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    Choice Eesidence
Eight-room house and one-half block of land.
Fine location. In second block off Main street
ktt business section. $1800. Will sell house-
cid goods with house if
Inquire of or address,
J- A, F
City and County
Brief News Items
lot of ' Winter Underwear and
lIoMury jubt received ut W. J. Funk &
Skating rink open every Tuesday,
Friday mid Saturday nights from 7 to
10 p. iu. tf
Arthur II. ltndd w as examining mill
ing ,nrniiprtv nt tliu IimuiI of fli
n I I " -
lant week.
J. II. Parrott, who has tho contract
for building Fred Ashley's house, began
work this week.
B. B. Boyd left for Idaho, Saturday,
where he will look over chances fori
investment in real estate.
C. K. Kberliardand Jerry Valk are
Joseph citizens who were in the county
seat on bubinoss, Monday.
liorr to tins, wife of County School
Superintendent J. V. Kerns', a daugh
ter, Thursday, October 17.
Pioneer Hoofing, sold by Hartshrfru
& Keltner, tho Enterprise Hardware
storo. is guaranteed to eonal the lx-xt.
A. H. Rudd returned Friday afternoon
from Joseph, where he laid out some
acreagei tracts iu tho southern part of
the town. "
" muii, n iuui, uiuot, oj iooi ana
7 foot Victor Atkins' saws none bettor
Enterprise, ' '
T. R. Green Jias filed a petition of
uluntury bankruptcy in tho United
States court at Portland. J. P. Kusk
of Joseph appears for Mr. Green.
W. I. Calvin and W. C. Ketbhum
have been grading and laying out their
lotsin Alder View addition, prepara
tory to erecting dwellings thereon.
Tho high wind that accompanied the
rain Tuesday night blew down three of
tho four roof tmeses on the high sohool
building. A day's work was necessary
to repair the damage.
Henry Gerbor, formerly an employee
of the Red Front blacksmith shop here
in Knterpriso, has bought property at
Sherwood, 12 miles southeast of Port
land, and will reside there.
Tho front in bciug put in the Frater
nal Luilding this week. Tho plato glass
has not arrived. The stool ceiling is on
and plastering nearly done. The shel
ving for the It. S.& Z. store is being put
in by 1). R. Allen
Wilbur Starr
Seats on sale Wednesday, October 23, at
Burnaugh C& Mayficld's. Season ticket hold
ers may. reserve f their seats on and after
Monday, October 21.
desired. '
Jliirks Brce. of Inioaha were buying
supplies here Saturday. ' .
P.aby.'s and Childrun's'Shoes. New lot
just in at W. J. Funk'& Go's.
S. T. Tippett and Kd Ilinton, promi
nent Chico stockme' , were in town
Try those homo made chocolates and
phinoehes at Sulbcrt's. Oifjy -thing of
this kind in town. '
It. McCrae, tho popular landlord of
Hotel McCrae, and W. S. Wilson of
Wallowa we're in Enterprise, Friday.
Varnish stains nnd brushes, and
Lacquoret makes old furniture look
like new at Uurnaugh & Mayfield's.
J. S. Pratt, one of tho leading fruit
growers of the Imnaha, brought a load
of tomatoes, musk and watermelons to
Enterprise, Tuesday.
This is the year you can afford to buy
that rango for your wife. We have the
Universal, the best and most moderate
priced rango on the market. Ask the
women. Hurtshorn & Keltner.
Mr. ard Mrs. Genriro Macaulav of Pea-
side, Or., were in the valley lust Wt-ek
looking for a location for th"ir son.
The Wallowa Sun says the Mrs. R.
Brldgeb ranch on Whisky creek met
with their approval.
W. E. Taguart went to Joseph la
week and placed livo nt'icK insurance
on two valuable niarus owned by W. J
Boner. One is a two year old filly
weighing 1165 pounds, and the other
is a three your old weighing 1430
Tho Ladies Aid society of the Baptist
church met at tho home of Mrs A. II.
Rudd Friday. An enjoyable afternoon
was spent in tho discussion of plans of
work for ti e winter. Anyone wishing
sowing done U Invited to confer with
Mrs. Rudd or Mr.. Fletcher.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Fay came in
from Clnco Sunday evening and we'nt to
Wallowa Monday where Mrs. Fay will
visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. F.
Johnson, about a week while Mr. Fay
is transacting business at I.a Grande.
Mr. Fay is a ranger and is attending the
meeting of the rangers at J.n Grande.
Mrs. Mary J. Creighton and daughter.
Mrs. Al .tones, !of Salem, were in the
rig with F. D. McCully when the horses
ran away as told in the Lostine depart
ment of this paper. All were thrown
out and were more or less bruised but
not seriously hurt. Mrs. Creighton
and daughter were on their way home
after a visit in the valley,
Concert Co.
W. S. Hayden of Joreuh was transat.
ting business at the court house, Wed-
ntsday. ,
rreacinng at the Christian church
next Sunday morning and evening, ,M
J. Thompson, pastor.
Wedges and Splitting Sledges never
any cheaper than now, at Hartshorn &
Keltner's b:g hardware store.
Tho Stockgrowers & Farmers bank of
Wallowa is now a national bank, the
charter being issued last week.
m. Stevens, the well known sheep
man from the Cottonwood, was in town
on business tho first of the week.
Windows, Doors, Roofing and Build'
ers Hardware, complete lines and clos
est prices at Hartshorn & Keltner's
"Uncle Joe" Reavis brought to thi
oince iwo monster ueets mat were
raised in Rev. H. S. Tempicton's gar
den, which Mr. Reavis has purchased.
County Commissioner W. C. Wilson
has rented his farm at Pf.radise and
will move to Enterprise November 1
One of his children will attend high
Riionage 01 iunus is ine reason given
for not installing an electric light near
tho bridge aeros-s the Big Bend ditch at
Joseph. Petition for the light had 45
Dermino Croam, the best preparation
for chapped hands and face, is sold by
Burnaugh & Mayhold.
j 'an ici jxmi nas sold his t2U acra
ranch at the head of Davis creek to W
F. Rankin, - who resides out there
I here are 83 acres of fine timothy land
iu the placo.
W. E. Lewis, the saw mill man of
Whisky creek, and a well known thresh
er, has bought the Imbler property on
Depot street, adjacent' to Alder Vtevr
addition, of Daniel Boyd, and will
move to town and send his children
to school.
Nothing like them evor in town before,
isrnnu new line ol ingli grade razors
and pearl-li&nuled poekot knives at
Burnaugh E May field's.
Tom Rich, postmaster of Fririta but
better known as a fine fruit grower,
brought a load of apples nnd pears to
Enterprise last week that weighed 51 ;0
pounds. A number of speciaiens of hi
Mann npi les on exhibit in a show c.iae
at W. J. Funk & Co's, are as near
perfection in looks as an apple can re.
Tho lecture at :thn Christian church
will he given Saturday night instead of
next Sunday as nnnouaoed. There ill
bo six in all, given one every two weeks,
tho hr t one on "Chiha's Teeming Mil
lions in the Cities of Yangtse." Eighty
six beautiful h ind-painted vijws; cdu.
national as well as highly entertaining.
Tourist tickets for the trip of six
lectures, now on sale by the committee
nt 50 cent" for adults and 25 cents for
children, are only to pay expenses for
the outfit. Christian chnrch Sunday
school children receive season tickets
Look at those lovely pieces of Batten
burg and Mexican drawn work at Mrs.
Seihert's. Just the thing for Xmas.
Turloik (Calif. Journal, Oct. 11: Mr.
and Mrs. T. M. Littloton are the guests
c f Dr. Yandull and family at the anch.
They drove, through from Enterprise,
Oregon, which place they left last June.
They crossed three ranges of mountains
en route and stopped in many places,
sometimes for more than a week at
each place. Mr. Littleton says he
never enjoyed a trip more than he did
this one, and that it is one of the t est
one can take. Ho lias a wagon especially
ouuiior i raveling rated up with many
conveniences. They expect to leave
soon for Los Angeles, but .will return to
lurlock later and locate in the San Jo
Uin valley. Chailes Yaidell, who
recently came here from Enterprise,
Oreaon, and purchased land in the
Mcllenry trf ct, has accepkd a position
iu tho store of Cunning-Lundahl Co.
Mr. Yandell is a courteous youne man
of most pleasing personalty, and seems
to do tho right man in tho right place,
Will Spread Out. "
v.. a. Jiolmes and the Mayor of
Wallowa form a committee to consult
legal opinion in the matter of extending
the city limits of the town at tho foot of
the valley. Joseph, too, detires to
annex territory and will hold an election
November 9 to vote on taking in a t triD
on ine nortti and west of the
city limits.
Taradise Couple Wei .
Miss Amy Applegate and Mr. Baloy
Shelton, both of Paradise, were married
at Asotin, Wash., October 10. They
are popular young people and have a
host of fneuds who wish them a long
life of prosperity and happiness.
Celery Perfection.
Celery. grows to perfection in the
Wallowa valley, and the stranae thinu
about it is Ihut up to a few years ago
l was thought celery would not grow
well here. Rev. II. S. Templeton haa
this year celery that would bring
"corner" prices on the Portland market.
t. A. DePne, who is from Michigan and
familiar with the world famous Kalam
azoo product, has celery that for crisp
ness and flavor beats anything he ever
&w at his old homo.
Wedding Bells
Miss Etta Meek and Mr. Elmer Roup
were married at the home of the
bride's patents, Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Meek, of Upper Prairie Creek,
on Sunday evening at 6:30 o'clock, Rev.
H. C. Templeton perf6rming tho cer
emony in t he presence of a large com
pany of friends and neighbors. A
splendid wedding supper was served,
'fiie couple are highly eetimable young
people and a host of friends wish them
mucn joy and happiness.
Feeding 3000 Cattle.
Forty-four carloads of Wallowa
county cattle, comprising 10C0 head,
were shipped from Elgin last week to
the Butter creek country in Umatilla
county. They were -bought by the
Frye-Bruhm company 'of Seattle who
will feed 3000 head in Umatilla county
for their own use next spring.
Moore's Leg Broken.
By an upset of a load of hay on the
grade near Wallowa cemetery, John
Moore's right leg wag broken just above
the ankle, Saturday. Only one bone
broken but the ankle was badly
sprained. lie was hauling hay from the
A. J. Harris place to the railroad camp,
says the Wallowa Sun.
Should Be Revived.
In a communication in the Joseph
Herald it is stated the Commercial
club of that place has adjourned sine
die. Its death iB due to lack of interest
on tho part of those who should have
put their shoulders to the wheel and
help loost, according to the published
"Waltz Me Around Again, Willie."
"Nobody Works But Father," "In
Monkey Land," Big Chief Battle-Axe,"
"Bean Club Musings," -'Allee Samee,"
"Happy Hayseed," are a few of 'the
pieces the Enterprise Orchestra will
play for the Halloween dance at the
skating rink, Thursday evening, Octo
ber 31.
This will be a program dance. Pro
grams will bo presented dining the
grand march, which begins at 8:45.
Watch for posters
Little Salmon Bridge
The county court has lot the contract
for tho bridge ever the mouth of the
Little Salmon river to Lathrope Bros.
of Whisky creek for vf 2(100. It will be
the longest wooden bridge in the county
the main span being feet in length
or 110 feet between abuttmonts., The
iron for the structui a id ordered through
W. J. Funk & Co. Work will begin iu
a few veeks.
Notice to Library Mimbers.
All members of the Library Assoc!
aticn are hereby notified that their
semi-annual dues of 50 cents' are due
and payable at once.
By order of the committee .
Cbas. A. Ault, chairman.
Winter. Cabbage for Sale. '
A. M. (Lon) Wagner has an excep
tionally flue lot of winter cabbage
raised on his place that he offers for
ale. The heads are larce and sound as
dollar. ,
At a Sacrifice
As I expect to leave Enterprise soon
will sell my block of land in Garden
addition for 8325.00. Will take f 123".00
the balance on your own time See
Daniel Boyd or myself. '
11. S. Tbmpleton,
, Two Fine -Homesteads.
Sanford and Osterhaus w ho own the
splendid homesteads on the hill tP.
miles north of Enterprise, wl'.l n t
drill their well, deeper at present
though they believe water can be four d.
Tho bore is down 400 feet, and it is
left so drilling can be continred when
they are ready. Messrs. Sanford and
Osterhaus have made over $1800 worth
of improvements on their places, and
fovv homesteads are supplied with as
good building as theirs are. They have
exceptionally good farms. San ford' b
quarter section has over 150 acres of till
able land. He is following the Camp,
bell system and will no doubt raise
some bumper crops next season.
Lon Davis' nice house on North
River street is completed. J. B. Seibert
haa just finlshei a neat job of painting
Mayor Boyd has received word frcm
O. J. Roe, of Eureka,' S. Dak., wLc
fright the Akins ranch on AMtr
Sboe a few weeks ago. Mr Roe is pneb
ln? 'id to move here and says a nm I. r
ol others in that vicinity are coining t;
t: i ' al'cy to look the country over.
KILLthb cough
and CURE thi LUNGS
Dr. Eling's
lki Discovery
0UGHS and
Fr Trial.
Surest and ttiuckeat Cure for ail
You will, we think, appreci
ate a thorough,, inspection of
our photos. We have confi
dence enough in our work to
believe it is the best possible
to attain, and we aim to turn
out only work that is perfect
in posing, printing and finish.
Enterprise mill is paying: Wheat 60
o bu., oats 1 per cwt., rye 90c cwt., bar
ley 85o cwt.
Flour sells at $4.50 per bbl, shorts $20
and bran $15 a ton.
Merchants are paying 75c cwt. for
potatoes, and to 2c for apples. '
No change in retail prices for fruit.
Onions 4c a lb.
Ranch butter 25c, creamery 35c, eggs
25c. ;
Mr. and Mrs, Leonard Johnson of
Imnuha, Charles Kuhn and W. J.
Beach of Paradise and M. H. Tucker of
Flora were in town. Friday.
How do you like the weekly sum
mary of the telegraphlo news found on
the Inside pages? It's better than two
days old Portland dailies isu's It?
Grain taken at highest market
price in exchange for Furniture
and Stoves at Ashley's.
Wrn. Makin will leave in a few days
fori trip to the San Joaquin valley
California. 1
S3 1 Lira's big threshing engine
snt through a bridge near Pau. i f
riTi !h Friday but escaped sericce a-.n .
i. litar the outat was brcK,'
w '.'.) at vrsrk Ita Utct'' r. t c '
' d ',,'a team rau away al
For the
Thirty Days
If you want a tailor-made
unit we are prepared to
take your order from the
"old reliable" ROYAL.
If you want a coat for
your wife, we have a large
assortment of the latest
styles from which to select.
If you want anything in
the line of Hats, Caps,
Boots and Shoes, you can
find your fit at our store.
We also keep constantly
von hand a full stock of
Building Paper, Nails, Doors and
Windows, etc.
Preparatory to moving in
to our new quarters we are
offering SPECIAL BAR
GAINS for the next 30
days in almost every line.
Call, geour prices and be
IXodol Byspp
Digest voat yc
What Part of th Work of Governmanl
Would Women Do Any Bettar Than
Men? "Taxation Without Rep
mentation" an Argument Dan
gerous to Its Advvcatee.
The one argument npon which the .
srtyocates of woman suffrage fall bac
being unanswerable Is that women
are taxed without representation. Thla
would seem to mean that whoever la
taxed shovrtd have a vote, and the only
conclusion of thia reasoning la that
whoever la not taxed should not vote.
If the argument la worth anything; It
must mean that.
"I own property," says a woman who
feeks to be. a voter, "and I pay taxea .
on It, and I cannot think that taxation
without representation Is Just"
This plea has been repeated so often
that It is time to point out Its fallacy.
There are two kinds of taxes a mon
ey tax and a service tax. The money
tax is levied on property, man's and
women's alike, pro rata. The service
tax Is levied on men alone. It calls
for Jury service, police service, military
service, and every man takes his
chances on it ,
Sometimes one goes through his sev
enty years without suffering from ft
at all. -Again, be spends weary hours
In the Jury room, or be Is sworn In as
a special constable to
Quell a Riot and Fight a Mob,
or he Is called to camp and battlefield,
where he may lose a limb or aa eye or
his life. '
-"-"- " uiiq aiuu
of taxation and not with the other.
Property Is protected by' the govern
ment, as women are. But property, .
whether man's or woman's, has no rep
resentation. If it had, it must necessarily be In
muse Mr. Astor and the sweeper ma'kex
it dangerous for anybody to molest
Without this protection our possesj
Ions would be of no value. This pro
tectlon we contribute In equal meas
ure, mnn for man, and this same fro
tectlon we extend to our sisters; oi
cousins and our aunts.
Frequently an election ia far tot
purpose of determining under what '
laws and In what manner this pro
tectlon shall be exercised, nnd'tbosa
who furnish the protectlm rightfully
claim tho privilege at dictating ltt
form. , . ; ... ,,
The woman surfr-ijrlsts, so far from
suffering taxation rthout representa
tion, aro asking to bo representer
where, they are' not taxed.
Properly speaking, "
1 Nay Woman la Taxed,
and no property is: presentcdi Th
woman's property Is1 taxttd, and foi
that money It anl ho get exactly
what the mnnr and ;hla property ptt
Dolice Drotectlou. fire service. i:?hiino
and cleaning of streets,' maluteuaue
of courts,, etc., - j
Kvery man Is taxed, even if he owni
no property a tax that is laid, upon
his time, hla strength and often upon
bis life. He bears this tax for the pro
tectlon of all the lives In thq coniirtu
nity, no mat'ter whose, and all the prop
erty, no matter whose, and to this tas
the women contribute nothing and an
not asked to contribute,
- The suffragists appear to thinS they
dispose of this consideration when they
tpeak of men who are "exempt"' from
military service and still vote. The Im
mediate answer is that there is no real
All the men are liable, but when 11
happens that, the government in an .
emergency does not need all at once It
takes Its pick and speaks of the others
as "exempt" It may" at first call only
for the men under twenty-five, but
When more are wanted It rinaa nnt hna.
Itate to call for men as old as thirty
five, and so on. Many now living re
member an emergency in which ten
states called out every man, of what
ever age, who could shoulder a musket
t all, . - -
But even this is not the root of the
Question. For regular service In
long campaign the government would
not take a man forty-five years of aga
with weak lungs if it could get at
many as it wanted who were but
twenty-five and had strong lungs.
But suppose the weak lunged man of
rorty-nve is
MAaln tha QovmihimI11 ,
and disposed to unite In an attempt to
overthrow it will he "exempt" him
self 7 Will he refrain from Joining an
Insurgent force on the ground that he
la over age and not In robust health?
Touth or age, lungs or no lungs, that
man is a power to bo reckoned with;
and this is why he is allowed to vote,
in order that when the ballots are
counted be may see that be and hla
kind are In tho minority and It would
be hopeless for them to attempt an
overthrow of the government '
When the good Prince Albert In 1851
Invented world's fairs and organized
tho first one, It waa hoped that the
brotherhood of man had been demon,
strated and the era of universal peace
begun, but in three years there was a
bloody war that Involved more than
half of Europe, in which the only thing
contended for was commercial b
And many Who read-this have seen
in our freest of all free countries
million men fighting to the death and
spending their last dollar.