Wallowa County chieftain. (Enterprise, Or.) 1909-1911, March 17, 1910, Image 1

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Slate Funds loaned, 8 per cent. John
. P. Rusk. Attr. State Land E d. Joseph
Farm loans at 7Vi percent. Call or
write first Bank of Joseph. 68W?
Lttniber. Anyone having lumber of
any grade In any amount for sale,
or who has timber he Intends to saw
soon, and wishes to contract the lum
ber, call on or address W. F. Rankin
' at Haney planer In Enterprise, Agent
' for W. R. Klvette. 26b4
Man to take contract to cut wood.
I will furnish saw and team and
want man to take charge. I will
, feed team. Address J. H. Doty, En
terprise, or inquire of C. M. Lock-
wood, over harness shop. 89bl
' 400 acre ranch oa Freeeeout, known
as the Karry Hope place. Address
J. A. Wilson, Imnaha, Ore. 88b4
Two dapple gray Percherons, weight
1600 and 1800 lb3., and one black, a
cross- between Pexcheron and. Eng.
lish Shire, weight 1400 lbs. Address
Wm. Brobst, Wi'.oonville, Ore. 88t4
Fine line straw and linen hats just
In ad W. J. Funk & Co's.
The road drag has been doing ex
cellent work on the city streets.
Sachs & Company
Branch House of BaKer
City Hide ana Junk Co.
Wrt mt Froat Bars, Eatn-priM
Highest Market Price Paid
for Hides, Pelts, Fur, Junk of
all kinds, Rubber, Brass and
Cast Iron -:- -:- -:-
Beginning Feb. 1: 18Jc per pound
for dry beef hides; 15c per pound
for dry sheep pelts. Will buy
wool. -:- - --
To Our Friends !
and Patrons I
We desire to say that our store room and stock
are gradually emerging from the state of dis
order caused by the work of remodeling our
building, and we will soon be ready to serve
you better than ever.
The spirit of forbearance on your part, as evi
denced by your liberal patronage during the
progress of the work, is appreciated by us, and
we desire to show our appreciation in the bet
ter service we may be able to render in the fu
ture. Our desire to better serve you prompted
us to undertake the seemingly almost impos
sible thing, of successfully conducting a mer
cantile business in a building undergoing re
construction during the winter months. The
measure of success attending our efforts we
leave the public to judge. If we have been
successful, we owe our success largely to your ,
indulgence and co-operation. The fact that
our sales for the year were over $25,000.00
more than for the previous one leads us to con
clude that our efforts towards progress meets
with your hearty approval. Your confidence
and good will are more to us than money; and
it is our earnest desire to conduct our business
in the future in such a manner as will merit
your continued confidence, good will and pat
ronage. Yours respectfully,
I Mercantile
The farming demonstration train
which 13 coming over the branch
Thursday, March 24, will stop in
Enterprise for dinner, and it expect-
ed that a large crowd will take ad-
vantage of this splendid opportunity
to see the exhibits -and hear the lec
tures by the experts In. charge. The
train consists of a number of cars
thoroughly equlppel -for the purpose
of practical demonstration and lec
tures on all brant-hes of agriculture
of special Interest to the farmer.
Its purpose is to encourage diversi
fied and Intensified farming through
continuous and scientific occupation
of the soil, and to further the im
provement of agricultural conditions
In the territory visited.
A poultry car Is one of the inter
esting features
Mr. Vandewa'er was here Wednes
day making arrangements for the
oaiing of the train.
The hours assigned for Wallowa
county are: Joseph 9:00 a. m. to
11:00 a. m.; Enterprise 11:20 a. m.
to 1:15 p, m.; Wallowa 3:00 p. Hi.
to 5:00 p. m.
The demonstration .work is in
charge of the following experts: .
Dr. James Withycombe, director,
Oregon Experiment Station, Corval-
Prof. H. XX. Scudder, agronomist,
Oregon Experiment Station, Corval
Lis Prof. F. L. Kent, dairy husband
man, Oregon Experiment Station,
Prof. James Dryden, poultry hus
bandman, Oregon Experiment Sta-
tion, Corvallis.
Mr. H. Umberger, superintendent,
Moro Experiment Station, Moro.
Mr. R. W. Alen, Superintendent,
Umatilla Expeiinient Station, Her
miston. Mr. A. L. Applewhite, foreman, Or
egon Agricultural College Farm, Cor
vallU. Mr. E. H. Spillman, assistant hor
ticulturist, Eastern. Oregon Experi
ment S union. Union.
Mr. A. G. Limn, assistant poul
try husbandman, Oregon Experiment
Station, Corvallis.
. Mr. R. W. Re?s, assistant poul
try husbandman, Oregon Experiment
Station, Corvallis.
Mr. Robert J. Dryden, assistant
poultry husbandman, Oregon experi
ment Station, Corvallis.
Fine Church Record
Of Middle Point
Sirnyside( Elects A. Peterson As
School Director to Fill Vacancy
Local Happenings.
Promise.. March 5 Mr. B. South
wick closed a successful term of
school near . Rondowa, Thursday,
March &.
Miss Carrie E. VanPeit of Los
tine is the new schoolma'am at Sun
nyside. She commenced the school
March 14, and has three months to
A special school meeting was held
at Sunny Side Marcli 7, and Mr. A.
Peterson was elected director to fill
vacancy, John Bennett having sold
out and removed his residence.
Mr. Stace is home again a little
improved in health.
Dan Snuffer was a visitor at Uto
pia, last Sunday, going and return
ing with Rev. F, Q. Potter who
preached there that day.
Utopia's report for church atten
dance last Sunday was every man,
.woman and child on Middle Point
came to church.
El wood Robinson, took the Bur
sel brothers over to their home
stead in West Grossman, returning
with them March 13.
Mr. and Mrs. Quincy Trump are
viisitfag relatives of Mrs, Trump in
Mr. and Mrs. Joner Trump, who
have been visiting in West Virginia
for five or six weeks, are highly en
joying their visit but are about ready
to return to their hom in Wallowa
William Holloway, an 'old resident
of the North Country, died at the
Pldcock hotel Sunday morning. Mr.
Holloway had long suffered from a
cUroiifc uiseitt and was brought in
for treatment, driving Thursday ev
ening In such condition that It was
imposJble to begin treatment. He
was taken very 111 at Sled Springs
on the way In and two days were
spent on the journey. He was ac
companied by his wife and son John,
and another son, Bargue, arrived be
fore his death. The remains were
taken back to Flora for burial.
All persons knowing themselves In
debted to I. N. Pitzer are hereby no
tified that all accounts due him have
been placed In my hands for Imme
diate collection. T. R. AKINS.
All growers of fruit trees In Wal
lowa county are hereby notified to
spray, in accordance with, the state
law. Marcn i the. time for this
County Fruit Inspector.
Easter Candies, Eggs and Post
Cards at Jacksou & Weaver's.
I. N. 'Pitzer left Friday for Tou
san; Arizona. Mr. Pitzner recently
sold his blacksmith shop to J. A.
50,000 22-artrldgs Just, in at W.
J. Funk & Co s.
The Ancient Brahman.
' The Brahmaus were he lawyers,
priests, professors, the sole instructed
class, the sole authorities on taste,
morality, the sole depositaries of what
ever stood in the place of science. Ev
erybody . was to oiluister unto tbein,
everybody to give way to them. The
Brahman was above the law. He was
"not to be subjected to corporal pun
ishment, must not be Imprisoned or
fined or exiled or reviled." la the law
of the Visbuu it was written: "The
Brnhuinns sustain the world. It is by
the favor of the Bra lima ns that the
gods reside lu heaveu." , Uuder Eng
lish rule and ideas the ancient caste
has lost some. of its prestige, but is still
a forcible reminder of its former grau
deur.Kew l'ork American.
"Enterprise Does Things." Mon
day niht the Commercial club en
tertained in regal manner at Frater
nal hall, and probably every home to
Enterprise ,was represented In the
large assemblage that filled the hall.
S. L. Burnaugh .presided and the pro
gram went off as advertised with
out a change, except for the absence
of Hon. Walter Pierce, who wa to
deliver the address, and was unable
to reach this city because the train
was delayed by a slide.
The program opened with two
beautiful piano solos by Miss Cono
way, the second In response to the
hearty applause accorded her open
ing selection. Other musical num
bers on the program were a superb
vocal solo by Miss Browning, which
was so roundly applauded that she
graciously responded, and some fine
selections by a quartet composed of
Miss Browning, Mrs. F. A. Clarke,
Herbert Browning and C. S. Bradley.
Miss Brakel, ,who recently came to
Wallowa county from Portland, de
lighted the audience with her brilli
ant violin playing, kindly answering
the continued applause with a sec
ond number. She was accompanied
on the piano by Miss Mack of Jo
seph, Miss Brakel is an experienced
teacher of music and is now Instruct
ing the Wallowa County high school
orchestra, as well as an orchestra in
Joseph. She is meeting with great
success here.
Mrs. A. C. Weaver appeared be
fore an Enterprise audience for the
first time, giving in a charming and
graceful manner, "Jennie McNeal'e
The speeches of Daniel Boyd and
F. A. Clarke fully upheld the reputa
tion of these gentlemen for always
being able to say the right thing at
the right time. Both speeches were
witty and entertaining, but 'sound
In thought and loyal in spirit.
A beautiful streamer bearing the
slogan, "Enterprise Does Tilings,"
executed by Artist Oakes. occupied
a prominent place across the front
of the hall.
Secretary Payne had the member
ship book open and a large number
got Into the band wagon. More than
fifty ladles enrolled as members of
the Women's Auxiliary.
At the close of the program the
banquet hall was .thrown open and
delicious Ice cream, cake, cocoa and
coffee were served from a daintily
laid table.
The booster social was in every
way a great success.
Heavyweight) Hogs.
R. L. Day shipped a load of hogs
Friday for C. F. Walker of Seattle.
Among the lot were three fine pork
ers bought of J. T. Blrctoer which
aggiegated 1450 pounds, or an ftver
ige of 483 1-3 pounds each. It took
tw men a half day to drive Uiese
heavy-weights from the Blrcher ho-t-ii
to the stockyards.
There will be a meeting of the
Wallowa County Stock Association
at the court house in Enterprise,
on. Saturday, April 2nd, at 2 o'clock,
p. m, to elect officers and to trans
act such other business as may prop
erly come before said meeting. All
stockmen are urged to be present.
92w2cl . SAM WADE, President.
The Osteopath, is the master ma
chinist whose specialty Is tills, hu
man machine. He knows exactly
what Us adjustments should be
throughout; and, when good health
is not resulting from Us labors, be
at once seeks to learn in what re
spect its adjustments differ from
those of the normal body In which
there is no blemish, of disease.
The case of the human machine
differs from that of the machine of
metal only for the reason, that when
there is faulty operation defects in
Its adjustments ere much more cer
tain, to exist. It is a proven fact
that there is scarcely a species of
disease, or a single case of any such
j species. In which either the eggra
' rating or the pre -disposing cause is
, not a discoverable' mls-adjustment of
' some parts of the structure. This
may be a displacement of the bony
parts from their normal relative
positions, a contracture of soft Us
sues, the sagging of some soft tis
sue part such as the stomach or In
testlnes, or other abnormality fen the
In any case it causes Interference
with, the proper circulation of the
hfluid and nerve force of the body,
and the only hope of radical cure
lies in its correction.
In the thirty-Uiree yean of its de
velopment period Osteopathy has
thoroughly proven every one of
these- facts; and Osteopaths every
where are proving them anew con
stantly by removing the structural
causes of disease and bringing health
even in the most difficult and aban
doned cases. Right Way.
Buttercups Blooming
On Chico Hillsides
Lovely 8prlng Succeeds Cheanlmnus
Freshets Closing of School
Chlco, March 12. We are having
lovely weather here. The snow is
almost gone and buttercups are now
blooming on the hillsides. Although
Chesnlronus has recently been very
high and has washed out all tha foot
logs, and. small bridges on. the creek,
It is going do;wn some, now,
Thursday was the last day of our
sciiool and an. entertainment was
given by the school children and a
few outsiders, but there were but
few visitors' on account of hlghi wat
er and muddy roads. Our teacher,
Miss. Laura Weaver, left Chlco for
her home on Alder Slope, onj todays
A party was given at the home
of J. T. Edgroand Thursday night, for
the benefit of Miss Weaver. It was
largely attended by all the young
people of our neighborhood. Refresh
ments were served at midnight, and
all made merry until the wee, small
Cal Monroe and Walter Daugherty
are cutting wood for the Fine bro
thers. Mrs. Ella Daugherty has been quite
jlck for the past three weeks with
an abcess under her right arm, but
is getting better now.
John Fine and Guy Tlppett made
a trip to town. Wednesday.
Burnett Bell has come out to
the ranch to slay this summer.
Miss. Ina Edgmand was on the sick
list last week.
Jack Tlppett was seen, la Chlco
Friday evening.
There was a dance at Fine's hall,
Friday night.
Foot Was Amputated,
La Grande Star: A, J. Eouray, a
resident of Joseph, who was brought
to the Grande Rondo hospital a few
days ago, was. compelled to withstand
the loss of his right foot by ampu
tation. The foot .was acected by a
gangreous condition and amputation,
was the last resort.
Strychnine at Jackson, 4 Weavers.
Farmers' Demonstra
tion Train, March 24
March 24 the O. R. ft N. Co. wilt
atop a demonstration train at En
terprise station from 11:05 a. ro. un
til 12:50 p. m. for the benefit of
the farmers. All farmers are espec
ially Invited.
92r3 J, 0. BUTNER, Asent. .
Reliable Abstracts of title furnished on short
All Kinds of money to loan on farm property,
from one to five years; large or small amounts
Fire Insurance written in companies that pay
all losses in full.
C. M. L0CKW00D, Lockwoed ftJlyso,
Units States CsmmUtlonsr ' Managers
Portland, March 15 Large sums of
Eastern capital have been Invested
In this state during the past week la
the purchase of the Northwest Corpo
ration, which controls numerous goa,
water and electric light and power
plants in Oregon and Washington.
II. M. Byllesby ft Co.. of Chicago, a
large promotion concern, are under
stood to have taken over the prop-
ertlos. The firm will establish an
oftlce in. Portland by the first of
next month and direct operations
from here.
The properties bought extend from
Walla Walla, Wash., to Southern. Ore
gon. Ambitious projects yet to be
completed are included in (lie com
pany's, holdings. Various electric
lines la the two states are planned.
and the development of big water
powers has been outlined.
This transaction, which carries
.with It a very large sum of Eastern
capital, shows (he confidence out
side investors have In the future de
velopment of this section of the Uni
ted States. '
Total deposits In Oregon banks,
bothi National and State, at the close
of business January 31. totaled $91.
314,138, an Increase of $1,265,388
since last November. Loans and dis
counts in the same period1 increased
$1,441,249. On the last day of Jan
uary tbere. was due Oregon banks
from approved reserve agents' out
side of the state, a total of $10,239,-
Hoi. These figures are given In a
statement Issued by State Bank Ex
aminer Steel.
Portland's big new packing plant,
just completed by the Swift Inter
ests, began klllitiK livestock yester
day. From now on, it will enlarge
its operations until all the depart
ments and allied industries are un
der way. It is expected to be two
or three months before the big $2,000,
000 plant Is in full operation. The
(Coutlnued on last page )
Best of the Best
Patent Flour
(North Powder)
used in all baking at
Riley's Bakery
Bread, CooKies, Pies
and CaKes
always fresh. North Pow
der Patent Best of the
Best Flour is sold in our
grocery department at the
same price as home flour.
Just received a fresh lot of
the healthful spring drink
Take a bottle home and
try it. Only 65 cts. at
Riley s Riley's
Insurance n