionth for services at chapel exercises
and as istance in choral exercises, and
getting up entertainments. 'The prin
cipal is paid (1200. a ye&x, uh aunafanrt
teacher (100 and one 190 a month for
the fftrm, and' the commercial teacher
(125 a month. The cost of running t be
school h about (6000 a year.
In addition to the state coarse of
study '.aid down by the state board of
education,' she Klamath school has
commercial course mat is proving very
popular, about one-third of the pupil
taking that course. Mr. .Lewis says
that feature is original with the Kla
math county high school, and be can
certainly recommend it to others.
Klamath county had 3970 population
in 1900 as compared to 5538 in Wallowa.
Klamath has had a big boom in the
last few years but its population today
does i:ot exceed the present population
of Wallowa, or about 8000.
County Sohool Notes
T. D. Coblentz and G. W. Paddock of
Flora were in Enterprise, Thursday,
Mr. Paddock is teacher of the Paradise
school, and Mr. Coblentz will teach at
Ueer (Jreek, the term beginning next
Monday, November 4.
.Kuskin Lddleman began a term of
school in Star district, in the north
country, October 21. '
Richard Myers of Mud Creek in
moving his' family to his town house
for the winter, in order that he may
have school advantages for his children
Flora Journal.
The Wilson brothers of the river, Miss
Lelah Cole, Miss Holmes and Eddie and
Edgar Garrett, had their names en
roueo as pupus in 'rot. Aliens room
of our school, Monday Flora Journal
Ed Renfrew has moved his household
furniture from the house owned by him
in r Iota, lie has rented the Willi
Wright house, in which his children
will stay while attending school at Arko
this winter.
Old Glory now floats above the En
terprise public school in accordance
with the state law requiring the Stars
and Stripes to be displayed on everv
school house. The flag was raised by
Leo Forsythe and Claude Lock wood
It is 5x10 feet in size and cost H.
Superintendent J. W. Kern, visited
Alder school, Monday and found every
thing running in fine shape. Mr. Kerns
was at Lostir.e two days last week in
consultation with the school board in
regard to school affairs. Mr. Crow,
member of the board, and Mr. Kerns
visited the schools.
H. A. Burns, clerk of i the Psradlse
school district, was transacting business
in the county seat, Wednesday, and call
ed at Superintendent Kerns' office. He
reported the election of Wm. Akins and
Dave Kuhn as directors In that district
at the recent special election, the former
to succeed W. C. Twaddel, who has
moved, ac d Kuhn to succeed Waller
Applegate, ho never qualified.
regressive Business Firm Starts Con
test For Pupils of Wallowa
County Schools.
The firm of W. J. Funk A Co. inaugu
rate this week in the News Record a
unique contest that will no doubt
awaken interest from one end of Wal
lowa county to the other, especially
among the young folks.
The Buster Brow n pictures ond reading
matter accompanying them have attain
ed the greatest and most desei ved popu
larity of any series ever published. They
are as far ahead of the ordinary "Comic
page illustrations as the modern
half-tone is ahead of the old wood cut.
They are different. They are worth pre
serving both for their artisticquality ai d
the philosophy so quaintly taught in
the reflections of Buster. Now add to
that cash prizes of (15 and every boy
and girl in the county has an incentive
to cut out the pictures and save them.
In the advertisement on this page, W.
Funk & Co. announce a series of
Buster Brown pictures to run every
week in the News Record for one year.
To the pupil of a Wallowa county
school who brings to their store at the
end of the year the largest number of
these ads, W. J. Funk & Co. will give
(7.50 cash ; to the one bringing the sec
ond largest number (5.00 cash, and to
the one bringing thethird largest num
ber (2.50 cash. There you are, boys
and girls. Big prizes to strive for and
no hard conditions. Just cut out the
ads each week, write to all your uncles
and aunts, cousins, friends and ac-
aintances to cut W. J. Funk &Co's
adv. out of the News Record and save
them for you. Everybody will be glad
to help you. You are out neither work
nor money in anv event, and you will
probably bo mong the first three if
you persevere for a year.
Five Holidays Declared
Governor Chamberlain, at the behest
of the Portland clearing house, issued
on Monday a proclamation declaring
Oct. :fll. 30 and 81. Nov. 1 and 2. leual
holidays in order to allow time for Ore
gon banks to seem e their deposits from
New oik bucks. The Portland
banks were closed Tuesday, but re
opened for business Wednesday and
Wallowa valley banks are entirely
unaffected by the Kasteru money strin
gency, and the whole thing Is looked
upon us a Wall street flurry that will
soon blow over. W. It. Holmes of the
Wallowa National says in his opinion
the declaring of holidays was entirely
Fine Herd of Jerseys.
A. E. Tulley, of the Wallowa Cream
company, brought into Wallowa Wed.
needay 45 head of thoroughbred Jersey
lienors una one mill, uougnt near
Salem. The herd has been taken to
the Tulley ranch where they are offered
at private sale. The herd includes
some of the finest heifers t ver I rought
to this county. The bull has taken a
number of premiums in Willamette val
ley fairs, includingthe Ptate fair.
Cash and Prizes For
Contest Open to Every Resident
Wallowa County-$165 Alder
View Lot Free
One of the choicest lots in beautiful
Alder View addition to the city of
Enterprise with a cash value of (165, a
special prize worth (15 and commissions
that will briug the total to way above
$200 are going to be given to some man
or woman, boy or girl in Wallowa
county by the News Record as a New
Years gift. The only return required
is woik between now and Dec. 28,
of Biich a light and pleasant character
that it csn hardly be cnllid work.
In addition the Xews RecorJ will
give other prizes and commissions that
will doubtless aggregate to a total of
(400 to other men an . women, boys and
girls. Do you w ant a share?
The News Record starts today the
greatest prize contest over held In Wal
lowa county. Prizes aggregating (405
have been bought and . will he
given to the luckv winners. In ad
dition every contestant will be paid
(Continued on Editorial Page )
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