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    The County "Where the Dollars Grow son the Sheep's Back."
Famous Bunch
Grass Country
The Wallowa News
Wallowa County'sMost Representative Paper--Established in 1899$1.50 the Year
VOL. ! No. 18
Enterprise, Wallowa County, Oregon, Saturday, August 31, 1907
Whole Number 438
' Where use wears out ojn.e. Keep your watch clean, and it's as natural
Vforjt to go an it is for your heart to beat. Let It get dirty and tay
dirty and you are shortening its life every day. You should hand It
to our repair department Then when you get it again you are handed
back practically a new watch. This is printed for the benefit of -you
and your watch. As for'Jewelery, no matter what the condition' Of
your purse, something satisfactory can be purchased. Come in and see
our line, liemember the place. .
Wheat's Jewelry Store
Singer Sewing . Machines
W. V. Oroutt has been appointed the sole agent for the Singer Sewing
' Maohine,Hhe best Sewing Machine in the world, and have exclusive
control of this territory. 1 sell them for cash or Installment. See tho
demonstration In Bodgers Bro's. store. Coine,ln if just to look.
' r
W, W. Orcutt, Enterprise, Ore.
The Best is
the Cheapest
. " v is iKc Best
, For proof call or write
800 sores plow land, plenty of spring water, Home flue timber, good
fences and cross fences. Farm implement and chopper goes with
place, for (17.60 per acre. Easy terms.
' . v
1,283 1-2 Acres on Prairie Crepk
Fine rioh soil, all seeded to alfalfa, clover and timothy, with
plenty of water for irrigation. Suitable for colonizing Will be sold at
the ridiculously low prtoe of $45.00 per acre.
5 Room House in Enterprise
With one large lot, for only 1725. Terms.
360 Acres Meadow Farm Land
1 wo miles from Enterprise at $40 per acre. This can be bought
on small paymeut down.
. ' - ;
160 Acre Hill Ranch
90 acres plow land, young orchard, good well, three-quarters of . a
mile from Enterprise. Now listen the price is only $10 per acre.
200 Acres 1 1-2 Miles From Lostine-
Ideal for all kinds of fruit, 500 trees now on place, consisting of
cherries, peachesplums, prunes, and apples. Peaches mature here '
- a
when in allother places they area failure. This will uot last long at
the price. $2,000.
We Have
'i ' - " " '
The best farm on Alder slope for $40 per acre.
The best Dairy farm In the county for $21,000.
-, We have many more, so if you dou't see what you want, call on us.
Oregon Realty &
L. E. Jordan
Investment Co.
Fred A. Wagner
Big. Comity Fair at
'Lostine October
9-10 and 11
What are you going to exhibit at the
Wallowa Countv Fair at Lostine. Oct-
ober 9-10-11? An exhibit each year of
the best products of the earden. field
and farm, the products of the kitchen
and the handiwork of the sewing room
should stimulate a pardonable pride in
progress and excite honest competition.
Annual fairs are good things. Not only
do they educate in diversified lines and
illustrate the progress being made in a
section but they furnish social inter
course for people who ordinarily do not
travel around very muoh. We have all
been to Fairs, haven't we? We have
watched the animals, viewed the ex
hibits, eaten pop-corn, heard the bovs
shout "p-e-a-n-u-t-s, triple-jointed p-e-a-
n-u-t-s," and risked our money on
flimsy luck machines, all with a cheer
ful abandon because we were at the
Fair. It's the fun making features and
the educatioual advertising features of
Fairs which makes them useful to a
section and we hope that the Fair at
lostine will go lorwaronlh success.
Bring out your fine poultry, your
blooded stock, and produce by all
means carry away your share of those
premiums. If you haven't received a
premium list, write to the officers of
the Fair Association and secure one.
Mining Prospects
Arthur II. Rudd has just returned
from the Imnnha where he surveyed a
ditch for Wurzweiler & A kins for their
placer mine. He reports that the
placer looks very promising. The
amount of gold that shows in the placer
indicates rich veins which will some
day be discovered.
Another very promising group of
mines is that of the Tun.a Group, which
was t recently leased to Baker city
people by the owners, Messrs. Blow
& Vance', for a period of six months,
and if at the end of that time the Baker
City pebple choose, they have an option
for the purchase of this property for $32,
000: The work done by this firm will
give the Eureka section an opportunity
to know whether these mines are a pay.
in? investment. If it' is found so it
will open up the way to other and
greater mining deals in that section.
- The Elgin Recorder says J. L. Harvey
of that city received some sample ore
from his mining claims south of Joseph
this week that contains a high per cent
of copper and looks good to those
interested in mining and minerals. Mr.
Harvey has several claims in that section
and has been devoting considerable
time to them of late. The Bamples he
has exhibited-from time to time have
been exceptionally good and in the near
future the claims will doubtless prove
W. W. Orcott Organizes Lodge
W. W. Orcutt reports an organization
of the M. W. A. lodge at Joseph this
week to be known as the Chief Joseph
Camp. It will stant off with thirty
charter members. The organization
will take place Thursday evening,
September 5th. The Royal Neighbors
will also organize the same day, starting
off with about 25 charter members. -
Mr. and Mrs. Orcutt have been doing
some hard work in this line lately as is
evidenced in these two lodges opening
up, for which they deserve much credit.
The Portland Wheat Market quotes
new" crop, club, 79c; bluettem, 81c;
J ' valley, 80c ; red, 77c.
Re?. Thompson Locates the Devil
At a the union services in the
Presbyterian church last Sunday, Rev.
Thompson took as his text "The Devil."
It was very interesting and enjoyed by
the large congregation present. He
mentioned the fact that a person's
danger was from themselves and that if
caught on the Devil's domain he would
claim the victim. , He mentioned the
fact that more men fail from want of
character than from want of intellect.
It is the vices outside of law which are
sapping our national life. Pereonal
extravagance and love of show and
effect drive thousands delirious ,with
care. Licentiousness blasts the beauty
of social life, and blights soul and body
with the mildews of hell. Intemperence
seizes its victims and drags them from
comfort and respectability to poverty
and the degradation of loaferdom, and
then sends them groping through dark
delirium to the doors of hejl.
Reason should be our guide in all
matters which lie within its province ;
but religion has mysteries which the
human (nind cannot fathom. Reason
and Religion never contradict each
other; they run on in closest unity and
most perfect harmony, until religion
passes beyond the ken of reason, and
there reason . should merge into faith,
even as the early light of morning melts
into the splendors of broadening day.
Voyagers and discoverer" are we all.
Mr. Homan has. purchased Fred
Ashley's stock of cigars and tobacco.
Mr. Ashley intends to sell out at cost all
of his groceries and in the future.attend
strictly to the furniture business.
A Woolen Mill
La Grande has plans underway to
secure a woolen mill. J. F. Wilbur
formerly in control of the Union mills
has been looking the country over for a
desirable site. Enterprise should get in
on this proposition and make Mr.
Wilburs cood offer to establish it. at
Enterprise., The proposed factory is
to have four sets of machinery and
employ from 100 to 160 operators. It
will consume from 800,000 to 1000,000
pounds of wool a year; consume 2000
cords of wood per year or the equivalent
in some kind of fuel ; and the manufac
tured output per anuum would be about
$300,000. the warfe disbursment will
average from $4000 to $5JO0 per month.
The raw material is rained right here in.
Wallowa county. The profits from
such a concern are sure and the payroll
helps to build up the town.
This plant will require a capital of
$150,000 dollars. One-third of this
amount will be supplied by Mr. Wilbur
and the remainder of the stock will be
raised by local stock subscriptions.
Here Are A Few
Facts From
a Citizen
Read It Over
To thb editor:
The town of Wallowa, as you know, is
making an effort to secure the removal
of the county seat from Enterprise to
Wallowa. Its ambition is laudable and
praisworthy, looked at from the stand
point of its own selfish interests, but a
residence' of many years in onr
neighboring county of Union, during
which a ' continuous ' county seat
removal agitation was maintained,
inclines me to the belief that as far as
the interests of the balance of the
county is concerned, the niovement is
unfortunate. '
In my 'judgement, based on the
experience gained in ' Union county,
that no other influence will create such
bitter and suoh lasting Jealousies and
enmities; no other influence will to
retard and prevent that harmonious
Enterprise Has Beau
tiful HomeS"And
Good Men
. .- .
Mr. F. A. DeFue is one of the most
conspicuous exemplars of the City
Beautiful idea. His home is a spot very
fair to see, refreshing, fine. -
He has bestowed upon it a great deal .
of care. He has realized to a degree .
the very highest ideal of domestic -beauty.
His residence and its grounds,
delight the eye and inspire the soul.
Mr. A. C. Miller is another such man. '
A little attention constantly given has
made his home on River street a show
place. One feels glad to take one's
friends there ancf say :
"This is what we can do toward making .
our city beautiful. This is what one
man has done. It is what all can do." -
The home of G. S. Reavis is another,
- .The home of W. H. Graves is another. .
The home of J. 6. Cook is -another.
The home of J. L. Browning is yet .
another, i
Indeejd, their names are becoming
legion. '
And the example they set is causing ,;
others and yet others to follow in their
The home of W. Allen, Chas. Zurcher
and W. R. Ho'mes are others very fine.
And one singular fact that one realizes,
when contemplating these 'individual
developments is that the fine home,
fine injthe sense that it is cared, for, nTade
beautiful, and set about with objects
restful to the eye and inspiring, is that
the men .who do these '"things are good .
They are men of whom the community
feel proud. They are not idlers, they
work, for their own benefit and, In a ....
wy, for tho good jo f all.-.- They-are not
brawlers', spending their tLne playing
whiskey lx)keT, nor devoting their time, ..,
their money and their best- talents to ' .
money grubbing. , . .
Money grubbers are good citizens.
The stinginess which evinces itself
toward all public institutions, toward
one's home, sooner or later evinces
itself toward all civilization,
1 The men in this community whose . s
homes are being cared for are men who
represent the better element in the .
progress . of the city. They are
men whom we wish we could elect to
public office, because they are honest,
God-fearing and as careful of the
interests of the community as of their
Enterprise needs more such men.
- .
action which is so essential to the
upbuilding of any community.
It is my opinion that the best way .
the only way to encourage and promote ,
the growth and prosperity of Wallowa
county is for the various towns and
interests to work together for the
common good in a spirit of fairness and
harmony. And so, looking at it from
the standpoint of the good of the whole
county, I think the present agitation ,
It has been claimed by the people of
Wallowa that their action in the
matter has been taken only after an
insisteot demand by the people gen
erally, from all parts of the county.
We think that claim Idle and unjustified
and yet, p the desire to be fair and to
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41 '
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