The news=record. (Enterprise, Wallowa County, Or.) 1907-1910, September 28, 1907, Image 5

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Joseph h Elgin Stage Co.,
o Incorporated9 o
Tariff and Hate Sheet of Fares From
Enterprise to Joseph
Effective on and after September 1. 1907.
One Way Round Trip
Enterprise to Joseph $ .75 $1 25
" " LoBtine 100 1.75
" Wallowa - 1.75 3.00
" " Canyon House 2.50 4.75
" " Elgin 4.00 7.50
Baggage allowance 40 potiuds for each full paid fare. Excess baggage
rates same as old tariff.
Makes connections with stages at Wallowa for Promise on Tuesdays,
Thursdays and Saturdays. For Flora, Paradise and Anatone, Wash., on
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Carries U.S. Mall and Express.
Connects with Stages at Enterprise for Imnaha on regular days. Stopove
- -fit'Eu vu iuuiju blip mica.
Real Estate Transfers
Week Ending Sept 21, 1907 Prepared
by Wallowa Law, Land &
Abstract Co.
Second-Hand Store
' ' 7
RODGERS BROS. Proprietors
Dealers in New and Second-hand goods, Bicycles and Bicycle Repairs.
Furniture Repaired, Upholstering done. Counters, Show Cases, Store
fixtures, and Old Mission Furniture made to order. All goods called
for and delivered any place in town. We are located in the Enterprise
Restaurant Building, west side of the city square. Call in and see us.
F. D. k J. D. MoCully to W. B
Daugherty, lots 5 & 6 of block 3, Riv
erside add to Joseph f 225.
Chas. A. Myers to Jas. A. Higglns,
SWJi Sec. 31, 1, N R 44, and NWJ
8eo 1, S. R. 44, E. . M. $5000.
Delict) Chilcott to Eben F. Dotson,
lots 1, 2 and 3, block 2, Knights 1st
add to Joseph $800.
Same parties lots 1, 2, 3, 10,11 and 12
block 4, Knight's 2nd add $600.
C. H. Mimnaugh to Wm. E. Kelly
etal, ENE, Eij SEi, Sec 2T, 3
S. R. 45 11.
Opal Young to Geo. Palmer Lumber
company, Lots 1, 2, 3, Sec 30, 2N, 42;
NEJi SE, Sec 25, 2 N 41-11.
David Dlggins to Weldon Mitchell,
blocks 1, 2 and 4 town of Joseph
B. A. Dorsett to Geo. Palmer Lum
ber company, EJ N WJ, SVV N WJ,
Sec 27, 3 N, 41, SE NEtf, Sec 28, 8N
R 41 $1.
Bertha Wurzweller to Nellie Mitch
ell, lot 5, 6 and 7, block 12, Joseph,
Oregon, $2000.
Mattie J. Gardner et al to V. I.
Cronln, lots 1, 3 and 4, block 15 Gard
ner add to Enterprise $1.
John Waterous to Omar Btubhlefleld
EJ SE Sec 16, 2 N 47 $320.
U. S. to Sam Gaskell, W SWtf,
SEji; aVH Seo 27, NEJi NWJi Sec 34
U. S. to Wm. J. Ketcham, V$
SXVX, Sec 20, SEJ SE Sec 19, NEtf
NEJi Seo 30, 2 N 42.
Mary R. Shine to Geo. Palmer Lum
ber company NE 1-4 NW 1-4, Seo 11,
2 N 42-$l.
R. J. Reeves to J. H. Thompson,
EK BE 1-4, SW 1-4 SE 1-4, BE 1-4
NE 1-4 Sec 6, lot 6, 7 and 8 and NW1-4
of SW 1-4, SW 14 of SW 1-4, Seo 5,
NE 1-4 of NE 1-4 Seo 7, 1 3, B R 45
$7000. Also lots 8 and 4, Seo 7, T 3, 8
R 45 $1000
Julius Baiter to Wm. Musty N& of
NW 1-4, Seo 14, EJ of SW 1-4, Sec 15,
T 3, 8 48 $2500. .
8. & F. Bank to E. A. Scbiffler, parts
of lots 15 and 18, block 17, Wallowa
Rod McCrae to E. A. Bchiffler, part
of lot 13, block 17, Wallowa-f 450.
John H. Knott to John McDonald,
Wl of NW 1-4. N of SW i-4, Seo 25
2 N 42-11200.
John L. Wigle to Lewis S. Winters,
EJ4 of NE 1-4, SW 1-4 of NW 1-4, Seo
16, T 4, N 43-11500.
Rebecca Roork to Paris and Omar
Rose, Life Estate In property near Los
tine. A. M. Wagner to N. E. Hammack,
lot in Enterprise cemetery $10.
A. M. Wagner to A. H. Sasser, lot I n
Enterprise cemetery $10.
H. E. Oakes to J. E. Patterson, lots
3&4 block 7, town of Enterprise
John Kerns to Sam Lltch, part of
block 85, Zurohers add. to town of
En terprise $1000.00
The display in the tonsorial parlors of
Calvin & Bos well has been increased by
the addition of a 15 inch trout, a large
crawfish and innumerable small frogs
the latter being used as food for fishes.
: ri
After oiir very successful Spring and Summer Sales there are
many remnants of Spring and Summer Dress Goods not old
and shelf worn but new and first-class -in our large and well
assorted stock of Dry Goods, we offer you these goods at a
tremenduous discount. These goods will perhaps answer every
purpose as well as costlier goods.
Mens' Ball-Briggan Underwear, was
$1.25 suit, now . . .
Ladies Muslin Underwear 25 per cent
One lot Warners Corsets worth
$1.50, Present price
Summer Corsets worth 62c are now
going at
One lot Sun-Bonnets, good value at thirty
five and twenty-five cents, now fifteen
and twenty-five cents.
Our line of ladies Neckwear is second to none
in the city. Please examine it before go
ing elsewhere.
Big reduction in Lace Hosiery.
Ladies Summer Waists will go at twenty
five per cent discount.
Remember we carry a large line of Trunks
- and Valises. If you or any of your
family are going away" for a trip give us a
One lot Dress Skirts thirty-five per cent dis
count These Skirts are good, heavy and
serviceable. These goods can be worn
any season of the year.
Call and see us and we will treat you right.
Enterprise M. & M. Co.
School at Flora
A new porch has been built on the
Flora schoolhouse. School will open
there next Monday, with C. H. Allen
and Miss Prudence Eddlemon as
Rev. Batchelder Takes Leave
Rev. F. W. Batchelder, who had
charge of the Methodist church work
in this city but was compelled to resign
from the ministry on account of ill
health, took his departure last Friday
for Spokane. Rev. Batchelder is one of
those earnest, conscientious young men
who make their presence felt and those
with whom he associates the better for
the fellowship, and it is the earnest wish
of his many friends in this county that
he may soon regain his wonted health
and again take up the work of the
church, in which work he seems to
have received more talent than the
average allotment.
An Untaught Cow
Down on a southern plantation the
dairy hands were accustomed to do the
milking squatting down in a primitive
fashion, until the owner introduced
milking stools with other improve
ments. But the initial experiment
with the innovation was not exactly a
success. The darky who first sallied
forth with the stool returned bruised
and battered and with an empty pail.
"I done my best, Bah," he explained.
"Dat Btool looked all right to me, but da
blamed cow she won't sit on it I
Woman's Home Companion for October.
Railroad Down Snake River
One has only to go and take a look
at the start on the new road down
Snake river to know that there will be
no more through traffic along the Blue
mountain route when the Snake river
route ia completed, says the Union
Soout. They are beginning the road
with the heaviest steel and when it is
completed the O. R. & N. can make
time with the beBt of them. The two
big pulls from Snake river to the
summit and then again to Kamela are a
great handicap these days when all the
road) are bent on making time. The
0. R. & N. is not going to put up with
this handicap a day longer than is
necessary and it will not be suprising
if within two years there will be nothing
through here but local traffic.
Notice of Settlement.
All persons knowing themselves Indebted
to the Arm of T. H. Omn Bom or to T. II.
Green are hereby nodded that such Indebted-
new niuit be paid to W. H. McVay, Trustee,
nt the office of Burleigh A Boyd, Enterprise,
Oregon, and to no other person, mid account-,
having been duly assigned to Raid trustee tor
the benefit of creditor. All note, and ac
count! due ns aforesaid must be paid forth
with. 2213 W. H. MoVAY, Trustee.
In the Circuit Court of the State ot Oregon,
lor Wallowa County.
W. F. Rankin, Plaintiff,
Frank H. Pierce, Defendant. )
To Frank H. fierce, :the above-named
In the name of the state of Oregon ; you are
hereby notified to appear and answer the
complaint filed against you In the above
entitled court and cause on or before the
expiration of six weeks from the date of the
first publication of this summons, which
date of first publication Is Baturday, Sep
tember 28, 1907, and It you tall to appear and
answer within said time, for want thereof,
the plan tiff will apply to the court for the
relief prayed for In his said eomplalnt, to-
For a Judgment against you (or the sura of
1017.00 with interest thereon from the llth
day of May. luOt. until paid, at the rate of
ten percent per annum; the further sura of
1100.00 as an attorney's fee In this suit, and
for the cost and dlsbursments of this suit.
.. For a decree foreclosing that certain In
denture of mortgage executed and delivered
by Frank H. Fierce to W. F. Rankin and
Olen Reel upon the following described real
property, vi. SW M SKtf NWW and
W8W!4ot Hectlon 7 In Twp. 8 M of R. 60
B. W. M. In Wallowa County, to secure the
sums above mentioned, which mortgage la
of record In the oMce of the County Clerk ot
said oounty In volume "H" at page 367
thereof, and the sale of said described real
property tosatlsrysnld Judg ment, attorney's
fee and costs and dlsbunietnents, and forever
barring and foreclosing you of all right, title
and Interest In and to said premises or any
part thereof.
This summons Is served upon you by publi
cation thereof for the period of six consecu
tive weeks In the News-Record, commencing
with the Issue of Heptamber US, 1907, pursu
ant to the order of Hon. O. M. Corklus, Coun
ty Judge of Wallowa county, Oregon, made
and dated rk-ptomber 28, 11(77.
Attorneys lor Plaintiff,