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    Is Pe-ru-na Useful
for Catarrh?
Should a list of the ingredients of Pe
ranabe submitted to any medical ex
pert, of whatever school or nationality,
he would be obliged to admit without
reserve that each one of them was of un
doubted value in chronio catarrhal dis
eases, and had stood the test of many
years' experience in the treatment oi
such diseases. THERE CAN BE NO
EVER, Peruna is composed of the most
efficacious and universally used herbal
remedies for catarrh. Every ingredient
of Peruna has a reputation of its own
in the cure of some phase of catarrh.
Peruna brings to the home the COM
ment of catarrhal diseases; brings to
the home the scientific skill and knowl
edgeof the modern pharmacist; andlast
but not least,brings to the home the vast
and varied experience of Dr. Hartman,
in the use o f catarrh remedies, and in the
treatment of catarrhal diseases.
The fact is, chronio catarrh is a dis
ease which is very prevalent. Many
thousand people know they have
chronio catarrh. They have visited
doctors over and over again, and been
told that their case is one of chronic
catarrh. It may be of the nose, throat,
lungs, stomach or some other internal
organ. There is no doubt as to the na-
jure oi me (usease. -me only trouble
xcmoujr. xiiuuocwrnasineato
cure them. That doctor has tried to
prescribe for them.
Dr. Hartman's idea is that a catarrh
remedy can be made on a large scale,
as he is making it; that it can be made
honestly, of the purest drugs and oi
the strictest uniformity. His idea ic
that this remedy can be supplied direct
ly to the people, and no more be charged
for it than is necessary for the
handling of it.
No other household remedy so uni
versally advertised carries upon the
label the principal active constituents
showing that Peruna invites the full
inspection of the critics.
Husband But, my dear. If Mrs.
Nextdoor told you In strict confidence
you shouldn't tell me.
Wife Oh, very well; if you don't
care to hear It I can tell it to some
body else, I suppose. Chicago News.
After the Floods.
"I hear that you bought a home . In
the suburbs, Harker?" interrogated the
city friend.
"Yes," sighed Harker, as he took a
firmer grip on the lawn mower and
basket of seeds.
"And I also heard that it Is right
- up to date. Why, they say It even has
subcellars." .
"No, submarine cellars. They are
under water most of the time."
"One-half the world," .remarked the
man with the quotation habit, "doesn't
know how the other half lives."
' "And it may also be stated without
puncturing the truth," rejoined the
wise guy, "that three-fourths of It
doesn't know how it lives Itself."
Every part of the body is dependent on the blood for nourishment and
Strength. When this life stream i3 flowing through the system in a state of
purity and richness we are assured of perfect and uninterrupted health
Lecause pure blood i3 nature's safe-guard against disease. When, however
jj, a. wca., impure pouuiea Diooa, tne system is deprived of 1 DV looking through the hole with one
its strength, disease germs collect, and the trouble is manifested in various y toward the edge of the elevated ob
tvavs. Pustular eruotions. tiimnlM T.T;lipa onrl ti;fTo-t-,t.: r u . .
snow tnat the blood is in a feverish and diseased condition as a result of too
much acid or the presence of some irritating humor. Sores and Ulcers are
the result of morbid, unhealthy matter in the blood, and Rheumatism Ca
tarrh, Scrofula, Contagious Blood Poison, etc., are all deep-seated blood
disorders that will continue to grow worse as long as the poison remains.
These impurities and poisons find their way into the blood in various ways
Often n Rlnp-frisli innrtivemnitirxi if ! j ;ji i i r.
avenues of bodily waste,
form nr e and other acids, whirl, or- t,l-
throughout the circulation. Coming
another cause for the poisoning of the
microbes of Malaria, into imr lnnrro
--- ti gtL UiU tile VIOOQ in I
Sufficient quantity it becomes a carrier of disease instead of health. Some
are so unfortunate aS to inherit bad blood, perhaps the dregs of some old '
constitutional disease of ancestors i3 handed down to them and Ihev are I
constantly annoyed and troubled with it Bad blood is the source of all dis
ease, and until this vital fluid is cleansed and purified the body is sure to
Buffer in some way. For blood troubles of any character S. S. S. is the best
remedy ever discovered. It goes down into the circulation and removes any
and all poisons, supplies the healthful properties it needs, and completely
. . cut uvea uui leave LUC
slightest trace of the trouble for future outbreaks. The whole volume of
blood is renewed and cleansed after a course of S. S. S. It is also nature's
greatest tonic, made entirely of roots, herbs and barks, and is absolutely
harmless to any part of the system. S. S. S. is for sale at all first class
rug Stores. Book on the blood and any medical advice free to all who write.
ad Mistake of an Actor.
An actor without fund managed tn
some way to get a second-class ticket
on a line of steamers running between
Seattle and San Francisco. The voy
age between these two points consumed
the better part of three days and In
view of the fact that his finances were
at low ebb he solved the question In
this way :
The first day out he slept all day to
keep from eating, and remained up all
night to keep from sleeping. The sec
ond day he took physical culture exer
cises. On the third day he could not
stand the strain any longer and went
down 1n the dining room and ordered
the best meal on board the boat.
While eating this meal be could see
In his mind's eye a picture of a cell in
the bastlle in San Francisco. After
finishing his meal he said to the wait
er: "How much do I owe you?"
"Nothing," replied the waiter, "your
meals were included In your t'.ckst."
Good Fellow.
"George, dear," said youne Mrs. Mar-
ryat, "I got a recipe for a fruit cake
to-aay that will keep for a year."
"Oh," replied the husband, "you
ought to keep It longer than that."
"What? Keep fruit cake longer "
"No, the recipe. Mislay It some
where." Philadelphia Press.
Branded aa a Deaerter.
An army pension has Just been
granted to J. Tomlln, of Nottingham,
England, who is now 81; and his med
als, granted for Sevastopol, have been
It seems that he was invalided home
from the Crimea and granted a month's
luriough. While enjoying bis rest he
was stricken with typhoid fever, but
being unable to rad or write, did not
acquaint the officers of his regiment
with his misfortune or ask a friend to
do so. The consequence was that when
nis ruriougu expired he was posted as
a deserter, and while on his way to re
join was arrested
At Aldershot he was tried by court
martial and sentenced to be branded
with the letter "D."
No Chance at All.
"That Martel Is really a terrible
bore. He talked last night for hours
and only stopped' to cough."
"Well, I suppose you could get a
word In edgeways then?"
"Rather not, for while he was cough
ing he, made signs with his hands that
he was going on afterwards." Nos
Time to Move. '
"They're cuttine out an awful lot of
good songs these days," said Mr. Stay
late. "Yes?" queried Miss Patience Gone,
with a yawn.
"Yes j there's a new march song
that's great. It's fine to march to "
"Indeed! I wish I had It. I'd nlnT
It for you. Philadelphia Press.
Her Perch.
"Did he propose to her on hi
"No, but she accepted him on tham "
Houston Post
Civic Pride.
"My town," said the first traveler
"is Greater New York."
"Glad to know you," cried the othpr
"I'm from Chicago, too."
"I say my town la Greater New
"O ! I thought you said greater than
New York." Catholic Standard and
vi j j j-.f T , I
ia contact with contagious diseases is i
blood ; we also breathe the germs and I
nnA -.. n. i .
iimoircnuy cuica ciood diseases oi
every kind. The action of S. S. S. is so
thorough that hereditary taints are removed
and weak, diseased blood made strong and
healthy so that disease cannot remain. It
cures Rheumatism, Catarrh, Scrofula, Sores
and Ulcers, Skin Diseases, Contagious
Abaolate Sanity Declared by Expert
Not to Exist.
Anglo-Saxons are so prone to take
common-sense views of things that they
seldom realize the full force of the fa
miliar saying that all men have some
form of madness In them, says Current
Literature. The second inference Is, as
is pointed out by Dr. G. II. Savage, the
eminent English 'alienist, in a recent
Lancet paper; that perfect sanity would
be not only undesirable In Itself, t-.t
from a strictly scientific point of view
impossible. For a perfectly sane per
sonwere such a thing thinkable
would be dull and uninteresting a
mediocrity, a nonentity. The polut to
seize, however, as Dr. Savage Im
presses upon us, Is that there can be no
comprehensive Idea or definition of in
sanity, because the thing does not
really exist No scientist can set up
any standard of rationality departure
from which would comprise or dnuota
insanity. One can diagnose a case of
typhoid because It is a continued fe
ver characterized by a peculiar course
of the temperature, by marked abdom
inal symptoms, by an eruption upon
the skin. But there Is nothlne In whnt
goes by the name of insanity to further
a diagnosis as that term Is understood
by medical men generally. Some
treatises upon Insanity prove nothing at
all by proving too much, for they make
whole nations insane at once. Fhysl
clans connected w'th Insanity, as Dr
Savage argues, resemble gardeners
rather than botanists. "We classify
for convenience rather than nnon n
scientific basis, because, in point of fact
no such basis or finality of mode has as
yet been discovered."
Perhaps, adds Dr. Savage, there Is
no need to wonder at this, since many
have to be treated as lunatics whose
brains and nervous systems show no
change whatever from the normal
course of what Is recognized as sanltv.
Unfortunately, the Impulse to define
and classify sometimes leads to misin
terpretation of a deploruble kind. Such.
for example. Is the false view, as Dr.
Savage deems It, that every person of
unsound mind Is a lunatic. That, he
says, to a "pseudo-legal" absurdity.
"Obviously there are many persons of
unsound mind who are neither danger
ous to themselves nor to others whv.
therefore, regard them as aliens?" The
true difficulty, Insists this distinguished
expert, is that the disease Insanity does
not exist Yet one might almost con
clude from the elaborate articles In our
leading daily Journals that such a thing
as insanity is a definitely established
scientific fact, that It Is a malady as
definite In its symptoms nnd origin as,
say, cancer or tuberculosis.
How a Watch or Clock Slay Be Rear-
nlated by Observing; a Star.
When some investigator makes the
"discovery" that the points of the ooin-
pass can be approximately determined
by looking at the sun and using a
watch to show the divisions of the
plane it is apt to go the rounds of the
press as something very peculiar. If
this discoverer were sufficiently con
versant with the principles of naviga
tion to note for the public benefit that
the running of a watch or clock may
be regulated by observing a star he
might confer some practical benefit.
This is a very simple thing to do and
might be of great use In a country
place where accurate time is not al
ways obtainable, but all that Is neces
sary Is a fixed location on the earth's
surface and any old thing In the way
of a timepiece.
Choose a south window from which
any other fixed point comparatively
near and high, such as a chimney, side
of a building, etc., may be seen. To
the side of a window fasten a piece of
card having a small hole in It, so that
ject some fixed star may be seen.
Watch the progress of the star, and
the Instant it vanishes behind the fix
ed point the observer must note the ex
act time Is disappears. Watch the
same star the following night, and It
will vanish behind the same object
Just three minutes and flfty-sij sec-
nd sooner. If the timepiece marks
9.T?k Wben tbe mr "'""PI0" one
Indicate three minutes
and fifty-six seconds less than 0 the
,, ,
rolIowIn night If several cloudy
n,g'jt8 occur together, follow the first
observatlon and deduct the product
from clock time to find the time the
tar will pass. Marine Journal.
Tbe Climax.
Wireless telegraphy and horseless car
riage fine,
Are a novel pair of wonder that perplex
' us.
But there's a new Invention stranger yet
and more benign
W're referring to tbe gunleaa State of
Philadelphia Ledger.
Small Vlrea.
"Hare you noticed that bis automo
bile emits a rapid succession of explo
sive ''choos? "
Tea. and It smokes aa well
'choos.'" Cleveland rialn Dealer.
Cutting I suppose it did make you
reel mean.
Dublis Well, I should say 1 Why, I
'elt like a plugged nickel.
J Cutting Ah! but what a blessing it
(ls that we never feel quite as bad as
fve look. Philadelphia Press.
Too Informal.
Johnny The doctor nays Uncle Hum
phrey has Bright's disease.
His Mamma The doctor may call it
that if he pleases, my dear, but you
tuuiu say .ir. unirnf rtjtose.
Mothers will find Mri. Winslow'o Soothing
jyrup the b. st remedy to use for their children
luring the teethlug period.
Not a Circumstance.
"Didn't the thunder storm disturb you
last night?" '
"Thunder storm? I didn't know there
was one."
"You didn't? Where on earth do you
"Nowhere on earth. I sleep within
three feet of an elevated railway track."
Reaaon for Suppression.
"The Mikado' was suppressed In
London out of deference to the feelings
of the Japanese; wasn't that silly?"
"Oh, I dn't know; perhaps a bunch
of amateurs were playing it" Houston
St. Vitus' fiance una all Nervons Diseases
permanently cured by Dr. Kline's Ureal
erve KPBioror. Henri for FHKK 12 trial hnttle And
treatlae. Dr. K. H.KllnB,LU.,8ai Arcb BU,PhUa.,Pa.
A Bond of Sympathy, .
While the new maid tidied the room
the busy woman kept on writing.
"Do you make that all out of your
own head?" asked Jane.
"Yes," said the busy woman.
"My," said Jane admiringly, "you
must have brains!"
"Brains!" sighed the woman de
spondently. "Oh, Jane, I haven't an
ounce of brains."
For a moment Jane regarded her
with sincere commiseration.
"Oh, well," she said presently,
"don't mind what I say. I ain't very
smart myself." New York Press.
J net a Complaint.
"Your complaint, madam," saia 0,j
Dr. Gruffly, "Is very serious "
"There now!" triumphantly cried
the fussy woman, "I knew It "
"Yes, madam, your complaint Is
chronic and there isn't the slightest
aliment to excuse it" Philadelphia
Tired of Fiction.
Married Man I want to get a book
for my wife.
Clerk Something In the way of fic
tion? "No; I've given her lots of that, but
she doesn't seem to care for it I" Yon
kers Statesman.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Signature of 6tffi&&U
Tvro Klnda.
"Political succpps," remarked one
statesman, "depends a great deal on
your platform."
"Yes," answered the other; "the par
ty plotfonn of artistic success and the
lecture platform for financial success."
Washington Star.
rhyRldan Your boy will pull throiiRh
all right. He has a wonderful consti
tution. Mr. Tyte-PhiRt I am glad to hear It,
doctor. In making out your bill, of
course, you will not make me pny for
what lis constitution has donn in nullini?
him through.
Invention Worth Money.
"Have you invented anything recent
ly?" "Yes," answered the sensational
scientist. "I have Invented a new wnv
to get to the north pole."
"Is It good for anything?"
"Certainly. It Is cood for tin nn
In a mniruzlnp." Washington Star.
Do you pin your hat to your
own hair? Can't do it?
Haven't enough hair? It must
be you do not know Ayer's
Hair Vigor I Here's an intro
duction! May the acquaint
ance result in a heavy growth
of rich, thick, glossy hair! And
we know you'll never be gray.
I think that Ayer't n1r Vliror U the mnt
wonderful halrgruwer ttut wu. arer marie. 1
have nsed It for tome time nnd I can truth
fully av that I am greatly pleated with It. 1
cheerfully reromnn-nd It ai ft eplendld prepa
ration." MlRS V. Bbock, Wayland, Mich,
tT J.O. Ay fir Co.. Lowell,
Alo mauftoturra of
Is It Your
Sanking by ftlail
On ravings deposits of a dollar
or more, compounded twice
every year. It is just as easy
to open a Savings Account with
us by Mail as it you lived next
door. Send for our free book
let, "Banking by Mail," and
learn full particulars. Address
Oregon Trust 8c
Savings Bank
Portland, Oregon
Sixth and Washington Sts.
A London eiivu k-i.iu hits established
the "wireless" in liis house and summons
his servant to lii nriwenep by means of it.
HOWAUD E. ntTRTON. Assayer art Chemlurf
lieadvllle, Colorado. Kpftruiitn prU'en: 4ulil.
Silver, L-ad.f 1 1 Unlu, HIlvur.T; Uofd.fcw: Zlnoor
C'opHr,l. Cyiinulo tfota. Mtilllntfenvelnpt anil
full price list uent on amiltcntinn. Control and Urn-
Ire work eollclluU. Ifelereucet Carbonate Na.
oual IJank.
h Cheap as Can Be Bought In the East
Delivery Much Quicker Write Us Today
Before Going Elaewhere.
342'? Washington St. Portland, Oregon
Portland Oregon
Oaiollna Enffineii udlrri
Mtlon Plant
WaUrloo Wall Drills
Built eiHHn1ly For wnrli
tn tho imrtliwoHt. Drill.
Iriff nnd titthin tool,
yincmrrya ii.rj eMook.
n ritti (mull your mitchii.
Prywiinln. W.tll -In Hurt
oonlrmit lilauka f r"
Slsoo St., fortlua, Or.
flftKtroyii nil the
flu nml utTnrd
r m fort tovy
lioruo in dining
r'MHII, Hl(Oplll(
room nml ovcry
JlllK H Wlll'II t)lt
nnti rniihlimuift.
(Mean, neot anil
will not smiII or
- ., . ... iiij.iniunyl liln,
77 thorn onco and you will nnvi-r lm without tuoia.
" I' M iiiiTin, ri-in. i')ltl TOT JKJ.
UPHOLD fiOMEEfl, 149 DEalb Av Brooklyn, K. Y.
A Girls' Pi'hool of the hlxlient Husk. CciIIokI
ale ilci.artmciil. Mimic. Art. Klni iuinii Him.
nahlum. Fall tvnn opeita Hcjieniljer 10.
Quality is our motto. We educate for eucceaa.
and send each atudent to a position when com.
petent many more calls for help than we can
moot Individual Instruction insures rapid Droit-
resa. All modern methods of bookkeeping are
tauifht; also rapid calculations, correspondence,
commercial law, office work, etc. Chart ier la
our shorthand easy, rapid, legible. DeautifuJ
catalogue, business forms and penmanship froo.
KOTICK The following announcements ar
Horn leading bundles men ami firms, and aro
oil worthy your careful reading. The list
piay contain Ju.l the proponitlou you aro loo,
lug tor.
The only tracts on the market where yon ran
contract to sell your crop. Ten trains a day.
Abundance of waier. Price tlWou per acre--easy
paymenU-coue In or write for particu-
Bpokan. Washington, 110 8terin
r. n. u.
N. 31-or
TV,,,!,f writing; to advertisers
v V neniioat ti
this paper.