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It la i perfectly natural to rub the spot that hurts, and when the muscles,
nerves, joints and bones are throbbing and twitching" with, the pains of
Rheumatism the sufferer is apt to turn to the liniment bottle, or some other
external application, in an effort to get relief from the disease, by producing
tounter-irritation oa the flesh. Such treatment willquict the pain tempo
rarily, but can have no direct curative effect on the real disease because it
does not reach the blood, where the cause is located. Rheumatism is more
than skin deep it i3 rooted and grounded in the blood and can only be
reached by constitutional treatment IT CANNOT BE RUBBED AWAY.
Rheumatism is due to au excess of uric acid in the blood, brought about by
the accumulation in the system cf refuse matter which the natural avenues
of bodily waste, the Bowels and Kidneys, have failed to carry off. This
refuse matter, coming iu contact with the different acids of the body, forma
uric acid which is absorbed into the blood and distributed to all parts of the
body, and Rheumatism gets possession of the system. The aches and paina
are only symptoms, and though they may be scattered or relieved for a time
by surface treatment, they will reappear at the first exposure to cold -?r
dampness, or after an attack of indigestion or .other irregularity. Rheuma
tism can never be permanently cured while the circulation remains saturated
with irritating, pain-producing uric acid poison. The disease will shift
from muscle to muscle or joint to joint, settling on the nerves, causing;
inflammation and swelling and such terrible pains that the nervous system
is often shattered, the health undermined, and perhaps the patient becomes
deformed and crippled for life. S. S. S. thoroughly cleanses the blood and
renovates the circulation by neutralizing the acids and expelling all foreign
matter from the system. It warms and invigorates the blood so that instead
01 a wean, sour stream, constantly deposit
ing acrid and corrosive matter in the mus
cles, nerves, joints and bones, the body is fed
and nourished by rich, health-sustaining-blood
which completely and permanently
-..... Til- . ! e es t .
vuica xiiicumausm. o. o. o. is composed
PURELY VEGETABLE of botJl Purifyin and tonic properties
just what is needed in every case of Rheu
matism. It contains no potash, alkali or other mineral ingredient, but is
made entirely of purifying, healing extracts and juices of roots, herbs and
barks. If you are suffering from Rheumatism do not waste valuable time
trying to rub a blood disease away, but begin the use of S. S. S. and write
us about your case and our physicians will give you any information or
advice desired free of charge and will send our special treatise on Rheumatism.
Gettlnar Practice.
"I counted seven girls taking down
my sermon In shorthand this morn
ing," said a suburban minister. "I am
getting tired of this business of turn
ing church into school. It is a dese
cration of the Sabbath and of the sanc
tuary, and It gets worse year by year.
"When the thing first began, I ad
mit that I was flattered. NI thought
the solitary shorthand writer In my
front pew was a reporter. I. took un
usual pains that morning, and I
searched all the newspapers the next
day. In vain, of course. The short
hand writer was merely a student of
stenography, using me to practice on.
"Students of stenography should
practice on actors and on lecturers, but
no that would cost money. Nothing
suits them but ministers, and every
Sunday, all over our land, young men
and women, with their pads and foun
tain pens, go to church solely to im
prove their shorthand."
A Shade of Regret.
"Are you happier now that you own
your own home!" asked the solicitous
"Of course," answered Mr. Meekton,
"there is a proud satisfaction in hav
ing my own place. But occasionally I
can't help longing for the time when
my wife kicked to the landlord for re
pairs Instead of coming to me." Wash
ington Star.
While visiting the south recently a
traveler chanced upon a resident of a
sleepy hamlet in Alabama.
"Are you a native of this town?" ask
ed the traveler.
"Am I a what?" languidly asked the
one addessed.
"Are you a native of the town"
"What's that?"
"I asked you whether you were a
native of the place?"
At this Juncture there appeared at
the open door of the cabin the man's
wife, tall, sallow and gaunt After
a careful survey of the questioner, she
"Ain't you got no sense, Bill? He
means was yo' livin' heah when you
was born, or was yo' born before yo'
begun llvln heah. Now answer him."
Peculiar Damage Snlt.
In a certain town In Indiana a man
brought suit against a hardware company
for $10,000 damages. He claimed that a
rope he had bought to commit suicide
with broke and thus foiled his plans. Af
ter the rope broke, he said, he could not
get up courage enough to try it over.
Those Dear Friend.
Nan Jack seemed crazy last night. Hs
tried to kiss me.
Fan He certainly was crazy If he
thought any effort on his part would be
lealilffi i
rtM -
m Jllll,
slmilating theFbodamlREguia
ling die Stomachs andBowh of
Promotes DigestionJdtefii
ness and &stantatas netar
Opiuiu.Marphiri ror Mineral.
AiafeAft- f
Apofect Remedy forCtmflpt
Mon.Sour Storaach.Utarrtwi
Worms jLortvulswns jpvetis
ness nd Lo ss of Shep.
IteSimlt Sfeiarart of
I -o i-i-j i i n . lb I .J
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the '
W For Over
Thirty Years
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
Supply of Kid Skins Unequal to In
creased Demand.
Consul C. P. P. Nason, of Grenoble.
furnishes an interesting review of the
business of that French district for the
calendar year 1900. The following
paragraphs are from the consul's re
'The total value of merchandise ex
ported to the United States through
Grenoble in the year ended Dec. 31.
190(1. was $3,138,240, an Incrense of $1,-
354,000 over 1905. The principal arti
cles of export to the United States were
kid gloves and walnuts. These two
aggregated $2,502,872 last year. Of
kid gloves the value was $1,950,472.
which Is ' neurly equal to one-half of
the entire value of kid gloves Import
ed from France during that year.
"The kid-glove Industry, of which
Grenoble Is the center, has been mark
ed by unwonted activity. For several
years prior to 1905 there had been a
gradual decline in the deninnd if not
In the use of ladles' kid gloves In the
United States. This was largely due
to the growing outdoor use, especially
In the warmer season, of the so-culled
fabric gloves," gloves made of lisle
thread, silk, etc., and which had been
greatly Improved both In design and
finish. Fashion then decreed a shorter
sleeve to the woman's dress, both for
Indoor and outdoor wear, and there
followed and still continues the reign
of the Iongktd glove. White was at first
the prevailing color, but later the pref
erence was given to black and what Is
known as the tan shade. Gloves In
these colors, from moderate to ex
treme lengths, hnve gone forward as
never before to the United States. This
demand has put an unwonted strain
upon the skin markets and not only
France but all other kid-producing
countries have been ransacked to find
the coveted material, the more so be
cause the longer gloves call for skins
of double length or two skins put to
gether, in place of one skin of ordi
nary length. In consequence the prices
of kid and lamb skins have tended
steadily upward, until there has been
almost a panic in tne skin market
"This naturally has accrued to the
greater profit of the skin merchants,
skin gatherers and growers. The
larger manufacturers who were fortu
nate enough to have full stocks on
hand have also profited. It has been
hardest on the smaller manufacturers,
who have been forced to buy their
skins at current rates to meet previous
contracts or lose their customers. Re
tail' prices of gloves have necessarily
advanced, but not In proportion to the
rise In prices of skins. These within
a year have doubled and even more
than doubled. And this condition of
things has only been Intensified by the
use of skins for other purposes than
gloves, and by the dearth of material
In the world's leather market, push'
Ing the price of all kinds of leather up
notch by notch." United States Consu
lar Reports.
Indiana and War Paint.
The Indians have a tradition that
tells how the custom of painting their
faces originated. A certain big chief
while hunting deer was chased by a
lion and fell exhausted, calling upon
the Big Bear, which Indians believe
was the grandfather of man, to save
him. The Big Bear beard and went to
the man's assistance, scratching hlc
foot and sprinkling the blood over him.
No animal will eat bear or taste h!a
blood, and when the lion smelled It ho
turned away. But in doing so he
scratched some of the blood off the In
dian's face with bis claw by accident
When he found himself unhurt, the
Indian was so thankful that be let the
blood dry on bis face. With the marks
of the lion's claws this gave the effect
of stripes, and ever afterward when
going on hunting expeditions for man
or beast the Indian painted his face in
stripes as a charm against danger.
King Edward is quite six inches short
er than Queen Alexandra.
Mothers will And Mrs. WtnloWs Soothing
Byrup the tx-st remedy to use (or their chudrea
luring the teething period.
"Percy, papa says you mustn't come to
ee me any more.
Why, Aggie, how could I? I'm al
ready coming seven times a week 1"
Bt, Titus' Dance ana all Nervous Diseases '
oermanently cured by Dr. Kline's Ureal
erve Restorer. Send for FK EE 12 trial bottla and
treatise. Dr. H. H.Klla,Ld.,31 Arch BU, Phtia.,!', ;
The Song
of the Hair
There are four verses. Verse
1. Ayer's Hair Vigor makes
the hair grow. Verse2. Ayer's
Hair Vigor stops falling hair.
Verse 3. Ayer's Hair Vigor
cures dandruff. Verse 4.
Ayer's Hair Vigor always re
stores color to gray hair. The
chorus is sung by millions.
Before ruin Ayer's Hair Vigor t had yery
thin and very poor htlr. But 1 continued to
use the Vlnor until my hnlr greatly Improved
In every ay. I have lined ll off and on tor
the paat ten years." MUB. M. OHUHHOMD,
Newark, N J.
A Made by J. O. Ayer Co., Lowell, Ma.
Also manufacturers of
Hoosler Wonder.
Indiana claims among its other human
peculiarities a 3-year-old boy who can
read Shakspeare.
But why should he read Shakspeare
and neglect home talent Cleveland Tlain
ea'er .
Shake Into Your Shoes
Allen's Foot-Ease. A powder. It makes tight
or Dew shoes feel easy. It Is a certain cure toe
sweating, callous and hot, tired, aching feet.
Bold by all Prujrirlsts. Price 25o. Trial pack
age mailed FREE. Address Allen B. Olmsted,
Leftoy, New York.
Valuable Now.
Customer This steak has an old taste
about it.
Waiter Sorry, sir, but we can't help
it. There have been several burglaries
In this neighborhood, and at night we
have to put our porterhouse steaks in the
safe, you know.
of a uv" tuer one v"-
Connoisseur of Ball -Terriers and
Rare Editions Sorelr Vexed.
A certain young man of literary
tastes has two somewhat incongruous
yet almost equally expensive fnds a
fondness for dogs of Illustrious pedi
gree and a love for first editions of
celebrated books, says the Youth's Com
panion. One day he Invited a friend to
his house to see two of his . latest ac
quisitions. One of them was an im
ported bull terrier and the other was
a rare copy of a work by a celebrated
Boston author. He exhibited the" dog
"Isn't he a beauty!" he exclaimed.
"He's the finest specimen of that breed
that was ever brought to this town and
I got him for about half what he Is
worth. Yes, he's perfectly harmless
and aa gentle as can be. Now, I'll
show you something In the book line
that you don't see every day. Cost
me a good round sura of money, too."
They went into the library and the
first thing that caught my eyes was the
mangled wreck of bis cherished volume
lying on the table. lie summoned bis
colored servant
"Sam," he said, wrathfully, "what
has happened to this Ixxjk? I wouldn't
have bad it ruined for a hundred dol
lars." "Hit wuz de dawg, sun," answered
Sai. "You left im li hyuh when yo
went away, suh, an' h done chawed It
all up. Ve'y sorry, suh."
The following advertisement appear
ed among the small "ads" In a local
paper next day:
"Wanted To Exchange A fujl
blooded Imported bull terrier dog, of
the finest breed, for a copy of the first
edition of The Autocrat of the Break
fivst Table "
At the Fashionable Garden Pairtr.
Young Parvenu (angrily) That
wretched animal chewed up my new
panama bat They must be very care
less people about here. How did that
goat ever get into the grounds?
Old Sette (nonchalantly) game
way you did. Just butt In. Baltimore
HOWAHD E. BURTON.-A snayer ar J ChemlM.
" Leadvllle, Colorado. Fpn iiuen prlcca: Gold.
Silver, Wd, II j Hold, Hllver.-.V: Oold, Hue: Zlno ur
popper, tl. lyanlde tenia. Mulling envelope! and
full price list scntoo application. Control and I'm-
CireworKBuuunwa. iimerencet carboual
oual Bank.
Portland Oregon
Quality is our motto. We educate for success.
and send each student to a position when com
petent many more calls for help than wo can
meet. Individual Instruction insures rapid proa
ress All modern methods of bookkeeping are
tsuaht; also rapid calculations, correspondence,
commercial law, office work, etc. Chartler la
our shorthand easy, rapid, legible. Beautiful
catalogue, business forms and penmanship free.
C. Gee Wo
The woll known tvllabl
Root and Herb
Tin inndn HO r.ntljr off
riHit mill herlm, n1 lu thft
kJ inu io tlm woriii hi wondui
No Mercury. Poisons or Drugs Used He Cures
Without Operation, or Without the Aid of a Knif
lift KURiitrilfpa to ('urn t'ntnrrh, Atithmn, Lung.
TliroHt. KhtMiuiHttriin. NrnoiiMno. NorMOun ItaltiHt
Htonuirli. LIht, Kiilnoy Tm-il-Wi u)m I.ot Mttnbood.
.'amnio WunLnMs a.wl A II I'-l....... lit..
Just Received from Peking, China Safe, Sura
and Reliable.
If you cannot call, write foraympton blank and olren.
iiir. iiiriti'ii v !"' in 'aniii.
THVP fl r.v. wn ('14 1 Nr'ti1 m viii itcv rm
iw I I t int Hi.. Lor. Morrlnon, i'nrtiaud. O
fleaae Mention This Paptir.
P. N. U.
No. 38- f
II KN writing; tn atlvnrtlaers pluasa
mnilnn tins inper.
A boarding and day school (or voting men ami l.ova. Accredited lo
Stanford, flerkelcy. Cornell, Amherst and all tntc universities and
agrlnilnnal rollc(ei. Tim principal Ma had 2h chi' experience In
rorllttiid. Make reservations now. l ot illii-tiaieil catalogue and
other literature address
J. W. HILL, M. 0., Principal and Proprietor, PORTLAND, OREGON
They're Worth Climbing For
Preferred Stock Jellies, Jams and Preserves, in glass, come to the
home table as wholesome, delicious, and sparkling at those "done"
by mother herself and without the lahor and overheating process of
cooking without worrying of covert that don t fit and
jars that won't seal) without the loss1 of cant and fruit
through breakage and spoiling. It ii economy to use
Preferred Stock Canned Goods
Facsaa Wasravw Ui Bait are amra
They really are Just at fine in quality at any preserves.
jellies or jams can be. There limply cannot be anything
better, for only the best of materials are and they are
put up in great, modern "preserving kitchens" hy expert cooks.
Boys and girh need thi mott nuholeiomi Preferred Stock at your Grocer' i
ALLEN A LEWIS, Wholesale Grocers. PORTLAND, OREGON. U. S. A,
$3.00 & $3.50 SHOES tSlo
&St,UUU )Do4j0IM domm not mmko tmmtl
llhn mny othr munulecturur.
In all walks of life tlian any other mako, la hecaiit. thmr
eioolknt stylo, easy-mtlng, and sutwrior wearing quality
The selection of liid iolhrr ; and other mtrlul for each pi
the 'most eoniplctoorganlittlon of iprlMt-M.t-tit..i..rMnnaii.l
"i i ;uo"mk"r'' " renelv. the hlgheat ways, paid In Ilia
win wiifiae woraninnanip ranri'iT im escollcd.
If I amid l iko you into my lure, factories at llrra'ktnn.MHas.,
and shr you hoar crifiilly.W. U lumglaa slxsarfi inada, you 'tr
would than understand why they hold their ahaps, fit hoi lor, To.
waar lontrar and are of rreritir valiin than anv iitiiMP n.Mk
mHf,iiJf,9?mndf'i Oold Bond Shoom omr rtot bm mtrumllmd ml (nvsrfet.
CAUTION I The genulo. hay, W.l. Iftugl..s namo ami unea rSZui.tZi..? L5i?Sr 1 1zZZ
J ubaMtnt. Ask your dealer for W. U. Ix.iijjla. sh.m. If he cannot supply you. send
www tv aasvvwvM j, auKmm wiW'VlWw Vf UUUi, Wbl
irir. win tT-
tsVg free. WX.Dulas, Bijcktoa, Mu.